Tomorrow Belongs To Me

BY : SchiffThomas
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Tomorrow Belongs To Me


By: Schiff Thomas and SA

It was dark inside the club and a haze of cigarette smoke hung low giving it an almost dreamy effect. Gabriel liked it in here, no one knew who he was and if they did, they didn't seem to care. He'd come to this particular place on the advice of one of his workers. Well it was more like he overheard when they thought no one was listening. It intrigued him and he found it with very little trouble.

He paused by the entrance and handed the man at the door his jacket and smoothed out the expensive shirt beneath it. Sighing softly Gabriel ran a hand through his dark brown hair before finding a seat in one of the darker corners. To anyone passing by he would appear to be just another patron of the club. Not a wealthy business owner.

A waitress passed by him doing a double take at the shadowed booth before smiling. "What can I get you?" she questioned as she eyed the man before her. He certainly was attractive, tall with dark blue eyes and a smoothly shaven face. At first glance she thought he was older then he appeared because he seemed tired and world weary. His eyes were almost empty looking without the slightest light of happiness or excitement. "Cheer up honey." she said after a moment. "I will get you a drink. The show will be starting soon." with that she left leaving the young man alone and starring at the empty stage.

Part of him wanted to just get up and leave, this was no place for someone like him. The other part wanted to just blend in for once, no one glaring at him like he committed some great wrong. Or calling him a tyrant, he needed this, this freedom no matter how brief it was. It was when his drink was delivered he decided to stay. What harm could one night do?

The sounds of brass instruments being tuned echoed through the small club as the patrons all returned to their seats, the waitresses still bustling about discreetly, rushing to deliver drinks before the Kit Kat Klub's main show started.

A long drum roll started as the lights all dimmed leaving the entire room so dark one could barely see the hand in front of their face. It wasn't long before a spot light lit up, focusing on someone's hand as the music started. Soft but up beat at the same time. Your typical show tunes melody. The finger curled up and down as if beckoning someone closer to them. The hand raised as the spot light grew bigger revealing a tall skinny pale man with short black slicked hair and dark red almost black lipstick. His eyes where surrounded by a thin line of black pencil, his thin body clothed in a large baggy leather jacket that was a bit to short for his arms.

Emcee smirked out at the audience, wiggling his eyebrows as everyone got a good look at him. It was just like every other night. Same performance, same lyrics, same job. At least for this week. The entire thing would change next week as it always did. He couldn't see the audience at the moment but it mattered little to him as he began singing.

"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Fremde, etranger, stranger.

Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,

Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret"

He wasn't a good singer he knew that, nor was he very good looking. But he was strange and compelling to his customers. Enough to be their main attraction anyway. He continued his performance, this time speaking.

"Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs,

Ladies and Gentlemen! Guden Abend, bon soir,

We geht's? Comment ca va? Do you feel good?

I bet you do!" He said the last part looking at a young man in the corner that he could barely see, his voice signifying he meant more than just the mans mood even though it was directed at the audiance.

"Ich bin euer Confrecier; je suis votre compere...

I am you host!" He was after all .... the Emcee of the Kit Kat Klub. He smirked as he becan to sing again.

"Und sagen" He sang with a thrust of his hips.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret." He didn't mind singing, but he prefered speaking. Not that it mattered what he prefered. His owner told him what to do and he did it, no questions asked.

"Leave you troubles outside!

So - life is disappointing? Hmm? Forget it!

We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful...

The girls are beautiful...

Even the orchestra is beautiful!" The back drop above him lit up revealing the orchestra of Cabaret girls in their under garments, the music picking up again. As the music played the Emcee started opening his leather jacket button by button before removing it revealing a bare pale white chest, pale bruised and wounded arms from various rough lovers, customers or owners. He wore open black pants held up by various white braces that held them on, going down around his crotch and between his legs accenting his rather prominent bulge. Not that there was much a bulge at the moment, he was rather soft.

"And now presenting the Cabaret Girls!" He said as four girls came onto the stage around him standing at the four corners of the stage.

"Rosie!" He said walking towards her, standing at the front right of the stage. "So called for her cheeks!" He said slapping her ass, a wide grin on his face. "See?"

"Lulu!" He said going over to the front left of the stage to a chubby little red headed girl. "She's a tiger!" He said as the girl made a rather sad attempt at a sexy growl.

"Frenchie!" He said going to the back right. He stood with his back to her. "She loves to polish - ...." He said looking over his shoulder at her, as the audience laughed. He was improving on that one and knew he'd be hearing it from Frenchie later but it was worth the laugh. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged before moving onto the last.

"And Texas!" Emcee heard someone in the audience cat call, knowing the pitch of the sound to come from a male patron. Deciding to improvise again he called out. "You like Texas?" The man in the audience laughed. "Well too bad .... Cause Texas ... likes girls!" He moved to the center of the stage and pointed to each girl in turn.

"Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie and Texas ... each and every one ..." He paused, all five of them moving their hands to cover their privates. "A virgin." He said. The audience laughed. "You don't believe me?" He asked going up to Lulu. "Don't take my word for it." He put his hands on Lulu's hips and thrust his soft cock against her ass. "Go ahead .... try her!" He said before loudly kissing her cheek and walking away, his hands in the air moving to the sound of the music.

