Lindsey and Barb Let Loose

BY : MoonLobster
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Disclaimer: I do not know and have never met either Lindsey Tuggey or Barbara Dunkleman. All events are pure fiction. I have no rights to any RoosterTeeth property and this story is non-profit.

Barbara Dunkleman turned the wheel of the battered rental car, following the winding dirt track in the deep south middle of nowhere hellhole they had ended up in. Next to her with a map upside down and inside out was her fellow Rooster teeth cast member Lindsey Tuggey.

“Are you sure this is the right place Barb?” she looked confused out the dirtied up windows.

“Totally, you can smell the tobacco, grease and sweat on the air, Ugh”

The girls were on the road to shoot a vlog at an infamous Men's Rights Activist meet-up. They were there to shoot some skits, laugh at the dumb hill-billies and project it across the world, proving how their values were superior to these backwards hicks.

“OH, Oh, there!” Barbara pointed across the dash, seeing a bright sign with an arrow. The next corner advertised “Man's Paradise: beers, guns and sluts”. The girls rolled their eyes at each other. This video was going to be a breeze, these guys wouldn't need any help to look like idiots in front of the camera. A little longer down the road, they began seeing badly parked pickup trucks, doors covered in tobacco spit stains, a couple of guys out shooting and chugging back beers. The men called out drunken slurs as they passed causing he blond to sigh and the redhead to throw back her middle finger.

More cars appeared, jumbled into an attempt at a parking lot and the fences stretched wide as the couple of Texan fields laid on for the event came into view. Music was loud and men milled about everywhere at the gates with more crowds within, gathered at large stages with a variety of events. But if the Youtubers had expected just men they were sorely mistaken. Women weaved in the crowds, hanging on to shirtless dudebros, waitressing trays of foaming beers around, strutting topless to whoops and hollers from the crowd. Neither could understand why these women would be here willingly, acting like this. Surely they must hate what was going on around them, the casual misogyny and rough pawing at their exposed skin when they walked past. Instead they smiled and laughed at the attention. Barb and Lindsey were shocked. They got out cameras just to capture some footage for their video, needing to capture the event in real time. Their expressions were of outward disgust, but at the back of each of their minds was a deeper curiosity.

Their filming had no chance of going unnoticed and a muscled guy with beard approached the ladies, hands held in front gesturing at them to his friends. “Look at these here new arrivals, a pair of stuck up bitches looking to be put in their place, a woman's real place.” He grabbed at his crotch and both women looked down at it on instinct before turning away with a sour expression. Not fast enough that either of them could ignore the thick girth he had been parading for them. “Damn blondie you've got some serious looks, I bet you'd love to see how filthy you can get huh?”

Barbara rolled her eyes, refusing to look the brute in the face “Ugh, no THANK you, c'mon Lindsey” she pushed forward, wanting to get past the guys and into the main convention.

“Your friend isn't as hot is she? But you know what, girls like that make up for it with some seriously dirty skills, am I right?” The guys behind him cheered as the hurried away, Lindsey's mind confused to if she had been insulted or complimented. Some part of her felt it didn't care, before she realised how strange that sounded. What was going on with her today.

If Barbara was feeling the same way she was hiding it too. She had her camera out and panning the stalls and gatherings in the field, soaking as much footage as she could. She was hating this place more with each minute and was determined to tear it apart with their blistering expose vlog. She and Lindsey took turns with the camera, trying their usual shtick and spiel to make entertainment. Mentally preparing themselves, they approached whoever was near for interviews and attempting little skits. What they got back was usually barefaced insults. Whether it was Barbara being told she had dick sucking lips and a face they wanted to piss all over, or that Tuggey would look good begging like a dog for their cum and rolling around in mud like a little fuckpig. They had no comebacks to the brutally insulting honest thoughts of the rednecks. When the shock of being insulted at every attempted approach wore off they started to become numb to it. It became normal. Being outsiders had nothing to do with how they were being talked to, other women were getting the same treatment. But those other women were loving it. They watched as a full breasted little whore danced naked for a while before a guy pulled her in to spit in her mouth. All she did back was swallow and thank him, before kneeling in the dirt and begging for his cock.

