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Disclaimer: Think of this as a story about characters named after and meant to resemble celebrities--as if the celebrities were playing roles in a film. I do not know any of these people, and I make no money from this story.

The following chapter features Evan Peters as Evan and Hayley Atwell as Hayley. I do not know either of these people. This is a work of fiction. I do not make a profit from it.


He came to in darkness. Slowly shapes started to form in his vision, blurred and distorted, but growing slightly clearer. As his consciousness returned to him, it was beset with questions: Who was he? Where was he? What had happened? As things came into focus in his sight, so things slowly started to crystallize in his memory.

A ship-wreck. He was a mate on the ship and it went down. Or did it? He remembered being thrown violently from the deck…

His name was Evan. Yes, he knew that. He knew he was American, as well. The basic things, they all started to come back to him as his brain tried to make sense of where it was.

A room. Dimly lit. A face above him. A woman’s face. A stranger.

He struggled to speak. “Where… where am I?”

“You’re safe,” she said, but he was not satisfied.

“Where?” he croaked out.

She shushed him gently, and now he could feel her putting something on his arm. He was too weak to protest or question any further; best to let himself recover his strength first.

Time passed strangely in his half-awake state, drifting in and out of sleep, and Evan wasn’t sure how much later it was when he properly came to. As consciousness slowly crept back up on him, though, he found himself able to take stock of his surroundings.

He was in a small room. A bedroom, he supposed, or at least a room with a bed, since that was what he lay upon at the moment. Wood paneled walls. There was what an electric lamp mounted on the wall by the door, and a candle on the bedside table. On another table by the wall, there were some things he couldn’t quite make out. Medical supplies? Definitely some bandages. A syringe. He wasn’t sure about the rest.

No windows. That made him strangely uneasy. Evan was not normally claustrophobic, but he felt in desperate need of space just then. He was alone in the room for the moment, and he decided to test his strength while he could.

Only once he tried to use his body did it start to register with him just how much it ached. It was a dull pain, but it coursed through every inch of his body. His movements were stiff and slow. Still, he thought, he was able to move.

Pushing through the pain, he got to his feet and shuffled over to the door. As he was exiting, however, the woman was coming back in.

“Please, sir, I really have to insist that you stay in bed for now.”

“I just want to know where I am.”

“That’s…” she fumbled with her words, “Complicated. Just, please, lie down first and—”

Well, that set of his suspicion well enough. Where the hell was he that couldn’t be explained in a few simple words? The woman tried to block his way as gently as she could, which made it possible for Evan to keep pushing past her into the hallway. He saw a door with a window at the other end of the hall, only a few feet away, and he made for it. He felt her arms pulling at him, but she taking enough care not to hurt him, and could only pull so hard.

He got to the door and flung it open. As he looked out, he felt all of that temporary strength he was harvesting in himself drain completely from his body.

He saw a vast city stretch before him. He must have only been on the outskirts, because the buildings around him were low and humble, but further out the skyline grew quite impressively. They weren’t skyscrapers per se; they looked more old-fashioned. There were stone towers and great domed buildings that looked like temples, and in the middle of the city stood what looked like a exotic medieval palace.

None of this was what dropped Evan’s jaw, though. What did that was the fact that this entire massive cityscape was canopied by a translucent dome. And on the other side of that dome was water. An ocean of water.

“Where the fuck am I?” he gasped. He didn’t even mean to say anything.

It was just a thought expressed aloud, but the woman replied. “Atlantis.”

She took advantage of his state of shock to take hold of him, and guided him back inside. His mind was so busy trying to piece everything together that his body dumbly followed her guidance back towards the bed. After a few steps, he staggered. He felt light-headed and weak. His knees gave out, and if not for the woman he probably would have face-planted right onto the floor. Instead, with her help he managed to stay on his hands and knees. A strange feeling rose up quickly inside his throat, and he vomited just as a tin pail was shoved under his head to catch it.

And then everything went black.


This time when he awoke properly, he was not alone in the room. The woman was there by his bedside.

“Good morning,” she said quietly, almost cautiously.

He couldn’t find it in him to respond.

“Sorry for the nasty shock yesterday,” she went on. Her accent was English. Quite posh too, he thought. “Well, I suppose that’s a bit of an understatement, isn’t it?”

Whatever crazy kind of situation he was in, it did no good to be rude to the one person he’d met here so far. “I’m sorry for struggling with you.”

“It’s all right,” she responded gently.

He sighed deeply. “Atlantis? Lost city under the ocean?”

“The same,” she said, as matter-of-fact as you like. “Our scanners picked your body sinking through our waters, so we saved you.”