"Outside it is winter. But in here it's so hot.

Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep

them from taking off all zeir clozings. So don't go

away. Who knows? Tonight we may lose the battle!" At this part the girls joined in with him, singing and dancing with him.

"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!"

Generally at this part they would introduce the Kit Kat boys, but the show was a little different tonight. The boss wanted to focus on the girls and so instead, the Kit Kat boys came on with their brass instruments and they all did their number.

The show was coming to a fast close. Their shows where always short, but the REAL show always came after. That's when they made their big bucks. Off stage, so to speak. Emcee threw on his biggest smile, hamming it up as much as possible with his final lines.

"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Fremde, etranger, stranger.

Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,

Happy to see you,

Bliebe, reste, stay!

Wir sagen

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret" The music stopped, as everyone exited the stage he announced them as they left.

"Thank you!

Bobby, Victor, Hans, Herrman, Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie,

Texas, and Me!

velcome to za Kit Kat Klub!" The music came to a final close and he bowed to the audience before he left the stage as well, the club lights going back up. Emcee cringed. He had forgotten that they had changed the end as well. He wasn't supposed to say the boys names but it mattered little. He'd make some excuse to his 'boss' that he was trying to just pick up a few more customers. He knew from experience if you weren't announced on stage chances where you'd get no money after. He sighed as he got back stage, lighting up a cigarette that Rosie had given him.

Gabriel hadn't expected to be overly interested in the goings on of the stage. However as the music started his eyes became riveted to the man on stage. There was something, intriguing about him and it had the wealthy male scooting from the back corner of his booth to the side so he could get a better look. Even when the girls were introduced he remained focused on the male in the middle of them. Of course he knew what sort of club this really was he was far from stupid.

Soon he found himself laughing and cheering with the rest of them. The frown lines erased leaving him looking young and carefree. His blue eyes seemed far more alive then they'd been at the beginning. This place there was something in the air that made him forget his responsibilities, and how hollow he'd been feeling for the past several months. As a matter of fact he felt quite satisfied... for the moment.

"Who was the man that began the performance?" he questioned the same waitress. "He goes by Emcee sir." she responded. "If you go through the door there. You can speak to the owner about him." she gestured to the open door on the right. He nodded and thanked her tipping her an extra ten marks for being so helpful. Standing to his full height, a sturdy and athletic 6 feet, he headed towards the door. "Excuse me. I wish to inquire about one of the dancers." he said using his best business voice as he peered inside the room curiously.

He wasn’t quite sure what to ask about, he wasn’t the type to sleep with a stranger. As a matter of fact he didn’t really sleep with anyone. There was never any time, always something to do for the business or a client. However he was a man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. He wanted Emcee, and he intended to get him even if it was only for one night.

The rather chubby shabby looking owner looked at the man, a broad smile spread across his face. "Ah, young man. Yes, you are here for one of our girls?" He asked with a smirk. "Or perhaps one of our boys?" He asked. The man looked clean cut, but didn't look like he had much money. Perhaps lower middle class at most. "I'm afraid Rosie has already been taken for the night. But I can guarantee you quality with our dancers. And all of them, healthy." He said implying that none of them had any std's. He had already let go one of his boys for contracting Aids from a customer. It was his fault for being careless after all. "Perhaps you'd like Lulu?" He asked. "Or perhaps Bobby? They are 10 marks for the full night." The man said with a smirk.

Emcee watched the man from the corner, sitting slouched on the couch, his legs spread, his arm resting on the back as he puffed some smoke into the air from his painted lips, the cigarette hanging loosely from his fingers. He knew this game. The man always drove a hard bargain. Would always offer the cheapest of them, knowing full well most of their clients that could afford them, would want better quality. Not that he had anything against Bobby or Lulu .... they just weren't that great of a fuck. He knew as he was always the one 'auditioning' the 'dancers'. It didn't matter to the big man what they looked like, it was the quality of the lay that mattered to him. Lulu and Bobby weren't bad, if they where they wouldn't be working here. But they where still pretty low on the rung so to speak.

“I appreciate the offer and I’m sure they’re both quite impressive, but I assure you I can afford more. I was more interested in the man that opened the performance. The waitress called him Emcee. I may not look like much, but that’s because I choose not to. I don’t like sticking out.” He grinned softly. “Do you understand what I mean?” he really didn’t want to go about flashing his namesake in order to get what he wanted. It was snobby and one thing he was not was snobby. He liked blending in with the common man it made him feel like more of a person less of a figure head.

If worst came to worst all he had to do was hand the owner his business card and he’d be able to get whoever the hell he wanted. People did not cross a St. John not if they wanted to keep their jobs. He looked over at the other dancers skimming each one slowly. If the owner wasn’t willing to give him what he wanted he could settle for one of the others but none of them really caught his interest. Sure the men were attractive, as were the women. However none of them had the same pull Emcee had, and that was what attracted him to the host in the first place. “If you require proof I can give it to you.” He continued though he wasn’t looking at the owner. “Or you could just take my word for it, as would be the honorable thing to do.”