Barb and Lindsey moved further into the convention, not realising how hemmed in they were becoming. Soon brushing up against the musky men was unavoidable. Barbara yelped as she felt a coarse hand grope across her ass, followed by another slipping up her stomach, under her shirt and grabbing at her tits. “Hey, perv, get off... Help” she turned to Lindsey only to find she was leaning against a guy while his hand was deep in her crotch. “What the hell?!”

The redhead gasped in arousal and the guy sneered, pulling out his hand and pushing her away into Barbara. The guys all jeered and laughed at their own antics. They turned to leave before spitting high into the air, some globs landing in the girls hair and they walked away laughing.

“Oh gross, gross, gross.” Dunkleman helped her friend clean it off. “Why didn't you call out when that freak touched you?”

“I don't know, he touched me before you and... it just felt... good?”

She looked confused when she said it and while Barbara pretended to look surprised, in truth she understood what she was feeling. Something about the treatment was beginning to interest her, especially seeing so many other women loving it. The main stage was lighting up, ready for the main speaker to appear. Both girls wandered towards it, intrigued to know more.

The speaker was a commanding presence to the crowd and they cheered and roared their approval at him. He was a strong looking guy with a rough shaven face and a manly aura. Nobody doubted he was in charge and the women recognised him as the little-known leader of the meet-up, founder of this den of misogyny. He raised his open palms and quiet fell around.

“I'm so happy to see so many of my brothers here today. Every year we get more join and see the light of how the world should be. And every year we bring more of out pets, slaves and cumrags.” he gestured at the some of the gathered females who flashed their tits in delight at his approval. Some of them more possessive men slapped them back down, teaching to ask permission next time.

“Have you ever seen a happier gathering of people? This is how nature intended us, men on top, and women down below, competing to be the lowest of them all. Men can build great cities, have the strongest bodies, every profession has a man at the top, even chefs. Cooking should be women's work but we beat them even at that.” Laughs rippled through the crown while the two Youtube stars scowled up at him. His words felt wrong, but in truth they couldn't deny them. Not when the way he held himself and took control made them so... wet.

“The only skill women have better than all of us, is being obedient little sex toys. And sex toy's don't need human rights do they? I don't go saying please and thank you to my toaster do I” The crowds laughter increase, the slutty women joining in even as they were insulted to their very being. “No women don't need rights. They need abuse, until they have all their holes up and have to do even filthier shit to amuse us. That's the best way for a women to prove her worth in this world. Be the most fucked up little whore out there.”

“Hell yeah” a man yelled

“Am I right?” the leader aksed the crowd.

“Yes sir!” A redhead women near the front was fucking her mouth with her hand, gagging herself while stripping off in the noon sun.

“Am I right!?” he repeated.

“God yes” A petite blond moaned as she dropped to her knees in the throng of bodies, clearly pissing herself fully clothed to show her worth.


“Actually I don't think so” a mocking voice broke though the chaos.

The MRA honcho turned to look as a prim little slut-in-denial had her hand up and was staring right at him. Her little redhead friend next to her looked horrified and was trying to pull her arm down. But Barbara would not be dissuaded, she continued slowly, as if her carefully measured words would have any effect on this powerful orator of male supremacy.

“Women have proved themselves again and again in this world, every year more women get more rights. We earn, we live independently, and we can do anything we want. Your small minded like cult is living in the stone age, and soon you'll die out.”

Tuggey gasped at her friend. She must be mad to speak out like this, the man's arguments had gotten to her already. Even if some of his words had sounded wrong to start with, didn't they excite her. Even if she didn't think they were true right now, wouldn’t it be exciting to go along with it and find out?

The man seemed amused at the uppity bitch. “Well if it isn't some college educated city-bitch pretending she isn't just a cunt on legs. Listen here missy. I don't know who the fuck you are, where you came from or how much you earn. All of your success is from men. This is a man's world, so you better learn your fucking place. Now run along to the rest of our little gathering, you might learn something in that tiny women brain of yours.”

