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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK/TVXQ and made no money for writing this fanfic.


The store opened the first of October as she promised, his jewelry was a big hit and the store received rave reviews. Christmas was especially busy, Yunho even helped in the store from time to time. Junsu and his wife welcomed a baby girl on New Year’s Day, Yunho didn’t tell her she was happy and he wanted to enjoy that for a while longer.

He still contacted Junsu to let him know how things were going, but not as often. Junsu was completely taken with fatherhood and seemed not to mind not receiving frequent updates.

When Yunho worked up the nerve to tell her about the baby, she cried, she even let him hold her. His heart was breaking with each sob that tore from her throat, “It’s okay, I’m here,” he said soothingly. “I’ll never leave you, I promise!”

“Please don’t make promises that you won’t keep,” she said pulling back to look at him.

“Only death would keep me from you, I know that you will never love me like you do him, but I love you and I’ll always be here!!” he told her searching her eyes.

“Yunho, will you stay with me tonight?” she asked shyly, not responding to his confession.

“I’ll do whatever you want or need me to do!!” he kissed her head.

“Thank you,” she laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist.

He stayed the night sleeping on the bed next to her, with his clothes on holding her when she cried in her sleep. Close to dawn she had settled down, he must have dozed off, when he woke up he smelled coffee, and she was gone. He got up and made his way to the kitchen she was sitting at the table drinking coffee, “Good morning, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m better,” she went to get him some coffee; he grabbed her arms forcing her to look at him.

“Are you sure?” he was concerned, she looked tired.

“Yeah, I’m gonna be okay,” she told him smiling; he leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers. She pulled back embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” he said simply.

“It’s alright, just a friendly kiss right?” she asked.

“It’s whatever you want it to be, I’m falling in love with you and I’ll do anything to make you happy,” he said pulling her close.

“Be patient with me, I don’t want to lose you,” she told him. “You have seen me through some rough times lately, and for that I thank you!” she kissed his cheek and got his coffee.


They continued to see each other at work and away, they developed a deep bond. She came to trust him more than she had trusted anybody in a long time, they talked about everything. They were business partners, best friends, but they were not yet lovers.

It was the beginning of spring and he had to leave town for a few days, he hated leaving her but it was unavoidable. “I’ll only be gone for a few days, less if I can,” he was telling her.

“I’ll be fine, Yunho I know how to take care of myself. You be careful and hurry back, I already miss you! I’ve gotten used to having you around, okay?” she said laughing at his pouting face.

“You be careful, I wish that you’d hire someone to help you so you wouldn’t have to work so hard,” he was worried about leaving; he had a bad feeling that something was wrong.

“Go before you miss your flight, I’ll be right here when you get back,” she smiled at him; she leaned up and kissed him on the lips. He was smiling when she pulled back, “Now go!!”


He had just come out of a meeting when his phone rang; it was her smiling he flipped open his phone, “Hey beautiful!” he answered.

“Glad you think so,” Jaejoong laughed.

“JJ what are you doing with Carlie’s phone?”  He asked, that bad feeling coming back.

“We have a problem, now don’t freak, okay?” JJ asked cautiously.

“What’s happened?” he asked worry now clear in his voice.

“The store was robbed, Carlie was…” JJ was trying to tell him.

“Is she alright?” Yunho asked his blood turning to ice water.

“She’s in the hospital, they roughed her up a bit but she’s going to be fine.” He paused waiting for a response, when there was none he asked, “Yunho are you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here…I’ll take the first flight out, tell her that I’m on my way!” he exclaimed.

“She’s been asking for you, I’ll let her know. Be safe man!!” JJ said.


When he arrived at the hospital Micky was waiting for him at the front entrance, they hugged, “Long time no see, how have you been?” Micky asked.

“I’m doing okay, where’s Carlie?” Yunho asked.

“She’s upstairs, I wanted to talk to you before you saw her,” Micky said hesitantly.

“Why? Is she really okay? What are you not telling me?” Yunho was nearing panic.

“The people that robbed the store did a real number on her, it’s more than being roughed up. JJ didn’t want to…he just wanted you to get home to her.” Micky told him.

“Did they…” Yunho asked.

“No, there was no sexual assault they just beat the hell out of her. The only emergency contact that she had listed was…it was still Junsu…he’s taking this really hard…Yunho he’s with her now!” Micky was trying to warn him. “Yunho, she’s only asked for you, Junsu…”

“What? He’s mad…upset…I don’t care, I just need to see her, please take me to her!” Yunho was fighting back tears.

“Okay,” Micky took him to her room; everybody was there JJ, Serra, Kaycey, Max, and Junsu.