“Thanks.” Awake as he was now, he felt the urge to move, just enough to recover the feeling in his body, but hesitated for fear of the pain he might bring upon himself. He confined himself to talking for now. “My ship… it… I got thrown off. Did you find anybody else?”

“No. At least, not that anyone told me. I’m just a nurse.”

Maybe the ship hadn’t gone down after all, Evan thought to himself. Maybe he had just been thrown from it.

“I need to get back home,” he muttered.

She seemed to hesitate a split-second before speaking. “That’s not an easy journey, and as your nurse I can assure you that you are in no shape to make it just yet. For now, relax. Once you’re healthier, city administration will help you with the rest.”

It was hard not to dwell on how the hell he was going to get back home, but, on the other hand, he was in fucking Atlantis. Unless this was some highly elaborate ruse, he wasn’t getting out of here until he’d sated his curiosity a bit.

Evan finally tilted his head to the side toward the woman tending to him.

Looking at her properly now, Evan noticed for the first time how astonishingly pretty she was. Her headband kept her long, brown hair back out of her face, but it cascaded down around her shoulders. Equally brown eyes shone thoughtfully at him with every glance. Her clothes were simple and modest, but he could still tell that underneath them she had a very voluptuous figure.

She was changing a bandage on his shoulder. He must have been given some local anesthetic, because he couldn’t even tell until it was actually in his sight. Eventually, she paused what she was doing and met his gaze. A surprised smile flashed across her face as she looked at him, but she quickly minimized it, and turned her attention back to her work with what Evan could have sworn was a blush.

It then dawned on him that he was completely naked. His lower half was covered by a blanket, but nevertheless, he wondered whether that might have anything to do with her embarrassment. Wait, surely not; she was a nurse after all. For all that she seemed very prim and proper and English, as a professional she should be completely unfazed by a stranger’s nudity.

“My name is Hayley, by the way,” she said at last.

“I’m Evan,” he responded. “It’s very nice to meet you, Hayley. Circumstances notwithstanding.”

“I feel the same, Evan.”


He spent another four days there recovering before Hayley said he was ready to leave. He spent much of that time asleep or half-so, but he used his waking hours to make conversation with Hayley, asking her about the city and herself. Any suspicions that he was being deceived in some way started to shrivel under the thoroughness and (to his judgment) earnestness of Hayley’s responses. If this were a con or something, she was the best player he’d ever seen.

Apparently outsiders falling into their territory in need of rescuing was not uncommon. Hayley said a great many of the city’s population were descended from people who arrived after the city sank thousands of years ago—her own grandmother had come from the world above. The city itself was apparently not that far down, but was concealed by underwater rock formations. The exact nature of how the city sank, or how the astonishing dome that protected them was created in the first place, was not known for certain these days, but the city had managed to stay alive and thriving despite their isolation. They powered their city with geothermal power from beneath, found new foods to cultivate in a city that never saw natural sunlight. The outsiders they rescued brought them scientific and cultural knowledge from the world above, and kept the gene pool from stagnating.

It was all truly fascinating, enough so to allow Evan to distract himself from the question that someone would eventually have to answer for him: How exactly was he going to get back to the surface?

Answers, it seemed, would be provided by administrators at the Royal Palace, to which he’d be escorted once he recovered. The day after Hayley had gotten him back on his feet and walking without pain, a messenger of some sort came to talk to Hayley about his condition. He was only half-conscious at that point, so he didn’t pick up on much. All he knew was that when he was again, Hayley told him that he’d be headed out the next day.


The potatoes that Hayley fixed them for dinner the last evening in his house tasted strange. Not bad per se, but Evan could certainly taste the difference between ones grown down here and ones grown on the surface. He didn’t say any of that, though.

Instead he said, “This is really delicious, Hayley.”

He was sitting upright in his bed—fully clothed now, in simple canvas articles Hayley had around the house—and she was sitting on the side of the bed eating her own.

“Thank you,” Hayley said. She was almost beaming, and Evan got the impression that she didn’t get complimented on little things like that very often.

“I think you’re the first person I’ve nursed who’s actually liked these potatoes.”

“How many people have you nursed here?”

“Oh, I don’t really keep track, but it happens often enough. Some of them are too wounded for me to help, but most make it through. Few are as conversational as you, though.”

“Happy to be good company,” he said with a big smile. He wasn’t trying to be such a flirt, but he found it came instinctively with someone as lovely as Hayley. The fact that they were the only people in each other’s lives for these few days certainly helped their chemistry as well.

“I…” she hesitated. “I’ve been alone in this house for a few years, since my husband died. I can go out, and I do, but it can be difficult. It’s hard to explain, but I suppose I just appreciate having good company in the house.”

