Incest Pregnancy: Cameron Diaz

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You're sitting in your single apartment living room, watching a movie. The movie happens to be Dreamworks' “Shrek,” starring your aunt, Cameron Diaz, as Princess Fiona. You have seen it at least 20 times, you like it so much that you are able to recite the lines almost word for word. You have seen the three sequels, but you still like the first one the best. While the movie is going on, you hear a knock on the door. You pause the movie, and you go up to the door and look into the peep hole, and what do you know, it is your aunt, Cameron Diaz. You open the door.

You: Hey, Aunt Cameron!

CD: Hey, my nephew!

You: Good to see you. What are you doing here?

CD: Well, I was just dropping by to visit my favorite college boy.

You: Oh that's nice of you.

CD: What are you doing right now?

You: Oh I'm just relaxing after some homework. It so happens I'm watching “Shrek.”

CD: You are?! Oh my god!

You: Yeah, it's my favorite.

CD: That's amazing! What part are you at right now?

You: Oh, they just reached the castle. Do you wanna watch it with me?

CD: Of course!

The two of you sit down on the chair, but it was a seat for one.

You: Oh, sorry I didn't have a bigger chair or a sofa or anything like that.

CD: Oh that's okay, sweetie. Here, just scooch in like this.

She squeezes as much of her waist as she could on the right side of the chair, while you somehow manage to fit on the left side of the seat with barely an inch of room left.

CD: There, that's good.

You: Okay, where's the remote?

You reach at the table and click the remote and resume the movie. The scene resumes at timing of Donkey clattering a dead body's armor before Shrek tells him “Two things: Shut... up.” You both laugh a little bit and continue to watch the movie. In the interest of time, the movie has ended. By the end of the movie, you barely notice that the two of you are kind of cuddled close together, you and her arm snuggled together, and your fingers lightly touching. You look at each other as the credits roll.

You: Well that was fun.

CD: It was one of the best movies I've ever done.

You: I like it a lot because it's so funny, and there are a lot of jokes and references in them.

CD: Yeah, it's not really a kids' movie.

You: I like every movie you've done in your career, Aunt Cameron. I especially like the “Charlie's Angels” movies

CD: Really?

You: Yeah. You look so pretty, and you kick ass at the same time.

CD: Aw, sweetie, it's just movie effects.

You: Yeah, but you were so hot in them.

CD: You really think I'm hot?

You: Well, why not?

CD: That's a very sweet compliment. Thank you.

She gives you a kiss on the forehead, you feel a little bit blushed. She gives you a tight hug and your hair a light caressing.

CD: You know, of all the people in my family, you are my favorite.

You: Why is that?

CD: Well, I know it was hard for you to grow up with out mommy around, ever since she died in that car accident.

The thought wells up in your mind, you start to feel a little teary.

You: I know I was only three when it happened, it was hard for me to understand it at the time.

You sniffle a bit as your nose starts to get a little runny.

CD: I took the liberty of taking you in and raising you through all your school years, making sure you were raised properly to the best of my ability.

Your heart can't help but make you let out a quiet sob, you turn your head into her neck, and hug your aunt back.

You: I can barely remember her, playing with me at home, or holding me in her arms.

CD: And I myself haven't any children, well at least not yet. And I thought if I didn't have a son of my own, I would want you as my son.

You: And dad was never there, he left her as she was almost about to have me.

You snuggle closer to your aunt, she hugs you tighter.

CD: Well I am very glad I was able to raise you into a handsome, brave, and strong man.

You: (sniffle) Aunt Cameron, thank you for everything.

She kisses you again on your forehead, you let out a few more sobs and sniffles. Your mind and body finally calms down, knowing that without your Aunt Cameron your life wouldn't have been better. A moment of relief soothes your body, but your heart is still beating a bit fast. You realize that cuddling close to your aunt has your head resting on top of her breast. You move up and off the chair, brushing yourself and clearing your throat.

You: Hmm, I'm hungry. Are you?

CD: Oh yeah, what is there to eat?

You: Well, There's the school's gastronome.

CD: Gastronome?

You: It's like a cafeteria, a little bit like a buffet, that's after you slide your student card in.

CD: Sounds cool.

You: Yeah. But the food isn't always the best sometimes. I don't complain too much, at least I still get to eat.

CD: What do they have?

You: Oh lots of stuff; burgers, hot dogs, salads, Chinese, Mexican, you name it. I'll try to find whatever you want.

CD: Oh okay. Well then, can you bring me a hot dog and a nachos?

You: Sure.

You grab a few things, put on your shoes, and open the door.

You: Just wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes.

CD: Okay sweetie.

You: Make yourself at home.

CD: Bye.

About 15 minutes later, you arrive back at your apartment with two boxes of food for you and your aunt.

You: Aunt Cameron? I'm back!

There is no answer.

You: Aunt Cameron?

CD: In the bathroom sweetie.

You: You okay?

CD: Yeah, it's just a number one!

You let out a light chuckle, because she referenced her character from “Charlie's Angels.”

