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Disclaimer: I do not know Emma Watson. This is a fiction not designed to make any money.

It began as just another day.

I was in the library at Brown University, studying between classes. Many people were passing me by, not uncommon at midday. But it took a very special one to truly draw my attention.

She had brown hair that fell across her shoulders and brown eyes you could drown in. She had not donned an effusive amount of makeup today to unveil a natural beauty few could match. Her bookbag draped one arm, her head turned toward some distant object I could not see. My pulse quickened at the sight, but I was also disheartened.

Emma Watson was not an uncommon crush in today's world. I will confess some joy at the news she was coming to Brown some several months ago. But I harbored few delusions of my chances. Fashion model, movie star, such widespread fame at such a young age. Everyone has fantasies, but reality eventually sets in to crush them. As I sat there though, elevated heart rate and all, basking in the beauty, a thought came into my mind. I had to at least try. This once at least, or I could never forgive myself for missing such an opportunity, small and unlikely though it would seem.

Emma turned her head back forward, her stride coming closer. I hurriedly tried to think of an icebreaker for conversation, some feeble pretext. And then suddenly fortune smiled upon me. Her book bag spilled opened a mere meter away, as if I had cast some spell from the movie universe that had bestowed her fame. One could say it was magical, given what eventually followed.

I quickly leapt up to take advantage of her misfortune and my luck. Some say chivalry is dead...but I had always been chivalrous to a fault, said my more effusive friends. She was leaning down, but I did not take the look many a modern man would have envied. Instead, I leaned down, collecting the first of the books. Her hair was falling forward in a lovely disarray as she was doing the same, but as she saw the second pair of hands, her gaze lifted. I met her eyes for the first time, and a more wonderful sight I had never known.

"Thanks for the help," Emma said. "I swear, I should just go with a knapsack these days, but...the fashion..."

"No problem," I replied, handing her the first pair of books and glancing at the volume and thickness of the others. "You seem to be quite the student."

"Hard to live up to the expectations of Hermione Granger," she said wryly. "But I try."

"You're in Professor Gerard's English Literature class too?" I asked, handing her the corresponding tome. "I haven't seen you there before."

"I don't always want to show up to be seen...you know how it is," Emma said, before pondering what she had said and laughing. She tucked a strand of hair back behind her ear. "Sorry, what a self-centered thing to say..."

I chuckled as I pondered her words. "Fame is not always kind, is it?"

"Not always." Emma sighed slightly. "There are a lot of people around who just want to attach themselves to you, or...have other designs."

"I can't say I can relate, but I understand," I replied amiably. "I'm just a regular dude. I can only imagine what it might be like."

Emma looked up again at me. Not the cursory glance of our first exchange, but a more thorough, searching one. I could tell what it meant. She was trying to see if I was genuine, or simply feeding her what she wanted to hear...or what I thought she wanted to hear. And maybe she was looking for a little more as well...

A small bloom of hope burgeoned inside me. I had already been fortunate, and now I was a little more so. Clearly Emma did not have a lot of normal conversations. And every word I spoke was genuine. I was not the womanizing, untrue type. Perhaps she saw that.

She blushed ever so slightly as I met her searching glance, then took the last of the books from my hands. "Thanks for the help...?"

I gave her my name. She smiled slightly, encouragingly...or so I hoped. "Maybe I will see you around?"

Emma Watson was rising away from me. All my progress, luck, fortune, was about to be lost. So many times in my life, I had played it safe, scuttling back behind my rock for fear of rejection. I would be damned if it happened again. I set my teeth determinedly. "Is Professor Gerard's class your next one as well?"

She considered the question as I rose, standing over her, but never looking away from her soft brown eyes. "Yes. In about three hours."

"Mine too," I said, taking a glance at my watch. "Maybe I can take you to lunch. Get you out of here from the inquiring eyes, and pass the time with something other than studying."

I felt a sudden sinking feeling as I realized my last words were a little more forward than I had intended, but Emma either did not notice or did not care. She gave me another searching look. My heart pounded.

"Sure." Never had a single word caused my heart to soar so much. "But only if you have a car. I don't want to eat around here. Let's grab some fast food."

I cracked a smile. "I took you for a more formal eating type."

"You'll find I'm full of surprises," Emma said in a teasing tone. "A lot of people can't tell the actress from the role. Maybe I'll show you."

It had all happened so fast that I stood there grinning like a loon. Emma was looking at me, bemusedly. "Are you going to grab your stuff...?"

"Oh, right." I quickly grabbed my books, throwing them haphazardly into my knapsack. As I turned back I caught a smirk on her face before she doused it. "My car is over here."

Together we walked out of the library towards the parking lot. I got many inquiring stares, but fortunately I did not see anyone I knew. I did not want to be distracted by my friends at this moment. However, many more were looking at Emma, which she ignored. Obviously she was not unaccustomed to stares.

I was so dumb-struck with my luck that I had not considered how laughable my car must have seemed to the likes of Emma. An old 90's Toyota. I suddenly felt a rush of self-consciousness. "This may not be the ride you're used to, Emma," I said anxiously as I pointed her forward.

