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The next morning when Jaejoong woke up he saw Junsu next to him. He didn’t know what Junsu was doing but he was there. Jaejoong closed his eyes trying to see if yesterday was a dream or if it really happened. When Jaejoong reopened his eyes Yunho was right in front of him. 

“Ahh… dang it Yunho don’t do that to me.” Jaejoong said putting his hand over his heart. 

“Sorry Jae… we have an interview again in about an hour or so.” Yunho said with a grin. “This time don’t say anything Jae.”

Junsu said. “Or this time I might help with the Punishment.” 

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of letting anything out. Not again. Not after what happened yesterday.” Jaejoong said shaking is head no while saying it. Jaejoong got up straitening, getting up getting his clothes together before walking out of the room and into the bathroom. 

Jaejoong got the shower going when the bathroom door opened. “I’m in here.” Jaejoong said over the sound of the water. 

“I know I’m not stupid Jaejoong.” said Yoochun. 

Jaejoong let out a breathe leaning his head against the side of the shower. noticed Yoochun opening the shower door. “Let me join you we don’t have time Jae for all of us to take a shower and still have hot water.” Yoochun said looking at Jaejoong from head to toe. 

“Sure I guess Yoochun.” Jaejoong said moving a little bit so Yoochun could get wet. 

Jaejoong stood there watching Yoochun wet himself down. Jaejoong just stood there watching Yoochun not able to take his eyes off of him. Yoochun turns to get his back wet as Jaejoong just watches, just now noticing how beautiful he really is. Yoochun opened his eyes looking at Jaejoong. 

“Is there something wrong Jae?” Yoochun said smiling at him. 

“No of course not, I just didn’t know that you where so cute.” Jaejoong said without really thinking. 

“Is that so?” Yoochun said smiling at him. “I heard you and Yunho last night when we got home. Sounded hot Jae, mostly when you screamed loudly when you came.” 

Jaejoong blushed as we watched Yoochun walk over to him pining him against the wall of the shower. Yoochun grins as he pushes Jaejoong against the wall leaning over kissing the older man on the neck earning a little moan from Jaejoong. 

“Are you sure you want to do that Yoochun?” Jaejoong said to him with a little grin on his face. 

“Of course if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing it.” Yoochun smiled at him cupping Jaejoong’s butt cheeks in his hands lifting him up 

“Oh… ok… Yoochun…” Jaejoong said knowing that he sounded like a moron felling Yoochun’s now hard on against his entrance. 

Jaejoong moaned thinking that it can’t be happen that Yoochun and Yunho would be in him within the same 24 hours. Jaejoong tilts his head back putting his arms around Yoochun’s neck as Yoochun pushed into him. , both of them moaning out. 

Yoochun smiled as he pushed himself deep inside Jaejoong listening to him moaning as he moves himself in and out of Jaejoong. Jaejoong rocks his hips as Yoochun moves himself in and out of Jaejoong’s still tight hole.

“Ahhh… Ohhh… Yoochun… you’re so big.” Jaejoong said to him between moans. 

“And you are so tight no wonder Yunho came so soon.” Yoochun said between trusts into him. 

Jaejoong moans louder when Yoochun leaked a little in him. Jaejoong pushes back at him getting him more inside. Jaejoong moans more when Yoochun pulled out and pushed all the way back in him. 

“Oh… Yoochun… more… give me more of you.” Jaejoong moaned out tilting his head back more. 

Yoochun pushed himself all the way in Jaejoong moaning loudly. 

“Oh fuck… Jaejoong, why do you have to be so hot?” Yoochun asked while thrusting deep inside Jaejoong. 

“I don’t know… but damn it Yoochun fuck me.” Jaejoong screamed out over the water. 

Yoochun shakes his head pushing into Jaejoong more. He knew that Jaejoong was close to coming and he was close as well. Yoochun pushed himself into Jaejoong more as he felt the older raven haired man cum all over them. Yoochun couldn’t handle anymore himself and came deep inside of Jaejoong. 

“Oh God… It’s so warm and sticky. Oh Yoochun…” 

“We need to get cleaned up.” Yoochun carefully set Jaejoong back on his feet. 

Jaejoong nodded his head agreeing with him. Jaejoong stepped forward getting himself wet again cleaning himself off. Yoochun switches places with Jaejoong when Jaejoong gets the shampoo to do his hair as Yoochun cleans his body and rinses his hair out. Jaejoong get the shampoo out of his hair and gets out drying his body and hair off along with Yoochun. 


Jaejoong sat down on the sofa at the house smacking his head about yet again letting out that the members weren’t all to innocent anymore. Yet again getting punishment by Yunho and this time Junsu as well. 

