Incest Pregnancy: Alexandra Daddario

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You're sitting in the living room sofa, listening to some music. The song you're listening to is an auditory representation of a girlfriend relationship you just broke, so you're feeling a bit melancholy. You're halfway through the song when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around, you see your older sister, Alexandra Daddario, known for her roles in the “Percy Jackson Olympian” films, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” and HBO series “True Detective.”

You: Oh, big sis.

AD: Hey, little brother.

You: Hey, sorry, I didn't hear you come in.

AD: What'chu doin'?

You: I'm just hanging out, waiting for my friend to get back from work so we can hang out at a bar tonight.

AD: That sounds cool. But, I just noticed that, you look a little sad listening to your music there.

You: Does it really come off that way?

AD: Mm-hm. Is there anything you would like to talk to me about? Hm? It's okay, you can tell me.

She walks around the sofa and takes some room next to you. She is wearing a white polo shirt and jeans. You can tell she doesn't wear much underneath because her enormous breasts are protruding through the front of the shirt. You pull your eye away and get back to the subject of the conversation.

You: It's just, um, you know, I had just broken up with my girlfriend, you've met her before.

AD: Aw, that's a real shame.

You: Yeah, just, we broke up this weekend, so I've been pretty off.

AD: That's hard.

You: Yeah, we were together for a while, but-

AD: I wanna be honest with you. Can I be honest with you?

You: Yeah, of course.

AD: You kind of seem miserable when you're with her all the time.

You: Really?

AD: Mh-hm.

You: Well, you wouldn't be the first person who said that to me.

AD: Oh really?

You: Yeah, I think it was one of those things where it became so toxic that it became so powerful, that-

AD: I know that you deserve a lot better than she was. I mean, I think she was a bit of a skank.

You: Ah, ha, I think that's one way to describe her, I guess.

AD: She cheated on you?

You: You know, I don't know what she did, I mean, there were all these allegations of what she did. I don't know what to believe anymore, so we're just done.

AD: Yeah?

She starts to move closer to you.

AD: Well that is, very, very good, actually.

You: Well, I don't think it's that good for me.

You can't help but notice your sister starting to caress the collar of her shirt.

AD: I'm just gonna be blunt and honest here.

As you're sitting there, she starts to move her hand towards your leg. She leans forward a bit, you see her blue eyes giving you a seductive look, her chest revealing a bit of cleavage as she leans closer to you.

AD: I've been wanting to have sex with you, for quite some time.

You: Heh, wha-?

AD: When you brought her over on my last birthday, I was actually jealous.

You: Wha- jealous? Of me?

AD: Mm-hm, and now that you've broken up with your, slutty girlfriend.

She moves herself in front of you and sits on your knees. You feel her weight paralyzing you.

AD: Maybe, I can show you how you can confidence with a real woman.

You: Huh, I-

You can see her nipples begin to get hard under her shirt. She leans forward, giving you a close-up look at her big breasts.

AD: I know you've seen boobs before, little brother.

You: Uh, yeah, huh, yeah, I've seen, uh, a few, a handful.

AD: Really?

She slowly removes her shirt, allowing her E-cup breasts to be presented in front of your face, you are amazed by their perfection in roundness, fullness, and being all natural.

AD: This is a very big handful.

You: Uh, big sis, you don't think that our parents are gonna know?

AD: They're not gonna be back from vacation for quite some time, little brother.

She pulls your hand and places it on her naked breast. She motions your hand to start groping and massaging them. You become more amazed about your sister's breasts as you feel all the natural flesh under the skin as your fingers flow their gripping motion all around them.

AD: This will be just between you, and me.

You: Really?

AD: Mm-hm. We have our house to ourselves all week, we have all the time we want here.

You: Oh, big sis.

AD: So, what would my little brother do with his big sister's boobies in front of his face? Hmm?

You: My god, I would do what I've dreamed for so many years.

AD: Really?

