Worlds Collide

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-June 7th, 2014-

My eyes opened slowly. I blinked a few times, feeling the grittiness of sleep on the edges of my eyes. I brought my hand up to wipe away the sleep when Minho turned over, his arm slinking over my waist.

 “Go back to sleep Crys,” I glanced outside and could tell the sun had been above the horizon for a while. I groped the bed under my pillow, my hand coming across what I was looking for, my cell phone.

 “What time is it?” I pressed the button on my phone and the digital clock told me it was a little after nine a.m. in the morning. The events of the day before came flooding back to me.

 “I don't care. I want more sleep.”

 Today was a new day. Yesterday officially marked the ending of my old life and the beginning of a new one. Yesterday, was probably one of the best days of my life. My dreams had finally come true, I had a recording contract with Sony and SM entertainment and I would be heading to New York on the 10th and I wasn't dreaming. This was really fucking happening.

 I sat up finally in bed. Minho looked up at me, his hair a mess.

 “Crystal...come back to bed...” I pounced on the bed, the memory foam mattress absorbing the force. My hand closed around his shoulder to get him up, but his hand closed around mine, still not moving.

 “Minho...come on get up...”

 “No jagiya,” Minho mumbled before trying pulling back into the bed on top of him. Just then my bedroom door opened and Key came inside looking fabulously primped like he had rolled out of bed looking like that.

 “I thought I heard your voice...good morning...and Minho put a shirt on,”

 “Whatever Key.”  Minho said, glancing over his shoulder at his elder before pulling a pillow over his head.  I simply roll my eyes at both men. I stand back up and stretch out and glance at Key, who is watching my every move.

 “What?” Key shakes himself out of whatever trance he was in and his eyes meet mine.

 “Jinki got us breakfast, I hope you didn't mind him using your car.”

 “He used my car? Please tell me he didn't wreck it...”

 “Noona, you don't trust my driving skills?” Jinki asked, sounding hurt. By now Minho had fallen back to sleep so I figured I'd join the guys out in the front room. Key moved out of the door way seeing me approach. I walked into the kitchen ahead of me where Jinki was taking food out of two large McDonald's bags.

 “Well I know you Jinki, you tend to be a bit on the uncoordinated side. I would assume that it would apply to driving as well...”

 “Well, you know what they say when you assume right? Your car's in tip-top shape, I even ran it through a car-wash for you. You're welcome by the way.” Jinki retorted, causing Jonghyun, Key and Taemin to laugh. I felt foolish for a second.

 “ there a sandwich in there for me?”

 “Oh, yeah, what do you like? I got three of each sandwich. Hopefully there's enough for everyone.” Jinki said, as he began taking sandwiches out of the bags. “I also got like 15 hashbrowns...”

 “Hyung, how are we going to eat all this food...” Jonghyun his eyes landing on the various breakfast sandwiches Jinki was pulling out and placing haphazardly on the counter.

 “Oh come on, you guys can put away the food when we’re not on a restrictive diet. I won’t tell our manager…I promise. Besides, I wanted McDonald’s. So go ahead, pig out.” 

 Taemin didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed three hashbrowns and two sandwiches, an egg mcmuffin and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

 “Thanks Hyung.”

 Jonghyun was next, He grabbed two sausage egg and cheese mcgriddles and two hashbrowns. Key was last and grabbed two hashbrowns along with an egg mcmuffin and a sausage mcmuffin. By now, Jasmine woke up from all the commotion and came out of her room rubbing her eyes, her face puffy with sleep.


 “Here sweety, point to what you want?” I said gather my daughter up into my arms, supporting her 45 pound frame on my hip. She looked at the variety laid out in front of her.

 “Pancake sandwich with bacon.” My daughter said, pointing to the bacon mcgriddle. I happily obliged her wish and gave her the sandwich with a hashbrown. I then grabbed a bacon and egg biscuit with a hashbrown and gave Jinki a pat on the head in approval.

