Gang of Four

BY : LizzyBathory
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Chlo√ę Grace Moretz, and I am not making any money from this story.

The moment she felt the barrel of the gun pressed to her spine just above the small of her back, Chloë Grace Moretz decided it had been a bad idea to give her bodyguard the slip.

The guy the production had assigned to her was huge, yes, but he was also a creeper, always eyeing her a bit too long and inappropriately. But he would have handled this situation, for sure.

In her stubbornness, Chloë had also insisted on not staying at the hotel the production had booked for the week’s shooting; preferring a small, more low-key accommodation that let her move about more freely. But that also meant less security.

After sneaking away from her bodyguard, Dmitri, Chloë spent the rest of the night and the small hours of the morning drinking and dancing anonymously with crowds of other college-age girls and enjoying not being recognized and hounded. She blended into the faceless throngs in the dance clubs, wearing her red leather skirt, white blouse and wedges; just another slim, blonde, 19-year-old writhing body on the dance floor.

By the time she decided to head back to her hotel Chloë was exhausted and more than a little buzzed, but certainly not drunk. Maybe she was feeling a little too comfortable after her fun night, so her guard was not up when the group approached her.

She was in the lobby of the hotel, which was deserted except for a bored night clerk tapping away on her cell phone behind the large main desk. Just before Chloë could press the elevator call button, there was a commotion from a group that came up behind the actress.

They were a quartet of goth devotees, probably a little older than her, Chloë judged. The first guy was a good 6 feet tall, with a wild bush of black hair and a goatee on his pale face. He was dressed in black leather with chrome studs from head to toe. The second guy was a little shorter, clean-shaven, but with much longer black hair. His skin was so white it almost glowed, and he had smeared black lipstick on his face.

In front of the two men were smaller women. The first seemed a bit younger than the others. She had blue streaks dyed in her black hair and had matching blue lipstick. She wore a fishnet halter and black lace bra over her small chest, and a short skirt of black and blue lace, with thigh-high leggings of striped black and white on her long legs. The final member of the group was the smallest. She had long brown hair and, unlike her compatriots, no white makeup or weird lipstick. And she wore more ordinary-looking clothing: khaki shorts and a purple tank top. She clearly didn’t seem to belong, and looked very nervous.

As the group approached, the suddenly burst into squeals of, “Chloë! Chloë!” as they recognized the young movie star and rushed toward her. Immediately their phones were out and they started taking flash photos and moved in for selfies, all the while shouting, “Chloë! We love you!” and, “You’re my idol!” and all sorts of flattery about her talent and beauty.

In the swirl of sound and motion, Chloë lost track of the men. Until she felt the gun. She quickly glanced behind her and saw it was the taller one with the goatee.

“Don’t scream, don’t say a word,” the goth girl told Chloë in a low voice. “Don’t do anything or you’re dead. Just keep smiling.”

Chloë did as she was told, smiling uneasily. Her eyes flicked toward the night clerk, who was lost in her phone.

The goth girl motioned toward the elevator and the other boy pressed the call button. The strange quartet stepped into the elevator and Goth pressed the button for the eighth floor. Chloë arched an eyebrow at that. What were the chances they had a room on the same floor? Goth smiled at her. “You weren’t hard to find; renting half the floor. And you clearly don’t pay attention to anyone else, or you would’ve noticed this 10-foot-tall motherfucker skulking about,” thumbing at her giant companion.

“By the way, the pituitary case is Lord Kevin, and this one is my boyfriend, Joshua. My name’s Ariel, y’know, like the little mermaid.” The guys merely grunted. “And that’s Mary, but we call her Mouse. For obvious reasons,” she sniffed.

They exited the elevator and headed for Chloë’s half of the floor. Ariel snapped her fingers. “Key!” she demanded of Chloë. When the actress didn’t react, Lord Kevin pressed the gun against her spine. Chloë unslung her purse and tossed it to Ariel.

The leader of the band pulled out a keycard and opened one of the four rooms, ushering the others inside. Ariel gestured, and Joshua checked the other rooms, making sure there was no one waiting to surprise them. Lord Kevin pushed Chole onto the bed – a king size with satin sheets.

Ariel quickly joined her, leaning back on the stack of pillows and bringing her knees up to her chest, exposing her blue-and-white striped panties under her skirt. “Now then, let’s get something straight here, honey,” she said. “We’re not here to kill you or ransom you. In fact, the last thing we want to do is kill you. We want to fuck you!”

Chloë’s eyes bulged and she looked from face to face in terror – until she landed on Mary, who looked greenish, as if she’d eaten bad shellfish. Chloë briefly locked eyes with her before Mary looked away.

“Uh, yeah, about Mary, there.... she’s not all that into this, for some damn reason,” Ariel said. “She was the only one who didn’t want to try this, so you have to forgive her general lack of enthusiasm.”

Ariel walked over to Mary and grabbed a handful of her brown hair and yanked the mousey girl’s head backward sharply.

“Last chance, Mouse,” Ariel hissed. “You with us or not?”

Practically shaking, Mouse shook her head and squeaked, “No.”

