The Hollywood Hypnosneak

BY : Muhabba
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Disclaimer: I do not know any of the upcoming celebrites and recieve no money from this story. I do not know Kate Upton or have anything to do with MTV because this is just a parody that I make no money from.

This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you  know what's good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any  non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or  fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.  I do not know Kate Upton or have anything to do with MTV because this is just a parody that I make no money from.

The Hollywood Hypnosneak Chap. 01, Kate Upton

By Muhabba

Story Codes: MC, M/F

     The last of the heavy metal doors opened and for the first time in 20 years I felt the warm afternoon sun as a free man.  I had   spent the last of my money, the only money I had on me when I was arrested, on a bus ticket to Florida, not because of any  sentimental reason, it just seemed like a good place to lay low and figure out what I was going to do next.  I had spent the last  month of my imprisonment trying to reach my old contacts, any contacts, but they had all moved on, forgetting me or hoping I’d  never get out of the federal prison they had left me in.  Fortunately it’s very difficult to prove hypnotism as a crime so the Feds  had to make do with an embezzlement charge, maybe it was several embezzlement charges, who can keep track of those  things.  So with no money, no contacts, and no way to reach my old assistant Jennifer, I began the long, lonely trek to the bus  stop with only my bus ticket in my pockets.  It was only a few miles to the bus stop and I had nothing except the clothes on my  back so it wouldn’t be too bad.

     A few days later I found myself in Daytona Beach with an empty stomach and an empty wallet.  I knew the Feds would be   keeping an eye on me just to make sure I didn’t slip back into bad habits so I decided to just keep a low profile and not use my  abilities, too much.  Besides, all of my hypnotism equipment had been located and disassembled in the hopes of charging me  with some sort of brain-washing crime but the equipment was only designed to enhance my own  talents so the Feds had been out of luck on that front.

     I found a small diner and took a seat and waited for the waitress.  Sorry, they’re called, “Servers,” now.  In a few minutes a   plain, middle-aged woman with wiry red hair approached my table and I deftly reached for the mostly clean spoon sitting in front  of me.

     “What can I get you, hunny,” she asked and I noticed her name tag read, “Ruth”.

     I would never be confused with a male model but I had always kept myself in just enough shape not of be classified as fat or   thin or muscular.  Hypnotists live in the background and prefer not to be noticed but we are naturally charming and with a little  extra training we can take that charm and do so much with it.  I began using the spoon the reflect the afternoon sunlight into  Ruth’s eyes, put on my best smile, and carefully modified my tone of voice as I gave her my order.

     By the time I was done eating and visiting with Ruth I had a free lunch, a free chocolate milkshake, a free dinner in a to-go   box, and a lead on a job.  I left the restaurant secure in the knowledge that Ruth would forget all about me in the next hour or so  as I made my way across town to a small motel barely a mile from the beach.

     The hotel was looking for a handyman and since I had personally built all of my hypnotism equipment I was pretty good with   my hands.  Believably lying to the manager while using my abilities I secured the job with a false name, a false social security  number, no personal ID, and even worked out a deal to live in one of the hotel’s smaller rooms.  Now I was set to live a nice,  quite, uneventful life on the straight and narrow.

     The straight and narrow diverged drastically inside of two weeks.  The manger was out for lunch and a cute little college   freshman came into the office while I was covering the check in counter.  She was short, perky, curvy, blonde haired, blue eyed,  wearing a bikini top and shorts, and more than a little naive.  She believed that all hotels required a reservation but she didn’t have  one since she and her friends had arranged their little weekend trip to Daytona on short notice and was hoping if there was  anything I could do for her since her friends would be arriving at the airport that evening.  I pulled out a quarter and began running  it across the fingers in my left hand while the fingers of my right hand began tapping out a subtle beat and I began talking at a  deliberate pace and laid out her options.

     I was out of practice so it took me nearly fifteen minutes to get her lips wrapped around my cock.  She had almost no   technique, she simply rested my prick on her tongue and started sucking as hard as she could while bobbing her head back and  forth.  It wasn’t my first blow-job in the last twenty years but it was the only one I’ll admit to and as far as I was concerned it was  heaven.  She drooled from the corners of her mouth as she looked up at me expectantly and I groaned as I thrust in and out of  her mouth, feeling my balls boiling with the need to cum.  I hurriedly yanked her up to her feet and pulled her tight shorts down as  I bent her over the counter.  She was hot and wet as I shoved my dick between the tight folds of her pussy, stretching her young  cunt.

