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by Stevie (
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Oneshot
Pairing(s): JaeChun
Warnings: Teh ghey.
Word Count: 1189
Summary: Yoochun has a rare disorder the definitely makes life a little more colorful.
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Synesthesia. Sometimes referred to as a neurological disorder. Sometimes seen as a hidden talent or special gift. Yeah. Sure.

To Park Yoochun, synesthesia simply meant that he would see certain colors when he felt certain ways. His closest friends made him see yellow. His enemies or any type of hatred made him see deep ocean blue. Sadness was red, like an apple, not a firetruck. The more intense the emotion, the more intense the color. It was nothing special, because for as long as he could remember he could see the colors.

Though others with synesthesia saw it as something special, children in grade school were much less positive about it. When it got around his school one week that he saw colors, it was the beginning of a bullying nightmare that spanned several years. He was relieved when he was accepted by SM and found out he would be going to Korea. He saw it as his fresh start. He wouldn't let anyone there know what he had. It made him feel diseased just to think about it sometimes.


When Yoochun met Kim Junsu for the first time, he saw a medium yellow shade and knew he would be good friends with this person. They were close from day one. When he met Jung Yunho, he saw nothing at first, and the same with Shim Changmin, but later they began to give of light yellow hues.

Then Yoochun met Kim JaeJoong and he almost took a step back at the brightness of the yellow shade that he saw. He was surprised to say the least. No-one had ever given him such an intense color the first time meeting. In one sense he wanted to avoid JaeJoong because it was startling to see the color, but in another he wanted to spend more time with him, to discover what the yellow was all about.

Despite what he wanted, he was forced to spend time with JaeJoong, and with the others. Quickly he learned to adjust to his days being filled with the color yellow. He liked that, though, because that was his happy, caring color. He wished all his life had been so yellow.

Still, no-one knew about his situation. His resolve to keep his synesthesia a secret stayed strong through months and months of training and practicing with the guys. He didn't want to say anything to jeopardize their friendships. He didn't want the yellow to go away.

Then something happened.

It started only a few months after he'd first met JaeJoong. JaeJoong's strong yellow was starting to take on hues of orange. Yoochun had never seen orange before. He'd never felt what he was feeling, either, and he didn't know how to figure it out because his whole life he'd relied on colors to tell him what he was feeling that somehow he'd never imagined what a situation would be like without the aid of his hues and tones.

Each day the orange grew more prominent in the yellow that surrounded JaeJoong. Yoochun began to worry. He had no idea what to say, how to act. He acted as though nothing had changed because to the outside world nothing had. But he knew something significant was taking place.

And there were smiles sent his way during short breaks between practices, small touches on the shoulder, side, hand, whatever. At these moments a burst of orange would come at Yoochun and he could do nothing but smile in return, pretending like he wasn't baffled out of his mind.

JaeJoong was purely orange now. Bright, glowing, like a fruit fresh picked from the tree with the sunset glowing just behind it. Orange. Yoochun began to realize what this meant. Why he was unfamiliar with the color, with the feeling. He felt stupid for not figuring it out before. But he felt stupid for feeling it at all. Because this was JaeJoong, close friend, confidante. And now he was keeping two secrets from him.

They began to spend more time one-on-one. Yoochun did not really think this was the best idea, but JaeJoong consistently insisted on it, telling Yoochun of his past, his life, his day, his secrets. Yoochun felt like a liar in these moment, a trickster, like he was deceiving JaeJoong into giving his trust so willingly.

Then, sitting on the floor of the parlor after everyone else had gone to bed mnd leaning against the wall together, JaeJoong dropped a bombshell.

"The company told us something, the other guys and me. Said we couldn't tell you we knew but thought we should know anyway."

Yoochun wrinkled his brow. "Really?"

"You have that color thing. When you feel stuff, you see colors right? People are certain colors?"

"Well..." His head was spinning a bit. When had they been told? And why weren't they all ganging up on him, excluding him? Wasn't that what non-synesthetic people did to those with the disorder? "People give me certain emotions. The emotions make them give me a color."

JaeJoong nodded, then paused. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

Yoochun was a bit thrown off by his use of the word "me" rather than "us." "I just figured... it's easier when nobody knows. Trust me on that. It makes life easier."

JaeJoong shifted closer and took Yoochun's hand with his own. "I don't think keeping secrets makes anyone's life easier."

"Even if keeping the secret means you won't be excluded or singled out?"

"Would I do that to you?" JaeJoong asked, suddenly looking to the other.

Yoochun considered him, then shook his head.

JaeJoong laced their fingers, playing gently with Yoochun's digits. "So what colors do you see all of us, the group, as? Are we all the same color, or different?"

Yoochun paused. Was this the right time to confess? Would there ever be a right time? "I see the other guys as yellow. You used to be yellow. Now you're orange."

JaeJoong waited for further information before asking, "What does yellow mean?"

"Happiness, caring... friendship, in general."

After a nod, JaeJoong pressed on. "When did I change? And what's orange mean? I hope it's not a bad thing..."

With a slightly wry smile, Yoochun lowly commented, "Depends on your perspective, I guess. You began to change a few months back. It was the first time I ever saw orange, you know. I didn't really know what it meant." He slipped his hand away from JaeJoong's as he gathered himself to finally say, calm as anything, "Orange, I figured out, is what I see when... I'm in love." He was staring at his lap, unwilling to look at the other beside him.

The hand that had been holding his before was now back, holding tighter. "You didn't have to pull away to tell me that."

He blushed when his hand was taken again. Still, he didn't look over at JaeJoong.

He could hear the smile in JaeJoong's voice as he said, "I orange you, too."

His eyes turned to JaeJoong, who was smiling shyly, wearing his own blush. He smiled as well. Then he kissed JaeJoong, at first tentatively, then more forcefully, both easily moving into the kiss. A new color began to appear to Yoochun.

It didn't take him long to figure out that green was the color of pleasure.

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