Incest Pregnancy: Dakota and Elle Fanning

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It was a hot summer day, and you're sitting in the living room watching TV. You hear footsteps enter the room, it is your sister and child star, Dakota Fanning, entering wearing a small skirted dress which its color is a bit darker toned than her own skin.

DF: Hey big brother.

You: Oh, hey sis.

DF: Damn, it's hot today.

You: I know. That's why I've set the thermo to 77.

DF: 103 outside, unbelievable!

You: You went out? Where did you go in this heat?

DF: I was at the shopping mall, looking for any fall season outfits.

You: At this time of the year?

DF: Hey, being a child actress at my age this long can let me buy anything, okay?

You: Alright, sure.

DF: My god, I'm so thirsty.

You: Oh, well let me make get you some lemonade.

DF: Ooh, that would be nice. Thanks big brother.

You go to the kitchen and open the fridge. There is a gallon bottle of lemonade, organic, not as sweet, but not too sour, you can still get a good kick of lemon taste out of it. You get two glasses with ice and pour the drink, and bring both glasses back to the living room. You see Dakota sitting on the couch watching what you were watching on TV.

You: Here you go, sis.

DF: Oh thank you.

You reach one glass out for her to take. But due to the condensation from the ice, the wetness of the glass causes it to slip from your fingers, spilling the lemonade all over her dress.

You: Oh god!

DF: Aaaah! Oh my god, big bro!

You: I'm so sorry!

DF: Oh no, my dress is done.

You: It was an accident, uh, you know, uh, it's wet because of the ice.

DF: Just don't, uh, hurry and get something to dry all this lemonade or else the couch will be done too.

You put down the other glass slowly with both hands on the table and rush back to the kitchen, grab as much paper towels as your hands can carry and rush back to the living room.

You: Here, let's clean this up.

DF: God, how could this have happened?

As you try to pick up as much lemonade off the couch as you can, you can't help but notice Dakota using some of the paper towel to clean the lemonade off of her dress. As she does, you notice two pink dots appearing out the front of her chest. You stare for a second, but you shake your head and continue to clean the couch.

DF: What?

You: Uh, nothing. What do you mean what?

DF: Did you just eye at me?

You feel your heart start to beat a bit faster, now that you've been caught with that peek at your sister's chest.

You: Um, let's just clean this up first.

You manage to get the last bit of lemonade cleaned off the couch with what little bit of paper towel you had left.

You: There, done.

You look up, and you see Dakota standing in front of you with her hand on her waist, with a rather scolding look on her face. You still see her nipples seen through her dress.

DF: Well?

You: Well what?

DF: You think I look good?

You: Uhh...

DF: Don't think I don't know what you're thinking about me right now.

You: Umm, I... I couldn't help it Dakota, uh...

DF: Hey, why don't we just forget about the lemonade, and let's do something interesting.

You: What do you mean?

DF: Well, I know how envious you are that I, your little sister, Dakota Fanning, have made so many movies as a little girl, when you didn't have as much luck auditioning for Disney when you were little too, and you hated me for that. And now that I've grown up, you think I look good now.

You: Wha-?

DF: I sometimes see you sneaking your eye at me for the past few years, and that made me think, “oh my god, my own big brother has the hots for me even though he hates me for my success?”

You: Well, yeah, but that was a long time ago, I don't hate you anymore.

DF: So, do you like me?

You: Uh, a bit. You're my sister, and I'm your brother

DF: Yeah. And as my big brother, you have to take very good care of me.

She slowly moves up towards you.

DF: Well now, I have something that needs taking care of, and I see that you need something taken care of as well.

You see her look down, and you down at your shorts. You realize that you've been getting a boner looking at your lemonade-soaked sister.

DF: Why don't we do this? - I forgive you for hating me, and you let me have at that.

She brings her hand down to your crotch and starts to grip on your cock through your pants. You feel a pulling sensation pulling your pelvis forward as she grips tighter.

You: Ugh, aw sis, you really want to do this?

DF: You remember that one time I did a thing in that movie when I was 12? It wasn't real, but I've always wanted to do it for real.

You: God sis, that movie was horrifying.

DF: But it kinda turned you on a bit right? I mean, come on. You gotta admit when you saw that scene, in the back of your mind you imagined it was you instead of that guy.

You: Well, now that you mentioned it, I just thought about it.

DF: Well then, how about you, “give me my ticket now.”

She leans her head and touches your forehead with hers, she continues to grope your cock through your pants. You reach your hands onto her ribs, and move your hands up, caressing her chest, her boobs, then to her neck. You pull her in and kiss her. She begins to unzip your pants, pull them down, and reach inside your underwear and grip your cock again. You move her dress' straps off her shoulders and pull her dress down, revealing her breasts and lemonade-soaked panties. She then sits you down on the couch and pulls your underwear off. She gets on her knees and begins to put your cock in her mouth, and begins to suck.