They all greeted him with hugs and then he went into her room, what he saw made him sick to his stomach. One side of her face was black and swollen, her lips busted, he could see bruises on her arms and a bandage around her left wrist, he stifled a sob.

He pulled a chair up to the side of her bed, sitting down he took her hand, “Oh Carlie, I should’ve never left you!” he started to cry.

“Yunho,” she said in a hoarse whisper. “You’re here, you kept you promise.”

“Of course I did, I love you there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be.” He told her through his tears.

“I tried to stop them, Yunho they took everything… your jewelry, the money…I’m sorry!” tears were running down her face.

“They didn’t take everything, you’re alive and that’s all that matters. Everything else can be replaced, now you don’t worry about anything, just rest I’ll be here. I’m going to step outside and talk to the others, okay?” he said standing up and kissing her forehead.

The others told him what they knew; Junsu wouldn’t even look at him. He knew that a confrontation was inevitable but now was not the right time, nor the right place. He told them to go home and get some rest he would stay with her; he promised to call if anything changed.

Everyone left except Junsu, “Yunho, what’s going on with you two?” he asked.

“I love her, I’m sorry I know that’s not what you want to hear, but…” Yunho was saying, when Junsu drew back his fist and hit him. Yunho lost his balance and stumbled backwards from the blow. “Junsu, what the hell? You’re married, you have a baby…you’ve made it clear that you can’t be with her, let her go man, please let her go!!”

“I can’t…I still love her too!!!” Junsu was sobbing now.

“Oh shit, Junsu please think about what this is doing to her…for once in your life think of someone else besides you!!!”  Yunho pleaded. “Go home, I’ll take care of her...if she…I’ll call you if anything changes.”

“Make sure that you do, I don’t care what time it is, if she needs anything,” Junsu turned to leave. “Yunho…never mind.”

He went back into her room, she was asleep he sat in the chair next to her and held her hand. He lay his head down on the side of her bed and went to sleep. He woke up a short while later, she was lying on her side facing him, “Hey sweetie,” she said. “You look uncomfortable, why don’t you go home and get some rest? I’ll be okay.”

“I don’t want to leave you, what if something happens? I need to be here…” he sobbed.

“Please don’t, nobody’s ever cried for me…I’ll be fine they’ll take care of me and I’ll tell them to call you if something happens I promise!!” she reached up with her good hand and wiped his face.

“Carlie, I’m not leaving until they let you go home, that’s final.” He said firmly.

“Then you may as well lay up here with me, I need to feel you arms around me,” she tried to smile but her face hurt. She moved over and he carefully lay next to her, she lay her head on his chest and he pulled her close.

He closed his eyes, she thought that he was asleep, “Damn you, for making me fall in love with you, I didn’t want to I can’t take another heartbreak.” She said wistfully. “I love you Jung Yunho!” she whispered. He smiled and fell into a peaceful sleep.

He left her the next day only long enough to go by the store, it was destroyed. He knew that she would be heartbroken at the damage so he hired a contractor to clean and restore it to the way it was. He went home took a shower and changed clothes, when he got back to the hospital Junsu was in her room. He stood just outside the door to listen to their conversation.

“Carlie, I love you, I never stopped, please give me another chance?!” he was begging.

“No Junsu, I will not be the other woman in your life, I want…no I deserve more and I’ve found someone who can give it to me.” She told him.

“You mean Yunho?” he laughed wryly.

“I think that I’ve fallen for him,” she was trying to explain.

“Did he tell you why all of a sudden he contacted you? It’s because I asked him to, he’s been letting me know how you were, how things were going in your life!! He’s been spying on you for me!” he spat the words at her hatefully.

“No, you’re lying…he wouldn’t,” she had started to cry. Yunho stepped into the room, “Yunho, please tell me it’s not true, you didn’t…” she could tell by the look on his face that what Junsu had said was true.

“Carlie let me…” Yunho started as he walked towards her bed.

“GET OUT…both of you, just leave me alone!!!” she shouted at them. The nurse came through the door and made them both leave; they could hear her crying she was near hysterics. Another nurse came down the hall holding a syringe and went into her room, after a short while the nurses came out and she had quieted down.

“Why couldn’t you just leave everything alone? Why did you have me come back if all you were gonna do was break her heart again? You bastard!!!” Yunho turned on Junsu and hit him hard enough to knock him on his ass. “Damn you to hell!!! Are you ever going to understand that you can’t have it all!?!?!?”

“I didn’t know that she would react like that, I didn’t know that she loved you too!” Junsu said in a defeated voice. “I’m sorry.” He got to his feet and turned to leave.