     And then I came after barely more than a few thrusts causing her to look over her shoulder at me in disappointment.

     “Are you done already,” she asked in a snobby voice.

     I reached for my quarter again as I said, “No, look at this.”  By the time I was finished talking to her she believed that she had   just had the kind of sex that’s shown on late night movie channels or “Red Shoe Diaries” before happily skipping out of the office  with her room key to go pick up her friends.

     I huffed and puffed with exertion and saw my reflection in the glass of a poorly painted picture.  “You’re old and out of   practice,” I chuckled to myself before cleaning up and getting dressed.

     I filed my little hypnotic indiscretion as just a small slip, a little mistake that I couldn’t afford to repeat and then left it at that.    Although the old me kept trying to pop up every time I thought of that cute little thing and her three nubile little friends all  crammed inside of a small hotel room and the things I could make them do I jammed him back into my subconscious and went  on with my mostly crime free lifestyle.

     As the weeks turned to months I found myself having to re-hypnotize the manager from time to time to keep him from   checking too far into my back ground.  And just for necessity’s sake I cobbled together a few items to place some long term  commands into his subconscious just so I wouldn't have to keep re-hypnotizing him.

     And then, strictly for necessity’s sake again, I of course had to test the cobbled together items just to make sure I didn’t   accidentally hurt the manager.  The hotel was fairly empty and I found two young, ripe, fresh-faced test subjects fairly quickly on  the main thoroughfare and invited them to my hotel’s small pool under the ruse of an anniversary pool party.  I presented them  with what I told them were the last two tickets and they quickly ran home to grab their bathing suits.  They returned within a half  hour and asked where everybody else was and I told them that they were simply the first to arrive.  I chatted with them a bit as I  walked them back to the pool and admired their young, teenage bodies.  One had light colored brown hair and the other dark and  both were nearly mirror images of each other.  They told me that they were sisters just as we reached the pool and I invited them  to jump right in as I moved to the small DJ table I had set up.

     With the added lights, my small set-up was a bit elaborate but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance in programming the   young girls or make them suspicious.  I activated my equipment and the music started playing as the lights pulsed in time to the  specially chosen beat.  The music contained a subliminal recording and the lights flickered at a predetermined rhythm and my  voice flowed through the speakers at special intervals, all manufactured to lower the girls’ inhibitions.  They danced and played in  the water, giggling as they enjoyed themselves, and after a few minutes they barely even noticed that they were still alone.  A few  songs in their dancing turned more playful and their giggling increased, echoing through the empty complex and bringing me to  full erection as I stared at them hungrily.  A few more songs after that their playing turned more forceful and their giggling became  slowly replaced by throaty moans as their barely covered bodies bumped and rubbed against each other.  And a few more songs  after that they began kissing passionately.

     I couldn’t tell who had kissed who first, one moment they were swaying together, their young bodies pressed against one   another as they stared deep into each others’ eyes and the next they were kissing as young lovers.  By the time I shut down my  music and lights the teenage sisters were nearly fully making out and though I most of the guests were out of the hotel at the  moment I knew better than to take to much more time.  I hated breaking them up but by now the need to fuck them both had  passed from simple desire and changed to a primal urge.  The girls followed me to my room and waited patiently by my bed as I  locked my door.

     They say you can’t hypnotize someone into doing something they don’t want to do, which is bullshit.  I could make the First   Lady tongue kiss the Queen of England if I wanted.  The trick to to make them want to do what it is you want them to do and I  wanted a 3-way with these sisters.  I talked to them for a few minutes and quickly gauged what they wanted out of sex, and being  virgins (which nearly caused me to cum in my pants with excitement) they of course wanted their first times to be with someone  they loved and that cared for them and made them feel safe.  Sounded like family to me so I quickly gave them their commands.

     I stripped naked and reclined on my bed to watch the show as the sisters began kissing again, their pink tongues caressing   and wrestling against one another as they rubbed their young bodies together.  Their tops fell to the floor as they pressed their  still developing chest together, their nipples hard with desire.  The light haired sister was the first to bend down, kissing her  sister’s nipples before the dark haired sister did the same.  They took turns exploring each others’ ripe bodies, one after the other  until they were laying at the foot of my bed, fingering each other to explosive orgasms.

