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Max had arrived and saw Yunho walking, he joined him. “So what are you going to do? You still love her, right?”

“I love her so much it hurts, but she’s sleeping with Junsu and I’m not sure how I feel about that or even how to handle it. To make it worse he’s in love with her too, but keeps telling me that she loves me not him!!” Yunho was confused, hurt, and angry.

“You can’t hold her responsible for having a relationship with Junsu, no more that you can blame him, he’s all that she’s had these last few months. Deep down you know that neither of them would hurt you intentionally, neh?” Max was trying to reason with him.

“I know that and that’s the problem, I love them both the thought of either of them being hurt or unhappy is killing me, but at the same time my selfish side want her back!!”

“How does she feel?” Max asked.

“I haven’t asked, the first chance that I had to talk to her I yelled at her and then stormed out, slamming the door behind me!” he looked to Max for sympathy and found none.

“Well that was a real smart move!!” Max told him.

“Thanks a lot smart ass!!” Yunho chuckled, “Let’s go back and see what’s going on.” They headed back towards Junsu’s.


Junsu was breathing hard as Mica sat across him lifting herself up and down on his member, “Junsu baby, my legs are tired.” She giggled. He stood up from the sofa and made his way to the bed without breaking their connection they fell across the bed with him on top. “Is this better baby girl?!?” he asked starting to move. He grasped her legs and pulled them up, she reached up grabbing the headboard, she groaned as his thrusts became harder and quicker.

She started to tremble, “Su…baby, come with me!” she turned loose of the headboard and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him to her, their orgasms hit them at the same time that their lips met, he groaned as he swallowed her scream.

They stayed intimately connected for a while, exhausted and spent he lay next to her, “Junsu, I’m scared.” She said tears in her eyes.

“I am too baby,” he kissed her and pulled her close. “How about a shower?”

“I’m too tired,” she answered.

“Come on, I’ll help you. You’ll rest better afterwards.” He stood from the bed and lifted her in his arms. They washed each other and then held on to each other under the warm water. There were no need for words they knew that this was to be their last intimate moment together.

When she was dressed for bed he tucked her in and took her hand. “Mica, no matter what you decide I want you to know that these last few months with you has been the highlight of my life! I will always love you,” he said as tears slipped down his face.

“Su, please don’t, I told you that I don’t know what I’ll do…I’m not even sure that Yunho wants me back, especially not the way that he’s acting.” She said as she reached up to brush away his tears. “I’m so sorry, I think that it may have been better if I had died that night!”

“Baby, please don’t say that, you’ve brought so much joy to me, no matter your decision, the world is a better place just because you are in it, neh?”

“I’ll try to remember that,” he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Rest now, I’ll ask the girls to bring you something to eat later.” When she was sure that he was gone she curled up hugging his pillow and cried herself to sleep.


Everyone was disappointed when he came downstairs alone. “Junsu, is she really okay?” Max asked as he embraced his friend, noticing his tear stained face.

“She’ll be okay, she tired, scared, and confused. It’s a lot for her to take in and work through, we just have to let her know that we are all here for her whatever she needs.” He told them.

“And just what DOES she need, Junsu??” Yunho asked rudely.

Junsu jumped from his seat pushing Yunho against the wall, “SHE NEEDS YOU, YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS BASTARD, She needs to know that you still love her and want her!!!” Junsu screamed, “Don’t you understand, she only loves you!!!” he was trying to get control of himself. “If how you’ve treated her today is any indication of how you treated her before, then I understand why she would forget and run away!!”

Micky and JJ grabbed Junsu’s arms and pulled him back, Max was holding Yunho, his face distorted with anger and pain. “Why didn’t you try to find her family? You had to know that someone was looking for her?” Yunho yelled back. “You were about to marry her, why would you marry someone that’s not in love with you? WHY?”

“I thought that I could love her enough for both of us, that we could make our own family…I wish she was in love with me, I’ve even prayed for it, but she only loves you!!!” Junsu crumpled to the floor his body wracked with sobs. JJ wrapped his arms around his cousin trying to comfort him.

“What’s going on…JUNSU!!!” When she saw the state that he was in she rushed to him wrapping her arms around him, he clung to her. “Su, baby what’s going on?” she turned and glared at Yunho, “What did you do??”

