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Disclaimer: DBSG belongs to SME, not me. I am making no profit. I do not know the people about whom I am writing. This story is a work of fiction.

by Stevie (
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Oneshot, AU
Pairing(s): JaeMin (JoongShim)
Warnings: Gay. Severe Gay.
Word count: 3897
A/N: This fic was inspired by (randomly). Sorry if it sucks, but this one was written really quickly. I didn't even reread it for errors, feel free to leave any that you find in your comments ^_^

Changmin's POV

When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate. When observing someone you hate, they pin out. When I see him, I know my pupils have begun a battle between widening and shrinking. Right now, I'm not sure which emotion runs through me more thoroughly - my love for him or my hate.

I am soaking wet, shivering in the slight breeze, and wondering how he knew I would be the next one through the door. I glare at the now empty-bucket on the ground and then at him. I frown, working 43 different muscles, as we all do when frowning. He is smiling. This takes the effort of only 17 muscles and one cold-hearted bastard.

I am not sure if I am willing to accept these kinds of pranks any longer from JaeJoong. Though we've been roommates for almost two years now, it has only been these last few months that I have become so very overly victimized by him. It used to be special occasions, birthdays, holidays, snow days, whatever... Now it's become bi-weekly, sometimes almost daily. I don't know how much longer I will sit back and let this happen without leaving. If I loved him any less, I would have left long ago.

Love is such a silly thing, I tell myself as I step into the house, dripping wet. I don't care if I get the carpet soaked. I will tell him to dry it later, after I've dried off, changed, and ignored him for a few hours. Love is such a silly thing. To love someone so far my polar opposite... to be so unable to confess to him how I feel. To live this way, taking caution at each corner, to dread the coming of April 1st, April Fool's Day, to fear that each time I turn arond he will be there, grinning as another prank unfolds terribly around me. To find myself accepting it as just who he is, and to know I would not voluntarily change it because he is how he is and I love him despite - because of? - each of these things about him...

As I brush past him - making sure to bump our shoulders and get him wet - and make my way to my bedroom, I consider moving out. Then I quickly dismiss the thought. I don't think I could bring myself to do so even if I truly wanted to. I wonder, toweling my hair and then peeling my wet clothes from my body, why his behavior has taken this turn and why I am his main victim. Our other roommate - Junsu - is rarely if ever on the receiving end of JaeJoong's various pranks. Why am I the sole bearer of his tricks?

I wrap the slightly damp towel around my waist and consider a shower. After all, I am already soaked as it is... I sigh, standing in the middle of my bedroom, using 300 muscles necessary to stand still and hold my balance, and looking around at nothing. Such a silly thing... The logical - and usually predominant - part of my brain tells me I should leave. The other part, which, for whatever reason, has been winning over in matters more and more lately, tells me I can't. I can't leave him.

A knock sounds at my door. I know it is him. I am going to ignore his knock. I am going to ignore him for a few hours. I am going to... Step forward and open the door. Good. Fucking great. Where has my ability to resist him gone? Washed away with the bucket of water over my head...

He is still grinning. I will shut the door in his face, lock my bedroom door, and pretend he doesn't exist. I step back slightly. I do not shut the door, do not lock it. I am acutely aware of his existence. His quick up-and-down of my body makes me acutely aware of my near-nudity and I cannot resist a slight blush.

"What do you want?" The words hold much less acidity than I'd intended.

Steadily his grin fades some. His face is neutral for a few moments. Then, a slight frown appears, 43 muscles working for him instead of his usual 17. "Can I come in?"

I am still very aware that all I am wearing is a towel. Nonetheless, he doesn't seem to mind, and when I see him so uncharacteristically serious, I am led to the conclusion that my nudity is probably rather insignificant at the moment.

Another step back. "Yes."

He comes into my room. That is when I notice one hand hiding behind his back. Almost instantaneously, his free hand grabs the towel from my body as the other comes around to his front, a camera held there and taking two quick pictures before I am able to cover myself, yelling manically at him and trying to snatch back the towel and camera. This is truly going too far and as soon as I get the camera from him and smash it, I will begin packing.

Laughing, he moves further into my room, letting me grab my towel but holding the camera out of my reach. I shut my door and lock it as I wrap myself in the towel, knowing that if he tries to run from the room, I will have the few seconds it takes him to undo the metal clasps on my door to catch up and stop him.

I know my face is bright red, I am truly embarrassed now, but at the moment I couldn't care less. I feel hatred for the other burn through me completely. This selfish, disrespectful, horrible... I can barely think through the haze my brain is in.

