Waking Up

BY : LazyNinjas
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Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has happened or ever will happen. I do not know Taylor Swift or Emma Stone ( plus more in the future) personally and I dont make profit/money on this story.

Waking Up: Demi Lovato
By: LazyNinjas
Starring: Demi Lovato
Codes: (MMF, Mast, Anal, DP, Body Swap, Toys, Sci-Fi, Cons.)
Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. None of this has happened or ever will happen.

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The familiar pounding feeling in my head came back as I was woken up by the sun shining brightly into my room as well as the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. I reached for my alarm clock and punched it with my fist hoping to get the blaring noise to finally stop. I felt like the bashing feeling going through my skull was going to burst right through my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes and had to shield them from the bright sunlight shining directly into my face. 

I could tell from the all too familiar feeling in my head that Victoria decided to test out how much alcohol she could handle in my body, which from this headache was too much. I have no idea why consuming a ton of alcohol was the first thing most girls did when they had my body but I'm glad I don't have any weird tattoos or piercings, last time I checked anyway. I finally decided to open my eyes and look at the clock. 

"Shit! I said out loud as the clock said eight fifty two am. I realized that I had overslept and I needed to get to work at nine thirty in the Los Angeles traffic. I was fucked.

I quickly jumped out of bed and throw on my work clothes, deciding I smelt good enough to forgo a shower for today. I rushed as I quickly straightened out my hair and put on my work clothes, doing my best to at least look a little professional and presentable. Grabbing my keys off of the kitchen table, which I would have thanked Victoria for since I usually misplace my keys, I locked the door on the way out. I unlocked my car and jumped inside, hoping I could somehow beat the unforgiving hell that was known as the California morning commute. 

I sat there in the boredom of the traffic which felt like hour after grueling hour, but it reality it had only been about 20 minutes. I drove my car into the parking garage and parked in my designated spot. I grabbed my things and ran towards the elevator, hoping I’d get to my desk in time. I waited patiently to bolt out of the door as soon as I got to the 11th floor. The doors slowly opened and I shot out of there like a jet on a runway. I ran into the doors of the law firm and got to my desk. I looked up at the clock to see if I had made it on time. I had made it with a minute to spare. 

“You have some very good timing Mr. Carpenter,” a husky male voice said to me. I turned around to see my boss, Adam Farewell. Farewell was one of the most successful lawyers in all of Hollywood. He’s worked with almost every celebrity I could think of and was well respected. He was looking for a fresh and innovative young lawyer to come in and help him slowly transition to retirement in a few years and I was one of three interns he was considering for the job. He was friendly with me but was also tough on me when he needed to be, just like the other interns. 

“A good lawyer always makes a good entrance. Well done just making it into work on time today Mr. Carpenter,” he laughed with his signature deep laugh. 

“Thank you sir,” I kindly responded back. 

“Now I have some files I need you to go over for today and that’s about it for today. We’ve been light on work in your absence but if I know California as well as I know the law, we’re going to get busy in the next couple weeks ahead. So I will need you to try and not take off any more days for the rest of the month at least, unless it is a family emergency or something of that caliber. Think you can do that for me?” Mr. Farewell explained. Being an intern and knowing Mr. Farewell’s mannerisms, he was basically telling me if I took another day off that I was going to be in big trouble. 

“Yes of course Mr. Farewell, anything you say sir,” I politely replied back. 

“Excellent Mr. Carpenter,” he said putting a huge stack of papers on my desk. “Now hurry and get these files sorted out.” 

“You got it sir,” I replied as he walked back to his office to take care of his things. 

I started working on the files he placed on my desk which I knew I just had to sort out by name, but the fact that I was on the verge of getting trouble at my dream job while also knowing that tonight was probably going to be another swap bodies night left me seriously worrying about the safety of my job. 

It took a rough nine hours before I was finally done with all of the paperwork that Mr. Farewell had left on my desk. I massaged my writing hand with my other hand due to the incredible crapping my hand was experiencing. I looked up at the clock again and it was almost seven o’clock. I cleaned off my desk for the day before I headed out to the parking garage. Waiting in the elevator fell like an eternity but I finally got in the parking garage. I got in my car and felt so tired from work that I needed to listen to some music so I did not fall asleep at the wheel. 

