What's Free Will ?

BY : LazyNinjas
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Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has happened or ever will happen. I do not know Sarah Hyland, Dove Cameron, Chloe Moretz, or Willa Holland personally and I do not make profit/money on this story.

What's Free Will? 

By LazyNinjas

Codes: MC, FF, Cons, Oral 

Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz, Dove Cameron, Sarah Hyland, and Willa Holland 

Disclaimer: None of this ever happened or ever will 

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“Is today finally the day?” Dr. Hawthorne asked his life-long friend and colleague Dr. Kendrick as he hoped for the news to finally be good. 

“Sir, I think we have a breakthrough,” Dr. Kendrick told Dr. Hawthorne.

“What do you mean?” Dr. Hawthorne asked. 

“I have been working on the control chips. I’ve made them so that they don’t have to be installed like our previous control chip. The control chips are now covered with a special chemical that will allow them to slip into the blood stream without being attacked by their blood cells.  The control will enter through an open part of the body like the mouth or the nose. They make their way through the blood stream until they enter the brain and attach itself to the brain, where they will allow us to take control. If it works we will have successfully created a mind control device,” Dr. Kendrick explained. 

Dr. Hawthorne hugged Dr. Kendrick and said, “You’re a genius. Are they ready to be tested?”

“Oh yeah. They’re more than ready,” Dr. Kendrick replied. 

“Then bring them with us,” Dr. Hawthorne said as he was brought the control chips. 

“Now the question is who do we test the new control chips out on?” Dr. Kendrick asked out loud. 

“I say we do it to one of our patients here at the hospital,” Dr. Hawthorne recommended. 

“Alright, want to look through your schedule and find our first attempt?” Dr. Kendrick asked. 

Dr.  Hawthorne pulled out his phone and looked through his planner for the day.  His eyes went wide and a creepy smile came to his face as he saw that Disney Channel star Dove Cameron was scheduled for a checkup as she wasn’t feeling very well.

“Well use the control chip on my patient Dove Cameron,” he said. 

“Is that the blonde one with the huge tits?” Dr. Kendrick asked. 

“That’s the one,” he replied. 

“Okay then. I’m putting the two tongue depressors with the chips on the desk here, there’s two in case she accidentally spits out the first one. 

A few hours later, the dentist entered an exam room to find Dove sitting on the exam table. Dr. Hawthorne was surprised when he saw another woman sitting in the chair. 

“Oh where are my manners? Dr. Hawthorne, this is my friend Sarah Hyland. I hope you don’t mind if she’s in here with me today?” Dove said 

"Good afternoon Ms. Cameron, and the more the merrier I guess," he said as he walked to her and shook her hand. He then shook Sarah’s hand and introduced himself.  “So what seems to be the problem Miss Cameron?”

"You can call me Dove," she said.  "I’ve just been having a tough time with some headaches and a runny nose lately."

“Alright then, let me grab some things and take a look,” he told the girl as he grabbed the first tongue depressor and told Dove to open her mouth and say ahh. Dove did just that, giving Hawthorne easy access to her mouth. Putting the tongue depressor on her tongue and pretending to check her throat, the little control chip made its way down Dove’s tongue before finally going down her throat. Before Dr. Hawthorne took the tongue depressor out of her mouth he got the idea to also insert a chip into Sarah as well. 

“It looks like a pretty contagious cold. Miss Hyland, do you mind if I also check you to see if you’re sick too? I mean you’re already here,” he said to the brunette. 

“Can’t hurt to just look right?” Dove then move to where Sarah was sitting as she took Dove’s place. Dr. Hawthorne then did the same thing he did to Dove. 

“Now I’m going to have to prescribe you some medicine for that cold and you should consult with your doctor Sarah,” he told the girls as he wrote up a prescription for Dove to give to the front desk. 

“Have a good day Dove and Sarah,” he said as he opened the door for them. 

“Thanks Dr. Hawthorne,” Dove and Sarah said as they both walked out of the office. Dr. Hawthorne then scurried to Dr. Kendrick to see if it was successful. 