Staring straight at him, I forcefully demand, "Give me the Goddamned camera, JaeJoong, or so help me God, you will be leaving this room with two less balls than you entered with."

He laughs at me. Actually stands there, holding the film of my nudity in his hand, laughing at me. Then, his face plastered with its usual grin as his laughter fades, he informs me, "There's no film in the camera."

I suppose he figured this statement would calm me. Somehow, it only enrages me further and before I can stop myself I am running at him. My body meets his harshly and we fall, landing hard on the ground. Before I have a chance to begin my onslaught of pain, I am being flipped onto my back, his hands on my wrists, pinning them to the ground, his body pinning mine.

"Hey!" he practically yells at me. Lowering his voice some, he informs, "That really fucking hurt, man."

"Good," I spit back. "But not as bad as it will as soon as you let me up." I tug at my wrists, but despite our size difference, he is stronger than me.

"Then I won't be letting you up anytime soon... Besides, can you blame me for wanting a little peek?"

He is grinning, but his voice makes it sound like the question is not a joke. It takes 72 muscles to produce speech, and it seems not one of mine is working after his words, so I settle on a mildly defeated scowl.

After a short stretch of silence, he asks, "Are you calm now?"

A small growl comes from the back of my throat, the only answer I will give him.

"Well, then we may be here for awhile." He shifts upward to find a more comfortable position, his body sliding against mine, my towel beginning to slip, and I hold back a gasp at the feel of our lower bodies sliding together. My eyes widen a bit. He sees this, I can tell from his newly brightened grin. My scowl deepens, as though in defiance of his analysis, a silent lie about my reaction to him.

I know he can see through my unspoken lie. I know this even before he adjusts his position again, making sure to cause extra friction where he is settled between my legs. I bite my lip, close my eyes, imagine this is not happening. How much more mortification will he put me through today?

A sudden, small moan escapes me as JaeJoong unexpectedly thrusts his hips to mine. My eyes fly open and he is staring down at me, smirking slightly, but somehow looking very serious. I am barely breathing. His pupils, I see, are dilated.

"I didn't know," he says quietly.

"I didn't want you to," I tell him.

His hands release my wrists but I do not react to my new freedom as I would have only minutes ago. I lay still, my breaths still shallow, heartrate wild. Any trace of a smirk or grin is now gone from his expression.

The fingertips of his left hand gently meet my side, his gaze locked with mine. The touch moves downward until it meets the edge of my towel. He lifts his hips some and pulls away the cloth, leaving me bare beneath him. He resettles. Still, I do not move. My breath is caught in my throat.

We are silent together, looking at each other, into each other. Unsure. Perhaps a bit frightened. I briefly wonder how I could have possibly considered leaving this place and I feel as though this moment may last forever, the two of us in this position, unspeaking. I cannot tell what he is thinking, and, for that matter, I can barely understand what my own mind is saying to me.

The enigma of what JaeJoong could be thinking at the moment is quickly solved when his eyes dart to my lips and then back to my eyes again. I know what he wants then, and I want it as well. But it is as though I'm paralyzed, though I'm not sure what is causing it. Fear? Anticipation? Surprise? Likely a combination of the three. I do manage a slight nod.

Then his lips are on mine, very gently at first, but then more forcefully, almost desperately. I respond eagerly, opening my mouth to him and placing a hand on the back of his neck, my eyes falling shut. Every person has a unique tongue print, and I spend the next several moments dedicating myself to the task of learning JaeJoong's.

Too soon, I have to pull away for air. His lips are immediately on my neck, and I tilt my head, allowing him more skin to kiss. He rocks our hips together. Briefly, I wonder how this situation had turned around so quickly. Briefly, I wonder if the camera really had film or not. But these thoughts are fleeting, and for a change I am almost completely consumed by my feelings rather than thoughts. Good feelings. Amazing feelings. I never want this to end.

JaeJoong pulls away and I watch him begin to disrobe, his shirt coming over his head and landing pell-mell a few feet away from us. I can't resist the urge to reach out and touch his toned chest, fingers running smoothly over his defined muscles and fair skin.

One of his hands works the clasp in his jeans as the other brushes past my member, which already stands at half-flag and only grows further at his teasing touches. Though I want to shut my eyes at the pleasurable sensation, I keep them open, watching JaeJoongs steadily revealed skin. His hand wraps around me and begins to stroke me in an expert fashion that makes me moan softly.

Though he is only using one hand, JaeJoong manages to get out of his pants and boxers rather quickly and efficiently, and I unashamedly ogle his nude form, as delicious as I'd ever imagined it to be.

