This Celluloid Dream

BY : MementoxMori
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dir en grey. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is something I wrote for my friend Sammy-chan. Inspiration came from Smell of Desire by Enigma. Enjoy! Reviews are love!

Bright blue eyes peered out from the veil of the Forbidden Forest. A long, pale hand reached up to flick away strands of raven hair that fell over those eyes. He scanned the landscape for any sign of the one who had him returning here day after day. He chided himself for looking because he knew she hadn't arrived. He could feel her approach like fire in his blood and he had yet to feel that familiar sensation. Though it burned his sensitive eyes, he watched as the sun peeked over the horizon.

Ah, there you are. Four woodland faery maidens danced into his line of vision. They giggled as the danced by the water's edge. He took in the sight of his beautiful maiden, Starr. Her chestnut locks fell to the middle of her back, the cream colored backless top that was cut in the shape of a butterfly in front tied around her neck and criss-crossed to tie again at her lower back, the dark brown handkerchief hemmed skirt that came to rest just above her knees, and last was his favorite: her wings. They were burnt orange and red and seemed to glow in the sun.

Starr felt like she was being watched, again. She got the same feeling every morning. It didn't bother her much, the only unsettling thing about it was she didn't know who or what she was being watched by. Her curiosity was eating away at her slowly. No one was permitted to enter there, hence its name the Forbidden Forest. They say a great evil resides within its depths, but she never sensed evil, only sorrow. A great sorrow which she couldn't help but want to alleviate. She felt the presence moving away and she turned to look at the forest. Something was wrong, it always stayed and watched her until she was out of sight.

He cursed and turned his back on her. Who are you kidding, you could never have her! He started to walk deeper into his prison, all the while telling himself he should be ashamed for wanting someone so pure. After all, he would only ruin her in the end.

Without thinking, she rushed forward. "Wait! I want to help you!" she yelled. Her friends' heads snapped quickly in her direction and they grabbed ahold of her, trying to pull her back.

"Are you crazy?!" one of them asked.

"You can't go in there! You know it's forbidden!" added another, with a not so gentle tug on her arm.

He turned his head quickly at the sound of her voice and saw her looking towards his forest and struggling against her friends. He moved back to his original spot and she seemed to calm instantly. She must be able to sense me even though she can't see me through the barrier. took a seat on a rock and she continued to stare in his direction even after her friends let go of her and turned back to whatever they were doing. One of them tugged on her hand leading her downstream but she never took her eyes off of the forest. Unbeknownst to him or her friends, she vowed she would come back alone tonight and find out what was going on within the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

Night fell, but it couldn't come soon enough for Starr. She quietly snuck away from the house she shared with her friends and made her way to the stream's edge. The full moon shone brightly above, blanketing the earth in a glistening silver pallor. She didn't feel the presence nearby and felt slightly disappointed. Steeling herself, she walked towards the forest until she was standing at the edge of it.

He was walking around aimlessly and brooding when he felt his blood thrum through his veins, creating a euphoria that could only be caused by his Starr. He walked briskly towards the clearing and that's when he saw her. He blinked rapidly in disbelief. There she stood at the very edge of his forest, bathed in moonlight, the fireflies dancing around her. He couldn't help but notice that the moon brought out her beauty moreso than the sun ever could. It made his breath hitch in his throat. He slowly inched his way closer to her.

"There you are" she said softly.

He smirked and moved so he was standing directly in front of her on the other side of the barrier. "Hello little one" he replied in his deep, silky voice. Her eyes widened and she shrunk back. "Don't be afraid, I have no intention of harming you" he said evenly.

She hesitantly moved back towards him. "Wh...who are you?"

"My name is Kyo."

"I'm Starr."

He smiled even though he knew she couldn't see it. "I know."

She detected amusement in his voice and that made a smile creep onto her face. She put her hand up as if she wanted to reach out and touch him. He mimicked her motion on the other side.

"What are you?" she asked suddenly.

"I'm an elf." He paused. "A dark elf" he added quietly and glanced up to see her reaction, only to find her friends standing not so far away in the clearing by the stream. "It seems we have company." She turned her head to see her three friends standing there looking quite pissed off.

"What the hell are you doing?!" one of them hissed and began marching towards her.

"I'm sorry, I have to go. Don't worry, I won't say a word about you. Goodnight!" she whispered as she began running towards her friends.

He could hear them berating her. He sighed as he watched her leave, his heart constricting painfully in his chest. He stayed in the same spot the entire night. Blinking back tiredness, he glanced up just in time to see the faery maidens moving downstream. Shaking his head, he moved away and walked deep into his forest to get some much needed rest. As an afterthought, he lessened the power of his barrier before sleep claimed him.

Once she was sure her friends were well on their way to the Summer Solstice Festival, she made her way to the Forbidden Forest. The moon hung above as before but she noticed the dense fog that normally surrounded the edge of the forest had dissipated. She cautiously walked past the edge and into unknown territory. She glanced around nervously, thinking to herself maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"Well hello again little one."

