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Disclaimer: i do not own the frerard fandom, nor do i know My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Frank Iero or Mikey Way. i do not make any profit from this story and it is completely fiction.


Chapter 1

First day of school (FPOV)

I was fixing my hair in front of my bedroom mirror behind my door. I was straightening it so it would look at least decent on the first day of school, eleventh grade ugh! Great... I had managed to make it look alright, but the bangs kept curling into a swirl at the ends. I give up. I sighed looking at my self, I bent forward so I was inches from the mirror trying to will my hair into the shape wanted while I pulled at the ends to the side. I was giving up when my mum opened forcefully the door yelling "C'mon Frank you'll be late for school!" effectively crushing the door against my face.

I fell hard to the floor grabbing my head with both my hands. "Shit Frank! Are you alright?!" I couldn't quite answer, it was more like a silent elongated fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I groaned "Oh my baby, I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean to, I just-I didn't see you there and-Oh my God are you sure you're alright?" she was kneeling in front of me, desperately trying to pry my hands from my forehead so she could check it out, but I wasn't letting go, pressing against the bump made it feel better and as soon as I tried to let go, it began to pulsate and it hurt, so I was holding on for dear life.

“Yeah mum, sure…”

Okay so I’m kind of a pussy, I mean it was just a door… being forcefully thrown open right in my face! but still I admit it.... I have a huge aversion to pain... except for needles; needles feel amazing against my skin... that's why I had so many tattoos, and piercings. It was just that amazing burning sensation as the needle pierces through your skin, the smell of the ink... the pleasure of knowing the result... I love it, actually I can't believe I don’t have more, but I guess when I find something worth etching on my skin for eternity I’ll go through the process again.

I hate people who tattoo something on their bodies because it "looks good", I think that if your going to be stuck with something on you forever then it must have meaning, like real, deep meaning, cause with esthetics you may change your mind or the trend may change, with meaning, well, it will always mean something to you, it will always remember you of that time, of those circumstances, and that's what I like of tattoos, that's why I get them, and I was lucky enough my mom didn't mind.

The bus was loud when I came to my senses, we were almost on school grounds… Hmm… had we taken longer than usual to get here? I guess I was distracted on the way here, but I could have sworn we’d taken longer than usual. I had a good memory and usually sit alone cause I don’t have many friends… And by that, I mean I don’t have any, not really. So I usually stare at the road on our way to school, and I had sort of memorized the way here (years of staring at the same over and over everyday make you do that) and I believe we took a detour… but I wasn’t sure, maybe a new student? It was the beginning of a new year, so it was certainly possible there was a new stop.

I looked around trying to figure if I saw any new faces, and not get hit in the process for pissing someone off with my staring. Sitting two rows behind me sat two new kids, at least I think they’re new, I’m not much of a people person, so I don’t know everyone at school, but I like to think I would be able to recognize them if facing them, and I don’t have any recollection of those faces.

The one closest to the window must be like eighteen years old, so I’m guessing he’s a senior. He had long black hair that reached his shoulders, it was straight, but kinda wavy, it was a mess. He was extremely pale and his hazel eyes framed with thick eyelashes and eyeliner were lost on the road, much like mine were everyday. I couldn’t really see what he was wearing but I could see the collar of a black tee.

The kid sitting besides him was immerged on a book I couldn’t quite see. He had dirty blonde hair pulled to the front in side bangs, it was very messy as well, but not nearly as much as his…brother? He was wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a black tee as well from what I could see. I was trying to figure his face, which was buried in the book when I was wrenched forward as the bus came to a stop. My bag hit the floor and I bent down to pick it up, realizing I had been staring at those guys my face heated up and I could feel a blush creeping on me, making me even more embarrassed. I scrambled to my feet looking back at the new kids, the younger one stood up still reading and being shoved by the other students trying to get off the bus, he didn’t seem to care, either that was one hell of a good book or he was used to it… my bet was on both. The older one was still with his head pressed against the window, but now he had his eyes closed and was taking deep breaths. I saw the blonde one lower his book and look down at the other one, he put his hand on his shoulder until he looked up, he smiled down to him and resumed reading his book and passing by me to get off the bus with the rest. The other one looked down took a deep breath and exhaled forcefully, then grabbed his bag and stood up, I realized he was probably gonna look up and catch me staring so I quickly made my way off the bus leaving him behind.