“I understand,” Evan said. He didn’t know how else to reply, but he wanted her to know he was a sympathetic ear.

Hayley smiled, and tried to push past the moment of vulnerability with banter. “It’s sometimes difficult for people to talk to me. I don’t blame them. Must be difficult waking up in a completely unfamiliar environment with a stranger poking and prodding your body, especially when you’re naked and bruised all over.”

“Yeah, it’s been more than a little bit strange for me. But for all that you’re a stranger, you’re the stranger who saved my life, right? And, y’know, I’m not really shy about my body anyway, even outside of medical emergencies.”

“Well, with a physique like yours, you certainly don’t have any reason to be shy,” Hayley said, and immediately her face froze in embarrassment. “I’m terribly sorry, that was incredibly unprofessional, and I’m… I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable—”

“It’s fine,” Evan cut her off, trying not to laugh but amused by both her neurotic reaction and the unintended compliment. She calmed down a bit but was obviously still quite embarrassed. “Hey, I’m flattered that you found me easy on the eyes.”

“When I was operating on you without your knowledge or consent. That’s not exactly a… sexy situation, is it?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he repeated.

He didn’t know when he’d put a reassuring hand on her thigh, but there it was, and the tension he had tried to dispel had instead transformed. Hayley obviously felt it, too.

“I mean,” he went on, the tension in his voice making his banter sound thoroughly not like mere banter anymore, “It’s understandable. After all, how long has it been since the last time you’ve been in a sexy situation?”

“Rather a long time,” Hayley said softly, her prim demeanor giving way to the heat underneath it.

He slowly leaned further in towards her. Their breathing was heavy, but they were both hesitant.

“This can’t be ethical,” she breathed. “You’re my patient, and you’re still recovering from wounds.”

“Wounds you helped heal,” he breathed back at her. “Look, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, but just know that if you wanted… companionship… Well, this is my last night here, and I would be very much interested in sharing it with you.”

“Really? Me?” Hayley asked tentatively, shields down, completely tender and vulnerable before him as he moved in closer

“Yes,” he whispered and closed the distance the rest of the way, bringing his mouth to hers in a long, hot kiss.

Hayley let out the smallest little exclamation as their lips locked. His hands shot to the side of her face and held her close as hers clutched at his chest.

When they broke she started speaking frantically again. “I don’t expect anything of you, I don’t need a lover, I just need someone to…”

“To make love to you?”

“Oh yes,” she gasped, and kissed him again. She only broke off again as she pulled his shirt up and over his head and pushed him back down against the bed. “Please make love to me.”

He worked his pants down from his waist as she straddled him. She lifted her skirts up and pulled her panties to one side to reveal her wet, dripping sex to him. She took his hard cock in her firm little hand and rubbed in against her entrance before letting him in. They both moaned out in ecstasy as his length slid slowly all the way into her.

Hayley almost collapsed forward onto him, holding herself up by her hands on either side of his head. She was breathing so hard Evan almost thought she might pass out. He instinctively bucked his hips up against her, pushing his shaft as deep inside her as it would go. Hayley let out a beautiful yell and pushed herself upright. As she bounced her curvaceous hips up and down on his cock, her hands caressed his taut abdomen.

Wonderful as it all felt, though, Evan wanted a turn to admire her body. His hands clutched at her blouse and pulled it open, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts in a simple black bra. She was even more well endowed than he had thought underneath those clothes, and he could’ve sworn his cock got even harder at the sight of her bouncing bust. Hayley saw the way he starred at them and smiled, before following his lead and reaching her hands behind her back to unclasp the bra. She tossed it aside, and her bare breasts spilled out for him to behold. He immediately reached out and cupped those huge tits, exalting at the sensation of their fullness over-flowing his hands. As he squeezed her succulent melons, Hayley gasped out a high-pitched squeal of pleasure, bucking harder and harder on his cock.

Evan pulled himself up into a sitting position and buried his face in her chest, reaching his tongue out to lick along the valley of her cleavage. Her hands reached around his back and held him close, digging her nails ever-so-slightly into him as she moaned into his ear. But he had plenty of ways he wanted to minister to her breasts; he leaned back just enough to reach his face down to take one of her hard, pink nipples into his mouth. Hayley was extremely vocal, and every gasp and scream told him how much she loved it as he sucked gently on her, brushing his tongue in circles along her wide areola.

“This can’t be good for your back,” she said through her gasps, in reference to the angle that, Evan had to admit even through his arousal, was a bit painful.

“No, but I can ignore it,” he mumbled into her breast. “You’re just so intoxicating.” He pressed his face into her cleavage again and squeezed her boobs around it.

“Enjoying my breasts, are you?” she managed to deadpan amidst her heavy breathing.