Ariel released her hair and shoved Mary toward the door. “Fine. You stand guard. Be the lookout, or some shit.”

Mary skulked to the door and, with a final look back at Chloë with pity in her eyes, she opened the door and stepped outside.

“Now that that’s settled, we have just one question for you, Miss Chloë Grace Moretz: Are we going to make love to you, or rape you?”

Chloë defiantly thrust out her jaw. “I’m the only one who decides who I have sex with!”

“Oh, yeah!” Ariel shouted, throwing a fist in the air. “Grrl Power!” She shouted as she bounced off the mattress and onto her feet. “Gentlemen, let’s rape this little blonde babygirl!”

“No! Wait!” Chloë gasped.

Joshua stood in front of Chloë and took hold of her blouse. He licked his lips in anticipation and violently yanked down, ripping her top open and exposing Chloë’s bra. It was a sheer, lacy garment, obviously chosen more for attractiveness than support. He was about to rip that off her when Ariel stopped him.

“Not the bra,” she said. “It’s cute. I like it. Leave it on her.”

Joshua grabbed her red leather skirt and hiked it up over Chloë’s hips, revealing her pale red panties, then pushed her on her back onto the bed.

Lord Kevin grabbed Chloë’s right arm, while Joshua seized her left. Chloë struggled against the much stronger males as Ariel giggled and reached under her skirt to pull off her colorful panties and toss them aside. She climbed onto the bed and kneeled over Chloë and winked before lowering her pelvis onto Chloë’s face and pressing her pussy against the actress’ mouth. “Mmmm, get to work, babygirl; lick me good,” she sighed.

Ariel started grinding her pelvis against Chloë’s face. The actress felt the heat of Ariel’s sex covering her mouth and nose. She struggled to work her nose free so she could breathe a little.

“Damn, that is SO hot,” Lord Kevin said as her placed a knee on Chloë’s wrist, freeing his hands to undo his trousers and pull out his cock. He spit on his hand and started jerking off. “Oh, baby, ride that little slut’s face,” he said as he jerked himself furiously. Ariel giggled and licked her lips.

Ariel shifted her weight and placed her knees on Chloë’s biceps, pinning the smaller girl’s arms. Lord Kevin sat back, off Chloë’s wrist. He threw his head back in pleasure as he jacked off.

On his knees, Joshua reached behind Ariel and unhooked the clasp of her skirt, pulling it free of his girlfriend’s torso, exposing the action that had been hidden underneath: Tears poured from Chloë’s eyes as Ariel pressed her shaved pussy on her face.

“Ohh,” Ariel moaned. “She’s starting to get into it. She’s working me. She’s licking goooood…”

Chloë didn’t want to eat this strange girl’s pussy, but she thought she could avoid more horror by going along with it to a degree. She surely didn’t want anyone’s dick in her; maybe if she put on a show with this girl, she could avoid being raped. At least one of the guys seemed happy to watch…

Joshua removed his leather pants, unveiling a 9-inch cock. He moved between Chloë’s thighs, snapped her red panties from her hips and used them to stroke himself to stiffness. “Hang on Ariel,” he growled as he rubbed his cockhead against the lips of Chloë’s pussy. “Don’t get too far ahead of me,” he breathed. Then he savagely thrust himself into their victim’s pussy. Chloë’s cries were muffled by Ariel covering her mouth.

Joshua smiled and drew back before shoving himself inside Chloë again, deeper this time. The actress grunted and gasped as Ariel writhed on her face, licking and biting her blue lips. “Mmmmmmm, fuck her Josh,” Ariel cried. “She likes it! She likes it!” The big man started pumping Chloë’s pussy hard.

“I can’t believe how fuckin’ tight she is,” he grunted as he pounded her. “I mean, she’s little, but I can barely fit! I thought she had to fuck producers to get roles.”

Ariel looked back over her shoulder. “Just keep slamming the little bitch, baby, you’ll make it fit. Trust me.”

Chloë struggled to make sense of what was happening to her. She could barely breathe, and her tongue was getting tired of stimulating the girl on her face. Now, her entire body was being rocked by the huge man skewering her pussy. She felt her back slide on the satin sheets with each depraved thrust.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Ariel began to scream. “I’m gonna…gonna… Oh, I’m cumming!” she cried as Chloë felt the girl’s pussy spasm on her face, and more fluids began to flow. “Oh, Satan’s blood, she’s good at this!” Ariel shouted as her hips bucked.

 Chloë felt her mouth filling with Ariel’s cream when the weight was suddenly removed from her face. Lord Kevin had roughly lifted Ariel off her and tossed her aside. “Out of my way,” he shrieked in a voice almost panicked as he cradled his purple cock.

Stunned by the chance to draw a clear breath, Chloë’s vision shifted to the giant, just as he squeezed his cock and shot a thick rope of cum onto her face. “OOOooooooohhhhh” he groaned as he pumped, releasing wave after wave of cum onto Chloë’s face. Most of it splashed across her cheek, but a big blot landed in her left eye, and a lot flowed into her mouth.