     After they had recovered from their orgasms I had the girls lay on either side of me and showed them the finer points of   pleasuring a man.  My first orgasm roared over me as one sister fisted my shaft while the other massaged my balls.  I taught  them to love the taste of cum as they licked it from their fingers and then spent several minutes enjoying the sensation of one  teen girl sucking my cock while the other tongued my balls.

     As I felt myself on the verge of cumming again I had the sisters stop their oral learning and then instructed them on the proper   way to take each others’ cherries.  They got into a sexy 69 and began lapping at each others’ pussies until I felt they were on the  edge of orgasm.  With a command from me they slid a finger into their delicate holes, ripping away each others’ virginities and  screaming out in pleasure as they came for the second time.  It’s so nice to see sisters getting along.

     I waited for them to come down from their sexual high and then showed them the proper way to ride a cock, giving them a   orgasm each before taking them again, one at a time, in the missionary position until they had both come.  I showed them each  the joys of doggy style until they once again came and then I finished on their beautiful, eager, upturned faces.

     As I slowly fisted my softening cock and watched them lick the cum from their faces I realized that there would be no straight   and narrow for me, there couldn’t be.  I would be like Micheal Jordan not playing basketball or Bo Jackson not playing baseball or  Refrigerator Perry not playing football.  If you were good at something you had to do it.

     As I gave the sisters their final commands I realized that my encounter with them wasn’t nearly as satisfying as similar   encounters had been in the past.  I had fucked the hottest women in the world: celebrities, supermodels, heiresses, political  figures the world over and how could I settle for less now?

     Because I didn’t want to go back to jail, that’s how.  What landed me in jail was my carelessness in hypnotizing and fucking   every celebrity that crossed my path but since it had left me losing 20 years of my life I vowed a life of celibacy.  Except for the  occasional fling because every man has needs after all.  My vow lasted a month because MTV arrived to celebrate Springbreak  and brought Kate Upton with them.

     Back in my day MTV still played music videos and I tended to watch them on mute.  To this day I have no idea what Britney   Spears sound like when she sings but her “I’m a Slave for You” video nearly gave me carpel tunnel syndrome.  During  Springbreak, MTV would host various parties in the hottest Springbreak vacation destinations and it was pretty much an all you  can fuck buffet for the various hypnotists.  Fortunately for me, now, it appears to not be as popular as it once was and the  instant I saw Kate Upton I knew that I had to have one last celebrity fling.

     Kate's body is nothing short of spectacular, her ass may be a little flat but her large, amazing tits made up for it.  She had a   face Marilyn Monroe would approve of right down to the beauty mark and the flowing blonde hair.  The security around her was  nothing like it had been back in the old days and could easily be cracked by my skills, and since I had already built the  equipment I would require and would only need a few days to prepare and refine it, the timing was perfect.

     Using my natural skills I found out where she would be staying for the week to host an amateur fashion show and I spent two   days studying her and MTV's security.  It would take me two more days to further refine my equipment and then on the fifth day I  put my plan into action.  I broke into her hotel suite, well, I say broke in, mostly I just talked the maid into letting me in, and  planted my equipment before leaving and locking up behind me.  My gear would need some time to work itself into her  subconscious and then a night's sleep to take root.

     On the sixth day, while Kate was taping the last episode of her show, I slipped back into her room, tweaked the equipment   and then waited in her linen closet.

     Just as the sun set Kate returned.  I couldn't see into her living room from where I was but I caught a quick glimpse of her as   she walked past the closet, stripping off her clothes as she went from the living room to her bedroom and on to her bathroom.   The shower started almost immediately afterwards and I got ready by pulling my pants down to my ankles and fighting off the  urge to start fisting my already hard cock.

     After about ten minutes she came out wearing a white terry-cloth robe, her hair wet and dripping as she crossed in front of the   closet again and climbed into bed.  The closet was just off to the side of her queen sized bed and I had nearly a perfect view of  her as she stretched out on the soft mattress, the robe doing nothing to hide her amazing curves.  She clicked on the television,  the light from the screen the only illumination in the room, and surfed through the channels.  A woman's throaty moan came from  the T.V. and Kate smirked, twirling the remote in her fingers as she playfully chewed on her bottom lip before gingerly putting the  remote down.