 “Thank you Jinki.”  I turned to the fridge and opened it. “Anyone want anything to drink?”

 “Ooh, do you have orange juice?”


 “I’ll take some milk, Crystal-noona.” Taemin said, between mouthfuls of food. Jinki then grabbed my hand which was placed on the open fridge door.

 “Sit down noona, I can get it.  What do you want?”

 “Just some milk,” I replied. Jinki nodded. I sat down on the floor in the living room next to my daughter who was sitting next to Key. The two had become nearly inseparable, Key just adored her, and she adored him because he would have tea parties and play her knight and shining armor.

“Mommy, can Key and I go shopping?”

“Honey, I don’t think that’s a good idea, what if mommy wanted to go somewhere today?”

“Well, we could be quick…”

“Come on Crystal, I want to buy your daughter some cute outfits…”

“I get that, but I was thinking that…maybe we’d go to the lake or something today.” I said taking a huge bite of my biscuit.

“Really!?!? I can’t wait!” My daughter exclaims, bouncing up on down on her bottom in excitement.

“Yes really. Please eat, then we’ll get ready to go.”

“Okay mommy.” 

I finished up my food and threw away the trash, I was putting the beverages back into the fridge. By now Jinki had joined the other in the living room and Minho was just getting up. Minho grabbed a couple of sandwiches and came over and gave me a back hug and a light kiss on my neck.

“Good Morning Jagiya, who grabbed breakfast?”

“Jinki.” I said turning around and giving him a quick peck on the lips, while simultaneously closing the fridge. “Hurry and eat, I want to take you guys to the lake.”

“Whose vehicle are we taking?”

“Well there’s seven of us, everyone’s not going to fit in one car.” I said, looking up at Minho.


“Minho!” My daughter called out.

“Jasmine!” Minho said, scooping the 5 year old up in his arms and spinning her around.

“I wish she’d react to me like that.” I heard Jonghyun say under his breath.

“Well, if you spent more time around her pabo, maybe she would.” I heard Key respond. That got a chuckle out of me. After I was done putting all the food and beverages into the fridge, I turned around and nearly bumped into Taemin.

“Ooh, Taemin, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” He shrugged and his eyes met mine. Something in his eyes caused a strange feeling to wash over me.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, something about it was…off.

“It’s okay noona, can I use your computer really quick, before you pack it up?”

“Sure, oh that reminds me…hey Jinki, what should I do with my stuff? Will I have any need for it?”

“I don’t believe so noona, you should look into either selling or storing all your stuff.”

“How am I supposed to get it all done in three days time?”

“That is up to you. We’ll help you with whatever heavy lifting needed.”

“Shit. We got our work cut out for us then…”

"Don’t stress out over it too much. The furniture should be the least of your worries.” Jinki said looking at me.

 “Yeah, you have a lot of appointments to go to when we get to New York…” Jonghyun chimed in.

 “…including appointments with Sony executives, a prestigious plastic surgeon, and image consultants among other things.” Jinki finished.

 “A plastic surgeon? Good God, why?”

 “Well why do you think? To improve your looks.” Key said, looking at me with a look saying ‘you should know this’.

 “I get that, but don’t they know plastic surgery is one of the riskiest surgeries to undergo next to open heart? I mean I could die.”

 “Try to tell SM that.” Jonghyun said, scratching the back of his head and running a hand through his disheveled hair.

 “Look, I personally don’t think you need it, Minho, Jonghyun, and Key can all vouch for that. We all feel like you’ve worked hard to get where you are, but unfortunately that’s the industry for you. They want perfection, they don’t want flaws.”

 “What if I said no?” I asked, already knowing I probably wouldn’t like the answer.

“It’s a violation of the contract you signed yesterday, didn’t you read it?”

“No, I just signed it. Remember?” The guys all groaned in unison.

“Crystal, why didn’t you read it yesterday?” Minho asked, his eyes meeting mine.