You: Aw, yeah, oh yeah sis.

DF: Mmmmm, yummy.

She jerks your cock as she sucks, you feel your dick pulsing, getting bigger and harder.

DF: Aah, we don't have all day. Let's get to it right now.

You: Right now?

DF: Yeah, right now.

She quickly takes off her panties and turns her back to you. She walks backwards to line her wet pussy with your cock. She leans back while she uses her hand to guide your cock into her entrance. She lowers herself onto your throbbing shaft, and in just one go she is all the way in. She begins to ride up and down, going faster and faster.

You: Aaaah, sis you feel so good.

DF: Uh huh, uh huh, ahh your dick feels so good too.

Soon you begin to thrust yourself up and deeper into your sister's pussy. The pace begins to steady, you find a rhythm with her pussy. You feel her loosening and you go deeper, and at the same time you feel her gripping your cock.

DF: Oh, big brother, don't stop.

You grab her breasts and grope them hard. You feel the heat increase on your cock and in her pussy, both of your crotches begin to feel like they're on fire, but you keep going.

DF: Oh yes, ooooh yes, yeeeees.

You: It feels good baby?

DF: It feels great! Oooh!

You stop, you let her sit for a bit, you take a breather. Then you lay her onto her side, flip her so she is facing you laying on her side. You shift her legs under your left arm, grab her waist, and insert your cock back inside her pussy, and begin thrusting again.

You: Oh sis, you are so beautiful.

DF: Keep fucking me you handsome man. Aaaah.

You gaze into your sister's gray blue eyes, her mouth open as she breathes hard with each thrust you give her.

You: I wanna go deeper.

DF: I wanna feel you all the way in.

You flip her onto her belly, you shift her waist and hips back towards your dick, you push back into her and begin to repeatedly slap her ass with your pelvis.

DF: Oh yes, that's it big bro, oh yes, deeper, deeper.

At the tip of your penis, you feel it reaching the end of her womb. Her entire pussy grips tight on your cock, massaging it, stimulating it, you then feel a thing in your crotch.

DF: Oh big bro, I'm so close.

You: You're gonna cum? I'm about to cum too.

DF: Oh yes, cum inside me big brother, I wanna feel you, I do.

You then feel a rush running along the length of your cock.

You: Oh sis, here it comes.

DF: Cum, please, cum cum cum!

You feel the tip of your penis explode as you shoot cum deep inside your sister's womb. The last few thrusts you give her pumps the last bit of cum you have. She lays there, and you see a smile of her face.

You: Oh god you're just the cutest thing ever.

DF: Thank you big bro, you're the best.

EF: I'm hoping I can get in on it too, big bro.

You hear a smaller voice from behind, you and Dakota turn around to find both of your younger sister, also a child actress, Elle Fanning, standing by the window, wearing a light pink forearm sleeved top, striped bloomer shorts, and pink strap shoes.

You: Oh god! Elle!

DF: Elle! What are you doing here?

EF: What are YOU TWO doing here?

You: Uh, um, we can expla-

DF: Uh, something happened, and-

You: We were just-

DF: Wai- how long were you there?

EF: Not too long, but I was enjoying what I was seeing.

DF: You mean you've been-?

You: The whole thing? I mean-?

EF: No, but seeing as how you two were getting along very well, I'm surprised that you didn't let me join too.

You: Yo- You wanna-?

Elle starts to take off her top and her bloomers, and her shoes.

DF: Wait, Elle, what are you doing?

EF: Well I can't let you have him all to your self, big sis. Big bro, you think I'm as good as big sis here?

You look at her wearing a purple sports top and purple sports panties, you glance at her body, a bit slimmer than your little sister, Dakota, but of age and just as ripe. You feel your dick getting harder, even after just cumming inside Dakota.

EF: Well it looks like your body likes to be honest with the both of us, big bro.

DF: Elle, I, I wanted to-

EF: Forget it, Dakota. I want some of big brother here. Please.

DF: Um, okay.

You: Elle, I just wanna let you know, that we are all family, I love her, I love you, we all love each other, are we okay with this?

EF: What we do is family, big bro. Now do you want me or not?

You look at Dakota, who looks back with an approving expression.

You: Well, if I can give you a compliment Elle, You so fine like Dakota.

EF: Aw, you think so?

You: Yeah, now I feel like I want you just as much.

EF: Then get over here.