The man looked at Gabriel a little less heartened at welcoming the man. Surely the man was joking. "Emcee?" He asked. "His price depends on what you want from him." He said. "30 marks for a suck, 60 marks for a fuck, 100 marks for the full night." He said, pulling out outrageous numbers out of no where. If the man says he's as rich as he says he is surely 200 marks would be nothing to him. And if the man says no, then he knew he was full of shit. He didn't need any more proof than the money in the mans pockets.

Emcee smirked slightly at his boss, over hearing the price he had given the man. 100 Marks was outrageous, no one could afford that these days. Not for an entertainer.

A slow rather amused smirk came to the young business tycoon’s face. “I happen to know for a fact you wouldn’t charge that much for an entertainer. You’re trying to look for proof I can put my money where my mouth is. Well here is your proof sir.” He pulled out an expensive leather wallet and pulled out a handful of money. At least 100 marks if not more. “I have more too.” He waved it temptingly before the owner. Greed was such an ugly thing but he was used to dealing with this type of man on a regular basis. He’d promised himself not to flash his money around at the Klub. However he really, really wanted Emcee and as mentioned before he always got what he wanted.

“Now that I’ve proven I have the money can we please get serious? I’m sure there are a half dozen other establishments that would be more then happy for my business. Don’t you agree?” he leaned against the door frame the smirk still in place. It was easy to keep his composure and not betray how much he wanted the Emcee. “So do we have an agreement or am I going to have to leave?” pushing off the door frame he cross his arms over his chest and gave the shorter man one of his best intimidating stares. “I have very little patience for haggling. ”

Emcee nearly laughed at the look on his bosses face. He shouldn't, he knew he'd get in trouble for it, but he slowly stood up, giving his smoke to Bobby who was flirting around with Frenchie and made his way over to the door where the client stood. He leaned on the opposite side of the door, his arm up against the frame above his head as he gave the man a once over, his tongue running over his tooth.

"I couldn't help but over hear you're interested?" He asked. "What are you looking for? A suck, a fuck or a full night?" He asked with a smirk.

It never ceased to please him when people were shocked speechless by his actions. The laugh however pulled his attention away from the owner and to Emcee. At the moment the owner was of no importance, he’d get his money and life would go on. The intimidating posture turned relaxed almost right away. He slipped his hands into his back pockets and grinned. “As a matter of fact I am. Your boss and I we’re just discussing a price. He’s quite the haggler, I have a feeling you’re worth every last mark though.” He seemed to be the type that knew what he was doing when it came to another man.

“Well lets see.” He reached into his wallet again and thumbed through the bills. He certainly wanted more then a suck, but could he handle a full night? A mental check of his schedule said yes. He had no great need to be at work early tomorrow if at all. Not that anyone could fire him for being late he practically ran the damn company. “I think in order to get a taste of what you can do would take an entire night.” He counted out 100 marks and handed it to Emcee. “I assume you get the money and give a portion to your boss?”

Emcee smirked and took the money. "I'll tell you vhat luv." He said counting the money. "I don't vant to haggle you out of your money. So I vill cut you a deal for tonight hmm ... you look like you need zah company more zan I need za money." He said. "60 is a going rate for za full night for me ... I'll bring you down to 50 zo." He said handing the man back 50. He loved pushing his bosses buttons knowing full well that the man couldn't do anything worse than beat him. And even then he had to be careful he didn't mark him to much, or damage him in any way.

"Emcee ..." His boss said. Emcee waved him off.

"That obvious is it?" he said with a laugh as he accepted the money and slipped it back into his wallet. It was likely going to be part of the tip by the end of the night. Pushing past the owner of the Klub he gave his head a shake. "I take it you enjoy pushing his buttons?" he whispered softly. "His face is a delightful shade of red." he gestured back behind his shoulder. It amused him to know end that a worker had rendered his boss speechless though it did worry that the other would be punished for it.

"I must admit while I'm not new to pleasures of the more masculine variety. I am not quite sure what to expect in a setting such as this. I look foreword to exploring every aspect of it though." Gently he ran his fingers down Emcee's back brushing over the curve of his ass lightly. For once in his life he actually felt like he was only 25 rather then constantly feeling as though he was much older. He was smiling and he didn't feel quite as hollow as he had when he first arrived. He was already imagining what he wanted to explore with the charming host and it made his hand tailored trousers just a touch uncomfortable. Thankfully he was able to control his desire with a well placed deep breath.

"Watch vat you are doing out here .... you do anysing public in zis room you're liable to get kicked out." He said with a smirk. "Follow me." He said leading the way down a hallway towards a flight of stairs. Not waiting for the man he made his way upstairs, wiggling his ass as he walked and moved to the first door on the right. As the Emcee of the Kit Kat Klub, he had the biggest room in the place. It was twice the size of any of the other rooms and held various objects. Almost anything you could imagine that could be used sexually was in the room.

"Have you done anysing like this before?" He asked. "Do you know how zis verks?" He asked standing in the middle of the room.

"It's not fun to behave though." he responded but kept his hands to himself as they left the main room. No use in getting kicked out before he was ready to leave. He allowed himself to look around as the headed down the stairs and into what he assumed were the private rooms. How he managed to remain calm and collected was beyond him. Anyone else in his position would've been a nervous wreck. Instead he was excited thrilled to finally get a chance to relax without anyone judging him.

