Be My Strength

BY : totaljammer
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Be My Strength
Pairing: YooSu
Rating: PG
Genre: Romantic/friendship drabble

Warm fingers entwine with my own, a reassuring squeeze lingers lending me support. I squeeze back, ever grateful for his support and unending care. His thumb rubs slow, soothing circles across my skin. I don't know what I would do without his almost telepathic ability to give me just the right amount of affection at the right time. Sometimes even before I know I need it myself.

Even with the knowledge of the peering eyes and cameras all about I am reluctant to let go, but for the sake of the band I slide my hand out of his warm grasp. His finger traces my own as we slide apart, he too is unwilling to let go.

Without his warmth I feel cold, I ache to hold him and bury myself in his unending warmth. My eyes flick up to catch eyes that reflect my desires and longing. The skin around his eyes crinkles up as his eyes light up giving me his strength. His eyes twinkle in promise and I am helpless but to smile back returning the unspoken promise.

Turning my focus away from his beautiful and expressive eyes I gather up my resolve and more than a little of his borrowed strength before turning back to the interviewer. My slip goes unnoticed thanks to my hyungs who conveniently went off on some strange and terribly cute antics stealing away all attention and giving me time to collect myself. Or really, giving him the time to gather me up. I lightly pat the singing Jaejoong on the shoulder letting him know I'm okay now.

The female interviewer laughs at the silly little song and turns back to me and my infamous lady-killer smile ensnares her. I play my part as the flirt, dazzling her with flowery words in my deep baritone, completely fooled by my act the interview goes on smoothly.

Silly and often pointless questions bounce around to be met with even more bizarre and quite often unrelated answers or antics. With practiced ease I glide back into the crazy flow that always seems to happen with our interviews, throwing out jokes and dazzling with my smile, all the while little and seemingly innocent touches pass between us. Each fleeting brush of skin, the half hugs and stolen glances keep me strong and its not long before the interview is finally over and we are alone.

"Yoochun..." His sweet voice calls out my name softly so that only I can hear.

"Junsu ah..." I whisper back with tears threatening to spill at the love I feel for the man facing me. His eyes are overflowing with his love for me, breaking my will and spilling my tears as he pulls me to him and into his loving embrace.

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