As I pulled out from the parking garage I flipped from station to station but nothing seemed to be keeping me awake. There were some songs I had never heard of before and one new song by Demi Lovato but I just decided to turn off the radio and get a cup of coffee on the way home. I walked into my empty apartment and felt so tired. I had no idea why a simple day at work led me to be so tired but for right now I didn’t care that it was eight thirty at night. Throwing off my work clothes and getting into a pair of pajama pants. I left a note by my bedside explaining my situation to the unfortunate soul who’d end up in my body before I went to bed and closed my eyes.

When I woke up the next day, it took a lot of effort for me to get it up. I knew I was in someone else’s body do to the fact I could tell I was in some sort of moving vehicle. I tried to get up from the bed but the swaying of the vehicle caused me to fall onto the floor. 

“Ow,” I said as I fell face and chest first onto the carpeted ground. As soon as I hear the voice that came out of my new mouth, I had a feeling I knew exactly who I was. I looked down at my new body and it was dressed in a simple black nightgown. I looked at my new bodies’ arms and saw that familiar looking tattoos. I was pretty sure on who I was at the moment but just to make sure I bring my new hands down to my hips and grab my ness ass. Feeling the large amounts of flesh I knew who I was. I was now in the body of pop star Demi Lovato. 

I figured I should call her and see if she’s been up in my body yet. I used her memories to find her cellphone and unlock it so I could call her. After putting in the password I look at the time on the screen and see the time is seven thirty am.  

I dialed my own number and waited for a couple rings before Demi in my body picked up the phone. 

“Hello? Who are you and why are you in my body?” she said in my voice, clearly terrified and confused by this unique situation.  

“Hey Demi, my name is Dan Carpenter. I have a note for you on the side of the bed that briefly explains what’s going on here. Don’t worry this is not a permanent thing and you’ll y have your body back by tomorrow, just please stay calm,” I said to her in the most relaxing tone I could say. 

“Okay I’m going to read the note,” Demi replied. The phone was silent for a minute or two before she got back on the phone. 

“So you have an ability that allows you to swap bodies with someone at random? I’d say you are full of shit but seeing the results for myself I’m officially a believer,” she commented. 

“I’m so sorry I had swapped with you Demi, it was a complete accident. I just hear your new song on the radio before I went to bed last night and I found myself in this tour bus?” I asked, not knowing exactly what I was on. 

“Yeah it’s a tour bus,” she replied. 

“That makes sense now,” I responded. 

“This is so weird. So this happens to you every other day?” she asked. 

“Yeah it does.” I respond. 

“Can I ask whose body you’ve been in before, out of curiosity?” 

“Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and Victoria Justice.” I replied. 

“Interesting. Wait a minute, oh shit!” she exclaimed. 

“What’s wrong Demi?” I responded. 

“My tour.  I’m supposed to perform tonight,” Demi shouted. “I don’t want to disappoint my fans. I love my Lovatics."

“And I have to be to work on time today, can you tell me what time it is there?” I ask. 

“It’s only seven thirty in the morning,” she yelped back. 

“Okay how about we come to an agreement. Since I can access your memories while I’m in your body, I can try to put on your show for tonight and you go to my work and fill out the paperwork for Mr. Farewell?”

“Mr. Farewell? You mean Adam Farewell? Like Adam Farewell the lawyer Adam Farewell?” she asked.

“Yeah I work for him. Why? Is that going to be a problem?” I ask. 

“No not at all I know exactly where his office is,” she replied. 

“Okay good. All you need to do is file any documents he gives you alphabetically. You need to be there by nine thirty. Do you think you can do that for me Demi?” 

“Well since you are going to do my show tonight I’d be glad to help,” she replied. “Just one more thing. Is it okay with you if I play with your dick before work? I’ll let you have at my body if you say yes.” 

“Uh yeah sure Demi,” I said as I was kind of surprised she just brought that up out of the blue. “Okay is there anything I need to know about your concert tonight or any advice?”

“A couple things. Just don’t forget the lyrics, don’t have a wardrobe malfunction and be sure to flaunt my body around up there for the crowd,” she advised. 

