Incest Pregnancy: Kristen Stewart

BY : Nik0laiPetr0v
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Last night, you were sending your sister, “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart, out for her to hang out with her friends. You were waiting for her to return by a curfew (for the sake of her safety) by 11:30pm, but time has gone long past that and you've fallen asleep on the couch trying to keep your eyes open waiting for her. It wasn't until 2am that you are finally awoken by the sound of the door opening and the clocking sound of your sister's heeled shoes.

KS: Who, hehehe, wake up big brother!

You're very tired from your midnight nap, you're trying so hard to get your eyes completely open and to sit up to talk to her, but you groan from your tiredness. From what you can hardly see from your tired eyes, she is wearing jeans with the leg sleeves rolled up to her shins and a white strapless shirt with orange stripes. Her hair looks a bit frizzled. She sits on the couch and gives your legs a pat.

KS: Wake up, I'm back! Oh my god, wake up.

You can smell something weird from her breath.

You: Uhhhh, wait, are you drunk?

KS: Duuuuh.

She is a bit rocky, leaning back and forth while she talks to you a little bit slurred.

KS: Oh my god, I had such a good time. We were dancing, we were partying, and oh my god, the after party there was so much liquor. Oh my god.

You: Yeah? What do you think mom will think about that?

KS: No, she's not gonna find out?

You: Well, what if I tell her?

KS: You're not gonna tell her.

You: She told me to tell her.

KS: What'll I have to do to get you not to tell her?

You: Well you should've have drank in the first place.

You see her starting to caress herself, while giving you a seductive eye.

KS: I'll let you see my boobs.

You: Boobs? But-

KS: I'll give you a little bit more.

You: Wait, uh, Kristen, you're my sister. I mean, you've always been very beautiful and...

She leans towards you and starts to caress her hands all over your head.

You: ...and, you do need to do something to get out of this.

KS: So you're not gonna tell on me? Come on, don't tell on me.

She gives you a kiss on the cheek, you feel a flushing rising up your face. She continues to caress your head.

KS: You know what I just realized? How cute you are.

You: Really?

KS: Yeah. Like, you're so sexy.

You: Yeah?

She runs her hands on your chest, you feel your heart beating harder.

You: Well I mean, you're pretty beautiful too.

KS: Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm.

She smiles, and then gives you a kiss on the lips. You kind of kiss back.

KS: Shhhh, just be quiet for a minute. Here, can I scoot closer to you?

She shifts her body closer to where the side of your hips meet, you put an arm around each other, she leans into your face.

KS: Like this, yeah?

She kisses you again, you kiss back. You put your hand on her belly, her hand caressing your chest.

KS: I'm gonna take my shoes off, okay?

She takes off her 3-inch heels.

KS: Is it okay if I take my clothes off?

You don't hesitate to not do anything as she stands up and takes off her shirt and jeans, revealing nothing but a pair of small panties. She move her half-naked body towards you.

KS: You see this? You want this?

Her hands run over her body, you put your hands on her hips and gaze at her amazing thin body and breasts.

You: I think so.

KS: You know what I think?

She leans and kisses you again, giving a light chuckle.

KS: I think you should take your clothes off too.

She helps you out of your shirt while you work on your pants. Kristen has an amazed look as she sees your rock-hard abs.

KS: Oh wow. I just realize how sexy your body is.

She runs her hand on your abs, chuckling seductively. You get your pants off, she leans and kisses you again.

You: So what are you gonna do so I won't tell mom?

KS: I don't know. What do you want?

You: Whatever I want.

KS: I know, what do you want? Do you want this?

She guides one of your hands onto the bottom of her panties, you feel her pussy getting warm to your touch.

KS: Here.

She leans back and lays on her back on the couch.

KS: Be a gentleman. Do the honors.

She chuckles as you remove her panties, revealing her pussy already getting a bit wet. Once her panties are off, she leans forward again and kisses you.

KS: You're like the sexiest big brother I could ever ask for.

Another kiss.

KS: Oh my god, I'm not getting enough of you. Let me help you get out of these, these need to go.

She pulls your underwear off, letting your hard dick come out for her to play. She looks at it with her hammered face, she then gives it a blow of her breath, making your dick feel hot and hard.

KS: Well, do you mind if I like, sit, on you?

She was about to lean forward, but then she turns around and has her back facing you.

KS: You know what? Let's do it this way., I want you to feel more comfortable.

She guides you to sit on the couch the right way, she then leans her ass towards your pelvis and holds your dick straight.

KS: Mmmmm, mom's gonna be so mad.

You: She won't know.

KS: She won't? Oh, I'm so glad that you're into it.

She starts sitting down on your dick in the reverse cowgirl position, it was hard to go in at first, but little by little your dick goes deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

KS: Oh my god, oooh, I'm so tight.

She begins to move a bit faster, your cock feeling her tight pussy walls gripping it. As your sister sets the pace into a comfortable casual speed, her pussy begins to loosen up, allowing your dick to slide easier in and out of her.

KS: Do you like that?

You: Yeah.

KS: Yeah?

You: Oh sis, you feel so good.

KS: Yeah.

She continues to move her hips up and down your shaft, she leans a bit more back.

KS: You know what I've always dreamed? Of fucking my big brother. Dream come true, that's for sure.