With that he turned away, not even bothering to wait for a response, addressing another part of the crown. Lindsey was staring up at the stage in a devoted gaze while next to her the taller blond was breathing hard. On the outside it looked like indignant rage, but it hid the truth. She was more aroused than she had ever been in her life.

The pair took the advice to heart and set off walking around the rest of the convention. The mood around was the same, but both were seeing everything in a new light. When a woman was out in the open deep-throating two cocks, they wanted to prove they could do it better. They saw a line to a row of portable toilets with a woman in and wondered why she didn't make space for a man and piss on the floor. A teen daughter was being disciplined by her father for acting out and when the sharp smack of his palm struck their ears, they thought 'Was that it? I could take it harder than her'.

The camera was forgotten for now, they didn't see anything to make fun of now. More and more they were agreeing with this place. It's way of life was infections and so different from the sterile environments they were used to. A woman in a Youtube career was treated like a fragile glass goddess by everyone they met. Nobody knew them here, nobody was going to protect them, and the vulnerability was both exhilarating and somehow liberating.

They wound up back at the main stage where a new speaker had the crowd enthralled. He was a lively guy, and was jumping around the stage getting people in a party mood. Of course this was no regular party and he encouraged any women onto the stage, passed them a mic and let them scream out how they were nothing but property for men. Lindsey and Barbara found themselves cheering along as a young daughter screamed out how she hoped her daddy would marry her off to an abusive slob for a couple of beers. Soon he was pointing the mic into the crowd at random women, asking them to yell an insult about themselves. He said it helped women calm down and remind them of their role in the world.

“I'm an ugly stupid whore and all my use is in my holes!” yelled one.

“I got a college degree but I ripped it up to squat in restrooms and clean urinals with my mouth!”

“Sometimes I mess up my chores just so I get extra hard beatings later”

“I get so wet sometimes I go and suck off a stray dog”

Every story and admission came with a roar of approval. The two Youtubers were swept away in the need for praise and affirmation from their superiors. When the mic reached them, Barbara got it first.

“I just want to say, we got here a few hours ago to make a video about how stupid this place was”

A murmer of boos rumbled through the men.

“-but now, I just want to GIVE UP ALL MY RIGHTS” and she threw her top over her head and into the air, going topless as men around clapped and cheering, the closest going for a grope of her ample handfuls of pale titmeat. The lithe blond sashayed forward, letting more men in range of her tight body while handing the mic off to Lindsey. She watched her friends topless form get coveted by so many rough men and almost whispered into the microphone. “God I just want cum, from anyone, from anything, just give me it down my throat or on my face.”

The leader of the festival strode back on stage, a smirk of triumph on his face.

“Well well well, looks like the little ladies saw the appeal after all. That was some very nice begging there shortstack, but you need to try a little harder.” his voice was soothing and encouraging, despite the filthy acts he goaded them into.

“I'll do anything for it, anything, I'll drink your piss too. I'm an inferior woman, a stupid little girl and I'll give up all my pride for a man's sake. I'll humiliate myself for anyone's enjoyment, as long as I get choked with shit and piss and semen!”

The bearded man on stage grinned. “How about both of you start by emptying those bladders, it's tough holding it in all day and you'll need less distractions for the events later.”

Both women nodded obediently before letting loose their piss streams. Tuggey had worn an airy sundress to not overheat meaning once she had sodden through her panties, the stream was free to splash down and wet the ground below her, turning hard earth into dark and stinking mud. Barb on the other had had been in expensive designer jeans, now ruined by the dark spreading stain coming from her nethers. She didn't even think about ruining some of her favorite fashion, too focused was she on bending to the will of powerful men. While they were just starting to debase themselves, the previous speaker had gotten on a convention wide tannoy. “Calling all men, it's time to show the world what we are about. I'm declaring this event a no holds barred slut-olympics. Any woman on the premises is now property, any man should be obeyed without question. If a woman has no orders, she must try her hardest to be the most disgusting, defiled piece of fuckmeat she can. Now lets do this!”