“Flaunt your body? What do you mean by that exactly?” I asked. 

"Make sure you play with my, well your body a bit on stage. Really gets the crowd into it," she suggested.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, not completely sure what she meant by that. 

"You know, shake my ass, use my hips, pat my pussy with your hands, and maybe grab a tit. Stuff like that will make the crowd so horny," she giggled as it sounded weird to hear my own voice giggle. 

"If you're okay with that," I replied. "Just one more thing Demi."

"Yeah?" she replied. 

"Please don't get me drunk after work. I'm always suffering from the hangovers from the girls who are in my body and it's getting pretty bad."

"Fine, it's the least I can do since you're going through with the concert. Can I smoke some weed instead?" she begged. 

"Deal, just remember I have to go to work in the morning so do not go overboard." 

"Yay!" She exclaimed on the other side of the phone. "Thanks Dan. Sorry you have to do my job, hope you get a good experience out of it though." 

"Thanks for being cool with being in my body." I replied. 

"No problem. I've always secretly wanted to know what it's like to have a big dick." 

"Wait, you think my dick is big?" I said as I couldn't help but blush from the compliment. 

"Not going to lie it's pretty impressive," she said in a tongue and cheek manner. "Anyway I hope you have fun, I know I will. Talk to you soon Dan." 

"Bye Demi. Have some fun, but not too much fun," 

"Alright Commander Buzzkill, have fun too. Bye," she replied. 

"Bye." I responded as I pressed the end call button on her phone. Man I was so lucky that I was getting girls who were okay with being in a random guy's body for a day. It felt weird to not have someone who wasn't completely understanding of the situation and I was lucky to swap with woman who seemed more relaxed than others. I look down at her body, feeling sexy as hell in the silk nightgown. 

"Since she is already playing with my dick, I might as well have some fun myself," I thought to myself as I was about to leave for the bathroom to check out Demi's gorgeous body, a sudden thought swept into my mind. I walked over to her dresser next to her bed and grab a huge black dildo. 

"Now I'm ready to have some fun," I giggle in her voice as I take the huge fake member and make my way to the bathroom. Making sure there was no one else on the trailer, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door, just in case if someone tried to interrupt me while I took in my new body. I place the huge fake cock on the bathroom counter while I take in her curvy form. 

Looking into the mirror, the first thing that caught my attention was her beautiful smile. I look up and her deep light brown eyes are looking right back at me. I let her long brown hair down out of the bun it was in when she felt asleep. 

"Why don't we move onto the main event shall we?" I sad in her voice, basically teasing myself as I bring up her hands to the straps of the nightgown. I strike a sexy little pose in the bathroom mirror as I slowly slide down one strap followed by the other. I give a little shimmy of her body until the straps make the nightgown fall to the ground, leaving Demi Lovato only covered by a pair of silky black panties. 

"Wow Demi, you are a curvy little slut. I like it," I giggle in her voice as I strike several poses that make her curves really stand out. I run my hands up and down her stomach, feeling that she was curvy but still really in shape. My hands wander upwards until they make skin to skin contact with her cute average sized tits. 

"Cute little tits Demi," I thought to myself as I grabbed and weighed the little bits of flesh in her hands. "Not spilling out of my hands but enough for a solid handful, good job." 

I take the flesh on her chest and squeeze them together to get a better look at her nipples. Her nipples were a light brown color which contrasted well against her lighter skin. They began to poke out more the more I played with them and soon they were pushing against her palms. The breasts themselves were very perky. They were perfectly shaped circles but they looked good on her body. I loved how they jiggled from the slight push her hands gave them. 

These tits are perfect," I moaned in her voice as my hands squeezing and kneading her breasts felt amazing. Bouncing them up and down felt incredible as the soft skin smacked against her body. I could start to feel her lower lips become aroused from the steady amount of pleasure that came with squeezing and playing with her modest sized breast. 

I continued to play with the squeezing the globes of flesh as I worked them in and out of my palms. The feeling her hard nipples poking lightly against the skin on my hands sent a small chill down to her crotch. Deciding it was time to move on, I slowly took my hands off of Demi's underrated chest. 

