And If I Give Myself to You

BY : Y2marmar
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Guns N Roses. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

As he played the final chords of Paradise City, Slash watched Duff across the stage. His face was glittering with sweat, his hair was matted to his neck and face from the sweat. Yet, he was puffing happily on a cigarette and bopping his head in time to the music. Slash, once again, felt completely under Duff's control. Duff glanced over at Slash and smirked. Slash needed him. He couldn't resist. He wouldn't dare. Not since he'd offered himsef to Duff earlier that day while in the throes of passion. Duff would only be too happy to take him up on it.
In the dressing room, Slash watched as Duff undressed.
"You know I was serious earlier," Slash remarked.
"About what man?" Duff asked, feigning innocence as he pulled off his leather trousers and flung them into a corner. He pulled on a dressing gown to hide his nudity from anyone who might come in.
"About what I told you, in bed," Slash reminded him.
"That I'm the best fuck you've ever had?" Duff asked, turning to Slash, "Thanks man,"
"No," Slash answered exasperatedly, "That I want to give myself to you. To be yours,"
"What, like a slave, you mean?" Duff asked.
"Yeah," Slash blushed, "I know its weird, creepy. Fucked up. But ..."
"No," Duff held up a hand to silence Slash, "Not necessarily. Let me think about it while I shower. Wait here,"
"Actually, man, you know what?" Slash stood up and lit a cigarette, "I'm gonna go. I have stuff to do. Come find me when you're ready to leave 'kay?"
"Hang on a sec," Duff protested, "You say you wanna be my slave right? Well prove that you're serious. Do what I say and wait here,"
Slash shrugged and sat down, throwing his feet up on the sofa. Duff marched over and pulled him back up.
"Dude, what the fuck?" Slash began.
"Did I say you could sit down?" Duff asked.
"No, but..."
"Well then don't,"
Duff smirked at him and went into the bathroom, closing the door. A moment later Slash heard the shower running and Duff singing a somewhat out of tune version of Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator.
Slash stood where he was, glaring at the bathroom door. In his head he was calling Duff the most insulting names he could think of. But he didn't dare to sit down. This was his ultimate fantasy and if Duff wanted him to stand, then he'd stand.
When Duff finally reappeared a half an hour later, Slash's legs were aching.
"You took your time," Slash complained.
Ignoring him, Duff pulled on a pair of jeans and a faded Led Zepplin t-shirt and began gathering up his belongings. He looked at Slash, as if suddenly remembering he was there.
"Oh, you're still standing," he remarked, "Very good. Extra brownie points for you. So are you serious about this?"
"Great," Duff planted a kiss on his cheek, "I quite like the idea of having my own slave,"
Slash smiled in return, unsure of what to say. What did one say in this situation? Thank you? Great? Slash hadn't even expected Duff to consider the proposition, let alone say yes. The idea of being completely at Duff's mercy was making him incredibly horny.
"Dude? Hey!" Duff snapped his fingers in front of Slash's face, bringing him back to the present.
"Shit man," he laughed, "How much dope did you take?"
"Sorry man. Miles away," Slash admitted, "S'up?"
"I was telling you to go grab your shit," Duff said, "We'll go back to the hotel tonight,"
Slash shrugged and left the room. Duff watched. He loved Slash's 'Who gives a flying fuck' attitude. Nothing ever fazed him. He just hoped that Slash would keep this carefree attitude now that Duff was making him his slave. He wondered did Slash even realize that this was permanant? That there was more to slavery than sex.

