Feminist, not Feminazi

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Feminist, not Feminazi

Humming to herself as she set up her webcam on her computer which she had pulled forward and set up at the end of her bed Emma opened up her blog site ready to start another vlog for her fans, this time though she wasn’t simply announcing to her followers of her latest upcoming movie roles or what generally was going on in her life

Over the last few weeks she had noticed some changes in her social media and she didn’t like it, women insulting men and claiming to outright hate them for the simplest of reasons claiming their reasons to be feminism which, to be honest, dragged the good name of the cause through the dirt and what annoyed her even more was the fact that several post linked her and several other well-meaning feminist celebrities in with their misandry

Making sure that her webcam was aimed specifically at her face Emma took a moment to fix her hair before turning on her webcam to start the vlog “hi guys me again” she greeted her watchers like she always did smiling as the viewer count steadily rose up “now I’ve got something important I want to talk about today that might shock some of you, as you know I’m a big believer in the feminist movement, some have even said that I’m one of the driving forces, don’t worry I’m not giving up on it, equality of the genders is something I will always believe in but there has been happenings in the general and social media lately that has caught my attention and I believe needs to change”

Taking a deep breath as she watched the comments flood in asking what she meant Emma exhaled before continuing “these days there seems to have been a lot of confusion as to what feminism actually means so I will reiterate for anyone who is confused by the concept, feminism means equality of the genders, for men and women to live and work on equal ground, neither gender being above the other in anyway shape or form, it is not a movement that preaches the hatred and inferiority of men” Emma explained “I’ll admit that the male gender has many faults which the female gender cannot deny itself, both genders are equally wonderful and flawed at the same time so I find it incredibly unfair that some women deliberately demonize the male gender whilst outright ignoring their own flaws”

As she had expected the comments list quickly divided into different groups, the majority agreeing outright with her, a smaller group seeming sceptical and as she had feared a small minority was comprised of the very ‘feminists’ she was calling out who proceeded to hurl abuse at her for the ‘crime’ of tolerating the ‘rapist gender’ making her sigh and roll her eyes

Ignoring the hate filled comments Emma then cleared her throat and adjusted her camera to show more than just her face before standing up from her chair to show to her viewers shock that she was completely naked and by the comments that came streaming in their shock was obvious “as you can see I’m naked, well I’m sure a lot of you have seen me naked since photo shop is a thing, now I’m sure what a few of you are thinking and no, I’m not being forced to do this, I’m not getting paid and I’m not unhappy to do this, this is just me showing my followers and fans what I want to show them, furthermore this is neither degrading nor empowering, not everything a woman does has to be categorized as either”

Before she could continue Emma was cut off by a knock on her door bringing a smile to her lips “ah, my guest has arrived” the brunette commented as she turned and walked to the front door, the comment section exploding with positive comments on her arse as she headed towards the door and answered it inviting a tall lean young man inside before heading back to her computer

“This is a good friend of mine and he’s here to help me prove that you can be a feminist and still love men” Emma smiled to the webcam as the comments section was bombarded by the far right feminist section of her fan base telling her to kick the ‘rapist’ out making the brunette roll her eyes as her guest began to undress behind her “ok as you can tell I’m going to be busy for a while but feel free to stay and watch and comment your thoughts as always”

Stepping away from the computer as the comment section exploded again with a wide mixture of comments Emma turned to her now naked guest biting her lip at the sight of his thick erection “someone’s happy to see me” she purred as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him at an angle to make sure that the webcam had full view of both her and his cock

Smiling as her guest stroked her hair Emma leaned forward to run her tongue along the full length of his cock making him shudder with pleasure whilst she moaned at his thick heady flavour, making sure that the webcam could see everything Emma then went one further swallowing her guests cock down to the base making him groan loudly and curse with pleasure

Placing her hands on her thighs Emma then relaxed her neck allowing her guest to pump her head along his cock as any speed he deserved, sucking hard and lovingly on his cock as he moved her mouth along its length, her breasts bouncing in tandem to her head as she started to drool heavily making her mouth a nice wet hole for him to fuck

As Emma slowly got more and more into sucking her guests cock her comment section continued to explode, like before the majority of them positive begging her to suck his cock louder and sloppier and some asking her to show her arse and pussy to the webcam, the positive comments completely drowning out the negative as Emma sucked harder soon tasting precum on her tongue

A few minutes of sucking later Emma moaned as she felt her guest cum hard in her mouth, his load coating her tongue and flowing smoothly down her throat as she continued to suck and swallow around his shaft, the brunette letting her eyes flutter closed as she relished the warmth and taste of his cum before remembering that she had an audience, swallowing what was left in her mouth before returning her attention to the camera “see? Giving a man oral sex isn’t degrading when you want to do it, in fact if can be quite enjoyable” she explained to yet more mixed responses

Before she could speak further Emma found herself whisked off of her feet as her guest picked her up to place her down on her bed, spreading her legs wide giving the webcam the perfect view of her core making the brunette smile as her guest knelt down to bring his mouth to her pussy “see? Not all men are sexually selfish as well” she commented before letting out a low moan at the feeling of his tongue working her core and clit, making the brunette arch her back with a cry of pleasure as his fingers joined his tongue in working her to climax

Having gotten nice and turned on during the cock sucking it didn’t take Emma long to reach her first orgasm, the brunette exclaiming again as to her surprise and delight her guest continued to work her through her orgasm not letting it die down for a moment, his tongue and fingers working magic on her quickly setting off a second orgasm mere seconds after the first one eventually died down forcing her to just accept it writhing around panting and moaning with pleasure for several more minutes

When Emma’s second orgasm died down and she was given chance to move freely again she quickly invited her guest onto her bed, moving to lay him back on the bed before straddling his waist reverse cowgirl style to make sure she was still facing the webcam “and now I’m going to prove that sex is just as enjoyable to women as it is to men” she breathed again making sure that the webcam had a full view of her before sinking down on her guests cock biting her lip with a loud moan as she took him down to the hilt

Reaching back to rest her hands on his chest as he took hold of her waist Emma quickly got to work in riding him, gyrating her hips at first before beginning to pump her tight little cunt along her guest’s fat cock making her perky breasts bounce for her viewers pleasure “see? I’m in complete control…I’m not being used...this isn’t degrading…” she panted moving herself faster as sheer pleasure ran through her veins “sex isn’t…fundamentally…about control or…power…oh fuck….”

Noticing how Emma was beginning to waver and give into the pleasure of being fucked her guest quickly took hold, gripping her waist tighter and starting to thrust up into her making her bounce faster on his lap, the brunettes pants becoming high pitched squeaks and cries of pleasure as she started to orgasm again getting even tighter on his cock as more and more comments flooded her blogs comment section

It didn’t take long for both of them to cum again, Emma letting out a loud long cry of ecstasy as another orgasm crashed through her whilst her guest filled her with cum, his seed warming her insides making her feel pleasantly full as she rocked down against him, gently rolling her hips relishing the feeling of his cum filling her womb

When her guest stopped cumming Emma slowly lifted herself off of his cock before approaching the computer again, taking a moment to fix her sex messed hair before turning back to the webcam “now I hope that little display showed some of you watching that sex is and can be a mutually pleasant experience for both genders and to those who already knew that I just hope you enjoyed the show” she smiled as the comment section quickly proved that they did very much enjoy it “well I need to go get cleaned up, see you guys next time” the brunette smiled before logging off

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