Growing Love

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Growing Love


Chapter One: Happy Anniversary



I wanted everything to be perfect. It was mine and Chris’ second anniversary, and I had planned a special night for him. First, I had made reservations at our favorite restaurant, Club Delicacy. It had opened up about a year earlier. It was a five-star restaurant, and their food certainly lived up to all five stars. In fact, if there were such things as six star restaurants, it should have been a six star restaurant. Seven, even. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. This isn’t about the restaurant; it’s about Chris’ and my anniversary.


I had bought a new outfit for the occasion, and had bought Chris one as well. I hoped he liked it. I put it in a gift box, and put a little note on top. As a finishing touch, I left him a white rose on top of the note. I had arranged for a limo to pick him up and bring him to the restaurant. I could hardly wait until he arrived at the restaurant. Then I was going to give him a bigger surprise. Don’t get me wrong. It was nothing major. Still, I was looking forward to seeing the look on his face when I presented it to him. I knew it would be priceless.


I arrived home from the studio. I had been recording a song with Kimberly Caldwell. She had been on season two of American Idol, and ever since I had been on the show, she had had the hots for me. Even though it has long since been public that Blake and I are a couple, and married now, she had been begging me for years to do a song with her. I finally agreed to do one with her, just to shut her up. Don’t get me wrong. She is a very nice girl. I just feel uncomfortable around her. She still flirts with me even though she knows I’ll never reciprocate the feelings she has for me.

Anyway, the recording went quite well. We wrote the song together. She insisted on it being a duet so that I could sing it with her. However, I told her not to get her hopes up on me touring with her. I was taking a little down time. Blake and I had just finished a tour together. We had done a double show with me performing first, and then Blake performing. For the encore, we had sung a song we wrote together about finding the other. It wasn’t usually his or my style to be so public about our relationship, but for some reason, the song just felt right. Everyone knew about us anyway. It kind of felt nice to let the world know exactly how much we loved each other, which was of course, a whole lot. I love Blake with more love than I ever knew my heart was capable of storing. We also sang another one we wrote. This one was an up-tempo about just wanting to party. The fans loved both songs a lot.

Anyway, it was Blake’s and my second anniversary tonight, and I wanted to go out for dinner with him, and then spend the rest of the night having “dessert” back home. I was hoping we’d have something more than just our anniversary to celebrate when we got back. I had something important to ask him that would affect our future forever. I thought he’d be okay with it, but I wasn’t sure.

Where is he, anyway?
“Blake?” I walked through the house, looking for my husband. Surely he hadn’t forgotten that today was our anniversary. However, Blake could be forgetful sometimes….

I entered the bedroom, and saw a gift box on the bed with a note placed on top. On top of the note, was a white rose. I smiled, and walked over to it. I picked up the rose and sniffed it, smelling it’s sweet scent. White roses had been special to Blake and I ever since the last show of the American Idol tour. He had taken one of the white roses someone had given to Jordin, and he had presented it to me as a symbol that our love was only just beginning. Even though the tour was over, it was a new beginning for him, me, and our love for each other.

I went back into the kitchen, found a vase, filled it with water, and put the rose in it. I then headed back to the room and opened the note to read it.

Richie, I bought you a little something to wear tonight. Put in on, and be ready by six. A limo will be picking you up and taking you to Club Delicacy, where I have a 6:30 reservation. I love you. I can hardly wait to see you walk through that door to me. Love, B

I smiled, and folded the note. I set it aside, and opened the box. The boy had good taste. He knew what I liked, in more ways than one. I checked my watch. I had an hour and a half before the limo would be there. A limo. He had really gone all out for me, and I loved him for it. I gathered up the outfit, and then headed into the bathroom for a quick shave and shower before getting ready. I hoped that Blake would be as happy with my plans for him as I was with his plans for me.


I looked at my watch. I had gone to the mall to pick up Chris’ anniversary gift, and I had shopped around a little bit to pass the time. Now it was 6:29, and I knew that Chris was to arrive at any moment. I was wearing a red silk shirt with a black silk dress jacket. My pants were red and black plaid dress pants. I wore red socks and black dress shoes, as well as a silver chain cuff around my right wrist. My hair was spiked in the bed head way that Chris loved. I hoped he liked my outfit, as gay as that sounds.

I smiled as I saw the limo pull up, and moments later, the driver getting out of the car, and opening Chris’ door for him.

Chris got out of the car, nodded politely to the driver and saying what was probably a thank you, and then finally headed inside.

He grinned when he saw me. You look so good, baby.” He hugged me and kissed me. “Mm, and you smell so sexy.”

I smiled. “I’m wearing Nitro. You look good too. Then again, I knew you would look sexy in that hen I bought it for you. Do you like it?”

He grinned, and looked down at his outfit. He had on a green silk dress shirt, a black dress jacket with silver pinstripes, pants that matched the jacket, green socks, black dress shoes, and a black fedora with silver pinstripes on it. It had a silver silk band around the brim. “Aside from feeling a little like a pimp daddy in it, I do like it. Thank you, baby.” He kissed me again.