"Well these were certainly fun to play with but now let's go down south," I seductively whispered to myself as I moved her hands down her warm sun tanned skin. My hands traveled down her stomach, going slowly and taking enough time to get down lower to tease. My hands continued to slide down slowly until they had reached the waistband of her panties.  

"Looks like it's finally time to get a first person view of that famous Lovato ass," I thought as I turned around and grabbed the waistband of  the G-string and slide the G-string panties down past her incredible rump, gliding down her thighs until they made their way around her tattooed ankles. In the reflection of the mirror was the booty that made straight men and lesbians around the world crazy with lust. 

"This ass is fucking huge," I thought to myself as I used both hands to squeeze her big round booty. So far all the girls I swapped with have slender builds, but she was a curvy woman with nice tits and a humongous ass. It felt like two giant fleshy pillows in my hands ass I jiggled her big butt cheeks. Staring in the mirror I couldn't help but be mesmerized by her large posterior. 

I shook her big ass back and forth to tease myself before I resumed squeezing and squishing her plump ass cheeks, loving the amazing rush of pleasure that came with my rough handling of the soft flesh. I gave a huge smack to each incredible butt cheek, the sound of the smacked skin sounding like a whip being cracked. Feeling curious, I spread her ass cheeks apart until I see her cute little starfish. 

"Nice asshole Demi," I chuckled as my hands continued to squeeze and mesh her booty together. After continuing to play with her butt for a couple minutes. I decided to turn back and look at her glistening cunt. I looked down at her moist opening, which had a tiny bit of hair directly above it.

"Cute. I always loved girls with a little bit of hair down there," I thought to myself as I slowly ran her hand back and forth through the slight bit of hair just above her wet snatch. I lowered her hand out of her pubic hair until it slowly made contact with swelling pussy lips. A sharp jolt caused her body to jolt up in pleasure as I ran her fingers up and down the very sensitive lips.

The other hand left her ass after a minute or two and joined the other hand at her pussy. I spread her pussy lips apart with her left hand and slowly inched her right hand towards her opening. A huge rush surged throughout her entire body as one finger went inside her pussy while another quickly joined it.

“Holy fucking shit that feels good," I thought to myself as I made her fingers squirm around in her pussy. I could feel my breathe get heavier and heavier as I pushed her fingers inside of her harder and at a rhythm that her body seemed to respond positively to.

I wanted to keep going with the incredible pleasure my fingers were providing her love button, but I took one look at the dildo on the counter and pulled her fingers away from her cunt. Masturbating in a woman’s body for the fourth time now, I wanted to switch things up and keep things interesting, hence why I brought the dildo into the bathroom in the first place. I knew that girls used these things all the time but I have not used one as a woman yet. My curiosity of how close this fake cock felt like a real one peeked my interest. I grabbed the dildo off the counter and held it in my hand.  

"Why don't we try out this little guy for size?" I say as I place the huge black dildo on the toilet seat. I position her pussy directly over the plastic toy. I did a quick countdown in my head before I slowly lower her opening onto the realistic toy. 

“Oh fuck!” I moaned audibly as I slowly continued to take more and more of the toy into her wet and aching pussy. Shivers pulsed throughout her body as the tip pushed against her inner walls the further I lowered her down on it. It felt absolutely amazing as the fake cock invaded Demi’s love cave, the feeling was sending me through the roof. 

I felt sad as I moved her off the cock but felt the joy and pleasure as I slowly slammed her vagina back down on the toy. After slowly bouncing up and down on the fake dick, I start to wiggle her hips while it was inside her opening so it could stretch out her inner walls as much as possible. While I started to speed up the pace of bouncing up and down on the fake cock, I brought her hands up to her tiny breasts and started to rub and pinch both of her protruding nipples. 

I couldn't help but imagine how sexy it would be to find this exact scenario but in my own body. A naked Demi Lovato who was fondling and jiggling her modest sized boobs in her hands, pinching and playing her lighter colored nipples with her fingers, all the while bouncing up and down on a fake cock in the most obscene way. Thinking of this incredibly erotic sight in my mind caused Demi's lady parts to become wet with pure lust. 