The male crowd made a lunge at every available female. Animalistic behaviour was on display as women were forced to their knees and made to serve in the lap of their owners. Casual sexism filled the air and girls were grabbed by the hair and slung over one shoulder to be taken and ravaged elsewhere. For the moment the two stood in the eye of the storm, unapproached for now abut feeling the undeniable pull to go wild. They looked at each other, piss cooling between their legs and they made eye contact. An electric jolt of understanding flashed between them. They wanted this more than anything their old lives had given them. And not only were they out to let off these urges in secret, there could be no going back from this. They pulled both camera and smartphones from their carried bag and pockets and readied them. Pointing the camcorder down at both of them kneeling in a urine puddle, they addressed the vacant lens.

“Hey guys this is Lindsey and Barbara!”

“We are making a quick vlog just to let everyone know, were total sluts now.”

“Every woman is inferior and must prove it every day, so were here to prove were more than just stuck up prissy Youtube celebs, we're cumslut skanks as well!”

“Hope you enjoy our show!”

After quickly agreeing to film each other as much as possible they entered the fray, noting the crowd already had some women utterly ruined and looking for more. One man had his chesty pin-up brunette fitted with a dogcollar, eating thick spunk out of a dog bowl, while a mangy mutt licked her bare pussy. A wooden shack acted as a bar with men lined up on barstools inside. Women knelt under the table sucking them off, licking deep into their assholes or waiting mouth open as guys emptied their bladders before calling for more beer. It was to this rowdy drunk crowd the wanna-be sluts made their move.

“Hey guys, we are new here and we really, really want some abuse!” Barbara gave a dazzling smile to the burly men. The only response she got was a dismissive spit into the corner. “Stuck up bitches, no manners”

Barbara sunk to her knees, Lindsey following along. “Please, we can prove we can handle it. Just abuse us and our worthless holes, please”

The guys gave looks at each other before a few stood up. “If it gets you to shut up and let the fellas drink, sure, we'll try you out.”

The group split, two guys standing up to deal with the girls. Lindsey felt her pussy ache with anticipation as a guy immediately gripped her throat while bringing her body closer. He held her choked as his friend flicked open a knife and carefully cut away her clothes. “Livestock doesn't need any fuckin fancy clothes. Livestock just wants to be put in its place and bred.” His hand released just enough to let her answer. “Oh god yes, I'm your property, breed me, milk me, brand me -ack” He cut her off with more force as his other hand explored her sopping cunt. “I think this sow is ripe for plugging eh”. His friend nodded in approval and both got out their dicks. Brutal strokes took both cocks to the hilt first try and Lindsey's eyes flew open wide. She had felt stuff in her ass a few times as an experiment while horny, but never so deep or big. Never so fast and brutal and rough and never with a cock just as nasty plunging into her pussy at the same time. This was her first double penetration and she came within seconds of her pounding. The men cared little for what her body was doing though, and they kept punishing strokes going as they satisfied their own needs. The little redhead shuddered again and again as the uncaring brutes kept her barely able to breathe. She felt close to passing out and it made her totally cum her brains out. Her face twisted in pain and bliss constantly and every detail was picked up by Barbara's phone camera.

The willowy blond's voyeurism of her friend was attracting more interest from the bar and soon her body was being handled by guys determined to bundle her down to her knees. Of course she was happy to comply with the demands of any man and cooed in delight as she was suddenly surrounded by a circle of meaty cocks. Hairy, unwashed and as thick has her arm, she wasted no time in getting stuck in as she popped her pretty little lips on and off each man's member over and over. With so many men to please and only one set of lips she was soon overwhelmed and the guys grew impatient. “Useless slut can’t even handle herself. Trashy whore” Barbara moaned at the compliment as the man in question grabbed her head and pulled her in, forcing his sweaty shaft into her throat. After a gagging few seconds she was released and another man grabbed her and pulled her face into his musky pubes, cock filling her gullet again. With the men now assisting the blowbang harlot, she brought them to release that mush faster. By the time one man announced he was ready to coat the whore's face in his seed she already looked ruined. Saliva strings connected her to half a dozen cocks and her make-up had long single been ruined with thick, dark streaks of mascara marking her face. Her perfect hair lay spit soaked across her, some strands plastered to her skin already. None of this mattered though when the first prick erupted huge amounts of salty nut all over her, hiding away her features behind a slut-frosting of cock sauce. Her little pussy squirted off at the sheer load of semen being shot at her. After guy #1 was finished, her perfect model looks were unseen under a thick layer of cum coating her. She couldn't imaging what she would look like after six guys used her as target practice if this was just the first, but luckily she didn't have to.

