Incest Pregnancy: Ariana Grande

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You are sitting in your office on your computer, working on an online article, when you hear a knock on your door.

You: Who is it?

You hear a sweet voice calling from the other side.

AG: It's me, daddy.

You: Oh, I think the door is open. Come on in.

The door opens, and in comes your daughter, pop singer and music star, Ariana Grande.

AG: Hey daddy.

You: Hey, Ari.

She is wearing a gray tank top with black jean shorts, sneakers, and a cap backwards on her head.

You: It's been a while, good to see you.

AG: It's good to see you too, daddy.

You: You're dressed up all hip, what's going on?

AG: Oh, today was a new music video shoot.

You: Oh that's great. How did it go?

She walks up to your desk and sits on a chair in front of it.

AG: It was cool, the dancers were awesome. There's still a few more scenes to shoot.

You: That's good to hear, dear.

She leans forward and lays her head on your desk.

You: You feeling tired?

AG: Yeah, it was a lot of dancing. So what are you working on?

You: Oh, just another news article.

AG: Yeah? What happened this time?

You: Oh, nothing big, just the usual; it's summer time in California, it gets dry, so there are mountain fires to watch out for.

AG: Aw, that's bad.

You: I know. Good thing we live in LA.

AG: Yeah. Well, as I said, I'm tired, so I think I'm going to go take a nap.

You: Okay, baby. Talk to you in a bit.

AG: Okay, bye.

She gets up and walks out of your office. You resume to finish your article. A couple hours later, you're finally done. After saving the document and turning off your computer, you take a long breath in and exhale, giving your mind a fresh dose of needed oxygen. You then wonder how your daughter is doing. You walk out of your office and go to her bedroom. Her door is closed, you slowly and quietly open it. You enter her room and you see your daughter, laying on her bed, asleep, wearing a pink top while covered in pink bed covers. She looks like she has a tiny smile on her face, her head laying on the side on a small pillow and one arm stretched out. You approach closer to her bed and look at her. Her sweet face complimented by her dark red hair standing out of her pink bed sheets and covers. You can't help but stare at her as she's sleeping. You look at her chest, which is covered by the bed covers. You hear her quiet breathing, knowing that she is fully asleep at this moment. Not knowing what is overcoming you, your hand reaches her bed covers and slowly pulls it off of her body, revealing her perky but full-looking A cup breasts in her pink top. You remove more of the cover off her abdomen, and then off her waist, revealing her wearing tiny pink panties under them. Then the covers finally come off her legs. You look at her face, she is still asleep. Then an urge overcomes you, your hand starts to caress her face, moving her hair off her rosy cheeks. Your hand moves on its own from her shoulders and down to her chest. The palm makes its way to her breast, the fingers close, open and close again, groping her breast in a massaging fashion. Her head moves a little, her voice giving a very quiet sleeping moan. Your hand continues to massage her breast, your other hand then makes its way to her other breast. She then shifts her body from her side onto her back, you quickly let go to avoid her movements. She moans as she positions her body onto her back, her arms lay outward, leaving her breasts wide open. You wait a few seconds, and then you move both hands back in to massage both her breasts. One hand then starts to move lower, reaching her crotch. With the tip of a finger, you lightly rub the outside of her panties, but feeling her soft pussy underneath. She moves her body again, shifting it to her side again, with both arms in front of her, you move your hands away to avoid her. She lets out a moan, then opens her eyes. Tired, but now waking up, she calls out in her sweet but sleepy voice.

AG: Daddy?

You: Uh, yeah, honey, it's me.

AG: Mmm, what are you doing?

You: I was just, uh, checking up on you. I finished my article and it's been a couple hours.

AG: Mmm, you're done?

You: Yeah, I'm done for the day.

AG: What time is it?

You: Um, I think it's past five now.

AG: Oh, it's been that long?

You: Yeah.

She moves her body onto her back again, she lays her hands on her stomach, she gazes at you.

AG: Daddy.

You: Yeah, honey?

AG: I see you looking at me.

You: What?

AG: You're looking at me.

She gives a smile.

You: Well, you're just so pretty. I'm just really amazed about what a beautiful daughter I have raised.

AG: Aw, daddy, thank you.

You: And, I like looking at you, because I'm your father, and I love you.

AG: I love you too, daddy.

You: You know, I've worked really hard to give you what you need, I mean, ever since your mother died some time after you were born.

AG: Hmm, yeah I wish mommy was here too.