“Mica, it’s okay. It was my fault…” he was trying to explain.

“Su, have you eaten anything today?” she asked him.

“No, but…” he started.

“NO BUTS, you have to eat. It’s been a long stressful day for EVERYBODY, you’ve spent all your time taking care of me now it’s my turn to take care of you.” She and JJ helped him to his feet and to the table. She fixed his plate and brought it to him, and then she fixed Yunho’s she sat between them with her own plate and made sure that they both ate.

After supper she and the girls cleaned the kitchen, when it was done they joined the others in the living room.

“Mica?” Yunho whispered embarrassed. “I want to apologize, I’ve been rude and inappropriate. It was such a shock to see you and then finding out what all you’ve been through…I should be thankful to Junsu for taking such good care of you, but instead I’ve treated you both badly, please forgive me!”

“I do, I can’t stand what this is doing to everybody it breaks my heart to see you and him in so much pain…I wish that things were different, but I don’t know how to change it!!” she said.

He chuckled, “It didn’t exactly go like I thought it would when I found you!”

“Just how did you think that it would go?” she smiled at him, he walked closer to her.

“That you’d run into my arms, we’d profess our undying love to each other and…” he was blushing. “Then we would have the most incredible sex ever!”

“Really?? I’m sorry that it didn’t happen the way that you wanted, but then I’m sorry for a lot of things today. But I’ll never be sorry about Junsu, he’s been with me through some really dark times. I’ll never be able to repay him for that.” She told him looking into his eyes. She turned away to keep him from seeing her tears, she wasn’t fast enough.

He grasped her chin and forced her to look at him, he brushed her tears away with his thumbs, “I’m sorry if seeing me again has caused you pain. I love you so much I’ve been miserable without you…the thought that you don’t love or want me in your life anymore scares the hell out of me!”

“I love you too, when I thought that you were seeing someone else I was devastated but that was nothing to how I felt when I found out that I had lost our baby. I wanted to die too, sometimes I still think that it may have been better if I had.” She said honestly.

“Please don’t say that, I could take anything but losing you to death!” he wrapped his arms around her and drew her to him burying his face in her hair, it smelled of strawberries and cream. “I never thought that I’d get to hold you again, I’ve missed you so much!”

“Yunho, about Junsu…” she started.

“It’s okay baby, I love you both, and I don’t want either of you to be hurt. I’ll try to be more patient and understanding, neh?” he asked.

“Neh,” she answered. “Yunho?”

“Yes baby?”

“Will you kiss me?” she locked eyes with him he lowered his head his breath ghosting over her lips. It was a gentle touch at first then slightly more demanding. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him to her for much deeper kiss, she opened her mouth and their tongues moved smoothly against each other. He pulled back and smiled at her.

“When you kiss me like that you make my toes curl!!” she said blushing.

He laughed, “That’s the same thing that you said the first time I kissed you two years ago!”

“You remember that?” she asked in amazement.

“When it comes to you, I remember everything,” he kissed  her forehead. “Your smile…your scent…the way that you cry at sappy movies…the first time we made love…” each time he mentioned something he remembered he kissed a different part of her face. He was now at her lips his breathe warm on her face, “and I do mean everything!!!” he leaned in until their lips met briefly when he pulled back her eyes were closed. “I love you!!! I’ve missed you so much!!”

“Even with my memories gone I still felt like a part of me was missing, I just figured it was because of the baby,” she turned away so he wouldn’t see her tears. “But it never got any better, until I saw you today. It was like finding the long lost missing puzzle piece, I was finally complete!!” she cried. “I’m so sorry about the baby…” she sobbed.

He was behind her and wrapped his arms around her pulling her back against him, “Please don’t, it was an accident…we can try again, whenever you’re ready!!”


They joined the others in the living room, sitting next to Junsu and pulling Yunho down on the other side she took their hands and joined them together with hers in her lap. She smiled at each one and they both smiled back, “Please,” she pleaded in a whisper. They tightened their grips on each other and her, then nodded to each other, “Good, thank you!” she said.

She spoke with JJ, he told her that he was going to stay with Junsu for a few days. “It’s killing me that his heart is breaking, but I feel like I need to give my relationship with Yunho another chance. I love them both, but I’m in love with Yunho, am I doing the right thing??” she was confused.