“You guys just showed up at my work yesterday, when was I supposed to go read it?”

“You realize, you signed your life over to Sony and SM right?” Key asked, stretching while his eyes met mine.

“Yes Key, I realize that. I’ll look over the contract tonight when I have some time. The chance of me going through surgery is what…pretty high right?”

“I would assume so…I only caught bits and pieces, they said something about body contouring, collagen injections and some other stuff. By then I had tuned them out.”  Jinki said looking at me. “I don’t think you need that though. Trust me. I don’t think any of us do. I would just do it if I were you, you may feel better about yourself maybe.”

“Jesus, I’m only 27. I don’t think I need a whole lot of work yet. Sure I have some baggy skin around my hips I could get rid of, but I don’t want to come out looking like Michael Jackson or something.”

“You won’t. Look noona, can we just drop this? This is obviously a sore topic for you, and we don’t want to upset you.” Jonghyun said, crumpling up his empty sandwich wrap and getting up off the couch to throw it away. Minho did the same getting up off the couch and  pulled me into a hug.

“Noona, I think you’re beautiful just the way you are.” Minho whispered, as he leaned down and kissed my cheek. I smiled, returning his kiss with a kiss on his lips.

“Thank you Minho. I think I’m going to hop in the shower. I feel all sweaty and gross.”

“Hurry up noona, I need to get in there after you.” Key said.

“Okay. I’ll make it quick. Oh! When do you guys want to head out to the lake?”

“Oh, well I think I need some swim trunks, I didn’t bring any with me.”

“Neither did I…”

“I didn’t either.”

“Okay, well I guess we’ll go to Walmart first to pick what whatever you guys need.” That reminded me, I need a new bathing suit as well. The one I had now was too big for me.   I walked into the bedroom and gathered my clothes out of my dresser and grabbed a clean towel, making sure to shut and lock the bathroom door behind me. With 5 guys in the house you could never be too careful. I knew none of them would try anything, but why leave it to chance.


I discarded my sleep clothes until I was completely naked. My eyes fell upon my face first. My face was long, my cheekbones and jawline prominent. My complexion was mottled with acne scars, nothing that make-up couldn’t cover up. My right eye wasn’t quite aligned, and leaned toward the lazy side.  I couldn’t forget the birth mark on my right cheek as well. It was black and perfectly round, the size of a pencil eraser. It has literally haunted me since birth.

My eyes moved down to my neck and chest. My age was beginning to show in my neck, with subtle horizontal lines where none used to exist before. My collar bones, that used to be hidden underneath a quarter inch of fat, were now jutting out, announcing their presence. My breasts, I knew needed some work, with all the weight loss I had lost two whole cup sizes. I had gone from a DD to somewhere between a B and C cup. My chest has some excess skin. My eyes lowered to my belly. This was my worst area. I still had an apron belly, but it was no longer an apron of fat, it was an apron of loose skin. My abs were clearly visible, but the loose skin was a problem. My waist was much thinner, I had managed to drop over 12 dress sizes, and lose a total of 90 lbs. My legs, harbored a lot of lose skin as well now too. My arms had ‘bat wings’. I also had tons of stretch marks that were now a shiny white riddled all over my tummy, arms, chest and legs. I had worked hard to turn my body in a fat burning machine. I felt much healthier, but why did I feel like shit now?

I had gain a lot of my confidence back but there were still things I hated about my body. Maybe surgery would fix it, perhaps it wouldn’t. All I knew, was I wasn’t going to be wearing a bikini any time soon.

I hopped into the shower thoughts about what my life would be like once things we’re in full swing. This was reality now, in three days time, I would be in New York meeting executives, producers, celebrities…living the life of a soon to be pop star.

I was sort of scared. I knew my position in the group and I certainly wasn’t okay with complete strangers snapping pictures and following me anywhere and everywhere. Having my daughter stalked and possibly bullied because of whom her mommy was, and I was really unsure of what my relationship with Minho would end up being. Would fame tear us apart? I had signed the contract and there was no going back now. Did I make the right decision?