“Did it work?” Dr. Hawthorne asked his colleague. 

“Yes and no,” he replied. “We will eventually have control but the chips are just downloading information right now. Getting important information like addresses, memories, and so on. By the time our shifts are over, they will be ready to be given commands.” 

“Dr. Kendrick, why don’t you go home and make sure nothing goes wrong with the experiment while I take on your patients?” Dr. Hawthorne said to Dr. Kendrick as he tried to rush them out of the office. 

“Sounds good to me,” he replied as he packed his bags and left the office. 

After a couple hours of seeing patients and eagerly awaiting for his shift to finally be over, the clock gave him the okay to leave. Dr. Hawthorne got into his car and raced to Dr. Kendrick’s home. After arriving he opened the door and saw him hard at work. 

“How’s it going Dr. Kendrick?” he asked. 

“We have them under our control, they’re waiting for us at Dove’s mansion. I just need to insert the final parts of the chips to get rid of their free will, ” he replied. 

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go get our slaves!” he replied as he closed the door and hopped into Dr. Kendrick’s truck. 

Dr. Kendrick grabbed the new control chips and placed them into his bag. He left his home, locked the door, and got into the truck. Dr. Kendrick used the mobile controller unit to access Dove’s memory, where he found the directions to Dove’s mansion. After a 20 minute drive, the doctors both arrived at Dove’s, where Sarah and Dove were, standing there with glossy eyes that made it look like they were daydreaming. 

“I’m here to server and do anything you ask of me, masters,” Dove said to the doctors in a monotone voice. 

“Excellent. Get yourselves on the table so we can insert their control chips.” Dr. Hawthorne commanded Sarah and Dove. The girls climbed onto the table, eagerly awaiting for the doctors to insert the permanent control chips. After grabbing both of the chips out of the high security suitcase, Dr. Hawthorne grabbed the first one and opened Dove’s mouth insert the new control chip while Dr. Kendrick did the same with Sarah’s. Doctor Kyle then took out the mobile controller unit and made the control chips go down the girl’s throat and find their way in both of their blood streams.

“How long will it take to give us control?” Dr. Hawthorne asked. 

“That’s the best part,” Dr. Kendrick said. 

“They can influence the host’s mind as soon as they enter the blood stream. The host would be aware they weren’t in control, but the control only gets stronger as they get closer to the brain. As soon as the chip gets close to the brain, they lost all control they have.”  

As soon as Dr. Kendrick finished what he was saying, Dove and Sarah woke up. 

“We are ready for our commands, master,” both girls said in unison. 

“Great job Dr. Kendrick!” Dr. Hawthorne said as he became overjoyed. 

“What do you want to do with them now sir?” Dr. Kendrick asked. 

“I want to get more slaves, I need more slaves,” Dr. Hawthorne responded. 

“Okay sir. Who do you want?” Dr. Kendrick asked. 

Dr. Hawthorne had not really thought about who he would enslave next. He tried to think of some other young female celebrities, but he was drawing a blank. He asked Dr. Kendrick, but Dr. Kendrick couldn’t think of anyone either. That’s when Dr. Hawthorne had an idea. 

“Dr. Kendrick, command each slave to tell me who they are most jealous of or most envious of in the industry. Start with Sarah first,” Dr. Hawthorne commanded. 

Dr. Kendrick entered the command into her chip and she started to speak.  

“I’ve always been jealous of Willa Holland. She is such a good actress. She’s confident, sexy, and she has an ass that I just want to take in my hands as my own,” Madison said to the doctors as their interest peaked at her last comment.  Dr. Kendrick wrote down what she said and entered the code into Sarah’s control chip. 

“I really jealous of Chloe Grace Moretz. I auditioned to be in Kickass first and they told me I had the role, but Chloe got the role instead. I can see why they chose her over me. She’s taller, more of a bad ass, and she looks like she could kick anyone’s butt.” Dr. Kyle wrote down what Dove said. Dr. Hawthorne commanded Dr. Kendrick to put the girls to sleep, which he did. As they left her house, he gave some directions to Dr. Kendrick. 

