Incest Pregnancy: Evanna Lynch

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You come home having just finished a job interview, you feel a bit tired after driving for about 30 minutes, but if felt like an hour, because it happened to be so hot outside that your body was working so hard to cool down, it was actually overheating, causing you to feel drowsy the whole drive back. Very relieved that you made it safely without getting into a car accident, you drop your keys on the front drawer and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of ice and water. You guzzle it within five seconds, you feel your throat refreshed from the dryness of the summer heat, then you head to your bedroom to change out of your thick and sweaty dress clothes into your casual t-shirt and shorts. You fall onto your bed, exhausted from the heat wave, and when you were feeling a partway falling sleep, you hear a shuffle at your door and a soft voice calls out.

EL: Hello big brother.

Your body wakes up, your mind wakes up, you look up to find your little sister, Luna Lovegood actress, Evanna Lynch, standing at your door.

EL: You're back from your job interview.

You: Mm-hm, yeah, just got back.

She enters your room and goes to sit on your big chair across from your bed. She is wearing a white dress with a red flower pattern and a blue yarn-knit shoal on her shoulders, her straggly long dirty blonde hair is tied behind her in a big ponytail, her gray eyes and pale brows give her a rather dreamy look.

EL: You look dreadful.

You: Well, it didn't go too well in my opinion. I mean, the questions they asked me weren't bad, but I felt like the way I responded to them could've been better.

EL: Don't worry, there are always other opportunities.

You: Yeah, I suppose.

You put your head back on your pillow and look up at your ceiling, wondering what's to happen with your life next.

EL: Hey, big brother.

You: Yeah, Ev?

EL: Mmm, what do you think of me?

You: What do I think of you?

EL: I must look very pretty to you. Everyone says I look very pretty because of my character.

You: You mean Luna? Well of course.

EL: Well, let's put your response in your own words.

You: Hmmm.

You give it a thought, the thought becomes a train and you form a rather very long sentence.

You: Well, maybe the best way to say about you is, I like your hair, your eyes are very nice, and your face just has this uniqueness that makes it cuter than anyone else's.

Evanna's smile got wider.

EL: That's so sweet of you.

You: And another thing I would add is, that your beauty is as measurable as the moon at its fullest lighting up a cool summer's night.

EL: Thank you, big brother.

You: Well, that's how I would say it if I wasn't your brother.

Evanna gets up from the chair and walks to your bed. She kneels down and rests her arms and head on your bed. You look at her and your gazes meet.

EL: If I wasn't your sister, being your girlfriend and you my boyfriend would be very nice.

You look into your sister's shimmering gray eyes, seeing your reflection in them. Her eyes then move closer and closer to you, until you feel a something soft meet your lips. Her eyes close, then your eyes close. You feel the softness part from your lips, then you feel it again, this time with a little more motion. Your emotions being to take over and your tongue slips out of your mouth and enters hers, meet the tip of her tongue, then you feel her tongue begin to move. You feel your saliva collecting, your tongue lathers some and mixes it with hers, you begin to taste her among your own. After a few minutes, your tongues part ways, then your lips break off, you both gasp a breath of air and open your eyes. You reach your hand to the back of her head and pull the little band holding her hair, off the length of her shoulder-long dirty blonde hair and off, letting it flow loosely along her shoulders and back. She takes off her shoal, then lifts her dress up and off her chest, revealing her beautifully developed B cup breasts. Lastly she removes her white panties. You take off your shirt and remove your shorts, then shift to one side of your bed and allow her to get in on the other. She lays on her side, her hair flowing over her shoulders alongside her breasts, her arms laying in front of her, one leg angling up, revealing her dirty blonde haired vagina. She looks at you with a quirky smile on her face. With one hand you pull her head in and kiss her again, while your other arm goes around her back to pull her close to you. Both your tongues giving each other more and more action with each passing minute, you then feel her hand reach down and gripping your hardening cock. You reach your hand down and your fingers meet her fleshy pussy lips. Stimulating each other's organs, your heart being to beat faster and faster, you hear your sister moaning. Your dick reaches capacity and it is now at its hardest, while you feel Evanna's pussy getting wet. You break the kiss and look at her face, her dreamy expression is now accompanied by lust. She licks her lips, she says in her soft voice but with a more seductive tone.

