Incest Pregnancy: Emma Watson

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You are sitting in the living room, reading a rather big book with an orange cover. The last words of the last page of it read, The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.” You close the book, and breathe in amazement.

You: Wow.

You look up and behind you, you find your sister, the book's film adaptation and Hermione Granger's actress, Emma Watson. She is wearing a light pink jacket and matching pink sweat pants, she is leaning on the door, watching you finish reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

EW: I know, I loved that ending too.

You: I like how little son Albus is worried about being in Slytherin, that shows he's just like Harry.

EW: And oh my gosh, Hermione has two beautiful children.

She said ecstatically, slightly blushing.

You: That's so wonderful for you.

You put the book down on the table in front of you. Emma goes to the couch and sits next to you.

EW: But, I'm kind of sad about all those people Voldemort and his followers killed; Fred, Professor Lupin.

You: And Snape.

EW: That was so heartbreaking.

A slight pause of thought.

You: But I believe his memories were what truly redeemed himself from being a Death Eater – being a double agent for both Dumbledore and Voldemort, all because he loved Lily.

EW: Speaking of Lily, that explains why Alan Rickman was acting the way he did in the films before the book was released. Rowling must have told him about this and no one else.

You: He is great. I hope that when he has grandchildren, and when they read these books and watch the movies, they'll be like, “After all this time?”

You both look at each other.

Both: “Always.”

The both of you giggle and laugh a bit at the timing, and can't help but smile about the amazing things the series has brought to your imaginations.

EW: Which character do you suppose is your favorite in the books, big brother?

You: Well I guess I would consider Ronald to be my favorite.

EW: Why?

You: Well, because, like me, he's not always perfect, he eats a lot, but he's strong, and values his friendship with those he is closest to. And no matter what gets in his way, he always tries to be by Hermione's side.

EW: Aw that's so sweet. That is exactly like my big brother.

Emma holds your arm and hugs it tight, leaning her head on your shoulder, you smile as you look at your sister's beautiful face. A few seconds later, you feel her hand caressing your chest, your heart begins to beat harder.

EW: So, Hermione has two children at the end?

You: Yeah, um, their names were Rose, and uh, Hugo.

EW: Rose, it's a lovely name for a girl.

You: I'm kinda glad she was named that. The only Roses I know in this world are the one from Titanic and Sleeping Beauty.

EW: Hey, maybe if my first child was a daughter, I'll actually name her Rose.

You: Really?

EW: Why not?

You feel Emma shifting her weight closer to you, almost like cuddling you. She hugs your arm tighter, you then feel her pulling your arm to her chest. Your upper arm feeling squeezed by her breasts, you blush and your heart begins to beat harder.

EW: Hmm, if only I could find the right man to make it happen.

Then you feel her hand moving from your chest, down to your abs, and even lower, until her fingers meet the front end of your pants. She squeezes her hand, gripping what appears to be an already-hard penis underneath.

You: Whoa, Emm, what are you doing?

EW: Mm-hm, thinking about it was just turning me on right now.

You: Wait, what?

EW: Mmmm, I'm so turned on right now, and you saying your favorite character was Ronald. Well, he and Hermione end up getting married and have kids.

You: Wha- what are you saying?

EW: You're so daft.

She chuckled as she squeezes your dick harder.

EW: “Ron,” I want to have Rose and Hugo with you.

You feel like your heart skipped a beat. What sounded like your sister Emma wanting to have sex with you as a Ron and Hermione couple made your head feel hot and your eyes open wide.

You: Wha- Huh-

EW: “Ron,” what is my name?

You start to feel gaspy with each breath, you feel your throat loosen as you whisper your next words.

You: He- Her-

EW: What's my name, “Ron?”

You: Her- “Hermione.”

EW: You got dirt on your nose.

She runs a finger from your forehead to your nose, and kisses it. She then gives you a kiss in your mouth, and begins to move your mouth in synchronization with yours. Tasting her saliva, you start moving your tongue to meet hers in her mouth, which she moves and licks your tongue in response. She resumes to grip your penis in your pants, you move your hand over and begin to caress her breast. What seemed like five minutes of nonstop kissing and groping, you finally break the kiss and whisper in your sister's ear.

You: Upstairs?

EW: Yes, “Ron.”

You both get up from the couch and walk upstairs, holding hands. As you enter your sister's bedroom, she closes and locks the door and immediately pulls your pants down, along with your underwear, gets on her knees, and give your dick a soft kiss. She begins to jerk your dick, you feel it getting harder and bigger. Emma looks at it with a naughty face.

EW: Engorio.

You feel your dick reach its limit of hardness and length, Emma kisses it again and beings to suck it.

You: Aw, “Hermione,” that feels so good.

EW: It tastes so good, much better than that Polyjuice Potion I made in second year.

You feel so hot you have to take off your shirt. You now stand completely naked while your sister continues to suck your dick.

You: Aw yes, that's it. Oh god.

She gives it one last tug with her lips and stands up. She takes off her light pink jacket, revealing her beautifully developed B cup breasts. She then pulls down her pink sweatpants to reveal a tiny pair of pink panties. She looks into your eyes.

EW: Now “Ron,” do you want to put your wand where the magic is?

You: Oh “Hermione,” from now on I'll be thinking about this whenever I pull out my Patronus.

EW: Mmmm, how do you want me?

You: Turn around and get down on the bed.