I was horny as hell in her body and I needed to cum. I started slamming her eager vagina onto the fake member with reckless abandon. The pure force of bouncing up and down on the toy made a drop of sweat drop down from her forehead and onto her succulent breasts. I couldn't help but let loud audible moans escape for the singer's mouth as I felt overwhelming amounts of pure pleasure. The pleasure was rising to the point I know her body couldn't take much more. With one final huge thrust, the pleasure started to erupt like a volcano. 

"Oh fuck! I think I'm gonna!" was all I could say before I felt her body immediately tense up. Her vaginal walls gripped on tightly to the fake black member as it started to release liquids onto it. Her body jerked and twitched as each spray of lady cum covered the toy. Each twitch that followed up got more and more violent as it spewed cum. By the time the final twitch happened, I was on the floor of the bathroom covering the tile floor with Demi's lady cum. 

It took me a few minutes of sitting there on the bathroom floor to getting my rapid breathing to calm down. Her chest heaved up and down as I tried to bring oxygen into her lungs. Finally gathering the strength to stand, I get off the floor and look at the sweat that covered her body in the mirror. 

"That was quite the ride Lovato. You sure know how to work a cock," I said in her sluttiest voice as I grabbed the juice covered toy in her hands.

Not even wasting a second to think about it, I took the juice covered cock and stick it in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the toy, I collected as much juice as possible before I took the fake cock out of her mouth. Collecting all the cum in the middle of her mouth, I tilted her head back and let the love liquid slide down her throat. 

"Yummy," I said out loud in her voice. I was in the glow of my amazing session in the bathroom when I was spooked by a sudden voice and knock at the door. 

"Demi, its Lauren. You need to be dressed in five minutes so we can leave for the stadium okay?" the woman asked. I used my ability to look through her memories to find out who Lauren was. Apparently, Lauren was Demi’s great friend and tour manager. 

“Ok. Got it!” I said, trying not to sound like I had just had masturbated like my life depended on it. I waited in the bathroom until I heard the sound of the door shutting so I wouldn’t flash Lauren and make her wonder why her friend was naked and sweating. 

I scurried from the bathroom to the bedroom, her cute little tits bouncing up and down as I made my way to the back of the bus. Entering her room, I closed the door behind me and used her memories to find where she had placed all of her clothes. Going into her underwear drawer, I couldn’t help but notice she had some pretty sexy underwear. I was in a hurry though so I grabbed a black pair of panties and a matching bra. I put on the panties and using her memories I was able to put on the bra with ease. 

Now that the underwear part of her outfit was out of the way, I needed to focus on the other clothes. I grabbed a see through white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I took so much effort to get those pants past the mountain of a booty that she had, but the end result made Demi’s booty stand out even more. I paired the outfit with some sunglasses, a hat, and a cute pair of black boots. The outfit was almost complete. I grabbed her phone and purse, which was all I needed. 

Once I was completely ready to go, I walked out of her room on the tour bus and made my way to the front. As I approached the steps of the door, it slowly opened to reveal nothing but giant men in black suits. I figured it was security. As I descended down the stairs finally touching the pavement, the security guard in the back covered me from behind so I was completely surrounded by security. I had never felt so claustrophobic in my entire life. People being so close felt so suffocating. I made me feel very uncomfortable so I quickly made my way to the limo that was taking me to the stadium. 

Sitting in the limo I could start to feel the nerves kick in. I was about to perform in a packed stadium in front of thousands and thousands of screaming fans. I know performers like Demi should be used to these nerves by now, but I was not her even though I had her body. I tried to distract myself by watching some YouTube videos on her phone. Time seemed to fly as I finally felt the limo slow down to a complete stop. The limo driver got out of the car and helped me out of the limo. 

I was again immediately surrounded by stadium as they lead me to the entrance that I needed to go through. I walked through a giant white hallway which seemed like it took forever to find out the right way I needed to go but I finally found her dressing room. I could tell it was hers by the giant gold star that had Demi written on it. I waved off the security guards and entered the room, where I was met by her hair and makeup team. 

“Hey Demi!” they all said as they waved hello. 