I grinned. “You’re my pimp daddy.”

He smiled even brighter, and I kissed him this time. “Mm, are you wearing that Eternity for men that I love on you?”

He nodded. “I bought a new bottle just for the occasion.

“Mm, I’m going to have to reward you for that later,” I said.

“Let’s eat first. I’m starved,” Chris said.

I laughed. “Chillax! We will.”

We grinned at each other, and then headed over to the host. I informed him that we had a reservation, and moments later, he had led us to the best seat in the house, which was a table for two in front of the fireplace.

Once we were seated and our waiter arrived, I ordered a bottle of the best red wine they had.

When the waiter left, Chris took my hands in his from across the table, and gently squeezed them. He smiled at me in such a way that made my heart race. “You’re really going all out tonight. This must be costing you a fortune.”

I smiled too. Whenever Chris smiled, it always made me smile too. “Not to sound cliched, but you’re worth every penny.”

He smiled, and leaned across the table to kiss me.

I laughed. “We better be careful. There could be pictures of us all over the magazines tomorrow kissing.”

He sat back in his seat. “True, but at least we'll have made a lot of fans happy.”

I smirked. “I’m sure we would.” I was still a little uncomfortable with the thought of fans fantasizing about him and I, but at the same time… Let’s just say I have read some of the stories fans have written about us, and have liked them so much that I might have used some of the moves on Chris. He had loved it too.

Anyway, I took out the small box I had for Chris that contained his surprise. I was going to wait until dessert, but I couldn’t wait. I handed it over to him.

He took it, and smiled at me. “What’s this?”

“Well, gee, Richie. If I wanted you to know what it was as soon as I gave it to you, don’t you think I would have left it unwrapped?” I teased.

He rolled his eyes. “You’re such an ass hole.”

I smirked. “You’ve never complained about my ass hole before.”

Again, he rolled his eyes, but I could see a slight smile playing on the corner of his lips.

He began to tear at the shiny blue paper, and I sat back, waiting to see his eyes light up when he saw what it was.

He got the wrapping undone, and then opened the lid to the box. Sure enough, when he saw what it was, his eyes lit up, and he looked at me with the smile that I love. “Oh my gosh, Blakey, you shouldn’t have!”


I looked down at the two plain tickets to Hawaii—Maui to be exact.

“I couldn’t decide what part of Hawaii to go to. I heard Maui is nice, so I figured we could just go there. It’s a seven-day trip. I figured it would be nice to have a second honeymoon since we’re both taking a little break now,” Blake said.

I smiled up at him. “You couldn’t have given me a more perfect gift. I love it so much! Thank you.” I squeezed his hands in mine again.

He grinned. “You’re welcome. I was a little worried you’d be angry that I didn’t run this by you first. I mean, we leave in a week. It’s kind of late notice.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re taking me to Hawaii. How on earth could I get mad at that?”

The waiter came over then, and poured our drinks. “Have you two decided on what you would like to order?”

Blake and I glanced at each other, and then blushed, embarrassed.

“Sorry. We were talking, and forgot all about looking at the menu. Can you please five us five more minutes?” I asked.

“Certainly,” the waiter said, giving a slight bow before he left.

Blake and I laughed when he was gone. “Well, I guess we better look over the menus. Otherwise we’re going to be here all night, and we can’t have that. I need to get you home so celebrate the other half of our anniversary.” Blake picked up his menu and looked at it.

I followed suit with my menu, and smiled. “And what might the other half of our anniversary include, hm?”

“You naked in bed below me,” he answered simply.

“Will you be naked?” I asked with a smirk.

He grinned at me from overtop of his menu. “I might be.”

“Well, you’re going to have to be if we celebrate the way I want to celebrate,” I said.

“And how might that be?”

I smirked again. “Just pick out what you want to eat. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“I better,” Blake said.

We decided what we wanted to eat, and when the waiter came, we ordered.

Once the waiter left, we got to planning our trip.

“I want to go the beach. I hear Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see,” I told him.

He nodded. “Definitely. I also want to see a volcano. It’s not often you can see one of those.”

“Yeah!” I agreed. “Also, maybe we can go for a hike to see the sites. I want to get a ton of pictures. I’m sure a hike will have good sites to photograph.”

He nodded again. “I want to go kayaking too. We’re going to have a blast. It will be so nice to have this break after having worked so hard the past couple years.”

“It sure will,” I agreed. “Do you have the hotel booked already?”

“Yep! I got us booked at the Westin Maui Resort and Spa. You’ll love it. It has palm trees all around. There is also a gym, a spa, a golf course, a beach—you name it! I got us a room with a balcony.” He grinned proudly.

“Does it have a nice big bed so that I can ravish you?” I asked, trying my best to sound and look seductive.

He licked his lips. “You can count on that.”

“Good.” I said.

We both grinned at each other.

I was debating bringing up what I wanted to talk to him about. I definitely wanted to ask him, but I was a little scared of what he might say. I decided to wait until dessert. He was always in a good mood when eating dessert. Yes, dessert it was.


Dinner was delicious. I was very much in the mood for dessert, but at the same time, I was eager to get my husband home.