“If you’re not in love with Junsu and you know it then you need to let him go now.” JJ told her with confidence. “I’ll take care of him, I promise!!”

“Thank you,” she hugged him then went back to them in the living room.


They had been home two weeks; they shared everything but a bed. She and Yunho were getting re-acquainted and shared every possible second together. He never pressured her to go any further than kissing and cuddling on the sofa as they talked or watched a movie. He took every opportunity to tell and show her how much he loved her, she found herself falling more in love with him every day.

He had worked late several nights in a row, she always waited up for him and sat with him while he ate, one night he was particularly late and she fell asleep on the sofa. She woke up to find him sitting in the floor next to her watching her closely while he brushed the hair from her face.

“Hey you,” he whispered.

“Hey back, you look tired, are you hungry?” she asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Not for food, only for you!!” he smiled deviously.

He leaned in to kiss her, she surprised him when she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her for a deeper kiss. She moaned when she opened her mouth inviting him in and their tongues glided against each other, breaking the kiss he groaned, “I love you!!”

“Prove it!!” she laughed as he picked her up in one swift move and carried her to his room. He gently laid her on the bed and lay next to her. She caressed the side of his face with her hand, then ran her fingers through his hair, “I love you, kiss me, touch me, make me yours again!!!” he crushed his lips to hers tearing at her clothes, she pulled his shirt up and over his head. She leaned up to take one of his nipples between her teeth, biting and sucking on it.

He was touching, caressing every part of her body as she moaned his name and did the same to him. When they were undressed he pulled her to him biting and sucking on her jaw and neck, leaving purple marks, he bit into her shoulder drawing blood. He licked at the wound whispering, “Your mine, only mine…now and forever!!”

“And you belong to me, always!! I love you…Yunho?” he pulled back and looked into her eyes.

“What’s the matter baby?” he continued his assault on her neck and shoulders.

“I want a baby,” she asked.

“Anything for you!!” he moved between her open legs and thrust into her, she gasped and arched her back; they rolled together on the bed taking turns being on top. When she was close he rolled her onto her back, “I want to see you when you come, you are so beautiful…god how I’ve missed you!!”

“Yunho…I’m…aaahhhh…” her orgasm wracked her body with convulsions, she saw stars; she felt his release as his cum painted her insides and he moaned her name over and over.

They were trying to gain control over their breathing, she wouldn’t let him leave her, “Please just stay this way for a minute, I love the feeling of you inside me!!!” she groaned holding onto him by wrapping her legs and arms around him tighter.

“For you, I would stay like this forever!!” he kissed her, after a few more minutes he pulled out causing her to whine at the loss of him. He lay on his back, she propped up next to him brushing his hair from his sweat covered forehead.

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, please forgive me for ever doubting that you loved me!!” she pleaded.

“There is nothing to forgive my love,” he leaned up and kissed her pulling her to him. “Rest, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

She laid her head on his shoulder and soon they were both asleep. He woke up alone a while later, he went to look for her finding her wrapped in the sheet from his bed sitting in front of the windows, looking at the stars.

“Mica,” he said softly startling her “is everything okay?”

“No,” she looked at his shocked expression and smiled. “Everything is perfect!! Come and sit with me!”

He breathed a sigh of relief, “You had me there for a minute,” he reached up and touched her face.

“Do you make a habit of walking around naked??” she giggled.

“Only when the love of my life leaves me in our bed alone!” he laughed with her.

“Then I shall consider it an honor, my naked prince.” She laughed. She got on her knees in front of him and pushed him onto his back. She kissed and nipped her way down his neck, across his chest and stomach then stabbed at his navel with her tongue eliciting deep moans from him.

She reached to grasp his erection, and then kissed the head she covered it with her mouth running her tongue over the slit. He lifted his hips as he tangled his hands in her hair, “Oh baby…no, no…” he whispered.

“Sshhh… just relax and enjoy,” she smiled and took him into her mouth sucking and licking his member as though it were an ice cream. His mind fogged up, he could no longer think straight or even form a coherent sentence, he just moaned her name over and over.