“Hey guys,” I say back as I smile with her cute smile. “You guys ready to get me all dolled up for tonight?”

I walked over to the spinning chair in the middle of the room. "Okay guys, let's get started."

The hair and makeup team started to work their magic on me. It felt so weird to have 3 people working on my hair and makeup felt so weird to me. Having one woman doing my hair while another worked on lip gloss for her lips and another applying all of the other make up on my face just felt so weird. 

I pulled out her phone and did my best to entertain myself while they continued to work on making Demi pretty. I didn’t even realize that it had almost been three entire hours before they finally had me ready to perform as Demi Lovato. As soon as the hair and makeup team was finished they all waved goodbye to leave me in the dressing room by myself for the hour before the show. 

I decided it was time to ditch these street clothes and get into the outfit I was supposed to begin the show in. There were three different outfits for me to choose from. There was a white bodysuit with silver high heeled boots, a black bodysuit which had lace on the arms and chest area with black thigh highs, and a gold and black striped suit with the same black thigh highs. All of the outfits also came with skin colored tights

I used her memories and realized she always started the shows in the black bodysuit with the lace. I kicked off her heels and threw them into the corner. It took a little bit of effort, but I got her skinny jeans down to the floor. I pulled off my shirt, leaving me in my bra and panties. I start by putting on the skin colored tights until they were at her hips. Holding up the black body suit I stepped into the legs and slowly pulled it up her curvy body. As it held her body, I couldn’t help but let a moan escape as it rubbed tightly against her crotch. I placed my hands through the lacy arms and pulled up the zipper in the back. 

I couldn’t help but look in the mirror to admire how sexy Demi looked in this cute black outfit. The bodysuit fit her like a glove, hugging all of her curves in the right places. The lace sleeves and chest piece really gave the bodysuit a lingerie like feel. I could help but bounce her boobs in her hands as her cleavage was still very present despite being partially covered. 

My stare moved down from her torso to her legs, which looked absolutely amazing in the skin colored tights. I turned around and was not disappointed when I saw how the outfit completed her best physical feature. In the back, the bodysuit fit on Demi’s curvy body like a thong, most of the fabric being in her ass crack which in turn made her butt seem even bigger, if that was even possible. I couldn’t help but give her big ass a few smacks before I looked up at the clock and see it was only a half hour before the show was going to begin. 

I walk away from the mirror in the dressing room and sit down on the big red couch. I decided it would be best if I used the last hour to use as much of her memories as I possibly could to know what I needed to know. I close my eyes and searched through her mind to get the basics of each show. It took a little digging but I was able to find the information that I desperately needed. 

The first thing her mind told me was that most of her concerts were not very long. This concert was only going to cover 10-12 songs. It was going to mostly be her hit songs like “[i]Heart Attack[/i],[i] Give Your Heart a Break[/i], [i]Confident[/i], and [i]Cool for the Summer[/i]". Besides those songs, fan favorites like Nightingale and Stone Cold would also be performed. I looked at the track list in my mind and thought of every individual song. It was incredible that I could just sing all the lyrics correctly as soon as I thought of the proper song. The last thing I needed to know was every 4th song I was supposed to go to a certain spot on stage where a cover would be put on me and I would have people change me into the next outfit. 

“Demi! Five minutes girl!” I heard someone say outside of the door. I was incredibly excited but also extremely nervous. Her heart was beating a thousand beats a minute and surprisingly she was getting very wet down below. I guess it turned Demi on to perform in a crowd like this. I did my best to breathe and before I knew it my five minutes were up. The door opened and Lauren walked in with the microphone in hand. 

“Here you go,” she said as she handed me the mic. “Knock them dead kid.” 

I grabbed the microphone out of her hands and proceeded to walk from her dressing room on to the platform that was below the stage. As I stepped on the platform, it slowly started to lift me onto the stage. 

“Demi! Demi! Demi!” was all I could hear from the crowd. As I slowly ascended up, the name yelling turned into screams of joy. 

“Hello everybody!” I screamed into the microphone with her famous voice. “Are you all ready to have a good time tonight?” 