In the back of the limo, Duff closed the divide between them and the driver and they began their usual after-show routine. It was the same as their pre-show routine, only they did it in the back of a limo and not at the side of the stage. SLash began pouring out Jack Daniels for himself and vodka for Duff, while Duff prepared two lines of coke and various other pills. When they'd consumed the drugs, noth men sat back sipping their drinks and letting the drugs wash over them.
"So are you serious about this?" Duff asked.
'Huh?" Slash barely glanced at Duff, he had a serene smile on his face. Duff frowned. Slash was giving in to the drugs already. It would be even harder to have a serious discussion.
"Do you really wanna be my slave?" he asked slowly.
"Oh," Slash nodded, "Yeah okay. Cool,"
"There'd be no going back," Duff warned, "I'd own you. Completely,"
"Sounds hot," Slash mumbled, his head lolling forward.
Duff cursed at him. He was losing Slash before they'd even begun anything. He kicked him on the shin, sharply, causing Slash to jerk awake.
"Hey, wake up!"
"Sorry," Slash grinned sheepishly and took a swig of Jack from the bottle.
"What was I just saying?" Duff asked.
"Something about lesbian groupies," Slash answered, "I think its a great idea. Where are they?"
Slash looked around, as if expecting them to appear from behind Duff. Duff stared at him for a moment before laughing loudly.
"Dude, I was saying that if you become my slave, there'll be no going back. I'll own you completely. You know?"
Slash looked at him for a moment.
"Cool," he grinned from behind his sunglasses.
"So if I told you to lose the hat and glasses?" Duff asked.
Slash took them off and handed them over.
"And if I ordered you to give me your bottle of Jack and your junk?"
Slash opened his mouth to protest but stopped himself. Wanting to prove his commitment, he handed them over reluctantly. Duff slid closer and whispered in Slash's ear. "What if I ordered you to get down on your knees in front of me?"
Smiling, Slash unbuckled his belt and dropped to his knees before the bassist. Duff spoke again, his voice husky with lust as he undid his jeans and pulled out his throbbing cock.
"Now why don't you show me just how much you want to be my slave?"
Duff let out a low growl as Slash took his erection in his mouth and began sucking it expertly. Duff grabbed hold of Slash's head and guided it until he found a rhythm that suited him.
As the pleasure mounted, Duff pushed Slash's head down even further until the guitarist's nose was buried in Duff's pubes. Duff had never done this before and he could feel Slash struggling and gagging, but Duff was too far bone to care. His hips bucked sharply and he bit his lip to keep from crying out as he shot his load down Slash's throat. He held on for a few more minutes before letting go of Slash's head. Feeling the car come to a halt, Slash sat back on the seat and Duff did up his trousers.
In the elevator, on the way to Duff's room, Slash looked at Duff with a mischievous smile.
"So do I make the grade?" he asked.
"Oh yeah," Duff grinned, gulping down the end of Slash's bottle of Jack.
Duff grabbed the waist of Slash's trousers and pulled his new plaything into the hotel room, kissing him hard. Slash could taste his Jack Daniels in Duff's mouth along with a taste of vodka and tobacco and something that might at one point might have been pizza but Slash was too far gone to care.
Duff pulled away and looked Slash up and down.
"Lose the shirt, jacket, shoes and socks," he instructed, "Leave the leather trousers."
Slash obliged as Duff watched with a grin.
"Sexy," he remarked with an arched eyebrow, "Now go lie on the bed,"
Slash obliged with a smirk. He lay down on the bed on his stomach. Behind him, he could hear Duff pulling off his clothes.
"Dude, gimme a swig of vodka," Slash called without turning around.
Duff ignored him and began pulling off Slash's leather trousers.
"Dude," Slash turned around to look at Duff.
Duff frowned and swatted Slash's naked ass.
"What the fuck?" demanded Slash.
"Shut up," Duff ordered, reaching for the lube.
Slash pursed his lips but kept quiet. He flinched as he felt the Duff's fingers invading his anus, applying cold lube. Slash drew a sharp breath, feeling the head of Duff's cock pushing at his anus.
"Oh fuck," Slash moaned as Duff pushed himself in and bore his weight down on Slash.
Duff pulled out and slammed in again harder. He continued ramming himself in and out of Slash's ass as Slash moaned and squirmed beneath him.
"Oh man," Slash cried.
He was hard. Rock hard. He was going to come at any second. Sensing, this, Duff reached forward and grabbed Slash's cock, squeezing it tightly to prevent orgasm. Slash let out a cry as the pain of a denied orgasm flooded through his body. Duff kept a tight grip on Slash's cock, ramming himself in and out as hard as he could, shooting his load up into Slash's ass. When Duff felt Slash's cock go soft, he let go and lit a cigarette.
"Fuck you man," Slash shouted at a bemused Duff, "Why the fuck did you do that? You stupid asshole! I've been looking forward to that all day,"
Duff bit his lip to prevent a smile. He couldn't laugh. Slash was his slave now and had to be taught how to behave. So instead of laughing at him, he reached forward and hit Slash on the face and reached for a nearby belt.
"Hands behind your back," he ordered sharply.
Slash opened his mouth to protest but Duff cut hi off.
"Now," he shouted.
Slash put his hands behind his back, wondering what Duff had planned. Duff took Slash's hands and tied them firmly with the belt.
"You are my slave now," he said firmly, crossing his legs and taking a swig of vodka, "You do not talk to me like that. You are a slave and if you can't behave like one, I'll just have to teach you how. You weren't allowed cum because you don't deserve it. You'll have to earn it,"
Slash stared at Duff quietly. Duff's new authoritarian nature was making him hard all over again. He struggled to free his hands, but Duff had fixed them tight.
'Oh yeah," Duff added, stretching out on the bed, "You're not allowed to touch yourself without my permission,"
"You can't expect me not to jack off," Slash said in horror.
"Slash, with your hands tied up like that, you'll have to ask me," Duff reminded him sweetly.
Slash glared at him, his cock hard and throbbing.
"Well could I please..." he began
"No," Duff answered with a smile.
"Well will you..."
"Don't feel like it," Duff pulled Slash to him and kissed him on the head.
"Don't worry," he whispered, "I'll help you become a good slave. When you're a good slave, then you can orgasm."

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