Emcee's room was quite impressive, he knew what a good portion of the objects and toys were but others were a complete mystery. "I can't say I have. I've had lovers of course, but never in a setting like this." he looked around the room for emphasis wondering how many of the things in this room had been used. He didn't really like toys, though he'd been known to use them. He was impressive enough without them and spanking was more fun with a bare hand. "I'm sure I'll get the hang of in quickly though." he walked further into the room and let his eyes travel down the length of the body. Such beautifully pale skin, it was no wonder there were some bruises. Some couldn't resist not leaving a mark.

Emcee smirked. "Vell zere are a few rules I'd like to say before ve ... begin." He said with a smirk. "Ze vay zis verks, is I vill do anysing you tell me to do ... and I do mean anysing ... and you may do anysing you'd like to me ... so long as it does not do any permanent damage to me, or leave any permanent marks. Nussing zat vill ruin my voice, my singing is terrible enough as it is, ve don't need to make it vorse." He said with a slight laugh. "And nussing zat vill leave me unable to move in za morning. I'm not easy to break zough. Uzer zan zat .... I am yours in every form of za verd .... for tonight at least." He said with a dramatic bow, his arms out to the sides. "Use me as you vish."

"That sound reasonable. I wouldn't dream of hurting you enough you couldn't perform." Granted given certain circumstances....he was going to have to be extremely careful. Unbuttoning his shirt he shrugged it off revealing a toned torso. He wasn't muscular to the point he had a six pack but it was obvious he was in good shape.

"I must warn you. I'm... quite large. So I'll have to prepare you very well first." he walked behind Emcee and bowed his head. Teasingly he pressed small kisses to the column of the male's throat being careful to leave nothing more then a small love bite here or there. Strong smooth hands ran down the mostly exposed torso teasingly tweaking each nipple before dipping into the waist band of the pants to gently squeeze the soft flesh. "I'm sure we will both enjoy one another tonight." he whispered softly licking along the shell of the ear closest to his mouth. "Do me a favor and strip." he ordered before backing away and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Emcee almost blanked at the mans actions. This was new .... most men just came in, took him or demanded he perform something on him .... he's never had someone .... request .... rather than demand ... He watched the man sit on the bed, the red paint that was on his nipple now smudged on his chest a bit, but it didn't bother him any. Emcee recovered from his shock rather quickly, though he never showed it physically. He smirked as he reached behind him and unclasped the brace in the back, allowing it free before pulling it over his neck. The thing looked more complicated than it really was. He allowed it to fall to the floor, his already open pants sliding halfway down his legs as they had nothing else to hold them up. He kicked out of his shoes and pulled his pants off, the entire time doing a little dance, a bit of a strip tease for his current client. He was a professional at this after all. He knew how to put on a show.

"I'll be fine ... You don't have to vorry about me .... I am here for your pleasure ... my discomfort means nussing." He said more as a state of fact.

Perhaps it was because he was young but Gabriel found that demanding was not always the best way to go. Emcee had given him quite the discount and in turn he wanted to make sure that he thought it was worth it. Plus the man looked like he could do with just a touch of gentleness this evening. Those bruises looked fresh, but just a touch. He was confident he wasn't going to break his companion by doing what he liked.

"Very nice." he complimented as his eyes wandered down and around the exposed body. He didn't even look down as he pulled off his shoes and socks tossing them somewhere in the dim room to join his now wrinkled silk shirt. Gabriel stood again walking back towards Emcee with a smirk. Gently he licked a wet stripe up the palm of his hand before standing directly behind and gripping the pale hips with one hand while the other began to gently stroke the softened cock while grinding his own hardening erection against the tempting ass. "Well I would prefer if you enjoyed it as well or else I'd be unsatisfied." he whispered softly.

Emcee smirked. "I thought I was supposed to be za vun pleasuring you sir." He said. He hated using the word sir, but he didn't know what else to call the man. Though it didn't really matter, he generally didn't know his clients names. Not unless they requested him to moan it in their ear, or scream it while they fucked him. Which was rather common.

He ceased his menstruations and laughed softly in his companions ear. "Giving you pleasure, also gives me pleasure. Plus I'm sure your wicked mouth can help it along." He gently cupped the other's chin and ran his thumb gently along the painted bottom lip. Smiling softly he turned Emcee around and backed away again.

He wasn't too fond of the word sir either but it felt odd giving a stranger his name. "Call me Gabe by the way. Sir reminds me too much of my father." reaching down he pulled of his own pants in one smooth motion exposing that he wore no underwear beneath the tailored pants. Hardly hard and it was already obvious he was much larger then the average male, thicker too. "I must admit I don't have much in the way of patience but I do wish to ask. Am I allowed to kiss you? I know some don't prefer it."

"Zat is up to you s- ..." He paused. He wasn't comfortable using his name in context outside of sex. He never was. He didn't know him. "Gabe." He said. "I do as you ask, and you may do vat you vish."

"Good to know." he said with a grin before gesturing for Emcee to come closer to him as he sat back down on the bed. "Come here." he ordered his voice taking on a stern tone. This nervousness was beginning to annoy him. He was Gabriel St. John women desperately wanted access to his bed if only for his money and he could charm every single one of them out of their panties and tied to his bed with a grin.

