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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dir en grey. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N: Ok, well, I noticed that there were so many yaoi fics and very few M/F fics, so I decided to post one (don’t get me wrong I still love yaoi).

I tried to keep as much information about Dir En Grey as accurate as possible, but some of it may be slightly altered to fit the storyline of my fic.

I also tried to keep the members in character as much as possible but some were harder then others (especially Kaoru).

Chapter 1:

“Ugh,” I grunted grabbing my luggage.

Several hours on a plane seriously screwed over your body. In bad ways.

Now it was time to find Kaoru. How hard could that be? I mean, my older step-brother isn’t exactly one to blend in with the crowd.

Apparently when nearly everyone around you is significantly taller, it was rather hard.


I dodged my way around a few people to meet my intended target.

“Hey,” I said to the purple-haired man.

I was somewhat self-conscious about my Japanese.

Considering I spent most of my life in America and didn’t move to Japan until I was on the very brink of turning seventeen, my skills of the language had been downright atrocious. Eventually, I started to get the gist of it, obviously (I’m not completely hopeless). But since I’ve been living the past few years of my life back in America, more likely then not, my speaking skills had slipped once again.

If it did, Kaoru didn’t let me know. He only said a simple reply to my greeting, gave me a small hug, and grabbed two of my bags.

We stuffed my bags in the waiting car, got in, and began an overall silent journey to the hotel.

I’d been slightly relieved to see that none of the band members were with him. Well, more like, relieved to see that a certain blonde vocalist wasn’t with him.

I loved all the other members of Dir En Grey (in that brother/sister way, of course). Kyo...well… Kyo was a different matter.

I had decided to move back to Japan because things had started to become seriously fucked up for me back in the states, but I didn’t exactly have a whole return plan.

Therefore, Kaoru decided to let me stick around on tour with the band until I did finally get my half-assed plan actually planned out.

I loved watching Dir En Grey perform. Putting aside the excessive screaming and self-mutilation, the music was amazing.

What really drew me to it the most was the raw emotion that I could always hear in the performances and lyrics.

Much as I couldn’t stand Kyo…damn did he have some serious talent. I was at least able to admit that much.

Finally we reached the hotel. The other band members were hanging around the lobby.

“Kimmy!” Die cried, running to me and giving me one of those big squeeze-the-air-out-of-you hugs. He knew I absolutely hated it when people called me Kimmy, but of course it didn’t stop him.

“Nice to see you too Die,” I gasped out. “Don’t call me Kimmy.”

Die only smirked in response.

Toshiya came and also gave me a hug. He had always kinda been a happy-go-lucky guy…at first it had made ,e wonder what he was even doing in the band in the first place.

Shinya hung back and softly said a hello. I didn’t really expect much more from him…he had always been the quiet, somewhat shy person.

“Kim.” Was all Kyo said. Although, he did tack on a rather dirty look to his “greeting”.

I hadn’t even been around for five minutes and he was already planning on being a bastard?

Ok…well maybe in the past I’ve deserved it.

I mean, sure I’ve bugged him more then once, accidentally walked in on him in the shower a few times, made fun of his height (not that I had any room to talk; I was at least two inches shorter then him), and purposely used his real name (Tooru).

I realize how bitchy that must sound…but in my defense, Kyo wasn’t innocent either. He had done plenty of things to piss me off (mockingly called me Kimmy,insulted my intelligence, etc.).

I guess it didn’t exactly help that we both had the worst tempers, either…

Anyway, I don’t think I really deserved that cold of a greeting.

But then again…I don’t think I really expected much more from Kyo to begin with anyway.

Things were gonna be interesting…and definitely infuriating. ‘

Did I mention how much I really, really can’t stand Kyo?

A/N: Sorry if this was too short…I sometimes have issues when it comes to length of chapters.

I do realize that I don’t really show a whole lot of Kaoru in this chapter…but for some reason he’s proving to be the hardest character for me to write…if anyone has any suggestions for him...please share.

I tried to make my character as non Mary-Sueish as possible…but I think she does come off as this in this chapter…but I’ll make sure she won’t be as this fic progresses.



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