His hand leaves me. I am almost saddened for a few moments until his lips return to mine, his body resettling between my legs, the friction of our lower bodies resuming. My legs wind almost automatically around his waist, pulling him harder against myself, trying to bring us both more pleasure.

He moans into my mouth a bit each time our hips meet, and I moan into his, but despite our pleasure, I feel like it's not enough, not nearly enough.

"Stop... stop..." I break our kiss and whisper the words.

His hips stop moving against my own and he looks down at me, a bit confused, perhaps a bit worried, eyes rather glazed.

I brush our lips together and say, "The bed..."

He glances to the mentioned piece of furniture, then back to me. At first he seems reluctant to move, but then he is leaning back, pulling me with him, raising us both to our feet. Kissing me. He does not break our kiss until the backs of my knees meet the bed and I sit, forcing our lips to separate. Even then it is only for a moment, and he is on me again, kissing me deeply, crawling backward with me as I slide further onto the mattress.

I lay back, legs spread to accommodate his body between them. But he doesn't move between them. He settles beside me, beginning a slow exploration of my body, at first with his hands, but then his lips join in as well. He caresses and kisses across my shoulder, down my arm, over to my chest, slowly, torturously. When he reaches my belly button, he lingers, teasing the sensitive skin just below the natal scar, lips and fingertips seeking out just the right pattern to drive me crazy. His fingers curl lightly into the locks of hair below where is lips are now dancing, causing me to growl softly, arching my hips a bit needily toward the touch.

Finally he begins to ascend, quickly finding his way back up, our lips meeting passionately. He moves to lay between my legs, and as soon as he is there I am rocking our hips together. I don't care if I seem needy or wanton, for this is how he's made me just now, and he knows it well. Despite our rocking bodies, I feel his fingertips meet my entrance.

"No," the word falls almost unheard from my mouth. He pauses. "I don't need that..." I'm almost embarrassed to admit to it, but far too gone to be much affected by such embarrassments. "I'm already... ready for you."

He smirks slightly. His lips come close to my ear as two fingers push harshly into me. I gasp. "Do you think of me when you do this to yourself?" he whispers his question, his fingers slow but rough. I move back against them desperately.

"Yes... every time."

His teeth are nibbling my earlobe, and I shiver. "Tell me what you imagine me doing."

My cheeks flush slightly but I don't hesitate to comply. "I imagine you fingering me until I beg for more... then fucking me hard, making it hurt, until I can't hold back... until I'm shouting your name and cumming for you..."

As soon as I finish speaking I feel his fingers slip away. Then a harsh moan pulls from my throat as I am filled completely by him, our bodies meeting so hard I know I will have bruises. The pain coursing through me is nothing to the pleasure, and he pauses, breathing ragged. "I imagine you writhing beneath me," he tells me, then thrusts again. I call out my pleasure. "Shouting out each time I fill you." Another thrust. My eyes are shut, his hot breath and delicious words filling my ear as my body is racked with pleasure, the air filled with my moans. "Calling my name." This time I am ready and I meet his hips with my own, our moans matching. "Begging for it harder, faster until you're trembling and cumming as I cum inside you..."

He begins to thrust into me faster, speed increasing with each forceful thrust, my arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. We moan together, our bodies moving in sync with one another though I am hardly able to do anything more than lay back and accept him into myself. I have never been filled so completely, never done really anything with anyone... Though I haven't let him know, this is my first time, and I don't plan to make it my last. Thank god for self practice, I tell myself, or I would have been in a world of hurt.

As his hand wraps around me, I feel a tightening begin in my lower belly and I know I am close. I tell JaeJoong as much, moaning out the word, "Close..." between his thrusts. "More, JaeJoong, more..." I demand, my moans now shouts of pleasure.

As he complies, one hand swiftly stroking me, he whispers, "Cum for me."

I couldn't have disobeyed him if I'd wanted to, my body tightening as I release, wave after wave crashing over me, his name falling from my lips. I hear my name called out as well as I am filled by his seed, both of us trembling, unmoving.

Moments pass silently aside from our unsteady breathing. He is supporting most of his own weight above me, but in a sense I wish he wouldn't. I want to feel him on top of me, feel his weight and warmth. Then his lips meet my own for a quick, messy kiss. I say the one word on my mind. "Wow."

He chuckles slightly and kisses me again, a little less sloppily. "Wow is right." He moves to the side, settling beside me and a bit on top of me.