     The porno playing on her television obviously intrigued Kate as she began toying with the front of her robe.  And since when   did televisions get so skinny?  I couldn't see a single fucking thing on the screen.  It took all of my willpower to keep from jerking  off but the problem with interludes like this was that once you started you had to stick to the subliminal plan as closely as  possible and I couldn't just start all over again if I blew my load to soon.  She smiled wickedly as she slowly slid her hand into her  robe, tickling her large breast, her nipples obviously erect beneath the thick material, her breathing became more labored, more  ragged as her pink lips parted and she began panting in lust as she began toying with one of her nipples.

     Kate's breathing became harsher as she slid her hand from one large, heavy tit to the other, her robe gaping open to reveal   her massive chest.  Her amazing breasts swayed from side to side as she moaned in lust, toying with her nipple before palming  and squeezing the sizable, tan orb, her firm flesh bulging between her outspread fingers.  She brought her other hand up to her  chest and began kneading her tits like dough, licking her lips as her ragged breath escaped from between them.  Her robe was  now open from her heaven sent chest to just below her belly button and every sinful inch of exposed flesh was a uniform golden  brown.

     Rubbing her thighs together before she began to open her knees, Kate's long legs opened and her robe puddled to her sides,   her bare hips still keeping the sweet juncture between her thighs barely hidden.  One of her hands slowly trailed down her world  renowned body and slid between her legs and she cooed in pleasure as her delicate fingers began sawing up and down between  her thighs.  Her pants and moans started coming faster and harder, a light sheen of sweat breaking across her skin, gleaming in  the light of the porno on her TV as a faint blush crept across her panting face and the top of her heaving chest.  She began  humping up against her had, her body on the verge of orgasm, almost ready to explode which was my signal to begin to make  some noise as I started to noisily fist my cock.

     The noise I was making quickly caught Kate's attention and I heard her mutter, "What the hell?" before flinging herself off the   bed, rushing towards the closet, and throwing the door open to reveal me with my pants pathetically down around my ankles and  my cock in my hand.  It hadn't even occurred to her to close her robe as she angrily demanded, "Who the fuck are you?"

     I took a moment to admire her body before answering, the robe doing nothing to conceal her body except her arms, her large   tits swaying with every heavy breath, sweat trailing down her cleavage, over her flat stomach to her completely shaved and wet  pussy.  I quickly got back into the character of the pathetic voyeur.  I normally don't lose character but her body was nothing less  than awe inspiring and it had been 20 years since I'd last fucked a celebrity.

     "I... I'm... I'm so, so sorry Miss... Miss Upton," I stammered.  "I just... I just didn't... I didn't know where... what to do..."

     "What do you mean?" Kate demanded as she glared at me angrily, her hands on her hips and her robe billowing in the breeze   of the air conditioner like a cape.  The cold breeze and sweat had caused goose bumps to break out over her flesh but she didn't  notice as she angrily asked, "What the fuck are you doing in my room?"

     I looked meekly down at my erection and then back up at her.  "I wanted your autograph?"

     "What the shit fuck do you mean you wanted my autograph?"  I don't know where she learned to curse but I swear I didn't   program her to say "shit-fuck".

     "I... I snuck in... snuck in to get your... your autograph," I stammered.  "But then I heard you coming and I got scared and   hid."  I tried not to smirk as she began looking me up and down, her eyes drawn to the throbbing cock in my hand.  "It's just...  just...  You're so beautiful," I stammered.  Now, I'm not saying that all models are narcissists but you can't do what they do  without an exceptionally high self-body image so her fantasy had been easy to figure out.  "I... I mean... you're the next Marilyn  Monroe!  How... how can anybody look at you and not fall in love?  I got nervous."

     Kate's eyes kept drifting down to my prick which I started pulling on softly as I kept complementing her and feeding her ego.    Her large tits jiggled slightly as she shifted her weight, her anger starting to dissipate with my carefully spoken tone of voice.   "And it's not just your body," I continued, "It's your smile and the way you hold yourself.  The way you greet your fans and  interact with them just proves that you're a beautiful person inside as well as out."  She actually started to blush as I kept  pressing her.  You need a solid ego to be a successful model but you also want to be recognized as a complete person.  "I knew  it was wrong to encroach into your personal space but I knew a simple nobody guy like me would never be able to meet 'The'  Kate Upton.  And then you came in and I got so scared at meeting you in person that I hid.  I would have left but you came out of  the shower and then you started to... y'know," I looked away sheepishly, "I... I couldn't help my... myself."  I looked back up and  deep into her eyes.  "You're the most beautiful person I've ever met."

