Skirts and Bikinis

BY : Snow-kun
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dir en grey. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

“Skirts and Bikinis”
Dir en Grey
Comedy Romance
Before I get arrested… I own nothing, but the story and I’m still not making any money…

I know I deleted the original story, but decided to rewrite it. I’d like to thank those people who reviewed the original story. Your comments are much appreciated! I really wanted to do a Dir en Grey fic in a beach so yeah… Plus I didn’t want to come up with another title…

I really don’t know when Yoshiki stopped producing Dir en Grey… So I’ll just say Yoshiki is still their producer slash manager… I really don’t know ho their manager is… I’m sorry… My deepest apologies… Enjoy~!

Skirts and Bikinis
Chapter 1: A Need for a Vacation

Kyo woke up with a grunt. He’s been having one of ‘those’ kinds of dreams lately. He constantly woke up in the middle of the night because of these stupid dreams. This is the reason why he didn’t like hanging out with the band members too much. Every now and then after a night of fan service, he would have ‘those’ dreams, but for some reason he was having them frequently. He hadn’t had much rest and doing stuff with the band members would not help this situation.

The only good that would ever come out of this would probably an inspiration for a song. He sat up and threw the covers to the floor, exposing his morning wood. He hissed at the sudden cold draft, twitching at the sensation it gave his member. Damn dream, screw that, it’s a fucking nightmare. He took off his socks and headed for the bathroom. (1)

*****Moving on*****

Die got up from his bed groggily. He didn’t get any sleep last night, as a matter of fact he didn’t get any sleep for three nights straight! Every time he would even dare think of sleeping that dream plays in his mind like a broken disc.

This was getting irritating. Is his mind turning against him from constantly torturing Shinya mercilessly? Is this karma? The more I think of ways to tease our drummer, the more these dreams would occur? Is he going crazy? Yes to the last part, probably from lack of sleep.

The guitarist was exhausted as hell, but decided to get ready for band practice. To get ready to see the one causing him these hallucinations.

*****Moving on*****

Toshiya was sprawled on his red bed. He slowly crawled to his left side, curl into a ball, and sprawl out again. He did this a couple more times until he fell off his bed and woke up screaming. (2)

He sat back on his bed gasping for air. That was the scariest dream ever! He was getting raped by Shinya! At first, Kaoru was getting his way with him, but then he realized he was tied to a bed and then Shinya was on top of him “punishing” him. (3)

The scariest part of it all is why is he uke? Seriously, rock hard abs, toned, chiseled chest, well-built back, and a ten-inch pleaser. He wiped the sweat off his beautiful face. Glancing slightly, he saw his reflection on the mirror.

“But I feel better after looking at my handsome face.” Toshiya smiled, he laughed at his joke. Why do fans always think of him as a cocky bassist who only cares about his looks? He wondered, what would fan girls think when he say something like that?

*****Moving on*****

Shinya woke up to Miyu licking his hand. He smiled softly at his whimpering dog, she barked quietly.

“My dreams are becoming scarier by the day, huh?” Shinya said, “You wanna go back to Osaka for a break?”

She nuzzled his side and barked happily.

“I’ll talk to them then.” He sighed, why the hell was Toshiya sleeping on his lap? He yawned and went back to sleep. (4)

*****Moving on*****

Yoshiki bit Kaoru’s earlobe gently and started nibbling on it.

“You’re mine.” Yoshiki said, his voice raspy. Kaoru’s eyes were hazy, filled with lust. Yoshiki started pumping Kaoru faster, increasing the speed of his thrust at the same time. Kaoru could only moan with each movement.

“I’m yours.” Kaoru managed to moan out in between gasps of pleasure and ecstasy. “Yoshiki-sama, I’m…”


Kaoru woke up with a deep blush on his face. What the hell was that dream about!?! Why is it Yoshiki of all people? And why is he on the bottom?! This would be embarrassing if anyone found out. He turned off his alarm clock. He needs to make a band meeting.

*****Moving on*****

“Ohayo.” Shinya was the forth one who arrived for today’s practice. He looked around, everyone was lounging around. He guessed they all had a bad night.