She jumped and turned in the direction of his voice. "It's not nice to sneak up on people, you know!"

"You can sense my presence, it's not my fault you weren't paying enough attention." He chuckled and she could sense him moving around in the darkness. "So what brings you here? Wanted to see for yourself the evil that resides in this place?" he bit out sarcastically.

She frowned. "I don't believe that garbage. I...I wanted to see you, Kyo."

"Why? Curious as to what kind of monster I am?" He was standing behind her now but when she turned to look at him, his hands moved up to keep her facing forward.

"I already told you I don't believe that."

Before she knew what was happening, he had her pinned against a tree, with one arm holding her hips in place and the other hand covering her mouth. "Maybe you should" he said darkly as he loomed over her.

She struggled against him as her brain fought to understand why he was acting this way towards her. Amidst her struggle, she glanced up and they locked eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of blue she'd ever seen. She felt herself falling into them, and then she noticed all the pain there. This was the sorrow she was sensing all along. She saw the betrayal by his so-called friends, his anguish and self-loathing, and finally his exile to this place. She stopped struggling and took in the rest of his aristocratic features. His exquisitely pale flesh, the pointed elf ears, his chiseled jaw, and his shoulder length raven locks. She was in awe of his beauty. Suddenly the hand over her mouth was replaced by his lips and she was surprised at how soft they were. Just as she began to melt into the kiss he pulled away to look at her through lidded eyes. She licked her lips and pulled him in for another heated kiss. He moved to stand between her spread legs as he held her by the waist with both arms. He put his full body weight against her, effectively keeping her in place while he moved his hand up to play with one of her breasts. She mewled and arched into his touch and he smirked as he pinched her nipple, earning a small moan from her. He moved away enough so he could reach under her skirt and massage her clit. She arched away from the tree and moved one of her hands up to fondle her neglected breast. His hand moved up and untied her shirt from around her neck and her free hand untied the one around her back and her shirt fell to the ground. He made a sound of approval and latched his mouth onto one of her breasts, sucking roughly. She moaned and her hand moved down to stroke him through his pants. He growled against her breast and moved against her hand. His own hand slid into her panties and rubbed her clit in slow circles as his mouth moved to suck on her other nipple. He groaned and moved away long enough to tug her skirt and panties off. He got down on his knees in front of her and lifted her legs over his shoulders and slid his tongue deep inside her pussy. She moaned loud and grasped her breasts with both hands, playing with them roughly. He flicked his tongue inside her wildly, causing her to writhe against him. She squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard as he drove his tongue in and out of her. His hand moved up to rub her clit hard and she arched her back off the tree and moaned low in her throat as she climaxed. He licked her juices off his lips as he rose to kiss her deeply.

"I want to be inside you" he said huskily.

She nodded and helped him undress. She stared in amazement at his nude form. His body looked like it was hand sculpted by the gods. Her eyes widened when she saw his impressive manhood jutting up proudly from between his well-toned legs. He kissed her again as he lifted her up and buried himself in her in one quick motion. Hot tears spilled from her eyes and he stayed still until she became accustomed to him being inside of her. She kissed him roughly and moved her hips against him. He groaned into the kiss and started to move within her. He tore his mouth away from hers to groan as she urged him to move faster. He buried himself all the way in her before pulling out and driving into her hard. Moans fell from her lips as she clung to him while he pounded his cock into her relentlessly. Their skin slapped together as he fucked her hard and he growled as he felt himself getting close. Reaching down between them, he rubbed her clit furiously and continued driving his cock into her. He felt her tighten around him and soon they were both moaning as they orgasmed together. He fell against her, their breath coming out in harsh pants. Once their breathing returned to normal, he moved them to the ground, where they made love again.

As they lay spent from their lovemaking on the forest floor, he traced circular patters on the small of her back with his fingertips. "I love you, my ray of sunlight" he whispered to her in the dark.

When he got no response, he figured she had fallen asleep. He was surprised when she quickly rolled away from him and ran a short distance into his forest. He sat up quickly and stared at her. His body wouldn't obey his command to move so he simply stared as she ran further from him. His only thought was that he must've done something to upset her and he panicked, though one would never be able to tell that by looking at his stony expression.

When she didn't hear footsteps behind her, she turned to see him staring at her from the spot where they had both lain moments ago. Of course he wouldn't know how to be playful with a lover. After all, the only lovers he's had were elfin women and they seem too uptight to play. She crooked her finger and motioned for him to come to her. As he walked towards her, she marveled at the way his pale flesh glowed in the moonlight. When he got within arms reach, she smirked and winked at him before taking off again.

Oh, she wants to play. He smirked to himself as he gave chase and followed her deeper into his forest, a place that didn't seem like such a barren prison to him anymore.

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