I started to sing the first song which was [i]Heart Attack[/i]. I followed all of her advice as I went through the song. I shook my ass, twisted my hips, and patted her pussy with her hand. The rush of the crowd cheering me on was driving her body mad with lust. I was able to get through the next couple songs before I walked over to the spot where Demi went through a wardrobe change. It felt so weird to have five or six people taking off my clothes and putting on another wardrobe. Their hands felt so soft and incredible on her skin as they stripped me out of the black outfit and into the silver one. 

The crowd reacted with screams of joy and excitement as I quickly stepped out in the silver outfit. I started to sing Cool for the summer, feeling an incredible sexual rush as they all sang along with me. Feeling and feeding off the energy coming from the crowd, I could not help but tease them as I brought one hand up to her chest to jiggle her breast for good measure. I easily transitioned from song to song with ease, using her incredible singing voice to carry each tune. 

Time seemed to be going by way too fast as I realized I needed to go back over to the tent where the group of people helped me change my outfit. I hid behind the red furry curtain as their hands quickly stripped her body of the silver outfit and into the final outfit of the evening which was the white one. I stepped out of the curtain in my white outfit and once again the crowd went nuts as they roared and cheered for Demi Lovato. 

I was a little nervous about the last couple of songs she had to perform because they were mainly power ballads and I needed to play the piano during the last few. Again using her memories, I played the song perfectly as I belted out [i]Stone Cold[/i] and [i]Nightingale[/i] for the crowd. I was finally at the final song of the show which was [i]Confident[/i]. I felt such a huge rush as I belted out the lyrics and moved around on stage. I sang the last lyric of the song and hear a roaring applause from the excited crowd. 

“Thank you all for having me in your beautiful city tonight. Stay safe and have a great night. I love you all!” I screamed in her voice as I stepped on the platform that slowly lowered itself down to the backstage area. Everyone on her team was giving me a hug a telling me I did a great job out there. They lead me into the dressing room and left me alone in there while people decided to pack up. I could not help it but her body was so horny from performing. It gave her body such a sexual thrill that it was tough to control myself. I needed to fuck and fuck now. 

I opened the door and peak my head out to see two crew members on Demi's tour. Her memories told me that their names were Rick and Mark. Apparently they had always hit on her but she would turn them down on an almost daily basis. She wasn't going to turn them down today. 

"Hey Rick! Mark! Can you guys come in here please?" I say as I blow them a kiss and wiggle my ass for them. They quickly follow behind me and close the dressing room door. 

"Did you need something Demi?" Mark asked. 

“Yeah I do actually. Would you guys mind helping me out of this tight little outfit?” I asked them, knowing they wouldn't turn me down at this point. I stood in front of the men and put my arms up, giving them the signal that it was okay for them to strip me.

Mark grabbed the zipper and slowly unzipped the bodysuit while Rick made quick work of the thigh high boots and the tights. The body suit slowly fell to the ground, revealing her beautiful naked form. While both guys stare in amazement, I grab one of her exposed tits and knead it in my hands while the other rubs her pussy in a sexual circle motion. 

"You like what you see boys?" I say in her sexiest voice as I stand there and let them take in and admire every single inch of her naked body. They both nodded their heads in agreement. 

“Thank you for helping me out of those pesky clothes gentlemen. Now let’s get the fun part started shall we?” I told them both as I posed and modeled her nude form in front of the men as they stared and admired her tight young body and her god given ass.  They both took off their pants and underwear, exposing their big meaty cocks. 

"Are you sure you're ready to get fucked Demi?" Rick asked me. 

"I'm so ready boys," I replied as I bent over. "Now who's gonna go first?"

Rick decided that he was going to be the one to do it. He grabbed her hips with both hands and lined up his shaft with her cunt, getting ready to penetrate her. I repositioned her body so his hard man meat could enter her tight love hole. Rick grabbed her hips and slower pulled me in closer until I could feel the tip of his man sword touching her wet pussy lips. 

Loud lust filled moans filled the room as I felt the pleasure flooding through her body just from his tip grazing against her cunt. An incredible bolt of pleasure shot through her body as the man pulled her hips towards him as he thrust his eight inch cock forward into her wet pussy.