You walk up to her and kiss her hard. Your left hand moves her top up to reveal her small but perky breasts, and your right hand pulling her panties down as you grope her firm ass, feeling her wet crotch. She then gets down on her knees and gives your cock a quick sucking. Compared to Dakota, her mouth is smaller, but more agile as her tongue wraps around your cock, cleaning out her sister's pussy juices and coating it with her saliva at the same time.

EF: Mmmm, my big sister tastes so good.

You: Yeah?

EF: Yeah.

DF: Aah, I feel so hot right now.

You bring her to the couch and lay her on her side. You pull her panties off and lay behind her, and proceed to insert your dick into her tight pussy. Pushing into her was a bit harder, but the end result of feeling her grip on your dick is worth it. You begin to thrust.

EF: Awww, tight huh? You like it huh?

You: Elle you feel so good.

DF: How does big brother feel, Elle?

EF: My god, like nothing I've ever felt before.

You take her top off and feel her breasts, not as full as her older sister, but just as real as it feels in your hands. You grope hard, you thrust harder, you fuck your baby sister harder and harder.

EF: Oh yeah, just like that, just like that ,big brother.

You stop for a few seconds.

You: Wanna feel how deep I went into our sister, Elle?

EF: Oooh, how deep did you go in?

You: All the way, you'll see.

DF: Elle, I'm telling you, big bro here is the best dick you'll ever have.

You flip her over onto her stomach and you get directly behind her. You push your dick back into her, this time your whole shaft reaching all the way to the end of her womb, just like you did with Dakota.

EF: Oh god! No wonder!

You: Yeah, you like big brother inside you, baby?

EF: Oh, I am never getting a different dick to fuck me, ever.

Dakota leans in towards her little sister.

DF: I feel the same way sis, I only want big brother.

You continue to fuck your youngest sister. Dakota goes up to you and makes out with your mouth and tongue. With your left hand you keep Elle stable as you fuck, while with your right you reach down and massage Dakota's pussy, making her moan. The kiss breaks and you look back down at Elle, who is enjoying the fact that she is being fucked by her older brother.

You: What do you wanna do next?

She turns her head and looks at you.

EF: Well, I've always wanted to ride you.

You: Alright then, let's go.

Elle gets up while you lay on your back. Elle gets on top of you, facing you, then saddles her pussy back onto your dick. She begins to move up and down, soon bouncing her ass on your thighs. You grab her thighs to keep her close, to improve the feeling of your dick going up and down her womb. You and Elle's eyes meet with ecstasy as her nubile body keeps riding you. Soon your vision is blocked by the sight of Dakota's ass and pussy.

DF: Uh uh, don't leave me hanging, big bro.

Without hesitation, you begin to twirl your tongue up and into her pussy. Dakota moans, and Elle moans too. Both begin to moan louder and louder as everyone is close to climax again. Both sisters begin to motion thrusts into their hips, Dakota to feel your tongue licking her, and Elle to feel your cock begin to build up pressure from pleasure. As you eat out Dakota, you feel that pressure building like last time with Dakota. Elle starts to feel that pressure and grips her thighs tight around your waist. She does not want you to pull out. You somehow feel the same way and being to thrust harder up into her pussy. You then quicken the pace, everyone's moans become louder, and louder, until finally, everything happens at the same time. Dakota's pussy clenches and some pussy juices squirt out of her. Elle's pussy tightens her grip greatly around your cock, and your cock begins to shoot cum deep into the back of her womb. You fall limp, tired after fucking not just two girls, but having had sex with both of your younger sisters. Dakota shifts her weight off your face, allowing you to breathe. She looks at Elle, their gazes meet, and they both give each other a sisterly loving kiss.



You wake up one early spring morning, you get up from bed and head to the bathroom. There you find Dakota, wearing nothing but a bra and a maternity skirt, looking at herself in the mirror, looking at her big baby bump.

You: Good morning, sis.

DF: Good morning big brother.

You come up behind her and kiss her, and feel her big belly. You join your right hand with her left hand, feeling a ring on her finger.

You: How are the girls doing?

DF: They're both doing okay. I couldn't be any happier.

You: Hmm, me too.

You kiss her again.

You: Where's Elle?

DF: Oh, she's outside.

You walk out the back and find Elle, wearing a white dress, looking out in the horizon.

You: Elle.

She turns around, revealing a slightly smaller baby bump than her sister. She smiles and walks to you.

EF: Hey handsome.

She kisses you and you kiss back.

You: Getting some fresh air?

EF: Yeah, I figured it would be good for him.

She looks down at her belly. You feel it through her dress. You then take her left hand and kiss it, seeing a ring on her finger as well.

EF: Hmmm, I'm so glad you did this for all of us.

You: That day I decided I couldn't live without either of you.

She takes your left hand, which is wearing two rings on your ring finger.

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