“Dr. Kendrick. I want you to enter a subliminal command to the slaves. They will actively seek out to get alone with each of the women they chose. As soon as they see their target, they will send a message to us, letting us know that they are near their target. We will take over from there. We will go back to the lab and make more control chips” Dr. Hawthorne directed Dr. Kendrick. 

Dr. Kendrick entered the command into each slave’s subconscious. Dr. Kendrick and Dr. Hawthorne went back to the office to work on the new batch of control chips. The next day, the girls followed their subliminal order to find their next slave while the doctors finally finished the 2 new control chips. As they put the final touches on them, Dove called in saying she found her target. 

It recently came to Dove’s attention that Chloe Moretz was in town for a movie premiere. She was able to find Chloe’s hotel after doing some research. Using her celebrity status, she was able to convince the hotel staff to give her a uniform by saying she was going to play a prank on Chloe.  With the control chip in her hand, Dove knocked on Chloe’s door. 

Before Chloe could even react, Dove stuffed the control chip into Chloe’s mouth and forced her to swallow it. The control chip then activated while it was traveling through her body, eventually being able to send the signals to her brain without any interference. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she asked Dove before trying to storm out and get help. 

“You’re not going anywhere bitch,” the doctors made Dove say as she pushed Chloe away from the door, not allowing the woman to leave the hotel room. 

“What are you doing? Move before I bet the shit out of you and call security,” Chloe said before she felt something was off. 

“I don’t think you’re going to do that since the control chip is now taking control,” the doctors said to Chloe through Miranda as she slowly started to lose her free will. 

“Chloe, you belong to us now,” she suddenly heard someone say in her head. 

“Who are you? What did she do to me?” she asked. 

"Chloe, you belong to us now. Do you understand?" the doctors asked. 

“Yes, masters,” they commanded her to say out loud. 

Dr. Kendrick and Dr. Hawthorne were glad that Chloe was now under their control, so they decided to celebrate her capture by making Dove and Chloe fuck while they watched. They sent Chloe a mental command to take off her dress. 

"I should take off this dress. It’s so hot in here," Chloe said as she pulled her dress up over her shoulders and off of her body, revealing a black bra and matching panties, a cute little belly button ring in her navel. 

"Very good, now feel free to drop your dress on the floor," Dr. Hawthorne said to himself as Dr. Kendrick entered the command to Chloe’s control chip. Again the actress unknowingly did as the man suggested. 

"Wonderful," he said as he told Dr. Kendrick to order her to remove her bra. 

"Chloe, I'm sure you don't need your bra on either, do you?" he asked the terrified actress. 

"No," she said. 

"Well, take it off then," he said as Dr. Kendrick entered the command to Chloe’s control chip. She was shocked as she felt herself reach behind her back. Chloe did everything in her power to resist, but she removed her bra from her upper body and let it fall to the floor. A command was sent to Dove’s control chip to grab Chloe’s breast, so Miranda’s hand cupped her right breast and massaged it gently.

"Oh Fuck," Chloe moaned as Dove knelt down in front of Chloe and brought her nipple into her mouth.

Her mind was not fully aware of the situation, but the rest of her body was warm all over from Dove’s touch. With her bra no longer an issue, Dove leaned up to her mouth and gave her a long passionate kiss, which she returned. She let her tongue invade the inside of her mouth for several seconds before pulling away. She let her tongue slide down one side of her face and drag along her lovely neck before returning to her breasts. Dove gave each of them equal attention massaging them gently and sucking on her nipples. 

"Yes, more," The doctors made Chloe plead in oblivious delight. 

Miranda let out a quiet giggle as she ran a hand down her cute little tummy, working her mouth down off of her breast and planting gentle little kisses over her stomach as she moved closer to her panties. 

"Take off your panties for the girl Chloe!" the doctors commanded. 

