Poor Margo Harshman vs. Miley

BY : trotsky
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is purely fantasy and no profit is being made from it. I do not know the people in this story, Margo Harshman and Miley Cyrus

I don't know much about Miley Cyrus. Don't particularly like her, or dislike her. But I am aware that she has recently caused quite a stir because of her wild dancing. that she is wildly popular among young people, and that she also has millions of haters. They hate her, I think, because they see her as untalented, as fake and as a temporary Disney  sensation who had to turn wild to get attention. 

I thought of this short wedgie, catfight and humiliation vignette to honor Miley and to condemn those who ridicule her. I've inserted my favorite ex-Disney actress, Margo Harshman as the villain because she is so pretty, and she comes across as someone who is not a sellout. She also seems like someone who might dislike Miley's popular success.

What If, at a Hollywood club, pretty ex-Disney girl, who is older than Miley, but  who never made it even nearly as big as Miley or made as much money as Miley, and who thinks because she remained authentic and true to herself that she is above Miley.  This person, Margo Harshman, condescends in an unplanned meeting with Miley. Margo, in hip aqua-marine tight pants and a tie-dyed t-shirt with "Bored"  painted coolie on the front, confronts Miley. "How can you be such a sell out, Miley? Such a media whore? A phony?", The pretty dark-haired and pale-skinned alternative girl snarls her contempt at Miley.

Miley, who, never having met Margo Harshman, but remembers the pretty alternative actress from her role on "Even Stevens", goes redneck ballistic. She runs over to Margo, and before Margo can react, except with an "O" expression on her un-soldout, pretty alternative face, punches Margo in her gut. 

"UMMMF!" Margo Harshman groans. As Margo leans forward, Miley grabs the back of her tights, and,  yanking up hard on Margo's tights, puts Margo in a wedgie. Miley, exibiting uncommon arm strength, holds Margo in the air briefly, as Margo's squishy butt-cheeks squish like jello in her tights, and as she moans  "OWEEE! OWEEE! OWEEE!",Miley flops Margo over a stool, ass out. Miley then  precedes to spank the Disney girl's butt. 

"You are rude, and you have a soft pathetic butt, b-tch!" Miley yells to Margo. She enjoys her new role as Disney star spanker. A crowd gathers around the spanking. 

"OWIIIEEE! OWIIIEEE!  OWIIIEEE!" The pretty alternative chick cries out as her soft ass is spanked over and over.

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