“Mouth open, tongue out”

The order was simple to follow, even for a cumcrazy jizzmop like her. She obeyed, cute lips wide and tongue laid out and flat, ready for its fate. One by one the other guys popped off their issue into her waiting hole. The guys were clearly aiming to get as much of their spunk across her tongue as possible and have her taste it the whole way through. Whatever fell into her throat she swallowed obediently but anything on her tongue was held there, like she dare not disobey any demand. The salty fluid burned into her mind, the taste of inferiority of her and her gender. If all women could be treated like cup-holders for semen then it was more than they deserved. Evidently the guys though she had had enough of tasting cum as it was then blasted off her tongue by a powerful stream of piss. The same group stood around her chugging beers and discussing the latest sports. None of them paid any attention as they aimed their now flaccid cocks at her face and used it as a urinal. Three, four, five streams of piss were directed at Barbara's form as she knelt below them. She had drained their balls and now she was a contained for their bladders use. It didn't even need signalling, it was just assumed. She moaned again, feeling the bitter piss on her tongue, swallowing as much as she could and enjoying the feeling of every missed stream ruin the rest of the clothes she wore.

The women staggered out of the bar a couple of hours later, completely naked and hungry for even lower depths to sink to. A new group of guys were happy to pick the sluts up and show them more of the events they had on. Barbara filmed as two men lead Lindsey to an outhouse, little more than a slophole in the ground and well used by everyone. They lifted her up and flipped her around, before lowering her upside-down ad head-first into the vile pit. Lindsey thrashed on instinct as her whole head was submerged in putrid scat but the men's grip gave no room for manoeuvre. She shook her head side to side while held, shit matting in her hair and watery waste seeping through her clenched lips and flowing into her nose. Barbara laughed as her friend struggled before her whole body buckled in orgasm while she began pissing at the same time. She looked like a perverse fountain, shooting a stream of piss upwards while held upside down, head in a shit filled hole in the ground. When the men pulled her out, she was dropped hard on the floor and she did nothing but lay panting for air for a while, not even bothering to wipe away any of the crud covering her face.

The guys lost interest in her for a moment, their attention now on the blond. “Gee where has this bitch been, smells like a fucking urinal.”

“Haha yeah, if we dunked her in it'd be a fucking improvement”

Dunkleman only nodded in agreement. “I was used as a pisswhore for hours, I love to drink urine from anyone, anytime.”

Then guys agreed to give her some more of her new favorite treat, but doing it in easy to handle streams was one thing. They wanted to deliver it with more of an impact. They rooted around in their wallets until one pulled out a condom. Barb was confused but as a women she now knew not to question men out of turn. One by one the men pissed into the condom, filling it and stretching it out to ridiculous lengths. The rubber was flexible enough so by the end they had a basketball sized condom of piss.

“Better brace bitch, this could be rough”

Barbara barely had time to react before the lead man hurled the tied up condom at her face. It hit her like a hard fist, painful and sudden. The rubber warped around her face, making her look even stupider as her features got distorted through the layer of liquid. Finally reaching critical stretch, the condom burst, soaking her in another layer of foul smelling urine. Her hair was resodden, turning yellower than it had before. She could feel each layer in her skin, the old and dried scum compared to the new wet piss on her. The heat turned any old urine rancid while the strong smell of fresh piss mingled in. Her fingers played at her cunt furiously, turned on by how filthy her body felt right now.