They couldn't help but smile, knowing that the tiny cameras they implanted in Dove’s eyes was capturing all of this. She pulled her panties off of her hips, and slid them down off of her legs, letting her hands brush over the top of her soft silky legs. She threw her panties to the floor next to her bra and dress, and let a hand drift toward her completely shaved snatch. 

"Oh," Chloe moaned softly as Dove brushed her hand against Chloe’s smooth snatch. She was already beginning to get wet, her body having no control over just how much she was unknowingly enjoying all of this. 

"Yes," she panted as he stuck a finger inside of her and then another. Chloe unwittingly grinded her crotch against Dove’s fingers. "I hope you enjoy me fingering you bitch," she said as she ran her fingers in and out of her. 

"You're a slave for our master now. He’s going to make you feel wonderful," the doctors had Dove say. 

"Oh yes, I'm a slave to my new masters," she agreed in erotic delight while her mind screamed for it to stop.

"Please don’t stop. I love your fingers in my pussy," she blissfully pleaded as she braced her hands on the arm of the chair and grinned  her pussy onto her fingers. 

“Very good Dove. Don't forget to play with Chloe’s clit," Dr. Hawthorne smiled as Dr. Kendrick entered in the command. Chloe’s clit made its first appearance, and Dove started giving it special attention, twiddling it with her thumb.

"More, please. I need more of your wonderful fingers inside of me," Chloe begged as she continued to finger her, reaching up with her other hand to gently squeeze one of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh yeah baby. Keep fucking me with your fingers. I’m going to cum all over those fingers of yours," Chloe screamed and came in ignorant bliss as Miranda fingered her and came all over her hand. The doctors ordered Miranda to taste Chloe’s sweet nectar as it poured out from Chloe’s snatch. 

"Oh yes, Chloe, We’re going to have all sorts of fun with you. Are you having fun with us?" Dr. Kendrick asked as Dove continued to drink Chloe’s nectar straight from the tap.

"I’m having such a great time with Dove and my new masters. I absolutely love it," Chloe breathlessly cooed as she leaned back in the chair, coming down from her orgasm.

"You are so damn delicious Chloe," she said with a grin. 

"Why don't you see for yourself?" she said as she placed her fingers at Chloe’s lips and gently stuck them in her mouth.

"Yum. I didn’t know I was so tasty," Chloe moaned as Dove gently ran her fingers in and out of her mouth, sucking off all of her sweet nectars from her digits. Her lips were wrapped around her fingers firmly, and she couldn't wait until Miranda placed something else inside her mouth. 

"I've done something nice for you," she said as she straddled Chloe’s lap. "Maybe now you could do something nice for me."

"Anything," she said, "Please, let me please you and my new masters," Chloe heard herself giggle as she got up and let her sit down in the chair with her legs spread wide, revealing her recently shaven vagina. Chloe then leaned in and stuck her tongue out to taste brought her already wet snatch. 

"Oh yes, fuck my wet fucking pussy with your tongue," she moaned.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as Chloe made circles around Dove’s cunt.

She once again did as she was told and her hand began to rub Dove’s clit. Chloe then switched up her normal circle movements and started to dart her tongue in and out of her. Chloe was completely lost in her desires to please to please Dove and her new masters. Dove ran her hand through Chloe’s hair as she continued to bob her tongue in and out of her. 

"Oh fuck yes Chloe," she moaned very loudly.

"You taste so yummy, it’s too good to not taste in my mouth," she moaned in response to her encouragement. As Chloe moaned, the vibrations of the sound she made further enhanced Miranda’s pleasure.

"Oh Chloe, do that again," she moaned as she began to feel a little weak in the knees, "Hum while you eat my pussy, it feels so good."

"Well, make her do it," Dr. Hawthorne said to Dr. Kendrick as he put in the command. Chloe obeyed his command to further enhance the pleasure she was giving to Dove as she continued to move her tongue up and down her clit. A sudden movement of Chloe’s tongue made Dove shiver in excitement. She knew she was about to cum at any second.