You: Food's on the table!

You put down the boxes of food and open yours, inside is a cheeseburger with BLT and a side of fries. You take a couple bites when the bathroom door opens.

You: Oh Aunt Cameron, I got your hot dog and nachos.

You look up to find your aunt standing at the door, in a sexy pose, wearing a loose white shirt and pink panties. You are stunned at her appearance.

You: Uh, Aunt Cameron?

CD: Actually, my darling nephew...

She walks up to you and makes you put your burger down. She then gets on your lap and straddles her legs around your thighs. She brushes her hair back, and then caresses your head with both her hands.

CD: ...what I want is not on the menu.

She then pulls your face into hers and gives you a deep kiss. Her lips begin to massage yours as her saliva leaks into your mouth. It felt like 5 minutes when it was only 30 seconds when the kiss broke. You look at your aunt's face, she is enamored with what she just did.

You: Aunt Cameron, what are you doing?

CD: Oh come on, don't tell me you didn't enjoy that.

You: Well, uh, I did, it's just...

CD: Oh my dear nephew, there's nothing to be nervous about.

You: But why?

CD: I've watched you grow up into a handsome young man, and as you got older, I started having these feelings and urges.

You: You mean, you were having hots for me?

CD: Whenever I watched you running on that track at the races, I would see your sweat glistening off your strong body. I couldn't help but think about you laying in bed with me, I got so hot and horny thinking about it.

Your heart started to beat very hard, you could almost hear it inside your mind.

You: Aunt Cameron, I had no idea.

CD: You were the only man I could think of, you were all I could think about even though I went on a couple dates with other men.

Your heart beats faster, you feel your body temperature rising.

CD: Nephew, I love you, I want you to be mine, and I will be yours.

She removes her shirt, revealing her braless 34B breasts. She holds your head and tucks your face into them. You move your mouth to meet her right nipple and begin massaging it with your lips. At this point, you've given in to your sinful urges, you no longer regret you are about to commit to a sexual relationship with your aunt.

You: Mmmm, Aunt Cameron, your boobs feel so good.

She tilts your head up so you look at her, your chin resting between her breasts.

CD: I've raised you almost your entire life. You're like a son to me.

You: I love you so much.

CD: Oh honey, I love you so much too.

She pulls you in and kisses you again, you respond back and massage her lips as her tongue makes its way into your mouth. One of her hands reaches down to your pants and feels a bulge. She breaks the kiss and turns her attention to your pants, unzipping them and pulling your hardening dick out of your underwear.

CD: You have really grown up, dear nephew.

She gets off your lap and kneels down, she opens her mouth and lowers her head down on top of your dick. You feel her tongue and cheeks begin to tighten around your cock as she moves her head up and down.

You: Awww, Auntie, that feels so good.

Aunt Cameron continues to suck on your dick, her motions getting faster as her saliva lubricates your shaft. With each suck, you feel your hips and your crotch tighten, rocking your cock forward and deeper into her throat.

CD: Mmmm, nephew, your cock tastes so yummy.

You: I'm glad you like it.

CD: Now nephew, I want you to lick my pussy.

She stands up and turns around, she lowers her pink panties, sticking her smooth ass in front of your face. She then gets on the table, shifts her legs to one side, and sticks out her ass, her vaginal line peeking out between her thighs.

CD: Go on, baby. Eat me.

You kneel down by the table and move your head into her. The smell of a feminine body odor is present in your face, you sniff it, then inhale, finally you move your mouth into her pussy, and begin to massage her pussy lips with your mouth.

CD: Oooh, yes, oooh yes, that's the way, baby.

Her vaginal sweat leaks into your mouth, you feel it being mixed with your saliva. You begin to move your tongue and make it enter her pussy, you feel her soft and warm pussy walls on your tongue as you wriggle it around inside her.

CD: Ahhh, yeah, yes, yes, get in there nephie, eat me out, baby.

Your tongue enters halfway into her, as you continue to lick her, you feel her pussy clench around your mouth and you hear her let out a moan.

CD: Oh nephie, are you still hard, baby?

You: Yes, Auntie, I am.

CD: I think it's about time you put that cock inside me.

You: My god, I really want this right now.

CD: Then what are you waiting for, nephie? Fuck me!

With that, you pull her towards you, her knees get on the floor so she can rest her body on the table. You lift one of her legs up, and with your hand you guide your dick towards your aunt's pussy. As your tip touches her entrance, you push in and pull her, you feel her pussy slip your dick in smoothly, she lets out a long moan as she feels her nephews cock enter her. You push deeper, then pull back, then push back in, and soon, you begin to fuck your Aunt Cameron Diaz.

CD: Oh nephie, yes, yes, oh nephie, yeeeees.

You: Oh my god, Aunt Cameron, your pussy feels so amazing.

CD: Your cock feels amazing too. Oooh, don't stop.

You let go of her leg and both your hands grab her hips. You begin to thrust hard and pull hard, making your dick go deeper as you feel and hear your pelvis smacking her ass.