With her free hand she began to massage his balls, they were getting tighter signaling that his release was close. She quickened her ministrations, relaxing her throat to accommodate more of his erection. He yelled her name as his orgasm shook him to his core and he exploded into her mouth and down her throat, he pulled her to him she was licking her lips. She smiled at him devilishly, “You taste good,” she straddled his stomach.

“I’ll show you ‘good’,” he chuckled as he turned her over onto her back. He got to his knees grabbing her legs he put them over his shoulders, he thrust into her. She caught her breathe, he was kissing and licking her ankles and lower legs as he began to pump in and out of her. She reached out to grab onto what she could as his thrusts became more powerful.

He loved watching her moaning, whimpering, and writhing as his movements became faster and needier. She could feel all the heat in her body gathering in her stomach, he too was close. He moved her legs to his waist and leaned down over her, she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him into a sloppy, passionate kiss. She screamed his name when her orgasm took over her body, he was shaking with his release, and they clung to each other and rode out their intense orgasms together.

“I love you so much!!” she cried.

“Don’t cry baby, I love you too!!!” He stood lifting her up and carried her back to bed, he lay behind her and pulled her close, they fell into a peaceful, exhausted sleep.

They were happier than they had ever been the separation and reunion bringing them closer. They appreciated what they had together more than ever. Their nights were filled with passion and every second of every day was filled with their love for each other.


She’d had some dizzy spells and in general hadn’t been feeling well so she made an appointment with her doctor. He ran some tests while she waited, “Micaela, how have things been since you came back home?” he asked.

“Great, Yunho and I are getting closer, you know getting our relationship back on track.” She said happily.

“I’m glad to hear that, no headaches?” he asked. Mica had gone to see him when she’d come back to let him know what all had happened, he knew everything and had been concerned with her mental health, but she seemed to be readjusting well. “Well the only thing that I can find wrong should correct itself in about seven months, you’re pregnant.”

“Oh my god, that’s…great!!” she said slightly shocked but happy.

“I would like to do an ultrasound and see how far along you are and just generally check on the baby, if you would be okay with that?” he asked.

“Okay, when?” she asked.

“Well we could do it now,” he told her.

The ultrasound was done, but the results caught her off guard. She left the doctor’s office and went home in a daze, she didn’t know how she got home…wasn’t sure what she was going to do, she was petrified. She felt as though her world was crashing down around her and she had no control over it.


Yunho had called to check on her but she wasn’t answering the phone, he left work early letting JJ know that she hadn’t been feeling well and had gone to the doctor. When he got home the door was unlocked and her purse, shoes and jacket were lying in the floor next to the door as if she had just thrown them down.

He started to panic, “Mica!!” he called out, no answer, “MICA!!!” he heard her crying and found her in the bathroom huddled between the toilet and the wall. “Baby, what’s wrong??!!?” he asked worriedly crouching down in front of her.

“Yunho!!” she cried as she went to him, she clung to him and he pulled her up then carried her to the living room.

He sat on the sofa with her in his lap, “What’s wrong baby?” he was scared now, ‘what could the doctor have found that upset her so?’ was the question running through his mind!!! “Mica, talk to me, what happened?”

She turned her tear stained face to him and whispered, “I’m pregnant,” she started to cry again, clinging to him for dear life.

“That’s great, right?” he said smiling and pulling her closer. “Marry me?”

“I can’t!!” she cried harder.

“But I thought this is what you…we wanted, I love you!!!” he exclaimed hurt and confused by her answer and reaction.

She pulled out of his arms and walked to the window, “It may not be yours,” she hung her head and sobbed.

“Wh...What?” he asked knowing what the answer was.

“The doctor said that I was 6-8 weeks pregnant, 8 weeks ago I was…with Junsu!!” she told him.

He was stunned, he didn’t know what to say he’d tried so hard to forget the time that she had spent with Junsu, afraid that sooner or later it would come back to haunt them. Now here it was in full force, threatening everything that they had built since her return, he said nothing just got up from the sofa and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

She stood at the window cringing when he slammed the door she fell to her knees and cried until she was empty. She was still lying on the floor when her sisters, Micky, JJ, and Max found her. They got her up and helped her to the sofa, she told them everything. Her sisters stayed with her, the boys went to find Yunho.

She called Junsu, but only got his voice mail, she left him a message that she needed to talk to him. She was crying again before she hung up.

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