The Contract Valley Chronicles Part III

BY : Vampyre Vidia
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Naida Walker had been avoiding Bryar Enterprises since the War of the Vampire Hordes a little over a year ago. Less than a week after the battle, she had left the office with Jon Walker, the world’s greatest vampire Slayer and later her husband, and her father, Rick Smith. They had traveled the world together for four months before her father had been called back to help run the company due to the CEO’s pregnancy and Bill Valentine’s sudden marriage to Alex Iero.

Chloe Bryar, now Urie, had asked Jon and Naida to come back as well, but Naida couldn’t face the life she had once known. She couldn’t face a life without her younger brother there to help her through it, even though he had been kind of an asshole, he had come around in his last few days.

So she had continued traveling and killed with Jon, losing the innocent, caring creature she had been for the harder creature she was today. She had had a child and lost it when some vampires bombarded her and Jon’s camp a month ago, destroying the little bit of sanity she had left.

Jon had gone after the vampire for wounding his wife and killing his child, but he had never come back. His body was found at the bottom of some cliffs the next day and all the morals and values she had stood for were destroyed. She hunted the vampires down, seduced them with her Siren song, and killed them all in the most brutal and gruesome ways.

For the last month she had wandered, trying to avoid the one place she knew she would be accepted. In the end, she had done the one thing she refused to do. She returned to New Haven.

Bryar Enterprises was still the massive building it had been a year ago. She stood outside the building and tried to think of how best to go about asking them for her old job back. Any job at all would work. She was a better shooter, better hunter, better killer, and a better healer for all the time she had spent doing all those things with Jon. Her powers had come into full force with all the traveling and she was more dangerous than she had been before, but to look at her, you would never know it.

Sighing, she walked into the building and looked around the empty front lobby. There was someone sitting facing away from her at the desk talking rapidly into a phone, so she walked up to him and spoke soft. “Excuse me?”

He spoke quietly into the phone before hanging up and turning around, though he didn’t look up at first, rather looking for a pen to write with. “Welcome to Bryar Enterprises. How may I direct you?”

Naida smiled slightly as she recognized the long brown lashes and shoulder length hair of Bill Valentine. His voice was as pleasant as it had ever been, but with a touch more happiness to it. Happiness Naida would never see again. “Yes, I came looking for you.”

Bill stopped in his search for a pen and looked up. “Oh my Gucci loafers! Naida!” He ran around the desk and hugged her to him like she was the last thing he had left in this life. “I haven’t seen you in a year, Nay.”

Naida hugged Bill back, because it was all she could do not to start crying. Naida Poole would have cried, Naida Walker would not cry. “I know, Bill, and I’m sorry, I just couldn’t bear to think about life here with Spencer.”

Bill pulled back and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m sorry about that, Nay. I know how much it meant to you that he was getting better at understanding your condition.”

“It did. Anyway, where’s Papa at?” Changing the subject had been something Jon had helped Naida get good at. She had learned a lot from Jon, but most of it hadn’t been how to kill, as she made everyone believe. She had learned to truly love and be loved by him.

“He’s upstairs in his office. Come on. I’ll take a break and take you up there.” Bill put out a sign that said he would be back in thirty minutes and took Naida’s hand, leading her to the elevators.

Naida followed Bill through the crowded hallways and to Rick’s office. She smiled as she saw the man she considered her father sitting at his desk going over stack after stack of paperwork. He didn’t even look up as Bill opened the door. “Heya, boss. I got some company for you.”

“OK, OK. Send them in. I just have to finish up this stack of papers and I’ll be done.” He continued to look down at the papers even as Naida walked into the room, brushing her long blonde hair over her shoulders.

“Don’t you even have a little time for your own daughter?”

Rick stopped and looked up, smiling brightly. He dropped his pen and stood, walking swiftly around the desk to hug her tight. “Naida, baby, I have missed you. I haven’t heard from you since you told me you were pregnant nearly six months ago. Tell me Jon and my grandbaby are downstairs.”

Naida pulled back and looked down at her feet. “They’re dead, Papa. They were killed about a month ago.”

She felt his arms go around her, but couldn’t cry, couldn’t think of the sadness. She had wasted all her tears that night she had killed the vampires with her voice. She had used all her tears in the weeks to follow as she lay in the dark, alone, and thought about all the good times she had had with Jon. Now, in her father’s arms, the tears wouldn’t come.

Rick pulled back from his daughter and there were tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry, baby. You are more than welcome to stay here with us. I don’t have an extra room for you in my apartment, but I’m sure we can find somewhere for you to go.”

“Alex and I have an extra room, Nay. We’d love to have you.” Bill stood in the doorway, watching her father hug her and her lack of emotion.

She smiled and shook her head. “Actually, I was hoping that my cavern was still vacant.”

Rick looked at Bill who shrugged. “We’ve been waiting for you and Jon to come back, so we haven’t given it to anyone. You are still more than welcome to stay there. It is, after all, your cavern.”

Naida nodded and gave Rick a kiss on the cheek. “I think I’ll do that. I haven’t been asleep in over three days. I think I’ll head down there now and sleep for a while.”