"I'm counting on it." Emma smiled at the sight and waited patiently as I unlocked the doors and got in. She threw her bookbag in the back and stretched out languidly.

"What kind of food do you like?" I asked as I began, in retrospect, one of the most wonderful journeys of my life.

"Let's get some sushi," Emma said, her eyes closing. It was remarkable how at ease she seemed. I was glad.

I drove us to the best sushi place I could ever recall visiting, that was still classified as "fast food".

As I relayed what she had ordered, and she was conscientious enough to consider paying. "How much was it again?"

I laughed. "You won't be paying." The parking lot was full, and it was difficult to eat sushi properly while driving. So I began to drive off towards an empty parking lot farther down the road.

"You know how much money I have, right," she said, smiling at me. "You are a student, it doesn't feel right."

"No way." I smiled at her. "My treat. I am not going to let you pay."

Emma smiled at that and knew better to argue, but something flickered in her eyes again. I saw her staring at me again, searchingly, and then she nodded slightly, as if to announce some sort of approval to herself.

We ate our sushi there in peace and had a wonderful conversation. My initial awkwardness seemed to melt away as I felt a rapport develop that I had not expected. Talking to Emma was amazingly easy, and she seemed to be interested in what I had to say. We talked about Brown and Professor Gerard, but I purposefully did not ask about her movie career or her fame. I felt she had talked enough about that.

As we were finishing our meal, Emma looked around at the location we were at, deserted of almost everyone but the occasional traffic of the main road. "It has been a while since I had such a nice and simple experience. I miss it a lot."

"Glad to help." I smiled at her as I threw my sushi tray over my shoulder into the back seat, taking care to avoid her bookbag. She laughed at the action and mirrored it. I put the keys in the ignition to start it when I felt her warm hand on mine, sending a jolt of excitement through me.

Startled, I looked over at her to see Emma looking at me with a beautiful, delicate expression of soft affection. She removed my hand from my keys, leaving them dangling and clinking together. I put my hand back to my side, looking at her inquiringly.

Wordlessly, Emma reached her same left hand over to the front of my jeans, resting her hand for a moment on my crotch. Just the warmth of her hand there and the knowledge of whose it was started to make me stiff. "Emma..."

"Sssshhhh," she said. She let her hand linger there a moment, giving my bulge a squeeze. Then she reached her hand to the zipper and pulled it down, slowly, wonderfully.

"You don't have to do this Emma." I looked around at the surroundings, painfully aware of how laughable my comment would be to many men of the world. "Don't do anything you don't want to do."

"I won't." Emma undid my top jean button and opened the front, leaving my boxers exposed and what lay beneath solid as a rock. She saw the shape of my manhood through the boxers and smiled slightly. I looked at her with a curious expression.

The former Harry Potter starlet shifted herself in the seat to lean over my lap. "I'd prefer no one see this. Can you push down your seat?"

I quickly complied, my seat descending. To anyone outside it would look like an empty car in an empty parking lot. But to me, and Emma, it was anything but.

Emma reached her hand into my boxers, splitting the cloth to expose my penis, which rose as high into the air as I had ever seen it. I was not an amazingly hung man, nor small either, but my six inches seemed to appeal to her enough.

The ravishing brunette looked at my dick standing there and back at me. "You are such a kind person. Perhaps I can give you something back."

Emma gripped my cock with her hand and started to pump it up and down, slowly to start. My face contorted as I felt wonderful pleasure surge to every corner of my body. The brunette star  continued to look at my face as she continued her ministrations, gripping up and down the length with a slowly increasing tempo. "Does that feel good?"

I could only nod, words unable to express my pleasure. I resisted the temptation to close my eyes, at first, knowing I would want to savour this memory. But as I saw her hand moving up and down, I could not resist any further.

For a few more seconds Emma continued her handjob in a soft yet firm grip. Then I suddenly felt her hand move away. I opened my eyes. Her head was bent over my cock, her hair cascading downwards around it. She felt my gaze and looked at me one more time, smiling that smile I had come to love in so short a time.

Then Emma opened her mouth to welcome my cock inside. I moaned as I felt the hot wetness of her mouth descend upon the most sensitive of my body parts. She gave my tip a flick of her tongue, removing whatever precum had already collected there, and started to apply just the smallest amount of suction.

I threw my head back for a moment at the sensation, temporarily depriving myself of the eye-popping view of Emma giving me a blowjob. However, I could continue to feel it, the slickness of her saliva and the amazing feel as she grew accustomed to this new experience. When I opened my eyes again, Emma tilted her head slightly to look at me once again as she continued to descend. It was a lewd image, her beautiful lips parted by my cock, her delicate features studying my reaction curiously. Half my dick was inside her mouth by now, as Emma continued her torturous, glorious descent down my manhood.