"Oh fuck Chloe! I'm going to explode! It’d be so hot if you caught it all in your mouth," Dove moaned at the top of her lungs. 

"I want her to swallow all of Dove’s cum," Dr. Hawthorne told Dr. Kendrick, knowing Dove could only last a few more seconds. Dr. Kendrick agreed and enter the command to Chloe’s chip.  Chloe received the command and looked  up at Dove’s face, knowing she was about to cum. Dove threw her head back and closed her eyes, the anticipation of receiving her cum and swallowing it down was too much. 

Dove grabbed two handfuls of Chloe’s hair and held her head against her snatch. Dove moaned as she leaned her head up to the ceiling and came into Chloe’s warm, receptive mouth. After a moment, Dove looked back down to see Chloe finish taking in all of her fluid into her mouth.  With Chloe now fully in their control, they ordered both woman to get dressed and come back to them. 

While Dove was on her way back to the doctor’s with Chloe Moretz, Sarah had finally spot Willa Holland. They were both attending an event at a hotel for the CW, which Willa’s show “Arrow” was broadcasted on. The doctors were immediately alerted when Dove contacted them. 

“Wow, that’s Willa Holland?” Dr. Hawthorne said as he took off his glasses to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with them. 

Willa was wearing a beautiful blue dress. The dress was showing off all of her curves beautifully. Her whole body looked great, but Dr. Hawthorne and Dr. Kendrick both agreed that Willa’s ass took center stage. Both of the doctor were drooling out the site of their mouths at the site of her nice ass. They refocused themselves and looked into Madison’s memory, where they saw that Miranda and Chloe had quite the sexual history. 

“This is perfect!” Dr. Hawthorne said before he directed Sarah to seduce Willa. Sarah then made her way over to Willa to start a conversation to get Willa to the hotel room where she could her alone and insert the control chip and take her as their own. 

“Hey Willa! I haven’t seen you in so long girl! How have you been?” Sarah asked as she gave a hug to Willa. 

“Sarah! Long time no see! I’ve been great. This party is pretty boring though,” Willa replied as the doctors saw this as their chance to separate Willa from the crowd. They type in what they wanted her to say.

“Well, I have a room upstairs. Why don’t we go up there, unwind, and catch up?” Sarah asked. 

“I’d love to go catch up with you. Let’s get out of here,” Willa said as Dr. Kendrick gave Sarah the directions to the room. Sarah and Willow got out of sight and headed up to the room the doctor’s had at the hotel. The girls arrived at the room where the door opened. Sarah let Willa in first, closing the door behind her. In order to get Willa to swallow the chip, Madison place it on her tongue and rushed Willa for a deep passionate kiss. Sarah took the control chip on her tongue and slid it past Willa’s tongue and down her throat. Willa didn’t even notice the control chip go down. The control chip’s signal now activated in Willa’s mind. 

“What should we say to Willa sir?” Dr. Kendrick asked.

“Nothing, let’s make this fun for us. Don’t tell her or make her say anything. Just control her actions,” Dr. Hawthorne ordered.

“Right away sir,” he said as he entered commands into Willa’s chip to comply. They decided to put both girls into an overpowering lust mode and sat back to watch it all unfold. 

The girls continued to passionately make out. Willa wanted to stop and talk about what was happening, but her body just seemed to reject her commands. Sarah stopped their kiss and started stripping off her dress, being completely naked before having Willa turn around and unzip her dress from behind. The blue dress dropped to the floor, revealing Willa wasn’t wearing a bra or panties underneath. 

“Your body is just so perfect,” she said as she moved closer to Willa, wrapping her arms around her waist. She raised her hands to cup her breasts, sending a strong shock through Willa. 

“I should probably stop this,” Willa thought to herself before she let out a cute little squeak from the pleasure of Sarah’s finger running up her slit. Her head rolled back as she massaged her clit. Willa wanted to slow down, but she found herself opening up her legs to give easier access to her sudden lover.