“Do you like punishment Jae?” Junsu asked him.

“Not too much Junsu. But I can’t help it… I’m sorry you two.” Jaejoong said looking up at Yunho and Junsu. 

Yunho shook his head sighing lightly pointing to his and Junsu’s room. Jaejoong obediently got up and went to the bedroom. 

“After you my love.” Yunho said to Junsu. 

“Oh thank you love.” Junsu said smiling at him following Jaejoong. 

Yunho followed both of them to the bedroom smiling at Jaejoong who was already on the bed on his stomach. Yunho walks right over to his dresser and pulls out handcuff handing them to Junsu. Junsu took the handcuffs and handcuffed Jaejoong’s hands to the headboard. Yunho also hands Junsu a blindfold which Junsu also puts on Jaejoong. He waved his hand in front of Jaejoong’s face. 

“Okay he can’t see. Love.” Junsu said smiling at Yunho. 

Yunho smiled grabbing Junsu handcuffing him to the bed along with Jaejoong. Junsu smiles lightly as Yunho puts a blindfold around his own eyes. Yunho gets off of the bed going over grabbing the whip again. 

“Junsu love will you be ok?” 

“I’ll be fine you hit me with it all of the time I’m used to it.” Yunho smiled at the reply from his love whipping them both at the same time. This time, a moan escaped Junsu, as well as Jaejoong Yunho smiles more whipping them both again. 

“Oh Yunho… that whip feels good.” Junsu said in response to the hit on his back as he hears Jaejoong moan out again. 

Jaejoong was getting hard hearing Junsu moan right with him as the whip hit them both at the same time. Jaejoong didn’t think that he could stand it much longer with Yunho whipping him and Junsu lying down next to him moaning loudly with him. 

“Yunho… is this all of the punishment you can give?” Jaejoong said to him. 

Yunho smiled more as he walked over to the bed sitting on the bed with them whipping Jaejoong first then Junsu listening to the both moan and shift a bit as they got harder. 

Junsu felt the bed sink a little bit known that Yunho sat down at their feet. Known his lover like he did he knew Yunho wouldn’t stop whipping either of them until they where both really hard or until he was really hard enough to fuck them both. At that thought and the feeling of the whip on his back made him moan out loudly along with Jaejoong who got hit a few minutes before him. Jaejoong moaned loudly when he felt Yunho’s hand near his entrance known that he couldn’t get any harder he pushed his body back towards Yunho. 

Yunho smiled as he heard Jaejoong moan out as he lightly ran his finger across his entrance. Yunho reaches over doing the same to Junsu. Listening to them both moan out at the same time was starting to kill Yunho’s cock with it being so hard and pushing against his jeans. Yunho knew it was almost time to fuck one and play with the other. He just didn’t know who to play with first. 

“Love would you mind if I fucked Jae first?” 

“No not at all Yunho.” Junsu said moaning as he felt Yunho’s fingers move against his entrance. 

Yunho smiled at Junsu’s face as he smiled with peer pleasure. Yunho knew Junsu wouldn’t mind. After all Junsu knew that he had Yunho’s heart and that no one could take that away from him. Yunho reached in front of Jaejoong undoing his pants and pulling them down on him. Yunho looked at Jaejoong noticing that he was harder then he was before. Yunho was shocked by the view that he had, wishing that he could show Junsu how hard Jaejoong was. But Junsu was blindfolded which he slightly regretted now. Yunho shrugged his shoulders and pushed himself into Jaejoong. Jaejoong screamed out in pleasure feeling Yunho back inside him. Even known that Junsu was there it didn’t bother him with pushing back at Yunho to fell more of him in his tight ass. 

“Junsu you should feel Jae… He’s really tight. He’s squeezing the crap out of my cock.” Yunho said with a moan. 

“Oh I want to feel love… I do but I’m tied down. And I can’t move.” 

“Jae will you let Junsu fuck you?” 

Jaejoong thought about it then nodded his head. “Yeah I would.” 

Yunho pulled out of Jaejoong removing Junsu’s pants. Looking down at Junsu just like he did Jaejoong seeing that he was harder then he has ever seen his love. Yunho got a bit jealous that he wasn’t going to feel it himself. Since Yunho gave Junsu the long handcuffs Junsu could move over Jaejoong without hurting himself. Yunho helping Junsu put himself in Jaejoong. When Junsu got into Jaejoong they both screamed. 

“Oh my… he’s bigger then you Yunho.” Jaejoong moaned out. 

“And you’re really tight.” Junsu said moving himself in and out of Jaejoong felling Yunho’s hands on his hips. 