As I walked towards my own personal hell I remembered one thing that always made me smile, Lindsay, she was my girlfriend, and had been for over two years now. That’s what I meant when I say I don’t really have friends, I don’t, I have her, and her friends, which I don’t consider to be mine. I smiled to myself as I thought of her, and my smile grew when I caught her scent, it was very unique, very feminine and flowery, it wasn’t my favorite, but it reminded me of her, and that made it nice, I already knew what was going to happen, she always stalked me when she thought I hadn’t seen her, so she walks right behind me for a while and when she’s sure I haven’t notice her she pounces on my back… what she didn’t know is that I didn’t have to see her to know she was there, I could recognize that scent miles away, so as always I smiled and prepared myself for when she decided to pounce on me.

And as predicted just when I was nearing the building’s door she jumped on my back kissing my cheek and growling in my ear, I laughed and turned my head so I could kiss her while I grabbed the back of her knees to hold her weight.

“Hey sweetie!” she chirped at me.

“Hey, new year already huh?” I pondered, I couldn’t believe time had blown past so fast, it was like yesterday that we first began dating freshman year.

“I know right? It’s like tomorrow we’ll be graduating time is passing by so fast!” she giggled and hopped off my back, “So what’d ya have first period?” she smiled up at me.

I couldn’t believe how pretty she was, she had dyed her hair blonde and it suited her perfectly. I smiled down at her with a goofy face and answered her I didn’t know, she laughed at me and took the schedule from my hands and scanned it over, then frowned.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I hated to see her sad, and I wanted to remove that frown from her pretty little face.

“We don’t have any of the classes together… not even one!” she pouted at me.

That was weird, how could we not have at least one class together? We had even taken the same electives as to have more time together. I frowned and took the paper back to check it for my self, she was right, not even one class together... hmm... I bet I can get it fixed.

“Hey, don’t pout at me… “ I said to her lifting her chin and kissing lightly her puckered lips “I’ll get it fixed, I’ll go to the main office and see if I can change some classes to coincide with yours, how does that sound?” I asked her smiling, she beamed at me, told me I was the best, kissed me and bid me goodbye before running off to her first class.

I smiled to my self as I made my way to my first period, which was English, sucks… plus I was alone… at least last year I could endure this class cause I had Lyn next to me, that thought made me smile… then frown realizing I wasn’t going to see her until lunch. The teacher came in and order silence, I didn’t even notice the class had filled with students, none of them the one I wanted to see. I resigned myself and when I saw the title on the blackboard ‘Love through Literature’ I decided to definitely zone out and think of more pleasant things… and so I did.

As the voice of Mr. Newton drone out more and more, images of Lyn began to surface, and I waited for the buzz to fill me, that buzzing almost drunk-ish sensation I always got when I thought of her… our first date, the first time I saw her, our first anniversary, our first kiss... first times were always the best cause it was new and exiting and thrilling. And as expected the buzz came, but it was weird, it wasn’t as strong, as powerful, it didn’t make me drunk and hazy. It was like a little tingling, nothing special, like the tingling you get from seeing someone hot, not the one you're supposed to get from someone you're supposed to love.

I shoved the thought aside and pinned it on the lack of caffeine my brain was going through.

As I tried to go back to the lesson and occupy my head in something else, two thoughts remained in my head. The first being the realization that despite the fact we’d been together for over two years now, Lindsay and I have never said I love you to each other, and I wonder how common that is, if it is common at all… and the second one was just an image… a head of black messy long hair and the tingling it brought along.

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