You help her get off and lay her on her side on the couch. You lay behind her and position your dick at her entrance. With one hand you grope her breast, and the other you hold her leg up as you put your dick back into her.

You: Wow, you're so wet now.

KS: Mmm-hmm-hmm, I can't help it. Maybe it's because I'm drunk with you at the same time.

You begin to fuck her again, this time you're setting the pace and you go faster than before.

KS: Oh my god, holy shit.

Your dick sliding faster and easier thanks to her pussy's wetness, you hear the sloshing of your fleshes rubbing in contact with each other and the patting of your pelvis hitting her ass. You then give her ass a pat with your hand.

KS: Oooh, I like it when you spank me, big brother.

You slap her ass again, and again. Her moans of pleasure could be heard throughout the living room as you alternate between her ass cheeks.

KS: Oh god, oh shit.

Her breaths become more like gasps of ecstasy. She turns her face and looks at you in your eyes.

KS: You wanna do a different one?

You: Yeah, I wanna.

She moves herself off your dick.

KS: How do you wanna do it now?

You shift her body to where she is laying on her belly.

You: This way.

KS: This way?

You: Yeah.

As you lean forward to put your dick back in, she gives a quirky smile at you as she presents her beautiful ass.

KS: Come and get it, big brother.

You slide back into her and resume fucking her pussy. Your dick buries deeper and deeper into her.

KS: Oh wow. Haaaa.

You pick up the pace and fuck her faster.

KS: Oh my, oh my fuck, Ahhh.

You feel your back getting a bit tired fucking her at this angle, so you help her up onto her hands and knees and go back to fucking at a more stable position.

You: You like that?

KS: Oh yeah, fuck me harder, yes.

You go faster, the impact of your dick hitting your sister's pussy intensifies.

KS: Ooooh, my god.

She turns her head and looks at you fucking her.

KS: Sooo, sexy, aaaah.

You give her a few more hard thrusts, then you slow the pace a bit, allowing her to catch her breath.

KS: You know what I've always wanted to do though?

You: What?

KS: I've always wanted to feel you cum.

You: Yeah?

KS: Yeah. I want you to cum, inside my pussy, maybe? You wanna do that? Yeah?

You: Mmm-hmm.

KS: Yeah? Okay.

She flips herself onto her back and opens her legs wide. You slide your dick back in and resume thrusting into her. At this position, you're able to penetrate deeper than before, you feel your dick going past her cervix into her womb.

You: Oh god you feel so good. You like feeling your brother's dick inside you?

KS: Uhhh-huuuuh, yeeeaaah.

As you continue rocking in and out of her pussy, you feel it gripping the entire length of your cock.

KS: Oh big bro, let know when you're gonna cum so I can feel it.

You: Yeah, sis.

You then go all out, you let your body lie on top of her, using your body weight to let gravity push your dick deeper and deeper into your sister's pussy. She wraps her arms around your back, tightening as she feels the tip of your dick reach the end of her pussy.

You: Oh sis, I'm getting close.

KS: You're gonna do it?

You: Yeah.

KS: Oh yeah, keep going big brother.

You start to feel your scrotum get tighter, you speed up the rhythm of fucking and you feel her pussy clenching your dick.

You: Oh sis, I'm cumming.

KS: Cum, cum, let me feel you inside me.

She wraps her legs and locks your hips with hers. With barely any room for your dick to slide, you keep thrusting inside her, moving Kristen's body with your rhythm. You feel a pulse at the base of your cock.

You: Aw, awwww, AAAAAWW!!

KS: Ah, aaahhh, AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Your dick hits the back of your sister's womb hard, your jizz shooting out the end. You feel Kristen's body tightly gripping all around you, her arms, her legs, her pussy on your dick. Your dick shoots out the rest of the cum and you feel each other's crotches getting hotter and hotter. Kristen finally relaxes and lets her limbs fall off your body. You slowly pull out of your sister's pussy, as your tip emerges, the tingling sensation causes it to spit one last shot of cum onto her crotch. She looks down at it and smiles, then turns her gaze to you.

KS: So you won't tell anyone?

A bit out of breath, you look at your sister's ecstatic face.

You: I won't tell anybody.

KS: Not even mom.

You: No, nobody at all.

KS: Mmm-hmm-hmm, I'm so glad.

She sits up and pulls your head to hers and kisses you. Feeling the last bit of energy leaving your body, you lay your body on her and rest your head on her breast. Kristen's hands caress your head and hair and she gives you a kiss on your head. Exhausted, you begin to close your eyes, your move your hand and lay it on her other breast and give it a few playful squeezes before you fall asleep.



You look at your sister, Kristen Stewart, sitting on her knees on her bed wearing a brown dress that covers her boobs and flows from her hips down to her legs. Her belly is exposed, showing that it has grown in the past few months. Her beautiful face gazes at you, her hands running over her big belly.

You: You look so beautiful.

KS: And you still look very sexy, big brother.

You lean towards her and give her a kiss, she kisses back with her tongue tasting yours. When the kiss breaks, you both look down at her belly, both of your hands meet hers and feel her belly.

KS: Big brother.

You: Yeah?

KS: You know what I've always dreamed of since that night?

You: What?

She takes your hand and makes you hold her left ring finger.

KS: How hot it would be if I married you before our baby is born.

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