Moonlit Bay

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Author Note: Inspired by 3 days with NO electricity when Hurricane Isabelle stomped through Virginia Sept 2003. Not much to do after the sun goes down, but let your mind wonder.


Moonlit Bay(Pt1)

Dropping his bag on the bed, Joe surveyed his room of the rented cottage. “A definite change from the hotel rooms we stay in. More like something right out of Martha Stewart catalog.” Taking his clothes from his bag, he arranged them neatly in the chest of draws. Placed some CD’s by the player and left the room. Joe stopped in the doorway of the second bedroom and gave it a once over. “I like this room better.”

Turning from his task of putting away his clothes, Sav looked at him questioningly, “Something wrong with yours?”

“It’s too bright, big touch of girlish.”

Sav chuckled at the frown on his face. “90% of your house is decorated in white, your room cannot be that bright.”

“Would you like to trade?”

Sav smirked, “I am already unpacked and I bet you are too.”

“You win that bet. Now you can go pick up some food and drink.”

”You are going to.”

“Do I have to?” Joe whined.

”Yes,” Sav replied, closing the drawer with a soft thump. “We can look around a little while we are out.”

“The whole purpose of taking a break from the studio and writing was to relax. Exploring the town is not relaxing.”

“You will be bored in half an hour. Now come on.”

Joe reluctantly grabbed his jacket and followed him to the car. “It scares me sometimes how well you know me.”

“It comes with being in the band for this long. Besides, we can relax later when we get our food and drink for the week.”

”The place came with everything but that,” Joe said, fiddling with the knobs to turn the heat on in the car. “Maybe we should have chosen a place that is a little warmer.”

Sav brows shot up as he looked at him. “We didn’t choose this place. I chose this place.”

“OK, you choose the place, but it’s still cold.”

“It is not that cold.”

“It….” Joe glanced at the outside temperature on the roof console above his head. “….54 degrees, that is cold to me.”

Sav just looked at him, thinking of how cold it was in Dublin when they left. He shook his head slightly and concentrated on the road that would take them further into town.

Pulling up in front of Nelson’s Market, both men got out and went inside. Sav rolled the cart from the rack and followed Joe down the isles, picking out food items that would sustain them for the week. Pushing the cart to the check out, Sav paused and glanced at the TV Guide that Joe tossed into the mix.

“Need to know what is coming on to watch while I relax.” Joe shrugged.

The 70ish looking man behind the counter picked up the package of bacon, punched in the numbers on the ancient cash register. Placing it in a brown paper bag, he eyed his customers as he picked up the dozen eggs. “You fella’s from out of town?”

“Our accent must have given us away.” Joe quipped.

“That and I’ve never seen you ‘round these parts.”

“We are renting a cottage on Featherstone Way, for the week.” Sav informed him.

“The last one overlooking the bay?”

“Yes,” Sav frowned. “How did you know?”

"The Johansen's live there; they rent it out every year, and head south for warmer weather,” Smiling as he placed the loaf of bread in a separate bag. “Hope you fella’s stay warm up there when the Nor Easter blows in.”

“Nor Easter. What is that?”

The old man looked at a puzzled Joe.

Sav glanced at the old man, then over to Joe. “A winter version of a summer hurricane.”

“Oh, we’re not going to have to leave are we?” Joe asked looking at the old man.

“No, you’ll be fine up there. Not expected to be a very bad. Gusty, bitter cold wind and rain, maybe some snow. Tis’ been 8 or so years since we had a severe one in these parts,” He left them standing at the check-out and disappeared somewhere in the store. He came back a few minutes later and sat a few items down. “Not sure if the Johansen’s ever bought these lantern’s…..just incase electricity goes out. You should have enough firewood to keep you warm and a battery operated radio. Better prepared than not at all.”

“We can watch the weather report tonight, Joe.” Sav said as he pulled out his wallet to pay for their purchase.

“If you don’t need these, just bring them back and I’ll refund your money.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Joe told him.

“For you maybe. It wasn’t your money that bought the food you will be eating this week.”

“You beat me to it!” Joe exclaimed.

“uh-un…..sure.” Sav mumbled.

Joe placed the paper bags in the cart, being careful not to squish the bread. “Is there a liquor store close by?”

“Marshall Liquor. When you back out onto Main Street, go straight to the stop sign, take a right, you can’t miss it.”

“Thanks.” Joe smiled.

“You can pay for the booze.” Sav told him as he put his wallet back in his pocket.

“Don’t get too drunk and walk out on that deck to fall in the freezing water. You’ll sober up real quick.” The old man chuckled.

“We will keep that in mind.” Sav replied, leaving the cart for Joe to push to the car.

“Thanks again.” Joe called over his shoulder. He pushed the cart out, they loaded the bags in the trunk, and Sav drove them the short distances to Marshall Liquor.

Both of them wonder around the store, looking at the variety of beer, wine, and whiskey. Joe picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey, changed his mind, and put it back, grabbing the vodka instead. Looking for Sav, he saw him standing at the checkout, talking to the sales person. Joe made his way to them as she turned around. From a shelve, she took a large, deep blue colored bottle and passed it to Sav.

Sav inspected the label and sat it on the counter. “I’ll take that.”

“Did you find what you want?” Joe asked as he sat his bottle down.


“You are not going to be able to drink all of that before we leave.”

“You can have some too, since you are paying for it.”

“I might drink a little. Both of those please,” Joe pointed at the bottles and grabbed a pack of spearmint chewing gum from the rack by the register. “This too.”

“Oh no,” Sav snatched it up and put it back. “I am not going to listen to you chomp on that gum all week.”

Joe gave him a wounded look and gave in. “How much?”

“$256.81 sir.”

Joe’s hands thumped on the counter. “How can it be that much? We only have two things.”

“This one…” She tapped the top of the vodka bottle. “ $24.99, this one is $225.”

Joe whipped his head around to Sav. “I am not paying for that.”

“I didn’t complain when I paid for your TV Guide and Plain M&M’s.”

Joe’s mouth dropped open, and then quickly snapped shut; he narrowed his eyes at Sav. “Mine didn’t cost $225.”

”Alright, I’ll get something cheaper.” Sav huffed, and picked out a different bottle of wine.

“This one is a $150.”

Joe’s mouth dropped again, while Sav hid his smile. “What about that one? It’s $10.”

”Joe!” Sav exclaimed. “If you don’t want to pay for it …fine, I will.”

“OK …OK ...fine. We will take the $150 bottle. Do you take credit cards?”

“Yes sir.” The middle age woman informed him.

Joe gave her a credit card and glared at Sav, who was still smiling.

“The card was declined sir.”


“Declined. You can pay in cash or with another card.”

“Did you pay the bill, Joe?”

“Yes, I paid the ...wait. Which one did I give you?” Joe looked at the card, and stuck it back in his wallet and pulled out another one. “There are charges on that one that I didn’t make and fighting to get them off.”

”uh hun. Pay the bill next time.” Sav giggled, and quickly left the store to wait out in front for him.

Joe smiled at the woman. “He tries to be funny.”

She smiled back and pushed the approval slip to him. Joe scribbled his name and grabbed the bags she placed the liquor bottled in. Walking out side, he grumbled a 'lets go' to Sav.

Sav once again drove them around town, back to the cottage by the bay. As he drove, he pointed out places of interest for them to come back to at some point during the week ...if they could.


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