“You have to help us!” The red head ran up to Shinya and pushed him in the circle he, Kyo, and Toshiya made.

“What is it?” Shinya raised a brow and thought quickly. Every time the three of them did this, it would take at least a fifteen minute explanation and endless reasoning. “Make it as precise and concise as possible.”

“The three of us have been thinking,” Toshiya started.

“Should we go to Okinawa?” Kyo finished precisely.

“Wow… you summed up the speech pretty well.” Toshiya laughed. (5)

“Thanks.” The vocalist replied.

“Yeah, maybe Naha too!” Die smiled, “there’s so much babes there!”

“That was TOO concise.” Shinya complained, interrupting the trio’s small talk. “I don’t even understand what you’re talking about!”

Just then Kaoru opened the door and slamming it gently. He put down his guitar case and settled his scarf.

“Band meeting.” Was all he said as his band mates gathered around their leader. Kaoru looked at his band members’ faces as he cleared his throat. “Let’s go on a vacation, we all need a break from work.”

“Maybe from each other…” Shinya muttered, remembering his dream.

“Teddy bear, that’s not nice.” The vocalist cooed.

“Not trying to be.”

Suddenly the door busted open.

“Shin-chan~!” A girl screamed and ran to him. She quickly jumped over the coffee table and was about to embrace the small drummer, when another girl grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground only to start bursting into tears sobbing the drummer’s name.

“And Chey-chey saves the day!” The red-head guitarist laughed. He sat in front of the crying girl and started poking her side. She quickly subsided and lied on the floor. “When in doubt poke Miyu’s side!”

A third girl came out the door. She was reading a magazine with Dir en Grey as the cover. “Wow… Says here you guys made it to top three for the past five weeks.” She was clear she looked really different from the other girls. She was much darker and had a tropical look to her. Her hair, black with big curls, and eyes reddish-brown. She was much curvier than the other two, quite tall at five foot nine inches, and had a strong build, obviously an athlete. She put the magazine down and took off her earphones.

“Sakura, what are you doing here and why are they here?” The purple haired leader raised a brow. “You know you can’t come in here when we have practice.”

“We wanted to spare the rest of the band with your nonsense.” Chey spat with a smile on her face. She was a brunette, with natural curls. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her bangs framing her face. She was Caucasian, no doubt about that. She was at the same height as Kaoru. (6)

The Leader tried to say something, but she gave him a smirk. He gave in and pursed his lips. Die and Toshiya looked at each other, resisting a sarcastic remark.

“Miyu heard the word vacation,” Sakura started, “so she ran down the lounge and brought us here. How? I’m asking that myself. So don’t blame me, Leader-sama.”

Kyo, Toshiya, Die, and Chey all made disappointed sounds, shaking their head.

“Shinya-my love!” Miyu sprang up again and tried to embrace her beloved in her arms. This was the moment she was waiting for, the moment Shinya would fall into her arms. But the vocalist soon grabbed the drummer and hugged him, sticking his tongue out to her. “Why do you hurt me my darling?”

She started sobbing and crawling for Shinya, but every time she was about to reach up to him and touch him, Kyo would move Shinya away. Only to make her sob even more and call for Shinya.

“Stop teasing her Warumono.”

“So you guys are going on a vacation?” Sakura looked at Die. The guitarist blushed slightly, but brushed it off quickly.

“Cause if you are then we’re coming!” Chey smiled at the over worked leader, he frowned. But she poked his cheeks and literally turned his frown upside down. “See, you love that idea!”

Kaoru sighed he wanted to get away from the band members over the fear of homosexuality in the band. But since the girls are coming maybe it’s okay, he feels bad for Shinya though. A get away with a fan girl tailing him worse than his Chihuahua.

“We were thinking of Okinawa or Naha.” Toshiya said.

“Naha.” Sakura said, the beaches are great just like Hawaii.

“Okinawa.” Chey said, the andagi…

“Okinawa.” Miyu said, her and Shinya can adopt a wild cat together.

“Which ever one has a bigger beach house.” Shinya said, maybe then he would get at least some privacy.

“Naha it is!” The vocalist gave Die a high-five.

“It was a tie.” Kaoru shook his head.