“I confess, I am a breast man,” he bantered back, hoping she wasn’t taking offense.

She smiled warmly, almost drunkenly on the endorphins, at him. “They enjoy you as well.”

He smirked up at her, holding her gaze as he thrust himself up into her. Her hands reached up into his hair and grabbed tight handfuls as he bucked harder and harder.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, and then words failed her as the pumping of his hips increased, until he felt her sex clench around him. He kept moving his hips as she cried out one long orgasmic exhalation, stopping only when she leaned forward against him, holding him close, her body shuddering with each heavy breath.

He slowly let his body recline back into a horizontal position against the bed while she came down,

“Oh, it’s been so long,” she gasped after a few seconds.

“How do you want the next one?” he smiled over at her.

She cocked at eyebrow at him skeptically, “The next one?”

“Well, you’ve taken such good care of me, I’d like to take extra good care of you.”

“Aren’t you the show-off?” Hayley laughed, rolling her eyes at him playfully, but obviously excited by his offer. “Well, I’ve discovered what I need is somewhere between love-making, and fucking. I know you have a thing for my tits, but if you think you can manage it, I’d like you to do pay some attention to my arse as well.”

“Happily,” Evan said, as she immediately pulled her skirt and panties all the way down and rolled onto her stomach.

Her ass was scarcely less magnificent than her breasts—wide and soft and full. Straddling her legs, he took her flesh into his hands and massaged it gently, but firmly. Hayley let out a little gasp of arousal as he did so, and what he could see of her face reflected that. His strong hands kneaded at her backside like they had at her breasts, to his own excitement as much as hers. His cock was still rock-hard, aching for her beautiful body, waiting at attention inches from her entrances.

“I want you inside me again,” Hayley pleaded, and Evan was more than happy to comply, sliding his thick shaft back into her moist pussy. Still squeezing great handfuls of her voluptuous behind, he thrust into her again, hard and deep and slow.

With every pump of his hips he felt himself closer and closer to the verge of orgasm himself. Her insides felt as heavenly as her outsides, but he was a disciplined lover, and knew how to wait for it. He leaned his torso back as much as he could comfortably manage, letting the angle of his penetration take him as deep inside her as he could, and he heard the fruits of his attempts in Hayley’s voice. She moaned louder than ever with every movement of his hips.

“God, I love the way you ride my arse,” she screamed, exciting him further, making orgasm harder to put off.

Fortunately, she seemed to be nearing her second one already. Once again, he felt the thrilling sensation of her insides squeezing his cock. He started to slow down, but she urged him on.

“Keep going, keep going,” she said, “And come closer, so I can reach your arse too.”

He flattened himself out against her back, and felt her arms reach back to squeeze his own full, taut ass. With his new proximity to her body, he also took the opportunity to slink his hands under her torso and take a hold of her big breasts. His lips traced kisses up her spine, and he lavished as much of her neck as he could reach with his mouth.

“Cum for me,” Hayley ordered him as she wriggled her rump erotically against his pelvis. “You’ve taken very good care of me, now I want you to get yours.”

“Can I cum on your ass?” Evan asked as the speed of his thrusting picked up, bringing him closer to climax.

“Oh yes, do it!” she shouted. “Cum all over my arse, darling!”

The sound of her beautiful voice telling him such dirty things, the feeling of her butt pushing against him and her tits in his hands, the ferocity of his pumping hips, all of it finally pushed him over the edge. Evan let loose the most intense moan he ever uttered in his life as he pulled himself out of Hayley and shot an enormous load of seed out upon her big, beautiful backside.

He collapsed onto the bed next to Hayley, and met her eyes.

“That didn’t aggravate any of your injuries, did it?” Hayley asked.

Evan chuckled. “Oh, I’ll probably feel a little bit extra sore in the morning, but right now I am just fine.”

Hayley covered her smiling face. “I can’t help but feel slightly irresponsible as a medical professional.”

“You are a damn fine medical professional,” Evan said, running his fingers lightly along her back. “And a damn fine lover.”

She leaned in close to him and kissed him softly and tenderly on the mouth. For a while they lay like that, hands in each other’s hair, letting the endorphins wash over them.

“Thank you for giving me tonight,” Hayley whispered.

“It was my pleasure,” Evan whispered back, earnestly.

“I’m really quite all right with my life the way it is, for the most part, but the lack of sexual intimacy gets to me sometimes.”

A pause. Hayley closed her eyes.

“I hope you get home safely. Politics here are… unstable, to say the least. It won’t be easy for you. But if you ever need help, pay me a visit.”

Evan nodded, not for her benefit but for his own, and stared thoughtfully at her for a while. “Thank you, Hayley.”

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