EL: I want you inside me now.

You: Oh sis, that's what I want right now.

You turn her body to lay her on her other side, you then lift her leg and she puts her arm around your head. You aim your dick towards the entrance of her pussy. Evanna smiles as she sees your dick entering further and further into her pussy, inch by inch, until the whole thing disappears inside of her. You pull out half way and push back in, you pull out a third of the way and go in again. You go deeper and deeper, faster and faster, you hear your sister breathing her sexual moans through her nose, she closes her eyes and tilts her head back. You wrap one arm around her back and hold your hand on her stomach, while your other hand keeps her leg up as you fuck your sister. You watch ecstatically as her boobs begin to bounce with each thrust you give her, her hair waving back and forth. After a few minutes, you feel your back getting a bit tired hanging on one side. You lift your sister up and straighten her as you move to lay on your back. Evanna smiles as she looks at your penis still inside her while you're moving. She sits her weight on top of you, your dick still inside her and going deeper as she sits down. She leans back and supports her weight with her arms on your shoulders, and she begins to thrust her pelvis downward, sliding her pussy down and up and down on your dick. You reach your hands to her front and grope her breasts, she gives out a long seductive moan.

EL: This is very enjoyable. I hope we can do it again.

You: I wanna do it over and over and over with you.

You thrust hard upwards to make your dick meet the end of her pussy. She lets out an open-mouth gasp as she feels her pussy being taken control by your cock. She can't help but let her pussy squeeze tight around your cock, you get harder as she continues to ride you. You feel your balls bulging to the halfway point, you stop.

You: Hey Ev.

EL: Yeah?

You: I'm getting close.

You help her get on her knees on your bed and bend her forward. You straighten your cock and enter back inside her. You start slow then pick up the pace, fucking your sister harder and harder. She lets out a moaning sound.

EL: I like this position. It feels very natural.

You: Making love with you raw is as natural as this can get.

EL: I'm getting close too. You're just as horny as I am.

Your hands hold her lower back as you being to thrust harder and harder, she takes your pillow and puts her right knee on it, to help her pussy get a better angle of penetration. She lets out a bit louder moan as you pass her cervix and reach the back of her womb.

EL: I don't take birth control, it makes me feel a bit fuzzy. I've always wanted to feel you inside me, it's okay if you want to do it.

You: Alright sis, god I love the way you talk, even when you're off set you still sound exactly like her.

EL: I'm glad you like that, it makes me sound more innocent in real life.

You: You're so cute.

EL: Thanks big brother.

You feel your dick getting ready to blow. You rock faster and faster, feeling her pussy tightening around your cock. You grunt as you reach your climax, you hear Evanna quietly moaning, you then let out a loud groan as you push inside her one last time, pumping your seed deep inside your sister, shooting out three, maybe five pumps. You slowly pull out, shuddering from your dick's sensitivity. You fall onto your back, and you look to see a small white drop coming out of the entrance of her pussy. Evanna turns to look at you and gives you a bright smile.

EL: I'm glad you can make me love really good, big brother.

You: Oh god, Ev, you make me feel very “looney.” Oh sis, I love you so much.

EL: I love you too.

She comes towards you, leans in, and gives you one more kiss, before she gets off your bed, takes her clothes, and heads out. She stops at the door and turns to look at you one more time, give you her signature innocent sweet smile, before she waves and leaves, naked and sweaty.



You are driving having finished another job interview, this time you feel good about it. You stop at a church and enter. At the front of the sanctuary hall, you find your sister, Evanna Lynch, wearing a dark blue shirt dress, and a light pink scarf. Her straggly dirty blonde hair flowing over her back, she turns around, you see her gray dreamy eyes, and her beautiful smile, her hand running over her enlarged belly. You walk up to her and give her a kiss.

You: Hey sis.

EL: Hello big brother.

You: Good news, I got the job.

EL: That's nice. I'm so happy for you.

You put your hand on her belly, giving it a little caress, your other hand fondling with her hair. The back door opens and in comes a priest.

You: Are you ready?

EL: I can't wait.

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