Kevin laughed as he picked up Ariel’s discarded panties and shoved them into Chloë’s mouth. “No spitting,” he scolded Chloë. She tasted a rank mixture of Ariel’s and Kevin’s cum as well the old pee stains on Ariel’s panties. She closed her eyes in horror.

Chloë rolled her head to the side and her eyes opened – and she noticed that Mouse had crept back into the room. She looked frightened, almost as if she expected the trio of rapists to turn on her. But there was also fascination in the young woman’s eyes. Any hope Chloë harbored that Mary might help her was lost when the brown-haired girl unbuttoned her blouse and slipped a hand inside to massage her breast...

Meanwhile, Joshua continued to pound Chloë’s pussy. Now Ariel moved closer to her boyfriend and egged him on. “You like that, don’t you, Joshua?” she whispered. “You like fucking the celebrity who ate my pussy, don’t you? She made me cum so good! And you like that Kevin jerked off on her pathetic little face, don’t you?”

Joshua grunted his assent to each question as her quickened his pace, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into the famous actress’ pussy until he hit bottom. Chloë’s eyes watered as she tried to cry out in pain but was stifled. She tried to reach out, but Kevin and Ariel grabbed her arms, restraining her. Her tummy flexed as Joshua banged her and her struggles proved useless.

Ariel sifted position and bit one of Chloë’s nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. “I love girls with little titties,” she growled with a smile. Then she moved her face up next to Chloë’s. “Doesn’t Joshua fuck good?” she asked. “He puts it in you sooooo hard, doesn’t he?” Chloë tried to close her eyes as Ariel kissed her stuffed mouth and massaged the actress’ breast.

Chloë was horrified to realize her body was responding to the overwhelming stimulation. If she wasn’t being raped, she might have enjoyed the hard fucking she was being subjected to, but now, of course, it was a horror. But her body didn’t see it that way. Her pussy was responding to the brutal stimulation… responding in a way that was building and building and building…

Suddenly, Chloë’s back arched and her hips writhed. She would have screamed if she could have when she felt an orgasm of savage power explode inside her. Her pussy suddenly flooded.

“Uuhhhnnnnn” Joshua grunted as he felt Chloë’s pussy seize his cock. “She’s cumming,” he said.

“I’ll say she is!” Ariel added, sliding a finger along Chloë’s pussy lips. “She is SO into this!”

In fact, Chloë wasn’t into it, but she couldn’t convince her own body of that. Waves of orgasm flowed over her as she bucked her hips violently. She could feel her own juices dripping from her pussy on Joshua’s out-strokes.

“Oh, shit, I can’t hold on,” Joshua breathed, almost panicked.

“It’s okay,” Ariel smiled. “Go ahead, fill the whore’s pussy with your love sauce. Get that baby batter way up in there!”

Getting the okay from his girlfriend freed Joshua. He made a final, brutal thrust up inside the small girl, and then moaned loudly as he released his load deep inside her. Chloë felt his cum flood her pussy and fill it to overflowing as he savagely slammed his hips against her sex. “UUNNNHHHHHH,” he shouted as he pistoned and pumped his seed into her famous pussy before collapsing on top of her.

After just a few seconds, pushed her boyfriend off Chloë and pulled his cock out of the girl’s pussy. She couldn’t resist lapping at the fluid that gushed from Chloë’s abused sex.

Finally, Ariel stood up, wiping the corners of her mouth. Her blue lipstick was thoroughly smeared and her hair was unruly. She picked up her skirt off the bed. “Sandy!” she shouted, as she walked toward the bathroom. “Tie up the princess here, so we have a bit of a head start on getting out of here.” Then she closed the bathroom door.

Sandy approached Chloë cautiously and with empathy in her eyes. She scanned the brutalized girl and then clenched her eyes tight. “Please... please roll over,” she told Chloë as she picked up the actress’ torn panties. Chloë was too broken to resist at this point, and quietly rolled onto her stomach. She allowed Sandy to tie her wrists behind her back with her shredded underwear.

“Hope it’s not too tight,” Sandy whispered as she climbed off the bed.

Ariel emerged from the bathroom; her face washed, hair tied back and her skirt on. “Let’s go!” she said, making a circling motion with a finger. “The night’s not getting any younger.”

The troop marched out the door, with Ariel last. She looked back at the pathetic figure bound on the bed. “Aren’t you glad we didn’t bug you for an autograph?” Ariel sneered, and then shut the door behind her.

Chloë struggled for a few minutes before she managed to free her hands. The binding wasn’t tight, but she was hardly practiced at untying her hands behind her back!

The actress pulled the panties from her mouth and coughed as she spit out the horrible cum mixture. She struggled to catch her breath. Her pussy throbbed with pain and her jaw ached. She knew she was in her room, but it was now someplace foreign to her, and she felt disoriented. She scooped the cum out of her eye and found herself staring up into the light on the ceiling.

“Where the fuck is Dmitri?” she asked herself. “He should have come back here when he lost me.”

Chloë’s vision suddenly flared, and then dimmed and went black.

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