     All I could do now was to wait and see if my piecemeal equipment had worked fully, or at all, and if my speech had the   desired effect.  Her eyes we're locked onto my prick as I jerked on it more forcefully and she licked her lips before looking back  up to me.  She smirked wickedly as she said, "That's got to be either the creepiest excuse to break into my suite or the  sweetest.  Are you seriously telling me you risked me calling the cops just to get my autograph?"

     I nodded my head meekly as her eyes drifted back down to my cock.  Her breathing was becoming harsher as she licked her   lips before whispering, "That's a pretty brave thing to do just to meet me."  She chewed on her lip for a moment before looking  back up at me.  She pressed her hands to my chest before leaning in close to me and brushing her lips lightly against mine.  "I  actually do think that's pretty sweet."

     With no warning Kate dropped to her knees, knocked my hand away from my prick and swallowed a quarter of my length in   one go, proving that I hadn't lost my touch.  I couldn't decide which felt better, hypnotizing a celebrity with half-assed equipment  and twenty year old rusty talent or Kate sucking eagerly at my cock so I decided just to concentrate on one thing at a time.   Kate Upton.

     Kate braced herself with her hands on my hips as she bobbed her head back and forth, her cheeks hollowing with each   hungry suck, her lips stretched tight and her wet tongue rubbing against my length.  Her technique was amazing and I groaned in  pleasure as I gripped the sides of her head and began rocking my hips, fucking her super-model face.  She leaned forward more,  straightening her neck, allowing me to slide down her clutching throat as my balls slapped wetly against her chin.  She didn't look  up at me, all of her attention was solely for my cock, hungering for it, needing it, needing it more than her next breath as she  swallowed me whole, massaging me with her tongue as her throat rippled around my cock-head.  I could have cheerfully cum  right then and there but it had been decades since I'd enjoyed a celebrity and I wasn't going to short change myself by settling  with just a blow-job.

     She pulled back slowly, wet sucking sounds echoing through the room before Kate let my dick pop out of her mouth, her   saliva dripping from my shaft, balls, and her chin.  She looked up at me then with a wanton grin and I actually growled as I  reached down and yanked her to her feet before shoving her against the nearest wall.  She moaned in lust as she caught herself,  her hands braced against the wall, her back arched, and her ass out-thrust.  I tugged the robe to one side to reveal her golden  ass, my fingers quickly digging below her cheeks to find her dripping pussy.  I was on the verge of complete loss of control as I  jammed my fingers inside her, bringing a gasp to her mouth as she started thrusting herself against my hand, fucking my fingers.

     For the last week I had worked out a long list of everything I wanted to do to Kate's body but I forgot all about it as I   surrendered to my animalistic urges.  I pulled my fingers out of her tight channel and licked them clean before placing my aching  cock at the entrance to her heavenly cunt and shoved my hips forward, thrusting into her willing body.  Her head slammed against  the wall but neither of us cared as we practically growled in pleasure and began fucking like wild animals.  With every wet slap of  my groin, her juices splashed out, trailing down our legs and dripping off my swinging balls as she pushed herself back against  my thrust to get as much of my meat inside of her as possible and I shoved forward as much as I could for the same reason.  I  reached beneath her her and roughly squeezed and kneaded her large, dangling tits, twisting and tugging on them nearly to the  point of pain and with enough force that I knew I would leave bruises but she gave no sign of wanting me to stop and I wouldn't  have anyway.

     I pulled out of her wet cunt, her juices dripping off my cock, and spun her around and shoved her back against the wall.  She   was still wearing the robe but I didn't notice, I just shoved my face between her giant breasts and held them against my head as I  feasted on the silky flesh.  I could have spent all night with my head buried between her bountiful breasts but my cock needed  back inside of her.  I slid my arms between her sticky thighs and with a strength born of working out in prison to make sure I  didn't have to take my turn in the shower room I lifted her up on my forearms, her legs pulled wide, and impaled her on my prick.