“Then you decided.” Toshiya replied. “I could go either one.”

“Naha has less fan girls.” The three girls all replied.

*****I think we all knows what happens after that. Moving on!*****

“Rei-kun!” (7)


“Yups!” Amaya smiled, handing over her luggages to her chauffer. “Come to my villa in Naha.”

“I thought you were in Europe.” Rei puzzled, she thought Amaya went there for college and modeling. She raised a brow as she inked the drawings in front of her.

“I graduated!” Amaya happily replied.

“Seriously?” Rei was shocked, Amaya actually graduated! “Wow… I’m proud of you! Really, I’m just… wow…”

“Rei-kun meanie!” Amaya laughed as she walked towards a limo. “I majored in Fashion with a four point six grade point average!”

“No wonder.” Rei smiled, she knew her friend had it in her. “I wish I could but I have to finish my new book. I can’t procrastinate anymore, my editor is gonna commit suicide if I don’t get this done.”

“But the villa would inspire you.” Amaya pouted, taking a sit on the leather cushion. “Your editor can come too! Please Rei-kun, this might be the only time I can have fun until I go to college again. I want to spend it with you, love!”

“Fine,” Rei gave in. Amaya is her best friend and since her editor would come, maybe it’s okay. She’ll call her editor later about the plan.

“Yay!” Amaya cheered and showed thumbs up at her chauffer and he quickly nodded and started dialing on his mobile. “Pack your stuff, and tomorrow at seven thirty someone will pick you up, you can ask them to pick up your editor too. Make sure you’re ready! Then you guys would have breakfast and go to your flight. I’ll pick you up at the airport and have lunch!”

“You planned everything already?” Rei smiled, always count on Amaya when it comes to things like these.

*****And so Rei is calling her editor*****


“Hai, Yoshikawa-san?”

“You want to go to Naha?” Rei asked nonchalant, putting the phone a few feet away from her ears just incase her editor screams. “A friend of mine invited me and since I didn’t finish the book, I don’t want you to think I ran off.”

“Don’t worry about it, Yoshikawa!” Miyu smiled, “I’m going to Naha with my love Shin-chan! I guess, I’ll see you in Naha!”

“Okay…” Rei shrugged asking herself how Miyu would find her there.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way.” Miyu grinned.

Rei quickly hung-up without a word of goodbye. That was freaky…

*****With Miyu*****

“Who was that?” Die asked the grinning Miyu. She was getting creepier by the second. “Can you please stop smiling like that?”

“It was Rei Yoshikawa.” Miyu replied sitting by Shinya.

“The manga-ka?” Toshiya raised a brow, why would a famous artist talk to her?

“Miyu’s her editor.” Kyo answered, the blonde vocalist enjoys her manga.

“Really?!” Kaoru smiled, “Miyu’s coming!”

“You just want her autograph!” Chey slapped Kaoru’s side playfully.

“Good luck, I heard she’s a bitch.” Kyo grunted.

“Did you find a beach house, yet?” Shinya raised a brow at Kaoru, putting down his pop magazine.

“Four bedroom with three baths.” Sakura replied, everyone looked at her as she shrugged. “I’m a professional golfer from Hawaii.”

“Okinawa here we come~!”

*****To Be Continued*****

1: I read Kyo sleeps naked with only socks on… I thought it would be appropriate to put that there…

2: I also read Toshiya likes to have a red bedroom to keep the energy and passion.

3: An excerpt taken from my previous story [KR] CUBE… Please read it…

4: Another excerpt taken form my previous story [KR] CUBE… Please read it…

5: That was what Toshiya replied when Kaoru said something about joining the greatest fan club in Japan on a message for [a knot].

6: I sound racist… But I’m not… I’m sorry…

7: Just to get it off my chest… Rei-kun is a girl!

Author’s Note: So how was it? Hope it was better than the other one… I know it’s confusing with the whole Naha Okinawa thing, but just bear with me… Geography’s not my glass of milk! I’m really sorry if I wasted your time reading this… But if you didn’t like it, why waste more time complaining? Plus I don’t want to waste my time reading your complaints… Time is money, and money is gold. Please Rate and Review!

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