I let out a hard groan as I felt the spongy tip of his penis push against her sensitive inner walls. I was in total bliss as he moved it around, hitting spots that send strong jolts of pleasure throughout her body. He pulled back out and started thrusting into her tight pussy again. In response, I started to buck her hips back into him, making the man’s cock burrow deeper into her woman cave.

"Oh fuck that feels so good," I moan. 

The harder he fucked me, the more I wanted and the more that want became a need. I couldn't help but let moans fill the room as her tight pussy was pounded continuously and with such incredible force. The hard thrusting made her tits bounce up and down on my chest. They kept bouncing until I felt a strong pair of hands on them. A light yelp escaped my throat as I looked down at her chest to see Mark groping her left breast while licking the other one. I moaned as I felt his tongue cover her nipple in saliva. He took her nipple and lightly pinched and bite down on the nipples. I pushed her chest forward, letting Mark know I was liking what he was doing. 

While switching from her right tit to her left tit, he took a second and added more pleasure by rubbing and pinching her pretty pink nipples. I was so lost in the pleasure I was feeling from Rick's cock in her cunt, I didn't even notice Mark get up and move behind me. 

I was completely caught off guard when I felt some pain shoot through her body. I turned my head back to see that Mark was now behind me and pushing his cock into a hole that I had not used in a woman's body until now, that being the asshole. My eyes rolled back into her head as he pushed his massive meat rod further and further into the once forbidden hole. It hurt like a motherfucker going in but became more pleasurable the more it was able to open up her asshole more.   

I couldn't help but grunt in pleasure as I felt her asshole being stretched out by Mark’s cock pushing into her rectum. I let out louder and more lust filled grunts as the men began alternating thrusts of cock in Demi's cunt and then her ass. Feeling pleasure from both holes at this same time was too much for me to handle. My mind was starting to become lost in lust from the nine inch cock pounding her pussy and the massive ten inch ramming and crashing into her tight asshole. 

Both cocks were stretching her holes to their limits as they both started thrusting hard and harder into her pussy and asshole at the same time. I was completely overwhelmed with pleasure as I felt the ecstasy of her pussy and ass being pleasured simultaneously. Both Mark and Rick started at a very solid pace but started thrusting their hips in and out faster as soon as they realized how much Demi was enjoying it, just pounding away into her holes. I felt that feeling I always felt before and I lost control as the pleasure took over. 

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" I scream as the pleasure starts to overload me. The men didn’t slow down at all as they felt her pussy squeeze tightly around their pricks. I screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit me like a tidal wave, taking over her whole entire body at once. Lady fluid began to leak on both of the men’s' cocks, but they kept up their pace.

“I think I'm about to cum,” Rick said. 

"Me too," Mark added. 

"Do you want us to pull out Demi?" they both asked. 

“Don’t pull out guys. I’m on the pill just cum with me,” I screeched as the men urgently thrust into her body. With her body on the verge of another climax, the men pounded into her holes as hard and fast as they could, it took only a minute or two of thrusting for the men to reach their limit as the three men in her pussy and ass almost simultaneously exploded inside of her. As both of them shoot cum into their respective holes, I feel the same pleasure and start to orgasm again. 

I collapsed onto the floor in exhaustion as the men pulled out of their respective holes and placed me on the couch to catch my breath. From the angle I was in, both men got a good view of her gaping pussy and asshole as cum leaked out of both holes and down her inner thighs.They cleaned themselves up with some paper towel before putting their pants back on. 

"Thanks for the fun time guys," I said waving as they went towards the door. 

"No problem Demi," Rick said. 

"Any time Demi," Mark responded. 

They both left the dressing room, leaving me a lone to get dressed and clean up. They had used all of the paper towel so the only thing I had to clean the cum out of her used and abused pussy were her panties. I put the panties now turned into cum rag in her purse before I put on her clothes and headed for the limo. I waited in the limo until I was finally back in her tour bus. It was only 9:30 wherever I was but I fucking exhausted, I threw on her nightgown after tossing off her normal clothes. 

"I think that was the most fun I've had in someone's body yet," I thought to myself before I slowly fell asleep.

To Be Continued....

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