I turn a bit to hold him, and he turns to me. We quickly find a comfortable position together.

Then I inform him, "That was my first time."

He pulls back some suddenly, staring at me. "Why didn't you tell me? I would've... Oh, God, did I -"

With a small smile I cover his lips with the tips of my fingers to stop him. "I wanted to thank you. It couldn't have been any better."

He looks uncertain but resettles beside me nonetheless, slowly kissing me. I return the kiss, but break it moments later to continue, nose nuzzling along JaeJoong's. "It may have been my first time, but I'm certainly hoping it won't be our last..."

"Mmm, I'm certainly hoping that too." He smiles as he runs a soft trail of kisses along my neck.

I am contented by this, and I deliver a brief peck to his lips before settling my head to his chest. If he is nearly as exhausted as I am, then I know he will be asleep soon. It takes an average of 7 minutes to fall asleep, but having known JaeJoong as long as I have, I know it often takes him as little as 7 seconds.

Nonetheless, I wait the full seven minutes, silently counting in my head, waiting for him to be fully asleep. His chest rises and falls with his steady breaths, and I can hear his even heartbeat against my ear. I am comfortable and relaxed and only in this state do I allow myself to whisper, "I love you."

His heartbeat quickens. My breath catches - he's awake? I pull back slightly to look up at him, and he is looking down at me with slightly widened eyes. I try to think of something to say but before I get the chance his lips are on mine, deeply, passionately, one hand tilting my chin upward toward him. He slides down to wrap his arms around me and breaks the kiss, whispering against my lips, "Say it again."

"I love you," I repeat without hesitation, and I kiss him again. His body is pressed fully to mine, and he moves one thigh between my legs to slowly rub against me. My leg wraps around his hip, moving with his rhythm as we become lost in our liplock. Then he is moving toward the headboard, leaning against it and pulling me into his lap. I slide onto him easily, nipping at his bottom lip as our bodies rock together. As tired as I had been before, I am now fully awake.

"Tell me how much," he orders as I move my lips to kiss along his neck.

With our bodies in motion in such a pleasurable way, I can barely think, but I don't need to think so much to deliver the answer. It comes without plan and with no regard to logic. "More than anything I've ever felt before... For years, I've loved you, more than you could imagine, so much it hurts all the time... but not when we're like this..."

He is kissing me again, our movements becoming more heated, more insistent. I reach between us to grasp his arousal, stroking it quickly and hearing him moan into my mouth.

He breaks our kiss, hips moving with my hand as he says, "I love you too."

I lift myself slightly, spreading my legs, my desire obvious. My hand falls away from him. "Then show me," I tell him.

He doesn't stall to position himself against my entrance and pull me downward, both of us moaning out as he is buried inside of my body. We are still, both of us panting, lips barely a centimeter apart, my arms around his shoulders and his around my waist. Then I lift myself and begin riding him, slowly at first, soft moans mingling in the air between us, then more quickly, our lower bodies meeting with a slightly harsh sound. His nails dig into my hips but I like the feel of them, the short bursts of pleasure/pain they bring.

Suddenly I am on my back beneath him, and he is driving into me roughly. I moan out my heightened pleasure. With each thrust he brings more pain, but much much more pleasure, and I do my best to press back against him, eager to feel more. "Yes, JaeJoong... Harder..." I barely recognize my own voice as I call out to him, and he fulfills my request immediately, causing me to shout out. He pins my hands to the bed in an act of dominance. The way he so easily dominates me is amazing to me, and only makes the experience that much better.

I am quickly nearing my peak, and I can feel from his movements that he is not far from his own. I try to hold back, to make this last, to see what he will think if I get him to cum before me. But my resistance is useless and all too soon I feel the tightening in my lower abdomen, and I am calling his name out, releasing between our sweat-slicked bodies. As soon as I feel my release hit, I feel him filling me as well, his own call mixing with my own as we cling to one another, shaking and pleasured.

Panting as we begin to come down fro our respective highs, he rolls off of me and pulls me close as we settle comfortably on the bed.

"Sorry if I'm too rough, but I can't seem to help it with you..." he says to me quietly.

I look at him and then kiss him briefly. "If you didn't notice, I really enjoyed it." I laugh softly. My body is sore and tired, but in a very good way.

I settle my head to his chest again, hearing his heartbeat slowly regulate itself. I will be asleep in moments, I'm sure, but for the moment, I just want to listen to his heart. I have one moment where, crazily, I imagine that this is just another of his elaborate tricks. Smiling and casting off the ridiculous thought, I shut my eyes and feel sleep take over.

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