Yunho kneeled behind Junsu moving and helping him stay steady on his knees. Yunho sat there listening to both of them moaning and watched them moving against each other. Just watching Junsu fuck Jaejoong was getting him harder. He couldn’t believe it. Yunho leaned over to Junsu kissing his neck as he fucked Jaejoong. 

Junsu moved more and more harder in and out of Jaejoong feeling Jaejoong squeezing him more. Junsu couldn’t help but more out Jaejoong’s name, as he pushed more in him. Junsu then felt Yunho’s lips on his neck making him shiver hard and moan. Feeling Yunho’s lips on his neck just made Junsu go harder in Jaejoong. Jaejoong screaming in pleasure below him and having Yunho kissing and sucking his neck just made him harder. So Junsu went harder and a bit faster in Jaejoong. 

Jaejoong screamed in pleasure feeling Junsu deep inside him. He didn’t know what Yunho was doing but even though he wanted to know he couldn’t. He didn’t know if Yunho was behind him and Junsu or if he was just sitting there watching the two of them. Even though Junsu was unaware, Jaejoong was longing to feel his cock deep inside him, stretching him out. Jaejoong couldn’t believe how big Junsu was. Yeah he knew that Junsu was big from the stories that Yunho told him but he didn’t think he was this big. 

“Oh Junsu… your cock is so hard… and big.” Jaejoong told them. 

“Doesn’t he feel good Jae?” 

“Oh yes Yunho he does.” Jaejoong said. 

Junsu listened to them moving himself harder in Jaejoong. Listen to Jaejoong moaning as he moved against him more. Junsu didn’t know if he could take Jaejoong’s tight ass around him that much longer. Junsu couldn’t help it a few minutes later cumin deep inside him. Jaejoong screamed out Junsu’s name. 

“Oh Junsu… nice and warm and sticky… oh Junsu…” Jaejoong screams out loudly. 

"Jaejoong, you are too tight around me I couldn’t hold it any longer.” Junsu said lying down next to Jaejoong. 

Yunho looks at the bed under Jaejoong noticing there was enough cum under him for two spills. Yunho smiled wondering if he should tell them he needs them both. Yunho looked from one to the other then decided on Jaejoong first letting Junsu recover from that load in Jaejoong. 

“Honey you rest but I will not forget about you.” Yunho said pushing himself deep inside Jaejoong once again. 

Junsu nodded his head telling him it was ok to take his time. As Jaejoong screamed feeling Yunho inside him again. Junsu relaxed on the bed just listening to Jaejoong and Yunho moan out as Yunho trust into Jaejoong. Junsu could feel the bed move under him as Yunho pushed in and out of Jaejoong. Jaejoong moans more as Yunho trust deep inside him. Yunho smiles as he trusts himself deep inside of Jaejoong. Yunho feels Jaejoong starting to tremble under him. 

“Jaejoong you still feel great. And I can feel Junsu’s cum still in you moving around.” Yunho said moaning loudly. 

“I can to… it feels so good Yunho… Give me more Yunho?” Jaejoong asks Yunho in reply to Jaejoong was to push into Jaejoong more. He went harder and harder with every second. As he pushed into Jaejoong, Jaejoong moaned louder and louder each time Yunho went harder. Jaejoong didn’t know how much more he could take. 

After Junsu cam in him, he didn’t thing he could handle Yunho as well. Yunho pushed in Jaejoong harder and cam deep inside him listening to Jaejoong scream out his name. After Yunho came in him Jaejoong came yet again. Jaejoong never came so much in his life. Yunho leans down taken off Jaejoong’s blindfold. Jaejoong opens up his eyes looking at Yunho smiling. 

“Watch Jae I think you will like this.” Yunho said in Jaejoong’s ear. Jaejoong smiles in an understanding. Watching Yunho move behind Junsu, Yunho goes and pushes himself in Junsu listening to Junsu moaning. Jaejoong looked down at Junsu noticing how hard he was even though a few minutes ago he cam in Jaejoong. Then again he was guessing with Yunho as his lover he would be used to it by now. Junsu pushed against Yunho hard. Yunho moaned out moving himself in and out of Junsu. He was going harder and harder each minute listen and watching the look on his lovers face. Yunho has always loved the looks that Junsu always had on his face when he made love to him. Yunho smiled looking at Jaejoong then looking down at Junsu moving more. 

“Oh Baby… Yunho… please more… I need more of you.” Yunho grins at him trusting himself in Junsu. Yunho pushes in him more and more harder. Junsu smiles and pushes back more feeling him more. In the few minutes Yunho finally cams deep inside Junsu listening to him scream out Yunho’s name. Yunho pulled out feeling really tired but reaches up undoing Junsu’s blindfold then gets the handcuffs off of them. Junsu pulls Yunho down between them, as all of them fall asleep.

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