Meanwhile, forgotten Tuggey was being investigated by males of another variety. The various breeds of dogs favored by the guys here were usually left off the leash and allowed to roam around. For the weekend event they were usually forgotten and formed their own little packs that scavenged for food, wandered the fields and fucked some bitches. Usually they fucked the dog variety but they had no problem with fucking human bitches. Some women were told to submit to the pack because it amused their male owners. Others naturally get left to be scavenged. Lindsey was zoned out in the sun, smelling of shit, piss and pussy juice making her a perfect target in the dogs noses. She didn't really get what was going on at first, but she felt some breathing and licking around her crotch and didn't mind the attention so much. When a gust of dogbreath hit her in the face as some of them began licking her scat-covered face she woke up fully.

She was surrounded by dogs, big ones. They looked tough enough to rip her apart if she resisted. Did she even want to though? A dog nosed under her middle and jerked his head up, it wanted her to roll onto all fours. She did so, taking implied orders from an animal. Was this how far she had sunk? Obeying even dogs? She didn't have time to mull over the implications too long as when she got onto all fours, her pussy stopped being licked just long enough for the alpha male to line up and mount her, back legs locking possessively around her hips and his long body lying on top of hers. This was not his first convention and he had claimed many human bitches before. He liked hearing the submissive human moans as they got broken into thick dog cock. This new cunt was just the same to him and soon his thick red tool was hammering away just as hard as he would be at canine bitch. Lindsey had never expected such skill from an animal. She worked her hips back, meeting his thrusts while moaning out devotion to animal sex.

“Oh god, I'll worship your alpha wolf-cock. Fuck me like a used up practice bitch. Even a dog is worth more than my body so go ahead and ruin me you fucking stud.” The animals didn't really care about what she had to say any more than the men at the event did so soon her mouth was being used by more of the dogs while the alpha took his time with her cunt.

Her discarded phone was picked up by a small hand. A young boy, barely double digits, pointed it at the bestial sex scene in front of him and hit the camera function to record again.

“Hey guys, come see what this cumdumpster is doing!”

The little kid yelled to his friends. Three other boys came running to him, jaws dropping at the scene.

“What's going on Timmy?”

“I dunno, I just found her like this, cool huh?”

“Cool? It's just another whore.” butted in one older boy, looking to be about 13.

“If you've been here before like I have you'll have seen it all. I bet she'll suck our dicks when the dogs are done?”

The kids all gasped as this reveal.

“Woah will she really do that?”

“Sure thing, it's a woman’s place to obey us men. Even if she's a grown-up, we are in charge out here.”

Timmy and the younger boys looked excited and he could barely keep the camera still.

Lindsey hadn’t noticed her young admirers however as she was too busy digging her slutty mouth into everything presented to it. She sucked down hot doggy dicks before they swelled with the knot and pumped puppymix straight down her throat. She worshipped filthy canine balls, feeling their hanging weight and sizzling heat while they churned with new loads she would have to choke down later. Dogs presented their rears for her to eat out and she gave each filthy dogshit asshole a thorough rimjob cleaning. The alpha began to howl as his majestic tool began throbbing in time to his frantic thrusts. She felt his might ball shaped knot grow within her, sealing both her vagina shut, as well as any hope she had of escaping her fate as pack bitch. The huge beasts eyes half closed in bliss as he began unloading into her ruined cunt. The way he was treating her made it clean she was the lowest of the pack. Even other female dogs came up to her to assert dominance. They cocked legs and sprayed down her tits and hair with piss. Then a few females backed into her, forcing their bitchpussies into her face, making her eat out the musky folds. Not only was she inferior to males of every species, even these female dogs saw her as trash to be abused. And every moment was captured by her own phones camera held by the gathered children.

When the alphas knot had shrunk enough to pull out, he tugged his member free, letting a torrid wave of dogcum pour out of her gaping hole. With a bark he gathered up his pack and they walked away, no thought given to the used up woman. Now left alone, Lindsey was approached by the children. She heard the eldest speak to the others.

“Now see you just have to pull it out and offer it, the dumb slut knows what to do.”

