Taken Advantage

BY : JRockGirl13
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Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. I do not own or know any of the members from Dir en Grey. No profit is made from this story. blah, blah, blah. Enjoy. ^^

Taken Advantage

"Moshi Moshi." "Toshiya-sama?" The voice waited for an answer. "Hai, who is this? How did you get this number?" "This is Horu-san from Maple leaf bar on Chinsen Street. I have a very intoxicated American girl here by the name of Cassie-chan. She needs a ride and asked that I call you." Toshiya sighed, Die's little step-sister. She was from the states and had moved there after high school a few months back. All the members of Dir en Grey had taken to the bright girl, but she loved to party and Die had played her rescuer numerous times since she had been there. Now it seemed to be Toshiya's turn. "I'll be there soon."

Toshiya entered the smoke filled bar. It looked like a rough place and he instantly picked out a few of the Yakkaetta sitting in a corner. He decided he was going to kill her, then tell her brother. Walking up to the bar it didn't take him long to spot Cassie sitting to the side with a tall guy who had her by the arm. "C'mon baby, your friend's not coming. I'll give you a ride." "He will be here." Cassie slurred and downed the rest of her drink. "I'm rite here." Toshiya shot the seedy guy a harsh glare. "I think she'd rather leave with me." The guy was persistent. Cassie turned and smiled. "Toshiya-kun!" Cassie stood up shrugging out of the man's hold and immediately hugged the bassist. The man gave Toshiya a scowl as he stood up cutting his losses. "God, how much did you drink? You smell like a brewery." Cassie gave a small laugh. "Alot."

Toshiya helped the girl out after thanking the bartender and paying her tab. She clung to him all the way and her balance was off making him half carry her to his car. After placing her in the passenger seat he started toward Die's house where she was staying. Cassie quietly stared out the window until they turned on her street. "Toshiya-kun, please don't take me home. Die will kill me if I come in drunk again." "That's the point." "Please Totchi?" Cassie stuck out her bottom lip and gave the cutest pout she could. Toshiya couldn't help but look over as put her hand on his thigh and began to lightly stroke it up and down.

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