You put your lips onto her nipples and give them a suck, you suck them again, feeling the flesh of her breast on your mouth.

You: You really don't mind?

AD: Hmm, I don't mind. I'm the one giving them to you. I just wanna jump on this right here.

She reaches her hand onto your cock, which you haven't noticed had started to get hard.

You: Whoa. Aw sis, this is just-

You interrupt yourself and resume to suck on her breast.

AD: Mm, don't forget this one.

She turns her chest at an angle and you suck on her other breast. Your hands groping all over her breast and her body. Her hands pull your head up from her chest and she pulls your lips into her mouth. She then moves down from the sofa and begins to work on your pants.

You: You sure that-?

AD: Don't worry, it's just the two of us.

You: Alright, okay.

She gets your pants off, pulling out your hard dick that has straighten up, she looks at it with amazement.

AD: Oooh, maybe I should start calling you “big” brother from now on.

You: Oh sis, I'm still your little brother.

AD: Okay, I'm fine with that.

She gets on her knees and leans in, she holds your dick straight and then envelopes her whole mouth over it. You feel her tongue begin to coat your dick with her saliva, she moves her head up and down, giving your dick and your mind a pleasurable sensation.

You: Oooh, big sis.

AD: Feels good?

You: Yeah.

You feel your nerves burning from your dick, the sensation rolling up your spine and you try to sit up.

AD: Mmm-mmm.

You: Oh, sorry, I'm just a bit nervous.

AD: Just relax, sit back.

You lean back and let your body sulk into the sofa. Alexandra continues to suck your dick, she rolls her lips over your tip and over the top of the head of your dick, giving a few quick sucks.

You: Oh my god, you do it so good.

She gives your dick one last run of her tongue and saliva, and with her lips she sucks it off clean and looks at you.

AD: Mmmm, now I wanna see how good you can lick my big pussy, little brother.

You move off the sofa and your sister says on the same spot. She leans back, presenting her jeans waiting to be removed.

AD: Now help me out of these jeans, little bro.

You unbutton the top and pull down her zipper. You grip the waist and pull them towards you. She wiggles her ass out of the jeans and the slip right off her legs. She is wearing a blue Victoria's Secret brand of lingerie panties with fancy lacing on the edges. You lean your face into her pussy, smelling her fleshy odor, you then kiss her inner thighs, then give her panties some kisses.

AD: You know what would feel better?

You: What?

AD: If these panties would come off.

She lifts her legs up and you easily slide her panties up to her knees. Her pussy is very straight, very ripe, you proceed to give her big licks with your tongue, like licking an ice cream cone.

You: How's this?

AD: Oh, bro, that's so good.

She pulls her panties off her legs, and opens them wide, giving you more room to move your head as you continue to flab away at her pussy with your mouth.

You: Mmm, you taste so good.

AD: Mm-hm-hm-hm. You wanna stick your cock into my tight pussy now, little bro?

You: Oooh, I do.

You pull her hips closer to the edge of the sofa and line your dick with the entrance of her lovely pussy. You push in, and you push hard, feeling the resistance of her pussy walls, you manages to go in deep enough to start your rhythm.

AD: Oooooh, aaaaww, that feels so good, baby.

You: Awwww, you feel so tight.

AD: Yeah baby, keep going, harder, harder. Ahhhhh.

You: Oh sis, let me look at you.
You lean in and pull her towards you, you feel her huge breasts pressing against your chest as you lean in and kiss her, both of your eyes open and gazing into each other as you continue to fuck and make out.

You: My god, sis, your pussy feels so good.

AD: Oooh, your dick is so good inside me.

After a few more minutes of fucking, you lay your sister sideways and move yourself behind her. You then begin to fuck her sideways from behind, you grab her boobs to keep her from falling off, she turns her head and she looks at you.

AD: Ahh, aww, yes, oooh, aww, yes, yes.

You fuck her in that position for a few more minutes, each passing minute she moans louder and louder at a higher pitch. Her lewd voice prompts you to go faster and harder, the cycle continues as more and more pleasure runs through the both of you.