He was talking about her like she wasn't even there, or had no understanding or say in what happened to her. But when presented by the stiff little cock of a sinfully young boy she did what her body now knew she must do. Suck cock when asked and stay submissive at all times. She gave his member the same worship she gave every cock now. Not caring this boy was half her age. Not caring he was even younger than most of the kids who watcher her videos. Not caring what she was doing was wrong on every level and would put her in prison if it leaked to the outside world. Here she was a whore for children and would service them to her best ability.

“Shit this whore sucks like a hoover!” The boys words sounded wrong coming from a voice so young. Despite his knowledge he was still inexperienced so ended up cumming quickly, making sure to spray his seed cross her “dumb cockpig face”.

After he was done every boy wanted a go and Lindsey found her mouth opening wide, trying to fit 2 little boydicks at once while her hands were pressed into another cock each. The kids hectic pumps gave her more spunk into her mouth, the taste sweet against so much bitter piss and rancid dog privates she had been used to. After hours of abuse she finally felt something of more traditional pleasure, before being reminded this was the result of sordid sex with little boys. They kept treating her body like their illicit playground toy, making use of her ass and rubbing against her thighs. They didn't seem to care how filthy she was when they were so desperate to get off and empty their balls, some for the first time in their lives. Tuggey accepted all their lust and childish pranks, even when some started playing mean tricks like jacking a load of semen straight into her open eye, pushing her into a mud puddle and then holding her mouth open and sitting on her face and farting. They laugh at the antics they could get away with while the girl herself would only moan and beg “I'm a slave to children. I'm a slave to children. I'll be your pervert babysitter, I'll be your slutwhore teacher, just make me take your kiddie cocks more!”

“Shut up skank!” Timmys voice called before he gave her a slap across the face. “If we wanted to hear you speak then we could watch your stupid videos.” Hearing that the boys that were abusing her knew who she was pushed Lindsey over the edge yet again and she squirted messily in response to the little ex-fans orders.

Back with Barbara, she had been coerced by a group of douchey guys into taking part in their sick versions of drunk college initiation games. However these had a more degrading twist and obviously only had women competing. Barbara was currently reigning with the highest score, her dedication to being the most depraved slut was overtaking even whores who had competed in previous years. Currently the filthy blond was holding a pipe and funnel like an traditional beer bong and whooping guys poured liquid into the top. This was no beer though and Barb was chugging down the disgusting brown slop. The losing women had been told to go to the portable toilets and bring the shit filled tanks out of them. Barb was choking down litres of liquid human shit while a crowd calls her every degrading name under the sun. She had never felt more alive. The other women were seething with jealousy as this prissy little upstart stealing the male attention and soon one snapped, opening a new bucket of shit sludge and hurling it at her. Her pale nude body was hit full on by the poured stream of shit. Rather than back down, she fell deeper into her role as a toilet. Keeping the tube in her mouth feeding her the scat, she left the funnel to be held by the guys pouring it in while she left both hands roam her body, rubbing in the disgusting waste like she wanted the stains to never leave her. Other women joined in, showering her with more shit from every direction. Her flawless skin was invisible, every inch obscured by human waste. She wallowed in the dirt like she belonged there. No matter what she did with the rest of her life, her experience here would mark her forever.

“This cuntstain is so fucking sick.”

“Filthiest whore at the con, for sure.”

Barbara's position was almost assured and she had proven she was the dirtiest woman at the show, maybe even the world.

“Hey there's a little skank over at the other side of the con that got fucked out by a pack of dogs and then a whole gang of children!” One voice rang out, spreading the news.

'Impossible, I have to be the filthiest.' Barb thought. 'Whoever this brainless pile of used holes was she would be outclassed by my depravity'

The different crowds around each girl eventually spread out around both so they saw each other again. Lindsey and Barbara could barely recognise each other. One was covered in cum, holes gaping and smelling of territory marking piss. The other former Youtube star was coated in brown slime, wet, putrid and thick enough to drip off her body in slow splats.

“Well I guess you could keep up, even if you were always the less popular one.” Barb laughed at her friend.