Emma climbs up on the bed and gets on all fours. You come from behind and pull down her panties, revealing her wet pink pussy. You carefully line your dick behind her, and push yourself into her. You slowly push further in, her pussy lips engulfing your dick's mushroom tip, then inch by inch, until her ass lightly presses against your pelvis. She gives out a soft long moan.

EW: Now, “Ron,” start moving, and make me feel like I can fly.

Ron: Oh, “Hermione,” you don't need to remind me that it's “Levi-O-sa and not Levio-SAR” to do this right.

You begin to motion forward, then backward, forward again, and back again, each time you thrust, you go faster, deeper, harder, you begin to have sex with your sister. Emma's moans get louder with every passing minute.

EW: Oh, oh, oooh, oooh, OH, OH, OH!

You hold the back of her hips, you bring your knees close to hers, and you being to pound away harder.

You: Aw, “Hermione,” you feel so good.

EW: Don't stop, “Ron.” Oooh, keep going.

You lean forward to feel your stomach against her back, your chin on her neck and shoulder, and reach your hands around to grope your sister's breasts. You squeeze your hands hard and fuck her harder. She lets out a gritting moan as she is being pounded away by her big brother. You pause and pull out, and move her to the middle of the bed and lay her on her side. You come up behind her on your side and lift her leg a bit up. You position your dick back into her pussy and start thrusting again. She moves her hand to support her leg while you support her hip and arm to keep her steady.

EW: Oooh, my dear “Ron,” I love you so much.

You: Oh gaw, “Hermione,” you are so beautiful, and I love you too.

You kiss her and she kisses back, while you continue to fuck her. Your breaths begin to become quicker, making your mouth feel dry, but you don't care. You pull out again and move yourself to the back of the bed, in a sitting up position. Emma follows you and gets on top of you in a cowgirl position. She lifts herself up, uses her hand to guide your dick back inside her, and she starts bouncing away. You reach one hand onto her lower back and your other hand on her ass, keeping her movements straight as she rides you. Emma leans her body forward, allowing you to suck on her titties and kiss her chest between them. You feel both of your sweat mixing as your bodies keeps rubbing against each other, you taste some of it as you suck on her breasts. Emma continues to thrust her hips downward while you slide your dick upwards going deeper and deeper inside her.

You: Aaw, “Hermione,” you're my dirty little lover, aren't you?

EW: Yes, “Ron,” I'm your slutty loving “whore crux.”

You: Oooh, good one, I'm keeping a piece of my soul inside of you, and I will keep you safe.

EW: Aaaah, Salle Saleh Shassash Hhasshee Sseharrah Slashi.

She looks down at you with a slutty expression while seductively hissing the Parseltongue gibberish. She stops and turns herself around, with her back facing you. She resumes riding your dick in the reverse position, you hold her hips to steady her and continue to thrust into her.

You: Ooooh, that's it, you beautiful dirty sexy Mudblood woman.

EW: Aaaw, your big slug is eating up my pussy. Aaaah!

You begin to feel a brewing inside your dick, her pussy begins to tighten her grip on your dick as you both become close to climax.

You: “Hermione,” are you ready? Do you want it?

EW: Please, “Ron,” do it inside me.

You: Ah, say the Patronus with me.

EW: Okay.

You: Aw, huuh, are you ready?

EW: Yes!

You feel the cum building up inside you, getting ready to be fired inside your sister.

You: Ahh! Expecto Patronum!

EW: Expecto Patronuuu-aaaaaAAHHH!!!

You feel your spunk expel out of your dick and into Emma's womb, it reaches to the end of her pussy, covering all of your sister's insides. You thrust very hard a few more times, pump the last few bits deep inside her, not missing a single drop. You feel your body tighten and lifting off the bed, with Emma sitting on top of you also being lifted up by your hidden strength. As you finally being to relax, you carefully lower your pelvis back down onto the bed. Emma leans back with your arms on your chest to keep her hips lifted up as you slowly pull your limping dick out of her pussy. Your dick then falls to the side, Emma looks down at her pussy, which is beginning to drip out excess cum. She smiles as she moves herself off you and lay on the bed next to you. You turn your head to look at her, he white smile glistening from the outdoor lighting as she gives the look of satisfaction at your eyes. She squeezes her arms together, pressing her boobs between her chest. A thought runs through your head, “She has never looked sweeter than ever before. So beautiful.” You run your finger through her hair, pull her face close to you and kiss her. She kisses back and runs her fingers over your face. You touch foreheads and feel a heavy sensation over your eyelids, and fall asleep, and you whisper to each other,

EW: “Ron.”

You: “Hermione.”



A train whistle and a whimsical John Williams theme is heard throughout the living room, as you're sitting in front of a 70-inch plasma wide screen TV. The music ends, the credits roll, and you stop the movie. You again sit there in amazement as you did with the book.

You: Wow.

EW: It could've been done better as a movie, but it's a film adaptation of course, not everything goes according to the book.

You hear footsteps coming down from the stairs. Your sister, Emma, walks in front of you, wearing a thin see-through nighttime undergarment, her nipples showing right through it, and a big pregnant baby belly exposing outward. Looking at her at her current stage, you can't help but smile.

You: Well I like it anyway, there could've been more action sequences too, but I still think the story telling was well done.

EW: I'm so glad that I'm finally done with them. Now we will have more time to be together.

You give a light chuckle. You get up from the couch and walk towards her.

You: “Hermione?”

EW: “Ronald?”

You give each other a kiss, you feel her belly pressing against yours . You run both your hands all over her belly. Her left hand, wearing a ring, also rubs her belly. You both look down at it.

You: How is our little Rose doing?

EW: Never better.

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