You: And whenever I look at you, I see her, and I miss her so much.

AG: Thanks daddy.

You kneel down and level your head with hers on her bed. You caress her head and her hair.

You: I would do everything I can to make you happy.

AG: You're the sweetest daddy I can ever have.

She lays her hand on your face, you look into each other's eyes.

AG: Daddy?

You: Yes?

AG: Can you lay on the bed next to me, like you used to do when you tell me bedtime stories?

You: Sure honey.

She scoots herself onto one side of the bed, you get in and lay on the other. You both lay on your sides, turn your faces to each other, and your gazes meet again. You caress her face.

AG: Mmm, I really missed this so much.

You: Brings back memories.

She caresses your face, she scoots a bit closer to you, your faces within inches of each other, you feel each other's breath on your faces. She looks into your eyes.

AG: Daddy?

You: Yes?

AG: Will you always stay with me?

You: I will always be with you, baby, Always.

Both of you lean closer, inches become centimeters, and smaller, until you both angle your faces and your lips meet. The kiss turns into a festival with your mouths and both of your lips begin to caress each other, you both pull each others faces closer, making the kisses deeper, she moans with a pleasurable excitement knowing that she is now making out with her father. One of her hands lays on your shoulder and pulls towards her, moving your body over and on top of her. With that, your body weight pushes your kisses deeper into her lips while her hands start to remove your shirt. You lift your arms up and she gets your shirt off, you then lean down to help her out of her pink top. When it comes off, she lays her arms outward to expose her naked breasts, which you proceed to begin sucking. Ariana lets out gasping moans of pleasure from her father sucking his daughters tiny but full and beautiful titties.

AG: Oh daddy, that feels so good.

You: Oh my baby, you've grown so much.

She then sits up and begins to remove your pants. Once they come off, she immediately goes for your dick in your underwear. She grabs hold of your large shaft and her soft pink lips envelope about half of it, she also starts rubbing your dick in a grip up and down, you feel her slender tongue all over your tip.

You: Aw yeah baby, aw yeah, like that.

She starts to move her head back and forth on your cock, you place your hands on her head and pull her head deeper on your cock. With each thrust you push into her mouth, the tip of your cock reaches further and further down to the back of her throat. She then takes your hands off her head but holds them as she sucks faster. You feel your dick reaching the halfway point, then she stops and releases your dick from her mouth, taking a gasp of air.

You: Wow, baby, that felt good.

AG: Mmm, yummy.

You: What do you wanna do now?

She lays on her back and lifts her pelvis up.

AG: Make me happy, daddy.

You pull her tiny pink panties off, she opens her legs to present you her tiny pussy waiting for your cock. Using her panties, you rub your cock to make it harder. Once it reached its maximum hardness, you toss away her panties and lean your body into hers. Your dick's tip meets her pussy's lips, they spread as you push in, slowly the tip is engulfed, and inch by inch her pussy opens wider, allowing your dick to feel more and more of her tightness, you groan, and she moans. Your pelvis finally meets her soft ass as your dick goes all the way into your daughter's pussy.

AG: Daddy?

You: Yes, sweetheart?

AG: How does it feel being inside me?

You: Feels like a dream come true.

AG: Yeah? Feels pretty good.

You: Ari, this is something I've always dreamed about.

AG: Really?

You: Oh yeah.

AG: Hmm, I've always wondered when we were going to really play.

You start to move in and out, your dick sliding back and forth in her pussy. With each movement her pussy gets more loose and it becomes easier to slide.

AG: Mmmmm, feels so good. It's rubbing right underneath my clit.

You: Yeah?

AG: Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm.

She gazes at you and gives you a sultry smile, you continue to slowly move in and out, your dick starts to feel hotter.

AG: Your penis feels so warm. Does that mean my pussy's nice and hot?

You: Mmm, 98.6 baby.

AG: Mmm, it's pretty warm.

You: Yuh-huh.

You pull out and hold your daughter in your arms. You move yourself onto your back and lay on her bed, putting her on top of you. Ariana lines up her knees to your waist and guides your dick back to her entrance. She lowers down, feeling the tightness of her pussy gripping every inch of her father's cock. You start to slowly fuck her again as she goes up and down riding your dick.

AG: You like to go fast too, daddy?

You: I do.

You then quicken the pace of your upward thrust, pushing your dick deeper and fucking her harder. She lets out moans as fast as your dick is moving inside her, you hold her lower back to keep her in place.