"I want you to sit beside me. We have the whole night do we not? As much as I long for a warm place to put my cock. I can wait. I want to kiss you. I am not one to take without giving something in return." Kissing would be a good way to relax both of them. Then perhaps they could progress. He also wished to taste his temporary lover. Which was next on his list.

Emcee was a little surprised by this but once again refused to show it. He moved towards the bed. He had to admit, he'd never been kissed by a client before. They much preferred his painted lips around their cocks. He slowly shifted onto the bed and sat next to his client. "As you vish." He said quietly, looking up shyly at him. He wasn't quite sure what this man wanted, so he'd play the innocent game, until he knew at least.

"Shy doesn't fit you, but I'll let you get away with it for now." Leaning forward he pressed a kiss to the painted lips. It was gentle at first but the intensity increased gradually becoming more controlling especially when he gently bit down on Emcee's bottom lip tugging softly and flicking his tongue against them. The way he held the other's head gave proof that he was growing in confidence that had been lacking. Perhaps he'd just been a response to someone who didn't want his money. He knew how to handle gold diggers, throw them on the bed and pound them until they passed out. As much as he wanted to do that to this man. He had to take into account that men didn't stretch quite as easily as women did.

Emcee smirked into the kiss. He knew he didn't fit the 'innocent' persona well, but he could act it just as well as if he really was .... well .... nudity and make up aside. He kissed the man back with a fevered passion, smiling into the kiss as the man finally took control, grabbing onto the back of his head to deepen the kiss.

This was better, he could feel himself relaxing his dominance beginning to assert itself in the way he handled Emcee. He broke the kiss moved the other's head to the side. "You have a very talented mouth." he whispered softly as he ran two fingers down a pale chest. He knew his lips were stained with color and he probably looked quite ridiculous but he felt satisfied with it. "Why don't you show me what else you can do with it?"

Emcee smiled but he wasn't sure how he felt with the mans suggestions rather than orders. None-the-less, he knew what the man wanted and would do as he asked. Emcee looked down at the mans rather large cock and moved to the edge of the bed, leaning forward so his lips where mere inches from the appendage. He ran his hand over it before his long tongue poked out to lick the base of it, his pink wet tongue a stark contrast against his black lipstick, running a wet line from base to tip. He teased the ridge of the mushroom tip with the tip of his tongue, knowing full well how sensitive that spot was, before moving back down to the base and sucking one of the mans balls into his mouth. He licked around it inside his mouth a moment before running his hands over the mans thighs, spreading them a bit more to allow him easier access to him. He looked up at he client with his deep brown eyes before he moved back up slightly and took the entire large cock into his mouth right down to the base. He relaxed his throat and felt the shaft move all the way down. He wasn't joking when he said he was a professional. And he had taken bigger. This man wouldn't be hard to please.

Gabriel likely would've made him do it even if he declined. After all he had paid a rather hefty sum for him. However he found demanding things often took the enjoyment out of pleasurable company. He wanted Emcee to feel as though he wasn't being pushed to do these things after all, he seemed to have a hard enough life as it was. He watched with a great deal of interest as the soft pink tongue ran up his impressive cock and an unconscious jerk of his hips gave away his pleasure. "Such a delicious tease." he managed to get out a moan of encouragement escaping his stained lips.

Call it ego but at first Gabe was not sure even someone as skilled as Emcee could take his entire cock without gagging. So many had tried and all had failed up until now. So the shock was evident on his face and it quickly turned into a smirk. "Yes." he purred softly gripping the back of the performers head tightly. It felt heavenly such heat and wetness surrounding him. It didn't take long for him to take control gently gliding in and out of the welcoming throat. "Wonderful." he sighed out stroking the back of the Emcee's head encouragingly. "So few people have ever been able to take me so deep into their throat." he managed to keep calm even though it was evident by how his shaft throbbed he was quite enjoying the treatment. "You... I. like."

Emcee didn't respond to the mans words, just focused on what he was doing. He closed his eyes as he worked the mans cock in his mouth, stopping every few moments to lick to the tip so that he could breath properly. He could breath through his nose, but after a while it was just to hard on his lungs. He moved his hands to cover the mans balls and played with them as he sucked him. He pulled back a moment sucking hard on the thick head, rolling his tongue around it. He could taste the mans precum on his tongue, and had to admit he'd tasted worse. Actually ... in comparison to most of his clients, he tasted rather good.

Gabriel continued the controlled movements his breathing growing heavier bit by bit. He was far from and excitable child but it had been quite sometime since anyone had paid him sexual attention. All at once he pushed Emcee's head away from him and leaned back for a moment. "I seem to have very little self control tonight and have no desire to cut the evening short." he ran a gentle hand through the other's hair and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Do you have some form of lube?" He questioned as he looked around the room. "You're impressive oral performance leave no doubt that you can handle me but I still don't want to hurt you."

Emcee smirked slightly and whipped the dripping drool of his chin with the back of his hand as he looked up at him from the floor where he had landed rather roughly. That was more what he was used too. "I do ... But I won't need it." He said rolling his tongue out before biting his bottom lip.