     Kate's magnificent tits jiggled wildly like jell-o with each of my thrusts causing her to squeal in pleasure with every intense   movement of our conjoined bodies.  My cum filled balls smacked wetly against her ass and my sweat dripped down onto her  quivering abdomen.  Her hands skittered across the wall looking for some kind of purchase as I fucked her hard and deep but the  only things keeping her from falling we're my arms and prick as I pounded into her.  I angled my thrust to make sure my  cock-head rubbed firmly against her G-spot and quickly brought her to orgasm, her tight pussy gripping my angry cock and her  tan body seizing in pleasure while her robe twitched and rolled.

     When she came down from her sexual high I slid her bonelessly to the floor and finally yanked that ridiculous robe off of her   before dragging her by her hair to the bed like I was some kind of caveman.  I pulled her on top of my as I fell back with her  straddling my hips and when she'd recovered enough from her orgasm she grabbed my cock at it's base and lower herself down  as my hands sought out her heaving breasts.  Her tight pussy slowly enveloped my prick and I couldn't help but push up, burying  myself to the hilt inside of her.  She cried out with the sudden intrusion but quickly recovered and began riding me like she was  trying to break a pony, her tits wobbling wildly on her sweat slick chest.  Her pace made it difficult to hold onto her wildly swaying  breasts and my hands just weren't big enough to grip onto them but I tried as hard as I could.  She bounced hard and fast on my  shaft to the point I think she may have bruised my pelvis but I didn't care, all I cared about was the way her tight hole stretched  and grasped my pole, the look of her body riding me, her head thrown back in pleasure, and the feel of her tits in my hands.

     The sight of super model Kate Upton riding my cock nearly made me forget about my twenty years in prison and it nearly felt   like no time had passed between when I first went in and now.  There were probably thousands, if not millions, of men who wished  they were me right now and that feeling was just a bare second place to actually being me right now.  The impact of her hips as  she rode me hard and rough were causing her juices to splatter out and drench us, I'd never had a woman this wet before, it was  almost like a hentai movie.  They still have those, right?  My hands wandered over her body again and again, never happy with an  single place, but always returned to her tits which we're now starting to look red and worn.

     I could feel my balls practically boiling with the need to cum and Kate's body was made in such a way that there was only   one logical place to do it.  I pinched and twisted one of her hard nipples with the fingers on one hand while the fingers of my other  hand delved between her wet thighs and strummed her little clit.  She screamed out in pleasure as another orgasm tore through  her, her luscious body spasming in electric bliss.  I unceremoniously threw her off of me and straddle her God sent chest,  wrapping her unbelievable tits around my cock and began hurriedly fucking them.

     The feel of Kate's miraculous tits around my dick made me wish I had studied poetry in college instead of psychology   because I can't even describe how good it felt.  The best I could come up with was to scream out, "Oh Fuck yes!" as I slid back  and forth between them while she slowly came down from her orgasm.  She slid her tongue out to lick the tip of my prick  whenever it popped out from above her jiggling cleavage and it sent me over the edge.  I released her mountainous breasts and  aimed my cock down at her chest, fisting myself to orgasm, cummimg across her golden, shining tits.  As my cum rained down  on her it triggered another orgasm in her and she squealed in pleasure as her juices gushed out of her and soaked the bed.

     As the last of my seed splashed down on Kate's tits, and after I regained some muscle control and my breath, I bent down   and whispered, "Sleep," into her ear and she immediately fell unconscious, although truth be told she hadn't been fully conscious  since finding me in the closet.  I whispered the last of my commands to her and then cleaned up and got dressed, before riffling  through her purse for some loose money because working at a second rate hotel didn't pay much, and then left.  In a  semi-conscious state she'd clean herself up and then fall back into a true sleep, waking in the morning to think everything that we  had done was nothing more than a dream and them promptly forget all about it.

     I walked out of the hotel immensely pleased with myself and grinning like a maniac.  I may have even been whistling.  I was   even more pleased that my skills hadn't rusted in the twenty years I sent at Club Fed but then the fear of what could happen to  me if the Fed's found out that I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak, began to creep over me.  Oh well, that was tomorrow.   Today I had fucked Kate Upton.

To be continued... 

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