You: And then go slow again, and so deep.

AG: Mmmm, I like slow too, daddy.

You briefly slow down to let your dick enjoy her pussy and to let her enjoy the ecstasy that is now running through her body while being fucked.

AG: You like to go slow and deep inside my tight pussy, daddy?

You: Oh yeah.

You let her ride for a couple more minutes, then you let her get off and turn her around. She gets on her knees and leans her head down on her pillow. You insert back in and she begins to thrust her self back into your dick.

AG: Does it still feel good?

You: Oh yes.

AG: It feels really good, daddy.

You: Yeah, it does feel good.

AG: I feel it sliding in and out of my pussy.

As you assist with some thrusts, she turns her head and looks at you.

AG: You like watching me, don't you.

You: Oh yeah.

AG: I like it when you watch me.

You keep a steady pace as you continue to fuck your daughter. She then stops, turns around, and lays you on your back again. She slides her pussy back on your dick and leans back, her hands on your legs, and she begins to move her hips up and down.

AG: You like when I go up and down like that?

You: Aw yeah, I do baby.

You press your thumb onto her clit, rubbing it hard.

AG: Aw yeah, rub my clit, daddy, like that.

As you rub, you feel her pussy getting more slippery, you find your dick sliding easier in and out of her.

AG: Mmmm, my pussy just keeps wetter and wetter.

You: The wetter the better, it feels so good, baby.

She leans forward, using her body weight to lower her pussy deeper onto your cock, you feel your tip reaching her cervix.

AG: Aw, I like it when I do that it gets so deep.

After a couple minutes, she turns herself around, her back facing you. She resumes riding you up and down, you feel your dick sliding past her cervix.

AG: Ooooh, soooo deeeep, daaaddyyy.

You: Aw, keep going baby, don't stop.

AG: I love you inside of me, aaaaah.

She sits her hips down and thrusts forwards and backwards.

AG: Ooooooh, you feel so good in me.

You: Yeah.

You place your hands on her hips, you lift her up with your pelvis and then drop, making her bounce up and down harder than before, your entire length now all the way inside her with each upward thrust.

AG: Oh my god, aaah, aaah, ooooh it feels so good, daddy. Keep fucking me, love me, harder, harder, aaaaaah.

You groan louder as you keep thrusting and bouncing your daughter on your dick. You feel yourself reaching climax, she feels the same as her pussy starts clenching hard all around your cock.

AG: Oh, I want you to cum, daddy.

You: Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna cum.

AG: Yeah?

You: Oh, Ari, I love you.

AG: I love you too, daddy!

You: Oh god, here I cum, I'm gonna-

AG: Ooooh, huuuuh, huuuuuuuh, haaaaaAAAAHHHH!!!

With your last thrust pushing your dick deep into her pussy, you feel your cum pouring out, her pussy gripping your dick to suck up every drop, and filling up your daughter's womb. You look at your daughter, who is smiling as she lifts herself off your hard dick, and you watch as your cum seeps out of her gaping pussy. She lays on her back on top of you and gives you a kiss, you kiss back. You turn your head and look at the clock, it is already night time. Ariana leans over and grabs her bed covers and pulls them over both of you. You turn to each other and gaze into each other's eyes.

You: Good night, baby.

AG: Good night, daddy.

Under the covers, you both hold each other in your arms, she moves one leg over your waist and shifts her hips inward, where she carefully slips her pussy back on your dick and takes it in. You pull her closer and push your dick deeper. You both close your eyes and fall asleep together, with your dick still hard inside her.



It is a beautiful late spring morning, you're in the kitchen making breakfast, consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, and some pancakes.

AG: Good morning, daddy.

You hear a sweet voice coming from the living room. You see your daughter, Ariana Grande, wearing pajama pants and a pink top that is bulging with perfect roundness from her bigger boobs and her big pregnant belly. You can help but give a quick stare at your beautiful pregnant daughter.

You: Morning, sweetheart.

The breakfast just finished cooking, and you put everything on the plate, ready to eat.

You: Happy Mother's Day, Ari.

AG: Thank you, daddy, I am so happy that I'm going to a mommy soon.

You feel her baby belly.

You: I am very glad.

She looks up into your eyes.

AG: Daddy.

You: Yeah, honey?

AG: Just imagine, in a month you get to celebrate Father's Day twice.

You: I know.

AG: Now, imagine this: in 18 years, why don't we make it so you can celebrate Father's Day three times?

She gives you a seductive wink.

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