Yunho waited a while and then crept back into her room as quietly as possible, she was sleeping. He sat in the chair next to her bed, “Carlie, I know that you can’t hear me but I never meant for any of this to happen. I was going to tell you about Junsu eventually, I had already stopped calling him. I begged him to let you go, but he thought that he could have it all. I don’t want to lose you, I didn’t mean to fall in love with you, but I’m glad I did. You mean more to me that you could ever know, I only hope that you can forgive me. Having you in my life these last few months has made me feel complete, and I don’t know if I could go on without you. I love you,” he stood and kissed her cheek then left.

Carlie opened her eyes she reached up to touch her cheek where he had kissed it, “I’ve already forgiven you, and I love you too.” She whispered.


She stayed in the hospital for a few more days; the friends that she thought had deserted her when she and Junsu broke up came to see her. They had never left her, in her grief she had shut them out. Yunho didn’t come back; she was hurt but knew that he needed time. She didn’t call him when she was released, instead Max picked her up and took her home, “Are you sure that you’ll be okay by yourself?” he asked.

“Yeah, I can take care of myself. Thanks for helping me to get home,” she kissed his cheek and he left.

She put her things away and went to the kitchen to boil some water for tea, her house was too quiet. The solitude that she used to enjoy was now a bitter reminder of what could have been. She fixed her tea and went to the living room started a movie and fell asleep on the sofa.

She was awakened by the sound of someone at her door; she walked over to the door and found a card that had been slid under it. She bent down to pick it up and recognized Yunho’s hand writing, throwing open the door she saw him getting in his car, “Yunho,” she called he stopped and looked up at her. “Please don’t go!!” she cried.

He ran back to her stopping right in front of her, “I didn’t think that you wanted to see me!” he told her reaching up to wipe her tears, she caught his hand and held it against her face.

“I need you,” she told him smiling. “I love you, please don’t leave me!”

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, “I love you, more than life itself!!” he whispered in her ear. He drew back to kiss her, she opened her mouth their tongues dancing together tasting each other.

They went inside and locked the door behind them; he trapped her between his body and the wall, kissing her again. She pulled him closer, “Stay with me?!” she whimpered.

She took his hand and led him to the bedroom; she removed her shirt and pants and lay across the bed he did the same laying next to her. “I didn’t dare dream that you would ever love me back, this is my dream come true, I love you!” he said.

“I do love you, very much. More than I thought possible, with you I’ve been given a second chance and I’m not wasting any more time,” she leaned over and kissed his lips; he put his hand behind her head and deepened the kiss.

As his tongue explored her mouth, their hands were exploring each other’s bodies. His hands were caressing the soft skin on her back he unhooked her bra and slipped his hand underneath the front massaging her breasts. She moaned she ran her hands up his back and down across his chest and abdomen stopping at the band of his boxers.

“You feel wonderful,” he groaned as his hands found their way into the back of her underwear caressing and squeezing her bottom, she lifted her leg and hooked it over his hip he moved one hand to her womanhood and rubbed his fingers over her clit, she threw her head back moaning he took the opportunity and molested her jaw and neck kissing and sucking, marking her as his.

Her nails bit into the soft skin of his back as she pressed herself closer to him, he continued his assault on her womanhood, slipping first one finger, then two inside her. He knew that he’d found the right spot when she began to push down on his hand, he moved his fingers faster as she began to tremble, “Come for me baby,” he whispered biting and sucking on her earlobe.

“Oh God!!!” she cried out as her orgasm caused her muscles to tighten around his fingers.

“Beautiful,” he said smiling. He discarded her bra and then her underwear; she was still trying to catch her breath when he moved to take his boxers off. When he was over her she reached between them and grasped his erection, she was surprised at how big he was. She guided him to her but instead of allowing him to thrust into her she rubbed the head of his penis around the outside of her, he began to tremble, she was twitching with anticipation. Finally she turned him loose and let him plunge into her, his size causing her to gasp as she wrapped her legs around him drawing him in closer.

He grasped her hips and began to thrust harder and deeper; she was moaning his name he was nibbling at her breasts. The heat of her body seemed to gather in the pit of her stomach, she was moving with him urging him to go faster. He understood what she needed and complied, he too could feel his orgasm building, he understood what a volcano must feel just before it blows.

They peaked together screaming for each other as their bodies convulsed with their powerful orgasms. They were breathing hard holding onto each other tightly, “I love you, Jung Yunho!!” she said chuckling.

“I love you, you are what I live and breathe for!” he lifted his head and gently kissed her lips, “Marry me?”

“Yes,” she said simply.

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