“That sounds like a great idea, honey.” Bill smiled and walked into the room, kissing her on the cheek. “I’ll walk you down there.”

“I’ll be fine, Bill.” Naida gave Bill’s hand a squeeze and walked to the elevators, getting inside and then pushing the code she had used to get to cavern into the keypad. There was the same familiar click and she was taken to the home she hadn’t been to in what felt like eternity.

She fell into her bed and dozed into a fitful sleep, never wanting to wake up if it would mean having to talk of the last year of her life, never wanting to wake up if it meant life without Jon and her young son.


Bill and Rick stood in Rick’s office staring out the door at Naida’s retreating back. As soon as the elevator doors were closed, Bill voiced the opinion he had had from the moment he had laid his eyes on Naida again. “Something’s not right with her, Rick.”

“I know what you mean, Bill. She seems lost, confused. And did you see her face when she told us about Jon and the baby? No emotion. She wasn’t anything like our Naida.” He stopped for a moment and headed for the opposite side of the building, Bill close behind. “We should tell Chloe. She needs to know about this.”

Rick walked into Chloe’s office and into the elevator that led up to her apartment, stepping out into the living room to the sounds of a baby crying. He walked into the baby’s room off to the right and picked up young Ryan Urie. “Hey, pretty girl. Where’s your daddy at?”

He took the young girl to the changing table and changed her, giving her a bottle, and then putting her back into her bed, heading back into the living room to find Brendon running toward the babies’ room. “It’s alright, Brendon. I got to her. She’s asleep now.”

“Oh thank God, Rick. I heard her crying, but was tangled in the sheets and couldn’t get to her.” Brendon Urie looked tired beyond his years, but he was still young and handsome, just rung out from fatherhood. His dark brown hair was uncombed and his brown eyes held a weariness to them that he hadn’t had before. He noticed Bill and nodded. “Hi, Bill. What brings you two here today?”

“We needed to talk to you and Chloe about something.” Rick knew that seeing as Naida was his daughter, Bill would make him point man on telling Chloe about her being back. “Is she busy?”

Brendon shook his head. “No, no. She just got out of the shower. Let me go tell her you’re here.” He ran into the back bedroom and returned with Chloe a few seconds later. “Here she is.”

“Hey, Bill, Rick. What’s up?” Chloe Urie had long blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. Her green eyes flashed with humor and love as she looked at the two men, seeing them as her dearest of friends.

Rick sighed and sat on one of the chairs, looking down at his hands. “Naida has returned to Bryar Enterprises.”

“What?!” Brendon and Chloe’s reactions were identical. They looked at each other and laughed slightly before she shook her head and turning back to Rick. “But why do you look like that’s a bad thing, Rick? Naida’s back! We should rejoice, not look so forlorn.”

“You don’t understand, Chloe.” Bill spoke from the door, looking as miserable as Rick. “Jon and Naida had a child a few months ago. Both Jon and the child are dead, yet Naida has no tears to mourn them. She … she’s acting peculiar. Not like Naida at all.”

Chloe frowned and flipped her ponytail over her shoulder, heading to the elevator. “Brendon, watch Ryan. I’m going to go see what they’re so worried about. Our Naida would never be without tears. She’s too sensitive for that.”

Rick and Bill exchanged a look and then shrugged, following Chloe into the elevator. They went down to the cavern and knocked on the door, listening to the sounds of dripping water within the door. Now they just had to wait for Naida to answer to prove them right.


Naida groaned slightly at the sound of the knock and climbed out of the bed. She opened the door and found Chloe, Bill, and Rick standing there, staring at her like she had sprouted another head. “What? Are my scales showing?” She looked down and frowned as she realized that her scales were indeed showing. “Fuck, not again.”

The small cuss word caused Chloe to glance at Bill and Rick like something was going on, but Naida ignored it and went to dig through her bag, pulling out a vial and downing the liquid with a shutter. She finally turned back to the group. “Hi, Chloe. What brings you down here? Don’t you have a little girl to take care of?”

“Yes, I do, but I heard you were back and wanted to come see you.” Chloe smiled and walked over to Naida, giving her a hug, though she noticed Naida barely returned the hug. Pulling back, she looked Naida up and down. “You look amazing. I’m sorry to hear about Jon and the baby.”

Naida looked down at her feet, anger and pain moving through her eyes. When she was calm again, she looked into Chloe’s eyes and sighed. “I will miss them, but at least they are together.”

No emotion, no emotion. It was all Chloe, Bill, and Rick could think about as they looked at their once emotional friend. She was calm, collective, and scary in her emotionless state. “I was wondering if it would be okay if I came back to work my old job here, Chloe. I mean, I’ll need a few days rest before I can start, but would it be okay?”

“Of course, Nay, we could always use a few more healers.” Chloe smiled and shook her head. “But you’re right, you need rest. We’ll go upstairs and let the others know that they can see you when you come up later. Sleep well.”

Just outside the door, Chloe looked at the other two. “You’re right. There is something wrong with her.”

Naida heard all this and thought very little of it as she crawled back into her cold bed, wishing for the warmth of the man she had loved so much. She could always force a man into her bed, but what good would that do when what she really wanted was to be loved again?

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