A knock on the door, interrupted my thoughts.

“Crystal hurry up, you are taking forever…” I heard Key whine through the door. I had just rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. I hadn’t even been in the shower for more than ten minutes.

“Go away Key, learn some patience for God’s sake.”

“I’m not a patient person, you know this.”

“Key. Go. Away.” I said, scrubbing myself off. Key finally backed off and I finished my shower. I stepped out, drying myself off. I put on my clothes, and grabbed a hair tie and brush off the counter, along with my make-up bag. I opened the door and Key was standing there about ready to knock again.

“Key, what the fuck…”

“Thank you noona.” Key said pushing past me to get into the shower. I quickly stepped out of the way to avoid getting shut in the door. I let out a breath about to rip Key a new one, when there were fingers jabbed into my sides causing me to jump away from the now closed door, and spin around to face my distractor.

“Jonghyun…please don’t…”

“Did Key get in there?”

“Yeah, he nearly slammed the door on me…”

“I’ll deal with him, you finish getting ready noona.” I squeezed his well formed bicep.

“Thank you Jonghyun. See you in a bit.” I said, walked into my room and shutting the door. I finished getting ready, putting my hair up in a high ponytail and used as little of makeup as possible. My daughter comes in and joins me.

“Mommy, I want a ponytail like you.”

“Okay, come here, I’ll see what I can do…” I ran the brush through my daughter’s short hair. I ended up putting half of it up in a pony tail. She glanced at herself in a hand-held mirror I had in my possession and she grew excited.

“Ooh mommy I love it! Thank you!” My rambunctious five year old said, giving me a kiss on the lips as she raced out of my room and somehow ended up in Jonghyun’s arms.

“Hey! High-five?”  Jonghyun asked holding up his hand. Jasmine gives him a good high-five and he lets her down so she can go pounce on Jinki. He was still a bit shy around my daughter, but he was becoming more comfortable with her as I heard him tickle her. Her laughter echoed through the apartment, and a smile appeared on my face, as I silently asked myself if all of this was real?

I put on some light pink lip gloss and looked myself over in mirror. Approving the image reflecting back at me, I got up off the messy bed and hung the mirror back on the wall before walking out the room. I found my flip flops and slipped my feet through them.

“Is Key out of the shower yet?” Taemin asked, seemingly uninterested in anything going on around him.

“No…you know how he is with his showers.” Jinki said, answering Taemin's question as he went to tickle my daughter again.

“Should I try and hurry him up?” Minho asked, looking at me. I shook my head.

“No. We’ve got plenty of time, I’m going to go out and check my oil. I’ll be right back.”

“Let me go with you…” Minho said, handing my daughter to his shorter hyung.  I nod, as Minho slips on his flip flops and follows me out to my car. As soon as we’re outside, I feel his arms encircle my waist and pulled me against him, his lips grazing my neck sending shivers down my spine.

“Mm, I missed this.”

“Oh really? I missed you too.” I said as I turned back around to face him. His lust-glazed stare met mine and I couldn’t help but stand on the balls of my feet and kiss his lips. My eyes dropped to what he was wearing. “You realize, you’re out here in your pajamas…right?”

“Yeah, so? I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be alone with you.”

“Mm hm, let me check the oil in my car first, it really needs to be done.”

“Fine. “ Minho said, letting go of me to go pop the hood of my car. I walked back to the front of the car and found the switch to unlatch the safety hook and opened the hood. I found the oil dipstick and took it out and glanced it carefully, the oil was a little below the “max” area at the end of the dipstick so I put it back into the hole careful not to kink the thin metal stick going back in. I undid the oil cap on the cold engine and when back around to grab the extra oil I kept in my car and put about a half-cup of the thick lubricant into the engine. I put the cap back on and put the oil back in my car. I checked any other fluids, seeing them all at satisfactory levels, I closed the hood only to have Minho attack my neck with kisses.