“So, are you going to order dessert? They have chocolate cake here. Oo, and creme brulee.” Chris winked at me.

I looked over at the dessert cart that our waiter had presented to us, and I was finding it hard to say no. “We could take it home,” I suggested.

“I want to eat it here,” Chris insisted. He turned to our waiter. “I’ll have the creme brulee, please.”

I sighed. Well, I supposed a little chocolate cake wouldn’t hurt.” They do say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac—not that I needed one. I told the waiter I would have the chocolate cake, and he went to put our order in. I guess the desserts on the cart were only for display.

“I got something for you.” Chris handed over a medium-sized wrapped package to me.

I took it and grinned. “I’m not going to ask what it is like you did when I gave you your present.”

“Good, because you would have gotten the same smart answer back,” he said with a grin.

We both laughed, and I unwrapped the gift. It too was in a box, so I lifted the lid. When I saw what was in side, I looked up at Chris and smiled. It was the sweetest gift I had ever received.


“Do you like it?” I was worried he would think it was too cheap—especially now that I knew he had bought me a trip to Hawaii. I had gotten a twelve by twelve inch sheet of paper that one would use for a background in a scrapbook. The paper was red with white hearts all over it. Then, taking a sheet of red scrapbook paper, and a sheet of pink as well, I cut out two squares. I made the red one slightly bigger and pasted it at the bottom of the page, and then I cut out the pink square, and pasted it on top of the red square, making it look like the red square framed the pink square. Then, on the pink square, I wrote the lyrics to the song that I wrote for Blake for our wedding. On top of the square with the lyrics, I pasted a picture of Blake’s and my first kiss as a married couple. Finally, on each side of our picture, I put a heart I had cut out of the leftover paper. There was a pink heart on the right of our picture, and a red heart on the left of our picture. On the red heart, with a white gel pen, I wrote True Love. Then, I wrote Never Dies on the pink heart. Also, I had also written the day we met, which is also the day we married at the bottom of each heart. I dated it on the back, and then had the whole thing framed on a white frame.

“I love it! This is one of the best gifts you’ve ever given me, Richie. Thank you so much!” Blake got out of his chair and walked over to me. He then took me into his arms and kissed me.

I grinned. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to bring our dessert home?” he asked, moving to sit down in his chair again.

“We already told the waiter we’re eating it here. It won’t take long to eat,” I said, smiling to myself.

He pouted, and I saw him deliberately push his fork so that it fell and landed underneath the table. “Oops! I dropped my fork. I guess I should go get it,” he said.

“I’m sure the waiter can bring you another one,” I said.

Blake, however, was already under the table. “Blake, what are you—” I was cut off as he suddenly appeared between my legs. “I am not even hungry for my cake anymore. At least...not for that kind of cake.” He brought his lips to the crotch of my pants, causing me to gasp.

“Blake, stop that! Someone is going to see you.”

“Let them. This is the only kind of cake I’m interested in.” He was kissing me over the fabric of my pants now, and I was starting to get...worked up. “Blake, please. Wait until we get...home.” I had hesitated on the last part, because our waiter appeared just then.

Blake instantly stopped what he was doing, and crawled back over to his side of the table. He sat down in his chair and held up the fork to the waiter. “I dropped my fork,” he explained.

I was blushing bright red. I was grateful that the tablecloth had shielded him and what he had really been doing. Still, I think the waiter had a good idea.

“I’ve brought new utensils anyway,” the waiter said with a slight smile as he set down our desserts. He gave Blake a new fork, and me a clean spoon. "Will there be anything else?”

“No, just our bill please,” I said.

The waiter gave us our bill, and we thanked him.

When the waiter left, I was finally able to laugh. “You are so busted.”

Blake grinned. “Ah well. At least I hadn’t had you pulled out of your pants yet.”

“You wouldn’t have dared,” I said.

He winked at me. “Maybe I would have.” He dug into his cake.

I shook my head with disbelief, and started on my creme brulee. That boy was crazy, but Lord help me, I loved him.


I fed Chris a bit of my cake, and he fed me a bite of his creme brulee. “Good!” we both said in unison, then laughed.

“I can hardly wait to get you home. I got another surprise for you,” I told him.

He smiled. “I’m looking forward to it. I kind of got another surprise for you too. Well, it’s actually, something I want to talk to you about. It concerns us and our future. In a very good way of course.”

“Well, if it’s a good way, you can’t want a divorce.” I gasped. “Chris, are you pregnant?” I place a hand over my heart, tying my best to keep the serious look on my face. It was taking all I had in me not to laugh.

His answer wiped the smile off my face and changed everything.


“Ha, ha! Very funny. Seriously though, you’re on the right track,” I said, beginning to feel a little nervous.

He gave me a half smile. “I’m confused here. What are you talking about?”

I took a deep breath, let it out, and then went for it. “I was thinking, now that we are taking a break in our careers and have plenty of money to start a family, how would you feel about adopting a baby?” I sat back and watched Blake closely, waiting for his reaction.

He was quiet for a moment, then he spoke. “Sexy husband of mine say what?”

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