"Your confidence makes me wonder, why exactly you don't need it." he said crossing his arms over his chest again. Gabriel's voice was huskier now and it sounded almost dangerous. His eyes almost black with arousal. "Though at the moment I don't have the patience to listen to you're reasoning." he pointed to the bed pausing for a moment when he realized that throughout this Emcee was still soft. It sort of hurt his pride knowing that his companion wasn't really enjoying himself but after doing this for so many people so often, it was understandable. He was after all a performer, he was here to satisfy Gabriel even if he got no satisfaction out of it himself.

Emcee smirked up at him and moved up slowly into a crouch, his cock hanging between his legs, his arms resting on his knees a moment before he moved up onto the bed, moving onto his hands and knees before moving down onto his elbows, his ass nice and high in the air. "How is zis?" He asked. "Or vould you prefer me anozer vay?" He asked looking over his shoulder.

"Hands and knees are fine." he said after a moment knowing by the end of it he'd be back down on his elbows. Back into his element now, the dominant business man. Emcee was not a girlfriend or a boyfriend he was a dancer at a club who made extra money by selling his body afterwards. Reaching forward he caressed the cheeks of the pert ass before him giving each one a nice firm smack before spreading them. Gripping the base of his own thick shaft he pressed it against the tight portal probing softly. "I expect you to tell me if I'm hurting you. I don't want to make you unable to perform tomorrow." he whispered leaning foreward and pressing a soft kiss to the dancer's shoulder.

Emcee braced himself mentally, but relaxed his body. He knew full well there was a bright pink hand print on his ass, and surprisingly had to refrain from moaning. This man sure new how to spank ... it wasn't to hard, like most of his clients, or to soft, it was ... almost perfect. He felt his cock twitch slightly of it's own accord. That was new ... He moved back onto his hands, better to reserve his strength in his arms as he'd most likely not get much sleep tonight. Not with this client. This one seemed to enjoy the act rather than the outcome. He nearly sighed, he'd be working his shift exhausted tomorrow.

"Your skin marks beautifully." he said almost softly as he stroked the hand prints. Shaking his head a moment later he began to gently press inwards breaching the tight ring gradually until the head was full inside. He took a moment to gaze at the the view before continuing. Gabriel Groaned lowly as warmth and tightness encased his thick shaft. The tall male ceased only when he was halfway in stroking Emcee's lower back gently. "Can you honestly tell me if you can handle more? I hardly have half of it inside you." he was only going to warn him once. If he said he could handle it then he was going to get it.

Emcee took a deep breath. To be honest it hurt a bit but it was bearable. "I'm fine. Do with me as you wish." Emcee said, confidence dripping in his voice but not his mind.

"You're either far more skilled with large cocks then I expected. Or you have a bit of a taste for pain." he murmered in disbelief. If Emcee had truly handled bigger his pride was going to be hurt just a touch. "Brace yourself." Pulling out until only the head remained he pushed his hips forward until his heavy balls smacked flesh. Panting gently he took a moment to catch his breath looking down to make sure the other wasn't bleeding. He'd pushed too quickly he could feel it the slight heat from the sudden friction was making itself known. "Damn it." he cursed softly pressing his forehead. "I apologize that was too abrupt." he admitted as he remained stationary and reached down to try and coax some sort of reaction only if it was slight from Emcee.

Emcee cried out quietly as he was rammed into. After the man being so gentle he wasn't expecting that. The quiet 'Brace yourself' before being rammed into was so abrupt he didn't actually have time to. He grabbed onto the metal head board and braced himself for the thrusts that continued. "Fuck ..." Emcee muttered before he felt a hand on his cock. Double fuck, he thought. The man expected him to get hard from this? If he'd just slow down for a second .... let him adjust ... he was fine being fucked like this but get hard at the same time? ....

He felt as though he should apologize once more for the unnecessary force. Scolding himself for lack of control he instead gently stroked Emcee's back with his free hand while the other gently ran along the still limp cock. "Let me know when I can move and be honest." he murmured. "I don't wish to hurt you again."

Emcee took a few moments before nodding. "It's fine ..." He said, "Go ahead ..." He let go of the head board and went back onto his elbows.

"I'm going to start slow. Tell me if you want more and when. I don't like having to figure it out for myself." His voice took on an accent that hadn't been there before. One deep breath and he gradually began to thrust inside the tight heat. It had force behind it, but it wasn't slamming the poor man against the bed. And he seemed to be angling very precisely trying to brush Emcee's prostate hoping that would elect some sort of response.

Emcee nodded as he felt the cock slipping in and out of his ass. He had to admit, despite the rough entry, it started to feel good. He bit his lip as he began pushing back against him. "I'm fine now ..." He said. "You can do what you'd like ... I don't mind ... I'm here to please you after all."

"And it would please me to not hurt you more then necessary." he responded between several soft moans and a breathy gasp as he continued the steady pace gradually beginning to speed up. "So tight... it's been so long." he whispered more to himself then anyone else. Truth be told he often preferred men to women, there was something more appealing about their bodies and movement. Women all seemed the same to him anymore. Not that he would openly admit such a thing. Changing the angle he pushed down on Emcee's shoulder lowering him just a bit more. He wasn't that out of practice he was certain he could locate what he wanted.

Emcee felt himself being pushed down into the pillow, and turned his face to the side so that he wouldn't be smothered by the pillow. He could see Gabe over his shoulder and knew full well he could see his face now. He wasn't sure how he'd react to that, most of his clients had no wish to look at his face. Eye contact was generally an absolute no-no as well. Not during the actual act. It was to intimate for his clients.