“It’s such a turn on to watch you work on your car.” I quickly melted, my knees buckling from the shockwaves of pleasure that shot down my back and settled at the apex between my legs.

“Min…Min I don’t think this is the time or place…” Not listening, his hands came around to cup each of my breasts pressing his body against mine. I let out a small whimper, not really wanting him to stop. This was a different side of him I was seeing and to be honest, I really liked it. My hands ran over his thigh, traveling upwards…

“Oh for fuck’s sake, get a fucking room.” We heard someone say, Minho stopped what he was doing, obviously embarrassed. He removed his lips and hands from me. I too was embarrassed.

“Sorry.” Minho said, turning to the neighbor right behind up standing up on his balcony. Minho cleared his throat and yanked me inside where he pinned me to the adjacent wall. His sultry eyes met mine.

“Minho, I don’t think this is what…” I was silenced with an aggressive kiss. What the hell was with this man? Was he seriously that sexually frustrated? His erection pressed against the thick denim that covered my thighs, confirming my suspicion.  I pulled away from him, just give myself some room to breathe, all the sudden attention was suffocating me.

“Minho, slow your roll. This isn’t the time, or the place. Why don’t you go inside take a cold shower, and compose yourself, before you do something that’ll get us both arrested.” I said, walking back inside. I didn’t understand Minho’s sudden change in the amount of intimacy he was showing me. Were the other guys getting after him?

“Crystal, jagiya I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me.” I felt his hands on my shoulders, slowing me down as I was about to enter the apartment.

“I’m not mad Minho, a little surprised, but not mad.”

“Come talk to me, please…”

“There’ll be other opportunities to talk Minho, but right now, you need to get in the shower. Key and I are already ready…you better hurry and get ready too.”

“Okay fine.” Minho said, defeated as he gave me a quick peck on the lips and entered the apartment.

"Hey! Everything good?” Jonghyun asked watching the both of us enter the apartment. I give a smile and nod.

“Yep, car just needed a little oil…” Key came closer to me as his eyes landed on my neck, his eyes narrowing as if he needed a closer look at something.

“Looks like someone else got a little oiled up too…is that a love mark?” Key said, touch a spot where Minho had suck a little rough earlier.

“Huh? A what?”  Jinki was now hovering around Key and he saw what Key did.

“Did a vampire get after you?”

I pushed the guys out of the way and made a beeline to my bedroom and grabbed my mirror, there at the bottom my neck, was a light, faint, hickey. How the hell Key zeroed in on it was beyond me. I brushed my hair to cover up the tiny mark, and walked out of my room. Minho was already in the shower as I grabbed a bottle of water from my fridge.

“Have fun?” Jinki asked, is eyes showing the obvious innuendo he meant. I rolled my eyes at him

“No.” I said, opening the water bottle and taking a good swig out of it.

“No?” Jinki asked again, surprised by my answer.

“No. I don't know what you guys are trying to do, or telling Minho to do, but it needs to stop. It's dangerous.” I said, looking at Jinki, Key overheard our conversation and rolled his eyes.

“We were just helping Minho along.”

“He doesn’t need your help. You guys are pushing him to do something that will get us in trouble…” Key began pulling Jinki away.

“Come on Pabo, before she bites and give us her bitchiness.” 

"Key, shut up!” I said, rolling my eyes at the younger man. He scoffed and clicked his tongue against his teeth.  I rolled my eyes back at him and walked into my bedroom. I flopped onto my bed, and just chilled there, until there was soft footsteps padding their way into the bedroom.

“Oh, Crystal, did you want me to change in the bathroom? I can…”

“No Minho…I’ll leave. Key just pissed me off…”  I got off the bed and walked past, but Minho wasn’t letting me leave so quickly.  With a hand around my arm he pulled me back inside. I saw that he was only wearing a towel around his hips. He looked really sexy.

