When Night Falls

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.



A sinister, evil figure has dwelled in the darkness for many decades, watching, waiting, plotting... for the precise moment to care out his vengeance. When he does, it brings down the fragile house of cards, leaving everyone in the family on edge, second guessing what a madman is capable of.


He is out for revenge, the ultimate sacrifice, hitting close to the hearts within the family. Nothing and no one will stand in his way of achieving his goal...to bring all the family to their knees.


His inability to find out the identity of a madman that hides in the shadows shakes the mighty, always calm, over confident Nicholas de Brabant(Nick Knight) to the core. Leaving his true feelings for the family that he holds dear, vulnerably for all to finally see.


How will the family deal with this threat against them? Can they?


*Family: meaning the main characters, Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil, Nick and their wife's, children, grandchildren.


Thanks for reading




When Night Falls(Pt1)


Joe leaned back on his arms, legs stretched out in front of him, his bare feet crossed at his ankles. Bending his knees after a few minutes, he dug his toes into the cool sand of the beach. The breeze blowing off of the water ruffled his hair. Titling his head back, a slight smile curved his lips upon feeling the warm rays of the moon gently touching his face. That position began to put his arms to sleep and he sat up to wrap them around his knees.


The waves crashed on the beach in front of him, the water rolling toward him a few feet away, then receding until another came in. Joe watched the larger wave build up, the white cap glowing in the waning moon light. His eyes sought out the figure that he knew to be there. Sav was on that wave...body surfing, he made it about half way when he started sliding sideways and tumbled under the wave.


Joe shook his head, giggling yet again at his attempts to learn how. He didn't worry when Sav didn't surface right away, knowing he didn't need the air to breath and waited for him to surface and try again.


"Hi daddy." Amber said leaning against his back to wrap her arms around his neck.


"Hi baby." Joe turned his head and kissed her cheek. "Have fun tonight?"


"Yes, we had a great time. Scott is so much fun to be with."


"Uh hun...he just better watch himself."


"Oh dad, you worry too much. We have a great relationship."


"And you're happy with him?"


"Yes very much." Amber replied as she tightened her arms. "Want to know what he told me tonight."


"I don't know....do I?" Joe peeked sideways at her.


"Dad...." Amber pushed him forward a bit. "He said that he loves me."


"Oh." Joe twisted around more.


Amber giggled at his expression. "Don't worry. I've already given him the ‘don't hurt my little girl speech.' " Amber mocked the best she could in her father's voice.


"I'll have a talk with him anyway."


"Don't you dare! Scott knows how protective of me you are."


"Yeah I guess he does."


They sat in silence, watching Sav on the water, laughing when he failed to ride the wave.


"I'm going inside." Amber kissed his cheek. "Goodnight Daddy."


"We'll be in soon." Joe returned her affection. "Night sweetheart." He watched her heading toward the house. Scott joined her at the door. "Goodnight Scott." He called out.


"uh....g-goodnight Joe."


Joe smiled and turned his attention back to the water, scanning the surface for Sav. He found him skimming down a large wave, staying in the middle until it broke in the shallow water, crashing over him.


When he did pop up to the surface, Joe's eyes never left him as he trudge through the knee deep water onto the beach, tossing water up in the air in front of him.


Joe tried to fathom how close he came to losing Sav from his brush with death because of his illness. The fear of that finally hit him like a ton of bricks as Sav went through with drawls from his medicine, just as Nick had predicted he would do. Living up to his promise Joe stayed by his side and took care of him. Day after day, for a week Joe was with him. The countless hours he would hold Sav close when the delusions set in. Sav mumbled incoherently to loved ones that had long since passed away. One of those nights, Joe sat by him stunned, as Sav carried on a conversation with Rebecca. Joe knew that it wasn't real, that Sav wasn't talking to her, it was just the delusions of his mind, but felt Rebecca's presence in the room nonetheless.


Joe would leave their room everyday, physical and emotional drained, leaving Sav in a restless sleep under Nick's watchful eyes. Joe would seek out comfort in Phil and Gail's room. His body shaking uncontrollably, he would crawl between them, burying his face in the crock of Gail's neck and let his emotion take over. Phil pressed his body to Joe's back, whispering softly in his ear that everything was going to be alright.


