The Witches of Canterbury

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Orlando Bloom. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: The Witches of Canterbury
Author: blueglitter
Warnings: Don’t read this if you are easily offended by SEX
Pairings: Orlando Bloom/ Female Characters/specail MALE guest later on
Disclaimer: No harm or copyright infringement intended. I do not mean to offend anyone, or be the cause of anger. Written for pure enjoyment only. For non commercial purposes. I do not know these people in real life, how they conduct their day to day lives in nothing of my bussiness at all. Sorry!! I am not in anyway associated with them.
Summary: Three witches are celebrating midsummer and then they receive a gift from the Goddess.

The Witches of Canterbury

It was early afternoon of midsummer. It was wonderfully hot, the birds were singing, and the air smelled of flowers and fruit. People in the city were driving with their tops down and music was blasting from the car speakers. Not the best day of the year to be stuck inside working. Orlando Bloom reluctantly turned away from his office window on the 5th floor and returned to his desk.

“Four more hours of this, I don’t know if I cant take another 5 minutes!” He thought in frustration.
He returned to the email he was answering and tried his best to ignore the sounds of summer that drifted in through the open windows. His co-workers were all complaining about the heat and some had removed their ties so Orlando loosened his as well and ran his hands through his dark, curly hair.

“You look sexy like that”, said Chantel, the only woman in their office. A beauty with light, auburn hair and deep green eyes. A few cute freckles peppered her face.

“You should go for the casual look more often.”

Orlando laughed at the comment a little shyly. “If I could get away with it, I would dress in jeans and a t-shirt everyday.”

“Now that is something I would like to see. Armani suits are over rated.” Chantel moved in closer and Orlando moved back a little uncomfortable.

“What’s that around your neck?” She asked interested.

“Ummm…a tie?” Orlando said a little annoyed.

“No not that! This!!” She pulled the black sting around Orlando’s neck from with in his shirt. Orlando felt the warmth of her hand on his neck and shivered despite the summer heat.

His co-workers laughed at him.
“Chantel likes to know all our hidden secret, doesn’t she?” joked Peter, the IT guy.
Chantel turned her head and playfully stuck her tongue out at him. “It’s funny how I know all of your secrets but you guys know nothing about me at all.” She replied.

Embarrassed, Orlando pulled out of her grasp and took the beads and crystal necklace around his neck into his own hand.
"This is my life on a string basically. Everywhere I've been I've either been given or found or acquired a shell on the beach."

“This one is interesting.” Chantel pointed out a clear crystal. She shook her hair out and removed a small silver chain from with in her dress. It revealed a almost similar clear crystal.
“If that is your life on a string, Chantel, then you are even more transparent than I thought.” Joked Peter again.

Chantel rolled her eyes at him.
“I can't believe that out of 10,000 sperm, you were the quickest.”
She sat back at her desk.
“Hey Orlando, maybe one day I will tell you the story behind mine, if you tell me the story behind yours…” She flipped her hair again.
Orlando smiled to himself and managed to get through the afternoon a little bit easier.


Finally Orlando was at home finishing off dinner. It was early evening but still very hot outside so he changed into a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. He lived on the edge of the city, near the forest which was perfect for him and his dog, Sidi.

He took his phone and his keys and called Sidi.
“Come on boy, lets go for a walk.”

Sidi was very excited and started jumping and barking with joy as Orlando opened the glass sliding doors into his fenceless back yard. Nothing but Kent country side as far as the eye could see. Sidi ran a few meters in front of him and searched for a stick to play with. Sidi loved playing and always enjoyed his walks if he had his own “walking stick” as Orlando liked to call it.

It was rather hot today and many people decided that a walk in the country would be the perfect evening activity, so Orlando decided to move off the normal track a little, into the deeper forest were people normally never went.
Sidi ran ahead, probably chasing off rabbits or other small animals and Orlando walked around smiling to himself, being thankful that he was there. He normally came to this spot when he wanted to be alone and think. Or just take some quiet time out from life.

Dusk was falling but Orlando and Sidi didn’t mind because they knew the forest like the back of their hands, or paws in Sidi’s case.
As they approached their favourite spot for star gazing Sidi ran off and Orlanod called after him, but then he heard something in the clearing. Chanting? Singing?

He sneaked closer and hid behind a tree to peered around it. There in the pink light of sunset were 3 young women standing around a small fire. They were singing something that Orlando had never heard before. Slowly they started dancing , their white tunics and beautiful long hair, moving along to their bodies. He didn’t quite understand why but it was hypnotic to watch as the three woman took hands and started moving in a circle. The flames of the fire grew bigger and brighter as the sun started falling lower and lower behind the trees. . The sparks spireld up into the air like danicing little fairies.

“Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna”

The women stopped dancing and stood in a circle and raised their palms to the sky. The were whispering now and Orlando could no longer hear what they were saying.
One of the girls were blonde and tall, the other 2 had darker hair and a bit shorter. The Tall girl looked like a Fairy queen with the golden flames reflecting on her.

“What the hell…? That looks like Chantel!” Thought Orlando.

Sidi came running back up to him and he held him firmly by the collar making sure that the dog would not run to the women and interrupt what they were doing. The leaves of the trees created a perfect cover to hide under. It looked intense and rather private. Private. All of a sudden he felt guilty for being there, but damn it, they were in his spot! Orlando decided to stay and wait it out. Besides he needed to know what Chantel was up too!

In a clear voice Chantel said : “Today, to celebrate Midsummer, I honor the Earth itself. I am surrounded by tall trees. There is a clear sky above me and cool dirt beneath me, and I am connected to all three.”

The other girls took turns to say something in honour of midsummer and then as Orlando was watching in his private hiding place, all three of them took their robes off and started dancing around the bon fire again.

“Oh my god” Orlando’s hand slipped from Sidi’s collar and the overly excited dog darted towards the three dancing woman.
“Oh fuck! – Sidi – come here…fucking hell.”

The woman stopped dancing as the dog came running into their circle.
“Take a look at this MoonBlossom, the Goddess sent us a gift!” The blond girl sat down and Sidi licked her in the face. The other two came over to pet him and Sidi rolled over onto his back.
Orlando didn’t want to look around his safe hiding place behind the tree in case they spotted him but he could hear them laughing at Sidi.

“I wonder who’s dog this is?”
“He is wearing a collar.”
“I am sure the owner is around her somewhere.”
“We will just take him home with us for tonight”

Orlando heard this last comment and panicked. He knew that Sidi was the type of dog to go home with just about anyone because he was so friendly, and he would probably never see his beloved pup again. “What am I going to do?!”
Reluctantly he stepped out from the tree and yelled : “No don’t take him home, he is mine!”

Two of the girls grabbed their robes and covered themselves up again.
“Who are you and why are you spying on us?!” They yelled.
“Wait girls, said the girl who was addressed as MoonBlossom. She was not yet covered up with a robe yet. She was standing tall, and naked. “He might be a gift from the Goddess too.” She giggled.

The other too girls stood there looking at Orlando suspiciously.
“Look, I don’t want trouble and I am sorry for interrupting, I was just taking my dog out for a walk…” Orlando tried not to look at the naked woman.

Chantel realised who was standing a few meter away from them and she smiled to herself.
“Come here and we will show you our secrets, honey.” She pulled off her tunic again and her blonde friend looked at her in disbelief.
“We can’t let a gift from the Goddess go unappreciated, now can we.” She smiled at her friends.


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