Eventually, Emma reached the base of my cock, and my pubic hairs hit her nose. For a single glorious moment I felt my whole length deepthroated inside her, looking down to see nothing but her radiant face in which my penis was sheathed. Then she lifted off my cock, leaving my cock glistening in her wake, as she wrinkled her nose at the sensation of my pubic hairs. "Tickles," she said, almost shyly.

"Sorry. I can't help it."

Emma only smiled at that, pushing her hair back to gain better access to her target, and leaning forward again. Those wonderful eyebrows knitted as she started to work a little harder for my ultimate pleasure. The suction slowly grew as her hot mouth lowered itself on my cock once again, rocking up on down on my cock, keeping her delicate nose just above my pubes. 

It continued that wonderful way for some time...how long, I didn't care to know. I hoped I could demonstrate my stamina, but truth be told, with Emma Watson sucking my dick, I was unsure how long I could last. I looked over to see Emma's right hand inside her own pants, working between her thighs at the wetness I knew was there. I almost came right there with the knowledge, but somehow held on for a bit longer.

Emma's tongue continued to work wonders around my dick, flicking the underside in long licks, then moving to the top, then back to the bottom. The sensational blowjob was amplified by the knowledge of just who was providing this pleasure. I took a moment to bask in her beauty. The brown hair descending all around her face and ticking my pelvis, her eyes downcast as she focused, this gorgeous starlet sucking my penis with a fervor I had never expected to feel.

Suddenly I could feel a twinge in my dick and I knew I was close. I opened my eyes and looked down at the brunette starlet at work on my cock. "Emma, I'm about to cum."

Emma turned her eyes back up to me and made one of most wonderful sounds a man can hear, "Mmmmmhmmmmm", with her mouth full. She never stopped her ministrations even as I warned her. Her eyes made contact with mine, and I could see my penis disappearing again and again into that wonderful mouth, into that beautiful face, with those amazing brown eyes looking into mine the whole time. And that was it.

I could feel my dick pulsing as I came hard into the hot, welcoming mouth of Emma Watson, whose eyes flickered slightly at the sensation. However, she never slowed, continuing to move her head up and down. Even as my cum was filling her mouth, her tongue continued to lap at my dick. My dick muscle contracted again and again as I stared into those beautiful brown eyes, and I felt yet another powerful spurt coat her tongue, and then even more. Emma started to look slightly uncomfortable as my orgasm continued, but I somehow knew in that wonderful moment she would not stop until she milked every drop from my spent cock.

It was the longest, most satisfying orgasm of my life, fitting for my most wonderful sexual experience. Eventually, my dick started to settle, but Emma did not seem satisfied as she felt the spurts slow. If anything, the suction and fervor grew more intense, as if she did not want the feeling of my cumming dick in her mouth to end. Eventually though, I simply had nothing left, soaring on cloud nine, my breaths coming out raggedly, my eyes firmly locked onto Emma's.

I could not tell how full of cum her mouth was, but the way she was moving, and the small dribbles spilling out the side of her mouth as she continued up and down, gave some hints. She made sure to suck up any drop that she felt had escaped her. It felt amazing, but I was nearing sensory overload. Emma finally seemed to realize it too. Eyes still on mine, she sucked hard on my dick to clean off every last bit of my jism, then lifted her head off my cock. She had sucked it bone dry.

Emma sat up from my spent dick, and I saw her face in rapt pleasure as she turned her beautiful face to look into mine. She opened her mouth for me, so I could see the results of her blowjob. I was treated to the gorgeous sight of Emma's tongue swimming in my creamy white jism. She seemed to enjoy the taste, her tongue moving around and working as she continued to feel at my warm loud in her mouth. My orgasm had been more powerful than I had even imagined, but Emma had taken it all without complaint.

She treated me by moving my load around in her mouth for a moment more, looking into my eyes the whole time. Then her mouth closed. I heard and watched Emma swallow my huge load of cum with a satisfied look on her face, as if she was finishing the most delectible dessert. She opened her mouth. I could still see the space between her teeth blurred white from my creamy jism, but the main part of it was gone, descending down her willing throat. Emma flickered her tongue around to clean her teeth off, then swallowed the residue. She looked at me as she tucked her hair behind her ear again.

"How did that feel?"

"Amazing," I said. "I had no idea..."

"I don't usually do that for anyone," Emma confessed. "You were actually the first boy I've let cum into my mouth. But I couldn't help myself. And you tasted so good."

Even my spent cock twitched at that. Emma saw it and laughed. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I gave you a wonderful memory, since you treated me so well. I loved just talking to you."

"We did more than that," I said, still dazedly. She laughed. "We did, but you never expected it from me. And that made all the difference. A lot of men want to sexually conquer me...but you, you just treated me like a lady. And I wanted to reward you."

"Hell of a reward," I said. She laughed again. "When you get your head on straight, I would appreciate you taking me back to Brown. I think I may attend Professor Gerard's class for once, and I'd like you to be there beside me."

"Really?" I said, as I moved my seat back up and started my car.

"Well, we're not finished. I have one more thing to show you tonight." Emma Watson looked at me sultrily.

I felt as if my car was skimming on the journey back to the university.

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