It was a rough road they all traveled for that week, everyone dealt with it in their own way, weather it be in a group or individually. They had overcome another obstacle that life threw at them, pulling them closer together by the blood bond they shared.


Joe brought his mind back to the present to find Sav playing in the surf a few minutes before he turned and started toward him. Just by looking at him now, as Joe steadily watched him jog through the surf, you would never know that he was at one time, on the brink of death. Joe felt that all familiar stir of arousal every time he looked at him. The way the water ran down his chest and over the taunt muscles of his stomach, the ones that bunched in his legs with every step. How the denim cut off jeans, hung precariously low on his hips, threatening to fall off. Joe tried to shake off the desire within him, but to no avail. He knew it wouldn't go away, even when he quenched that desire for the man that dropped to his knees in front of him.


Sav wiped the water from his face, smiling at Joe. "The waters great, you should come in."


Joe cleared his throat. "I'm having fun watching you."


Sav propped his arms on top of Joe's, leaning closer to him. "That's not all your doing." Moving closer, he planted a soft kiss of his lips. He stood up and held his hand out for Joe. "Come on."


Joe looked up at him and took his hand. Sav pulled him up, pressed his body against him, then dropped is arms around Joe's neck and started gently swaying.


Joe smiled, his hands involuntarily resting lightly on Sav's hips. "What are you doing?"


"I had the sudden urge to dance with you."


"On the beach?"


"Something wrong with that?"


"No...no, not a thing." Joe leaned forward and kissed him. "You've been acting weird the last few days. Are you feeling alright?"


"Must be the California air, I've never felt better." Sav traced his fingers over his cheek. "I'm just happy Joe, content with my life. I have you and I'm almost a hundred percent better."


"And you're getting me wet." Joe smirked.


"Oh sorry.." Sav removed his arms from around his neck and backed up.


"Uh un...come back here." Joe snagged him around the waist, pulling him back, and started swaying again to the sound of the waves and wind for the music. "I like this." His arms tightening around him, Joe dropped his lips to his shoulder. The saltiness of the water didn't mask the taste of that which was Sav. Joe could never keep his hands still whenever they touched him, as it were now, his fingers tips lightly traveled along his spine.


Their bodies molded perfectly together, feet shuffling through the sand, moving as one in the faintest light of the rising sun.


"I think it's time to go home." Joe mumbled close to his ear.


"Just a few more minutes."


"A few minutes here... yes, but I meant home...back to Dublin."


"I don't want to, I like it here."


"I do to, but I think we've overstayed are welcome. Three years of imposing on Phil is lo...."


"Phil doesn't care, he's glad that we stayed this long."


"I'm sure he is, but I want to go home." Joe craned his neck to look down Sav's back. "Your ass looks fantastic in these shorts." He emphasized those words by placing his large hands on his ass and squeezing.


Sav chuckled a moment and was quiet, as Joe rubbed his butt through the wet denim, still swaying gently, turning in a slow circle moving along the beach as they danced.


"I want...." Sav's voice quickly trailed off, not sure if he wanted to end the moment.


Joe stopped their movement and slowly pulled away, hooking his finger under Sav's chin to raise his eyes from where they were staring at the open collar of his shirt.


"I want..." he started again, his eyes quickly darted away.


"Look at me." Joe used his finger to gently pull his head back and their eyes met again. "Tell me what it is you want."


Sav tried again. "I want...no I wish that it could be like this all the time."


"Like what?"


"You, me....us, the peace and serenity we've had since we came here."


"So do I, but we both know it won't last, it never does."


"The both of you will be a torch if you don't come in now." Another voice broke into their quite moment together.


"See I told you..." Joe smiled down at Sav. "...our peace and serenity was just ruined by the asshole we both love to hate."


Sav rolled his eyes and dropped his head to Joe's chest, trying to stifle the laughter.


Joe's face danced with merriment as he looked up at Nick standing a few feet away.


"I'm just looking out for your well being, that's all." Nick retorted.


"My well being is just fine." Joe smiled and stuck his tongue out at Nick.


"Perhaps you should find better things to do with your tongue, other than sticking it out at me." Nick spun in the sand and headed for the house.


"Oh I do have better things to do with it." Joe called out to his retreating back.