“Crystal…you can’t be mad at Key…cause…cause I wanted it.”

“You wanted what?”

“You…all of you. Just looking at you now, makes me want you so bad.”

“Minho, I’m a grown woman, I can handle anything you throw at me…” He glanced out the door and paused for a moment to hear the guys before shutting the door.

“Wanna prove it?” A smirk landed on my lips as I approached him. Our lips met in a fiery kiss as I pinned his body against the door. My lips left his lips and I kissed my way down to his bare chest. Paying special attention to his pert nipples, I licked and nipped at them before kissed over his washboard stomach, and happy trail. My fingers undid the loose knot that held Minho's towel on his hips and it went falling to the floor in a heap of fabric.

There staring at me, was his angry erection. I looked up at him as I took the head of it into my mouth. Minho moaned as he threw his head back against the door. I whirled my tongue around the sensitive tip before taking all of him into my mouth, making sure his head hit the back of my throat. I repeated this, withdrawing him every once in a while to lick up and down his length to give my mouth a break. It wasn't long before Minho's breathing and actions became desperate, so I sped up, deep throating him rapidly. My hands held his knees in place so he wouldn't collapse.

“Oh God...fuck me! Aish! Oh my God...I'm coming!” Minho moaned, and with one last loud moan, Minho's cum came bursting forth, coating the back of my throat. The amount of it caused my gag reflex to kick in and I pulled away while forcing myself to swallow the warm thick substance that coated my throat. Minho, not being supported by me anymore, collapsed.

“Fuck...are you okay?” I nod.


“Yeah.” Minho said, looking at me.

“Good, you owe me.”

“I  know, you'll get yours...” There was a loud knock at the door. Minho, got up, still catching his breath. He hid behind the door as I opened it, and on the other side of it, was Jinki.

“Hey Jinki...”

“Is Minho okay?”

“Oh yeah, he's...good. Let's let him get dressed.” I said shutting the door after me. Jinki looked at me suspiciously.

“Did you two…”

“Hey do you guys have everything you need? Or do we need to make a stop at Walmart?” I quickly bean-dipped, throwing Jinki off on his train of thought.

“Nevermind? No, Jonghyun and I forgot our swimming trucks at the hotel…”

“So we need to go to Walmart then, I need a bathing suit too…the one I have  now is entirely too big.”

“I was going to ask you something but now, I’ve lost my train of thought…”

“Well let’s hope that train never finds the tracks…” I muttered to myself.

“What’d you say?” Jonghyun asked, seemingly hearing what I had just muttered.

“Nothing…” I said, looking down at my daughter who had managed to get herself dressed. Key was putting her shoulder length hair into a ponytail.

“Mommy! Does my hair look pretty?” My daughter asked twirling around, causing a smile to appear on my face.

“Yes honey, your hair looks really pretty like that.”  I said scooping my daughter up in my arms and giving her a kiss on her cheek. “Do you have your swimsuit on?”

“Yep, hey mommy…are the guys really going with us?”

“Yes sweetie. We have to have some fun before we pack up…you’re okay with mommy being famous right? They’ll be times where mommy won’t be around…and you’ll have to be with your uncle Michael and Auntie Kya…”

“Mommy, you deserve this.” My daughter says, her bright blue eyes looking up at me and she laid a kiss on my lips.

“I love you honey. Mommy couldn’t be happier…” I said pulling away and setting her down on the ground.

“Me too mommy, now can we go to the lake.”

“We need to wait for Minho…”

“Are you guys read to go?” Minho said, making his appearance in the livingroom, wearing some basketball shorts and sleeveless tank.

“Yeah…we gotta go to Walmart…Jonghyun and Jinki forgot their swim trunks.”

“Oh good, I did too.”

“Aish, that’s a first for you Minho…you usually remember everything.” Minho just shrugged as we all headed toward the door, my daughter taking my hand.

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