“I bet you want me to stop. Do you really want me to stop, baby?” Sarah asked Willa before she rolled the nub of nerves in between her fingers. Willa suddenly sucked on her neck, making her moan out an explicit “Fuck, no. Don’t stop, please.”

Willa’s legs weakened beneath her. Madison noticed and pushed her onto the hotel bed. She jumped onto Willa and straddled her waist. 

“Did I make your pussy wet, Willa?” She trailed her lips from her collarbone to her breasts. She made her way down beneath her breasts and took a nipple into her mouth. She circled her tongue on her nipple, making Willa moan even louder. 

“My pussy is so wet.  I want your tongue on it,” Willa moaned. Sarah climbed off of her lap and kneeled in between Willa’s legs. Sarah inched her face closer and closer to Willa’s vagina before noticing Willa’s juices were all over her legs.

“You soaked yourself, baby. You’re so wet for me.” Sarah cooed. The doctors were loving everything they were seeing. They slowly turned up the lust level and continued to enjoy the show.

“Please, Sarah. Don’t tease me anymore,” she begged as the Modern Family star pushed her tongue down. Willa could feel the warm saliva sink in and she wanted more. Sarah stopped what she was doing and looked up at Willa, blowing her a kiss. She immediately reattached her tongue to Willa’s exposed pussy. She swirled her tongue around on her cunt, making her scream. 

“Shit, Sarah. Your tongue feels so fucking good,” Willa yelled as she grabbed her breasts. She pinched her nipples hard. Sarah want to continue to pleasure Willa, so she pushed two fingers inside of her with amazing force. She zigzagged her tongue on her pink flesh, making Willa squirm in delight .Willa took one hand down away from her nipples and roughly  pulled Sarah’s hair downwards to get her tongue where she wanted it. “Yes. Right there. Lick my fucking pussy!” 

Willa’s head began to feel woozy when Sarah decided to twist her fingers inside of her. She pressed another finger inside of her. She pushed her hips out for more. Her head rolled back and hit against the pillow on the bed as her orgasm took over her. Her sight dissolved to seeing stars as Madison sucked down on her clit. She sucked the center of her pussy into her mouth and pulled it in between her teeth. 

She yelled, “Fuck, Sarah. I’m coming! Don’t stop sucking on my pussy.” Sarah kept thrusting her fingers inside until Willa came down.

“My turn.” Willa said as she flipped Sarah on the bed and her body straddled Sarah’s hips. Her tongue dove deep into Madison’s mouth. Willa played with her tongue while Sarah cupped her ass and brought her closer. Their breasts pushed together as Willa grinded her pussy on Sarah’s thigh. Sarah pulled her mouth closer to Willa’s.

“I can taste my cum on your tongue.” Sarah said as she moved her hips again. Her clit rubbed against her leg, leaving her cum behind.

“Shit, Sarah. You’re so wet. Keep rubbing yourself on me.” Willa pleaded. 

“I knew you would like fucking me.” Sarah commented. 

Sarah moaned as Willa attached lips to her neck. She swiveled her hips, opening her lips against her thigh. She slid back and forth quickly. Willa sucked on her nipple harshly with the other one in her hand. 

“Fuck, I’m close already,” Sarah moaned.

“That’s because we’re dirty girls, Sarah. I love that you’re so wet me. Do you know how dirty that makes you?” Willa cooed. 

“Fuck, Willa,” her eyes rolled to the back her head as she began her orgasm.

“Yes, baby. Rub your clit against me. I want you to cum all over me,” Willa teased as she licking her neck. “After this, you’re going to lick all your cum off me. I want you to taste how dirty you are.”

Sarah screamed. She didn’t think that she would come so hard just by rubbing her clit against something, but the real turn on was knowing how much they both liked it.

Sarah came down from her orgasm, and crawled off the bed. She immediately licked collected the mix of her and Willa’s juice from her leg to taste. Seeing both of the woman drenched in cum and sweat, Dr. Hawthorne wiped her mind of everything except that he was her master. Dr. Kendrick then ordered both of the women to get dressed and return to their masters.


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