"You're bad Joe." Sav frowned and lightly punched him in the chest. "You can never miss an opportunity to goad him can you?"


"Of course not....I love doing it." Joe leaned back to see the expression on Sav's face. "uh oh, what's that look for?"


"It's just....sometimes I wonder if there is more to it."


"More to what? The way I goad him?"


"Yes." Sav took a couple of steps away, shoving his hands into the wet pockets of his shorts.


Joe looked around the beach, as if he were looking for something. "You and your mood swings. I've been doing that with Nick for ages, its great entertainme...." Joe stopped when Sav cut him off.


"I've noticed the causal glances you give each other...the secret smiles or the way both of you accidentally rub against each other."


Joe pulled him back into his arms. "It doesn't mean anything, your reading to much into it. You still go to his bed or seek out his companionship. So why can't I?"


"That's what he wants."


"I don't want to end the night on an argument that we've had before, it doesn't get us anywhere." Joe's hand were softly caressing Sav's back, the other gliding upward along his side, to lightly rub his thumb over his nipple.


"That's because you're always trying to avoid the subje...."


"No I don't. I try to stop it before it gets started, because we always end up getting pissed off at each other."


"That's just it Joe, you wouldn't get pissed off, if there were more too it. Every time I bring it up, you get that way."


"Ok...fine..." Joe threw his hands out to the side. "...lets get married."


Sav blinked several times, not sure that he heard him right. "What?"


"Married...you know, a solid commitment to each other. We've been together this long, why not?"


"Yeah right..." Sav smirked and started walking toward the house. "..ha ha...very funny Joe."


Joe caught up to him and grabbed his arm, spinning Sav around to face him. "You think it's funny that I asked you that?"


"Yes!" Sav jerked his arm away. "It's crazy to ask." He went to walk away again and Joe snagged his arm.


"I'm very serious."


"You and I both know that kind of commitment is impossible. It's not in our vampire nature to be totally committed to one. We like to sample too much, the varied tastes of human blood and body."


"You don't want to marry me then?"


"No!...well yes...ug..." Sav covered his face briefly. "...what's the point? One of us would eventual go to another for blood, sex, for whatever reasons. You did it with Rebecca and Evelyn and you were married to them."


"So...I could learn how to control that."


"Even the oldest ones can't control it. It's just not in us too."


"I'm willing to try."


Sav blew out a deep sigh. "Marriage is for mortals Joe. Some of their beliefs don't apply to our kind. Marriage is one of them."


"You don't think we can do it?"


"No...I don't."


Joe thought about what he said. "Your right...I see that now."


"These..." Sav took Joe's hand, with the ring that he had given him. "...are what binds us together for eternity. It may not be the way we want it, but it's the only way we can have it."


Lacing his fingers through the belt loops of his short, Joe tugged him closer. "You're too damn sensible sometimes, you know that?"


"No I'm not, just being realistic."


"Doesn't matter...I love you anyway."


"I need to wash...."


Joe pulled him harder against his chest. "I want to hear you say it."


"You know I do."


"Then tell me."


Sav rolled his eyes. "I love you too Joe."


"mmm...I like the way you say that."  Joe brought his mouth down on his, cutting off any more conversation. He easily slipped his tongue between Sav's lips to clash with his. The kiss quickly turned heated, more passionate. Joe pulled away, nipping his way down his neck. Reaching between them, he unsnapped the shorts, diving his hand down the back to grasp his ass.


Sav was quickly getting lost to his touch, like he always did. Dropping his head back to give Joe better access to his throat as he made his way upward to his mouth again.


"If we don't go in right now, I'm going to take you right here on the beach as the sun comes up." Joe whispered against his lips.


"We can create our own heat, without the heat of the sun." Sav replied in a breathless whisper.


Taking his hand Joe quickly pulled Sav toward the house.


"Wait..." Sav jerked his hand away. "I can't go in like this...Gail will throttle me if I get sand all over the floor."


"You can blame it on me." Joe said and pulled him through the door, literally slamming it shut behind them.


"Joe..." Sav whined, trying to pull his hand from his grasp. "You're going to get me in trouble."


"You're not going to get in trouble. I'll clean the sand up before Gail even notices it." Dragging Sav through the house to their room, Joe pushed him inside and closed the door behind them.


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