You: Oh sis, let me get behind you now. I wanna see your ass as I fuck you.

AD: Mmm, fuck me however you want, baby, I'm all yours.

You help her up onto her hands and knees on the sofa, then while on your knees, you enter back into her pussy, feeling her fleshy ass patting against your crotch.

AD: Oh god, yes, that's it. Go deeper, deeper, aaaaaw.

You thrust harder, your dick goes further into her tight pussy, almost reaching the end. She falls her head onto the sofa, sticking her ass more up and back into your dick.

AD: Yeeees, yeeeeee, keep fucking me, keeeep fuuuukiiiing meeee.

Her pussy begins to grip tighter around your cock, at the same time you feel it become more loose as you continue to thrust into her. You then stop and sit on the sofa again.

You: Get on top, sis.

She positions herself with her back facing you, lines her pussy with your cock, then lowers herself down. She begins to bounce on your lap, moving perpendicularly up and down like a jackhammer on concrete.

AD: Ooooh, you like it when I ride you baby?

You: Yeah, keep going, baby.

You hold her ribs and her boobs to keep her steady as she continues to bounce on you.

You: Oh god, sis, you feel so fucking good.

AD: Yeah, oh my god, yes.

You: Come here, sis, lean back on me.

She leans backwards and puts her hands on your shoulders.

You: Now hold still.

You then begin to thrust upward and back into her, your dick pushes deeper into her, hitting the back of her pussy.

AD: Oh my god, yes! Right there, right there! Oooooh god!

You begin to feel a swelling in your crotch, your dick gets thicker with the blood rushing into it.

You: Oh, big sis, I think I'm about to cum.

AD: Oh baby, I wanna feel you all inside me.

You: Really?

AD: Yeah. I wanna see you dripping out of my pussy, oooooh.

You: Oh sis, you feel so good, I wanna do it too.

AD: Cum all inside me baby, I wanna feel everything.

You quicken the pace, you feel your dick getting longer with the blood flowing. Your crotch starts to pulse as you both near your climax.

You: Oh big sis, are you ready?

AD: Yeah! Do it, baby!

You: Big sis, I love you so much.

AD: I love you too, baby brother!

You: Oh my god, I'm cumming!

AD: I'm cumming too, AH!

You: I can't stop, I- AAAAAHHH!!!

AD: Do it! Don't stop! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

One final thrust zaps all the nerves all over your dick and one huge pulse shoots your semen into your sister's tight cunt. You can feel it flowing from the back of your dick all the way to the front and out inside her. You feel your dick starting to slide out of her pussy, but you give it one final push, making both of you spasm briefly, and you feel like some of the cum at the top being pushed deeper into her. Your body begins to relax, and you feel her body relaxing on top of you. Your dick finally slips out of her pussy, which begins to drip some of the cum you shot inside her. Now feeling tired, you wrap your arms around her abs, she wraps her arms around your arms, then moves your hands to make them meet her enormous breasts. You hug tighter and grip her breasts tighter too. You feel her heart beating through her back and beating in sync with yours. With that, you both close your eyes and fall asleep.



You're walking through the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen. You go through the living room, and on the sofa, you find your older sister, Alexandra Daddario. She is sitting on the sofa, naked, wearing nothing but black high heel shoes. Her dark brunette hair touching the sides of her even bigger and pregnant breasts, her hands caressing her big belly.

AD: Hey little brother.

You: Hey big sis. How are you doing?

AD: Mmm, very hormonal, and very horny. Come here, baby.

You walk towards her and get on your knees, you gaze at her big baby belly in amazement.

You: God, you look so hot with my baby inside you.

AD: I've never felt better.

She then begins to unbutton your pants, she pulls down the zipper and pulls your pants down, showing your dick getting hard beneath your underwear.

AD: Mmm-hmm-hmm, I wanna see if your dick can touch our baby.

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