Yakuza - Selfhate

BY : Coryami
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dir en grey. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

The Phonecall

Titel: Yakuza
Subtitel: Selfhate
Part: Prolog/???
Here's the original in german from PhibrizoAlexiel & wicked_game


Summary: Well... Die is Yakuza and Kyo dearest .. who is really innocent this time- in more than one way....How everything fits and what all happens... you will see
Pairings: you wont guess XD
Warning: sap, shonen-ai, lime, lemon^^°, but also dark & violence, AU
Translation: me from german to english

Disaclaimer: We own nothing and earn no money. Sidecharas,Kouhei, Miku and Co belong to PhibrizoAlexiel & wicked_game. I'm just the translator^^

~~The Phonecall~~


Sighing, the young man grabbed the reciever of his telephone. Some days he hated his Job and today… today was one of those days.He shook his head disbelievingly, as he dailed the number of his younger brother. How crazy had one to be…? Well, he would have to wait and see, what Die had to say to his, `Deal`.

A bit annoyed answered said Die , better known as Andou Daisuke, the phone. Didn’t even take a look at the display to see who was on the other side. Only hissed an indignant: “WHAT?“

A quiet chuckle could be heard. Sometimes his nii-chan was still a little kid. “Oi, Dai. How’s it going?“ He was curious about the reaction, Die did know that it wasn’t becoming, especially for him, to answer like that.

The younger one winced accordingly and grinned sheepishly: “Ano.. Kouhei…gomen.. I was just a bit…“ He sighed quietly: “Well… irritated… but otherwise I’m okay and how are you?“

“Well, apart from the fact that I would like nothing better than to drown my bookkeeper, I’m good. Thanks“ The older sighed quietly and rubbed his eyes. “Listen, Die, you need to do me a favour, okay?“

Incedulous, Die asked: “Yours, too? Did those two plan that or what?“ But then became curious.

“Favour? What kind of favour, aniki“

“Seems like it. I swear, I’m this short of buying myself a new shelfdecoration“ Kouhei sighed heavyly again and slumped back. “Yes, a favour. Listen, I have a little problem with a couple. They owe me money and when I say they owe they do. 200 mill to be exact. Well and now how to repay,ne? They don’t want to give up the house, but..“ He smiled slightly, looked at the picture before him.
“They have a son, seventeen. I have no use for him, but.. maybe he fits in with you. Well, he is good looking.“ He became thoughtful.

“You know, lets be truthful. I would give them 150 mill for the house. The kid is worth at least twice as much, but thats your decision. You know how reculant I am about those things but… it would be a shame to refuse someone like him. Provided that his charakter suits your purpose“

Die smirked: “You mean a pinkycollection? Have that allready.. dad’s gonna send me a new bookkeeper…. Ano..“ But then listened to his brother and grimaced: “Bastards,.. peolpe like this…“ He sighed quietly “I would have to see the kid first.. after that I can tell you the details... I don’t buy a pig on a poke, you know? Besides I need to know, well how talented he is for the job…“ The handsome redhead with the shulder-lengh hair liked his lips: “Do you have more infos for me, then maybe I can have an informal look at him?“

Kouhei laughed quietly. “Well, look at that my little brother is getting nasty at last…“ He leaned back and sighed.“I don’t know much about him, but go on. I can tell you what I know“

Die nodded thoughtfuly: “Well.. things like school or side-job, stuff like that“

“As far as I know, he’s no longer in school, but I could’ve gotten that wrong.“ The older of the brothers grinned.“And yes, he’s a side-job. At Shion’s.“

The readhead laughed quietly: “ Good… then I know where I can get a look at him… what’s his name?“

“Uhm…. Niimura, Tooru.. Just ask Shion. But maybe you schould first make clear, that..“ Kouhei sighed. “you wont act as clan heir“

Die shook his head disbelievingly: “Do you think I’m stupid? Of course not…“

“Just saying. With that mood your in..“He laughed quietly but then sighed again. “Okay nii-chan, i gotta go there are still some things I need to do. Taking care of my decoration among other things.. “ He smirked slightly. “Take care, ne?“

Die laughed: “Do that.. and I’ll have a look at that guy dad sent me… And while I’m at it, point out my litle trophy collection to him, ne?“

“Sure. Good luck with the kid. I hate having to hire the thugs.“ Smirked the older, hung up and went on with his other business.

The younger answered with a : “As long as you only hire them for the parents, if the kid doesn’t fit I don’t care“ hung up with a smirk on his own. But then dailed the number of Shion’s Cafe, which he looked up shortly.


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