"I'm fine .... really ..." He said moaning slightly as the man found his prostate. He felt his cock harden slightly. Hitting his prostate was generally a good way to get him hard. Or perhaps one of the girls playing with him. Though they felt less like a client and a bit more intimate since they weren't paying. It's probably the only reason any of them bothered with each other. They made each other feel more human, and less like an expensive toy.

Ahha success it seemed Gabriel hadn't lost his touch! That brought the young man intense pleasure knowing he had some sort of effect. To make matters even more enjoyable he could see Emcee's face and he smiled slightly. "I know what you'll like I bet." he purred softly his eys flashing in a moment. Releasing the cock he'd been fondling he raised his hand an landed another firm smack of the same consistency from before.


He'd had time to master a proper spank even if he didn't have many lovers.

He took the chance to land several more, always in different places so the small spark of pain was fresh and not dulled. It wasn't long before the whole of the other's ass was pink verging on red before he began to caress the flesh gently. It may have no been obvious before but he'd noticed the response to the brief smack at the beginning. He was always noting responses it was a skill of his. The speed had increased at this point and the sound of skin on skin was filling the rather large room. Sweat beaded on his forehead. The ecstasy was like fire and it made him feel alive all the more. He was a ways from orgasm yet but he had to ask so he had time. "When I cum... do you want me to pull out?" he gasped out closing his eyes for a moment.

Emcee actually moaned half way through the mans spanking, his prostate being hit a few more time and he found that he was fully hard, his cock up against his belly, his balls swaying with each thrust. He thought about what he had asked him. He'd never had a client ask him that before. Not knowing what else to say, "It's up to you ..." He said simply.

More success! Gabriel smiled brilliantly at the thought. He'd managed to make Emcee hard something most clients didn't probably care about. Swallowing his overzealousness he gripped the now hardened cock and began to stroke in time with his quickening thrusts. His thumb pressed gently against the underside before moving upwards. It wasn't going to be much longer now. He could feel the pressure at the base of his spine. "Fuck." he groaned softly his forehead falling to the other's shoulder, hot puffs of breath hitting the tender flesh.

Emcee groaned. It wasn't too odd for him to feel pleasure, but ... this just felt amazing. It didn't feel like just another client. He felt like .... Oh he had no idea what it felt like other than amazing. He moaned as he pushed back against his client, hoping he wasn't over stepping boundaries with him.

The rather sudden push surprised the other but he did not discourage it. Instead he offered a smile and another kiss on the exact same shoulder. His breathing grew heavier still and the movements became more uneven. Gabriel was reaching his peak quickly now the pressure became more insistent and he moaned something incoherent it could've possibly been Emcee but it was hard to tell. It was muffled due to where his head was placed. "Close." he warned as he sped up the hand that was stroking the other.

Emcee smirked over his shoulder, his tongue running over his top lip as he watched the man behind him fuck him hard into the mattress. This was probably the only time he wished a client wouldn't finish so soon. This felt really good ...

What little control Gabriel had left was fading quickly even though he was trying draw it out just a little bit longer. This felt different then any lover he'd been with in the past. Perhaps it was because Emcee didn't expect him to act in a certain manner? Or if he did he wasn't quite as vocal about it, as it was his job to please the other male. None the less coherent thought was out the door ten minutes later. He stiffened and his back arched sharply as his orgasm crashed over him filling the other male to the point of overflowing and then some for when he pulled out several more thick pearly ropes hit Emcee's lower back and he was left a quivering mass of nerve endings for several seconds after.

Emcee felt himself stiffen as the feel of his cum filled him. He could feel it dripping down onto the underside of his balls before he felt the rest of it splash onto his back. He was used to it. It didn't bother him. His cock hung between his legs, aching and hard, but he didn't dare touch himself. It was one thing, pleasing a client, it was another thing to pleasure himself from it.

"You're still hard." he commented after a moment. "Well I can't have that." Gently sliding himself out from behind Emcee he moved to the top of the bed and leaned against it. "I want you to pleasure yourself for me. Straddle me and bring yourself to orgasm as well. And you can cum on me." he grinned softly. "I'm not always a top you know. I just prefer it."

"What?" Emcee asked, thinking maybe he heard him wrong. He sat back on his knees in front of Gabe and looked at him inquisitively. This cock standing up against his stomach.

"Straddle me and bring yourself to orgasm." he repeated patiently grinning softly. "I am many things, but selfish is not one of them. You're still hard and you brought me exquisite pleasure. You deserve to reach your peak as well." he leaned back once more. "It would bring me pleasure."

Emcee once again found it odd, but didn't voice the opinion. He brought forth his confident facade again and smiled as he crawled forward and straddled the mans lap, putting his hands on Gabe's shoulders lazily, his cock pressing slightly against his stomach. "Like this?" He asked teasingly, cum dripping from his ass, onto Gabe's own softening cock.

"Exactly like this." he responded after a moment. Reaching up he gently touched the side of the other man's face. "I want you to look at me while you do it though. Focus on my eyes, I want to see your expression when you cum."