CD: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, ooooooh yeeeeees.

You then give a push of your dick into her pussy and hold there, you feel her pussy walls envelope and massage your dick.

You: Aunt Cameron, lay back on top of me, I want you to ride me.

CD: Okay baby.

You shift back and sit on the chair. She moves back and sits her pussy back on top of your dick, leaning backwards as her hands rest on your shoulders.

CD: Let me take it from here, baby.

She then begins to move her hips up and down, you feel her body weight pinning down your crotch, but any pain is nullified by the tingling sensation of her pussy riding your shaft.

CD: Just relax, nephie.

You let go of any feeling of your body, your hands move to the side of her belly to support her as she bounces on you.

You: Aw Aunt Cameron, that's good.

After a few more bounces, she rests her hips down, and then starts rocking back and forth. You feel the entirety of your cock being massaged by her pussy.

You: Oh yeah, keep rocking, oh my god that's so good.

Five minutes pass as she rocks her body on top of you. She stops, turns her head and looks at you.

CD: Nephie.

You: Yeah, Auntie?

CD: I wanna be looking into your eyes when you cum.

You: Aw Auntie, there's no one else I rather be looking at, or be with right now.

CD: You're so sweet. Now, get on top of me, and let's go all the way.

You: Alright, Auntie.

She gets off your lap and lays on her back on the chair. She opens her legs wide, her pussy flowering open for your cock. You lean in and your dick enters her again, this time you can feel the tip of your dick passing her cervix. Her hands warp around your back, your own hands resting on her breasts. You begin to thrust again, and each time you hear your aunt let out lewd moans from soft to getting louder.

CD: You love playing with my boobs while you fuck me?

You: Aunt Cameron, I love everything about you.

CD: Ooooh, nephiiieee.

Every thrust goes deeper into her, passing her cervix more and more as your dick gets harder and bigger. You turn your eyes into hers, your gazes meet and lock on, you touch foreheads and you fuck her harder.

CD: Awww, Auntie, this is amazing.

You: The best feeling ever, don't stop nephie.

You begin to feel your scrotum clenching, and the feeling begins to spread all over your balls.

You: Aw, Aunt Cameron, I think I'm about to pop.

CD: I'm gonna cum too, nephie. Let's cum together.

You: Do I pull out?

CD: No! Cum inside me, I want to feel everything.

You: Okay. Oh my god!

You thrust harder and faster, her legs begin to wrap around your back, she hugs you tighter, she gives you a deep kiss. You feel your dick begin to swell.

You: Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!
CD: Yes, yes, yes, cum, cum, cum!

You: Aaaah, Aunt Cameroooon!

CD: AaaaaaggggGGGHHHHHH!!!

Her legs lock on your waist hard, her arms hug you hard and tight, her pulling you into her causes your dick to finally let loose deep inside her. The first few pumps you feel it coating her womb, the next few begin to flow all around her, and what felt like eight pulses your dick finally stops pumping inside her. Her hard lock of her arms and legs begin to loosen and you slowly pull your dick out of her mangled pussy. Once the tip comes out, you see a flow of cum oozing out of her pussy, trailing down next to her anus and down her butt cheek. She lifts her head up and sees it, she smiles as she lets out a satisfying moan. She sits up on the chair and makes room for you to lay in and cuddle with her. She gives you a kiss and you kiss back. Her finger wipes off some cum from her pussy, and then some more off your softening dick, and she licks it. She gazes at you and smiles, you smile back. You begin to feel tired, then you rest your head on her chest, with your chin on top of her breast, and one hand groping her other breast. You feel her arms wrap around you and hug you tight. Your eyelids get heavy and you fall asleep, she soon falls asleep too.



An alarm wakes you up from your sleep. You tap the top of your clock and the alarm stops. You're in your bedroom and you lift your body up from your bed. You stretch your arms and massage your eyes. You get off your bed and begin to wash and dress for class. At the kitchen, you put your backpack down and sit on the table. The table is already set with a plate of waffle sticks, eggs, bacon, and a glass of orange juice.

CD: Good morning, baby.

You: Good morning, Aunt Cameron.

Your Aunt Cameron is behind the kitchen island washing some dishes she used to prepare the meal.

CD: Did you sleep well?

You: You kidding? Every night since that one night I've always slept my best. I've never gotten drowsy during the day ever since.

CD: That's good to hear from my dear nephew.

You: Thanks, Auntie.

She walks towards the table while you stand up. You and your aunt's arms embrace while you give a quick kiss.

CD: So, today you start your new semester?

You: That's right. Aunt Cameron, I'm so glad you decided to stay and help me with college.

CD: I wouldn't miss my baby's graduation for the world.

You look down at her body, while she is wearing just a black shirt and a pair of white panties, the shirt is rolled up to show her big pregnant belly sticking out from underneath.

You: Have you thought of her name yet? I was thinking Fiona, our little princess.

She smiles as her hands caress her belly.

CD: Hmm, I'm thinking Natalie, our little angel.

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