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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N: Here it is! The sequel to Contest Winner! I know I have A LOT of unfinished stories but something has been nagging me to start and finish this one asap.

Bam: You're gonna finish it?

Me: Yeah.. So how do you like living in me and LestatWhore's basement?

Bam: I like it... At least Ville and The Dudesons are there.

Me: Yeah and Alan Rickman *squee *

Bam: *rolls eyes * Why don't you just write fanfiction about him!

Me: Oh I do... but you are more fun to manipulate.

Bam: Why because i'm not Severus Snape?

Me: Errrr... I think it's time to start the story Bammie.

Bam: Sage likes Snape! Sage likes Snape!

Alan: *voice echos from basement * You're right she does!

Me: *runs far far far FAR away *

Chapter One

Joanna was gone longer then what she expected, two weeks longer. After the first week her boxes of clothes, computers, rolls of 35, and other misc shit showed up at the house. Bam had wondered what the fuck took her so long to just fucking pack and leave, then remembered that there was much more then just packing and moving.

“Ville, I'm nervous about going back.” Joanna said into the phone while she was running around the house gathering loose items.

“What are you nervous about sweetheart?”

“What if he took that cunt back?” Ville smiled into the phone.

“Have you talked to him since you left?”

“Yeah every night.”

“Then why would he be with her?”

“Good point. Listen I have to go I'm going to pack this last box shower then get ready to leave for PA tomorrow. I miss you.”

“Miss you too Joanna. Heippa.”


Joanna hung up the phone and finished packing the box that was filled with her ARRI parts to the camera that was already sent to West Chester. Later that evening she showered and ate her last meal in the shit poor apartment she rented. Her flight was to leave at 7AM, she couldn't wait to get back home.

That word echoed in her head that she had to say it out loud.



Shoving her iPod in her pocket after she got off the plane, Joanna had to laugh at her self.

“I've already done this once almost a month ago.”

She went and got her bags knowing that she would meet Bam at the main entrance. Bam saw her walk out and caught her attention as she dropped her bags and jumped up into his arms. Joanna missed and started to crave his touch as time went longer as she wasn't with him.

“God Bammie you're here. You are really here.” She plunged her fingers into his thick greasy hair and cried.

“Of course I'm here. I love you why wouldn't I be.” Bam could feel her tears on his neck as she pushed her face deeper into the crook of his neck.

“I thought that you would have a change of mind. I thought that you wouldn't want me here.” He held her tighter and kissed her tears away.

“I'll always be here Joanna Lynn. Always.”

Smiling he put her down and walked with her hand and hand back to his vehicle choice of the day: The Murcielago.

“What do you want to do? Want to go home, eat or something?”

“Who's at the house?”

“I have no idea. I haven't been there this morning.” Confused, Joanna looked at him funny.

“I was at Jimmy Pop's house. Got drunk and passed out. You know me.” She smiled and nodded, in fact she knew him all too well.

“Let's go to the shore.”

“That's an hour and a half in the other direction.”

“I know, but I just want to walk the boards, have some ice cream, and uh...” She trailed off.

“Uh what?” Joanna was skeptical about telling Bam her obsession that has been for about five years now.

“Play DRR.”


“Dance Dance Revolution.”

“That game kids play with the arrows and horrible dance music.” She nodded as his face turn to disgust.

“This weekend. I promise. We actually have a lot of stuff to do tonight.”

“We do?” Bam nodded.

“Yeah, that is why we are going to get something to eat then go back home.”

“Why did you even ask me if I wanted to do anything?”

“Just to be an ass.” Joanna punched his arm as they stopped at Wawa for something to eat.

Walking into the house she stopped and smelled all of the too familiar smell of her new home. She was tackled by Brandon Dicamillo, because she had became friends with him when she first met him. Walking in farther she noted the familiar faces as she had seen them off of movies and television. Noticing that her last box had arrived there already, she skipped over to it just to find Joe Frantz picking through it.

“May I ask that you keep your film making paws off of my ARRI 35 parts please?” Bam smacked Frantz in the back of the head.

“Have some respect for my girl you fucking cock.” Holding out her hand she introduced her self to him.

“Joanna Montavon.”

“Joseph Frantz.”

“I know. I used to fantasize about you.” Turning 3 shades of pink Joe sank into the couch and looked at Bam. All Bam could do was shake his head.

Heading up the stairs she made her way to her and Bam's room to change. Not into her clothes though... Into Bam's clothes and got herself ready for the night.

Walking back down stairs she noted that there was more people that came into the house as she was upstairs.

“Joanna, I want you to meet your favorite band.” She gasped and yelled down to Bam.

“Children of Bodom?” Laughing because he and she knew that that wasn't her favorite band. Becoming starstruck she ran into the back of HIM's drummer.

“Joanna thats-”

“Gas.” she cut him off and hugged him and moved on tot he bassist that was standing beside the drummer.

“Mige.” Then hugged the next person next to him.

“Linde.” Then wrapped her arms to the man after Linde.

“And of course, Emerson Burton.” Burton smiled and hugged her back as she walked back with Bam and grabbed what she guessed was a beer, from his hand.

Leaning into Bam she whispered, “I love you. Thank you so much.”

She knew that it was a party for her. All of her favorite people that she knew from television and music was there.

Bam lead her down into the kitchen and introduced her to four more people.

“This is-” She cut him off again.

“Chad Ginsburg, Jussi69, Jyrki69, and Jess Margera.”

“Stop doing that!” Bam shouted at her as she laughed.

“Shouldn't try to introduce me to people I already 'know'.”

Chad pulled her into a hug then released her as Bam was pulling her along letting her meet his friends. Joanna couldn't believe this. Last month she was a normal person, then she had met Bam Margera. He left his wife for her and now here she is meeting his famous friends.

Joanna grabbed a bottle of hard liquor as she followed Bam back upstairs. Flopping on her couch, making it perfectly clear that the litre of vodka she had was hers and hers only.

“What do you think?”

“It's a nice welcome home party.” Joanna was a bit sad to say the least.

“What's wrong?” Bam caught up on it quick.

“Ville's not here.” As soon as she said that she had heard the the loud jukebox changing to her favorite HIM song; Lose You Tonight. Looking around she realized that it wasn't the jukebox, it was Ville. Running up to him she hugged him tightly and smiled, happy to see her friend again.

The night went on like that with more people coming in than out. Meeting more people then she ever thought she could in her life.

The night ended for her at six in the morning, when she was too drunk to even walk up the stairs, someone else had to help her into bed. All of their guests either left or were strung out from one end of the house to the other passed out.

Creeping into bed she curled up along Bam who helped her up the stairs and before he could even kiss her and say good night she was out like a lamp.

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Finnish Translations:
Heippa - Bye
Nähdään - See you later.

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