Emcee swallowed but smirked. This was just cruel. But what the client wants, the client gets. He just wasn't sure how fast he would be able to finish. He leaned back slightly running his hands down his body. He wasn't nervous at all just .... a little out of his element. He smirked, keeping eye contact on his client as he ran his hands over his red painted nipples, dragging them down his body and wrapped his thumb and forefinger of both hands around his balls and his shaft, pulling them forward slightly before moving his left hand down his thigh and using his right to begin to stroke himself.

He was being unfair in some manner, but he needed to at least feel like Emcee had truly enjoyed it. Grinning softly he gently ran his hands back and around to grope the cheeks he'd so recently spanked. He fondled the pert cheeks very much aware that his seed was still trickling out even now. He wanted to help it had been such a long time since he was able to taste a lover, however he wasn't sure how that request would be taken so he settled for watching. Emcee was a handsome sight straddling him in such a manner.

Emcee stroked his cock, finding a decent rhythm. With the amount he has sex, either with a client or one of the girls, or other boys ... it had been a while since he'd bothered to pleasure himself. Never the less he stroked himself sensually, focusing more on giving the man a show, rather than pleasuring himself. "How would you like me to do it?" He asked. "I am yours after all."

"Do what comes naturally. I do enjoy the show quite a bit but focus on yourself for the moment. How you want to do it, then do it." he reached up and cupped the side of Emcee's face for a moment his blue eyes shining with honesty. The handsome dancer deserved a to just enjoy something at least once. "There is nothing more appealing then watching a handsome man like you enjoy himself just a little bit."

Emcee wondered if he should be honest with Gabe. Deciding on the honest approach, he braced himself for a hit as he told him the truth. "To be honest .... I've never really enjoyed touching myself." He said, refraining from backing away from the man.

"I'm glad you said so." he responded after a moment. Gripping the other male by the hips he moved him around so Emcee was now against the head board. "Allow me to do something for you then hmm? Though I must say I'm not quite as skilled at oral pleasure as you are." winking once he slid back so he was in between outspread thighs gripping the base of the dancer's cock and squeezing gently once before bowing his head. Dropping his eyes down his tongue dashed out and began to gently circle around the head before pressing against the underside and slipping just the head into his mouth. Teasingly he began to suckle while stroking what remained outside of his mouth.

Emcee hissed quietly when his cock was taken into the mans mouth. It wasn't the first time this has happened but .... why did this man feel different than the others? Perhaps it was because he was nicer .... seemed almost .... caring? ... But that couldn't be the case. He was just a performer after all. A nobody.

"You can touch me if you like." he said raising his away only long enough to mention that before returning to his task. Taking a deep breath he slid several more inches into his mouth trying to relax his throat. It was harder to get the hang of then it used to be. Humming around the mouthful of flesh he began to bob his head letting his tongue flicker against the tip when he pulled back all the way gradually taking more into his throat inch by inch. Reaching down he cupped the other's balls and began to roll them in the palm of his hand tugging softly every once in awhile while swallowing around the length buried in his throat.

Emcee hesitated but moved his hands down to Gabe's shoulders, looking down to watch his cock disappear into his mouth. He moaned a bit. It felt rather good. He felt his orgasm building slowly. He ran his hands over his shoulders and neck.

Encouraged by the moan he sped up his ministrations finding it easier to allow the other's cock to slide deep inside his throat. If he'd been less the human this alone would be enough to make him hard again but he was tired and needed a bit of recovery time. However this was not the time for such thoughts. Instead he focused on Emcee's pleasure and it was easy to forget about himself for the moment. "Mmmf." he hummed allowing the vibrations to travel downwards with a smirk. He personally loved the way this man tasted, he could see himself doing this again.

Emcee groaned as he took him farther into his mouth. "Fuck ..." He growled. "I'm ..." He was about to warn his client that he was about to cum but it was to late. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly as he came inside his clients mouth. That, no matter what the client wanted, was a definite no no. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to see his punishment coming. After all, his client had the right to punish him for it, so long as it did no permanent damage.

The warning gave Gabriel no time to pull away and soon he found himself swallowing the several spurts before spitting out the rest with a cough and wiping his mouth. For a moment he saw red, pulling back the anger did not show on his face instead it was surprisingly blank. Then he raised his hand and struck the other across the face with a very loud smack. "I think we're done for the night." he said stiffly. Pushing off the bed he dressed himself quite quickly reached into his wallet and pulled out a handful of marks. Tossing them onto the bed he vanished out of the door.

Emcee fell to the floor with the force of the slap. He hadn't meant to, and he had no doubt that if Gabe didn't speak to his boss, he'd be able to see the state his client left in. He was already in trouble for the buttons he pushed earlier. He heaved a sigh and looked at the broken watch that was sitting on the table. It was still early, no doubt Carl would expect him to wash up and expect a new client. He looked at the twenty marks that where left on the bed and sighed again. He washed up quickly, making sure any traces of cum where removed, fixed his makeup and the red paint on his nipples, fixed his hair and re-clothed himself in what he had been wearing for his performance and made his way back downstairs to await another client.


((A/N - Hope you all enjoyed that, more to come soon. R&R are greatly appreciated. Gabriel is an OC and belongs to SA ... please do not steal or copy in any way shape or form. Song Lyrics are from Cabaret Called Willkommen Sung by Alan Cumming in 1993))


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