“What was that you turd eating bitch? I could handle twice the cock you could”

Lindsey retorted, desperate to prove herself the better of the two, even in this immoral gauntlet of sin.

As if to ease the rising tensions between the two colleagues, the founder of the event rode in on a horse between them. He parted the crowds with his fine, chestnut brown animal and sat between the women like a wise ruler passing judgements on mere peasants.

“I can see you little ladies have done very well showing us all your true natures, but fighting between yourselves now won't help you serve us men any better... we need a tie breaker”

He fell silent in thought, neither girl daring to speak as he considered the matter. The silence was broken as the horse suddenly huffed, stamped it front hoof before taking a huge casual shit on the floor. The girthy log fell unbroken and the solid waste looked like a pillar of earth, formed out of the compacted and digested grasses of its diet. The leader nodded as if reaching a conclusion.

“Ah yes, something like that will suit you girls just fine.”

He gestured at the straight, hard length of horseshit, almost two feet of it steamed with heat on the ground.

“Whichever of you subhuman little trashwhores can get the most of that fine pedigree stool down your worthless gullets might actually gain my recognition this convention.”

A chance at being deemed the most depraved woman by this superior man. Suddenly nothing had mattered more to either woman. Their careers, family and friends were all nothing compared to choking down animal waste for the approval of a man they met just hours ago. The former vlog starlets feverishly scrambled across dusty and muddied group to reach the horse dropping. Reaching it at about the same time they scrambled over each other, slapping and hitting out, needing to be the first to claim the piece of shit.

The catfight eventually reached a stalemate where both girls had claim to one end of the still unbroken log. Up close the smell was truly disgusting, the musk of an unclean stable concentrated through the bowels of a powerful animal. Barbara and Lindsey touched their soft lips to either end of the turd. Staring with determination against each other they pushed forward, sucking each end of the colossal shit into their mouths like a double-ended dildo. Their bodies hitched and convulsed as they went deeper. Base instincts fought to reject the object from their bodies. It was too big, too vile. But their fall from grace awaken a determination to sluttiness that neither could deny any more. The ruined golden hair of Barb shook as she forced her own body further, gagging as the solid, constipated waste filled her throat. She was definitely making the better progress of the two. Fighting back, Lindsey grabbed the back of her friends head and pulled forward, hoping to choke her further and force her to back off. But the petite, shit-fellating little skank accepted with pleasure, pussy squirting out approval at the forced gagging. She was a full foot down the arm thick craplog and was loving it completely. Lindsey thought she was out of her league now, she was still struggling to get past her natural throat barrier. As if reading her fuck-broken mind, the leader gave his horse a quick tap with the riding crop. Obeying immediately the animal kicked out with a back leg.

Tuggey got the brunt of the hoof into the back of her head, lights flashing in her eyes and a blinding pain. She would have screamed out in pain if the kick hadn’t sent her forward, horse turd driving down her throat and putting her right at mid midway mark, lips touching her friends and staring at her with unfocused eyes, recovering from the kick. Met in the middle, the two girls completely hid the disgusting horseshit that linked them and the crowd watched as they kept it inside them, sucking away at its layers, throats lurching as they gradually broke it down and swallowed it all over the course of half an hour. By the end of the event there was no doubt to anyone they were equally matched whores.

When they were done the crowd roared with approval that these newcomers had proved their devotion so well. Every year the convention held an event to decide the most degraded slut of the year. This time they decided the award should be split between them. The leader himself dismounted and addressed them. “See what I said was right. Stay here longer and you will come to realise I was right, that men are always right. You know that now don't you?”

They nodded up at him, staying on their knees while covered in the messes of their days events.

“You might be interested to know there is a prize for this award. You can have a choice of a nice little spa weekend. A hot shower to clean you all up, wash away the shame before going out and being pampered. Oh and our other prize you get raffled off to be fuckslaves to a local family. So girlies, which would you like.”

Without even a glace at the other both begged in unison.

“Please sir, make us slaves.”

“We never want to be clean again.”

“That belongs to our old lives, we're nothing but toys for men now.”

The leader smiled. No properly broken woman ever picked the first option.


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