Incest Pregnancy: Summer Glau

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You are walking up the stairs from the basement, you come up the hallway and make your way to the kitchen. You are making a sandwich for dinner when the front door of the house opens. In comes your younger sister, actress Summer Glau, known for her role from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV series as the female Terminator model who protects future Resistance leader John Connor during his teenage years. She is wearing a gray shirt over a light pink leotard and shorts, her hair is tied behind her in a bun and she is wearing a pair of sneakers as she carries a bag into the house.

SG: Hey big bro.

You: Oh hey Summer. How was the ballet class?

SG: It went well.

You: That's good.

SG: What are you doing up here?

You: Hungry.

SG: I see. What have you been doing today?

You: Oh the usual, my latest project.

SG: Still can't tell me what it is?

You: Sorry.

SG: Okay, fine. Not even a hint?

You look at her and she gives you a look back at you with her head tilted and a shoulder. You turn away and continue to eat your sandwich.

SG: Come on, please.

You briefly look at her again, you see her smiling and lashing her eyes. You turn away again and keep eating. But as you're eating, you feel Summer hugging you from behind, pressing her breasts on your back, you feel her nipples poking through her shirt.

SG: Pleeeaaase.

You feel a brief flushing on your face, you put down your sandwich in a little fit of frustration.

You: Agghh, fine.

You turn your chair around and she lets go of her hug.

You: This is the only thing I will tell you about my project.

SG: What is it?

You: I will need some of your hair, with the roots, and I need a blood sample from you.

SG: What?!

You: That's what I need to complete my project.

SG: What does my hair and blood have to do with it?

You: I said that's all I'm telling you about it.

SG: Why would your project need my hair and blood? Isn't that a little weird?

You: It's essential. Oh come on, now that's two things I've said. I've been nice enough about it.

Summer's face frowns a bit, but she sighs.

SG: Fine. When will you need it?

You: I'll get a couple things from my lab. You go take a shower first.

SG: Okay.

Summer takes her bag and starts to walk to the hall to the stairs up to her room. You finish your sandwich.

You: Summer.

SG: Yes?

You walk to the hall and look up at Summer at the stairs.

You: I hope I wasn't being too rude. It's just I hope you understand the importance of my project's secrecy. I'm sorry.

SG: It's okay. I'm sorry I was being nosy. I was just curious, you know, “my big brother, scientific genius, what is he doing in his lab now?”

You: It's fine. I understand. Just let me know when you're done and I'll be up.

SG: Okay.

Summer goes into her bedroom and closes the door to prepare for her shower. You go back down stairs to the basement to your laboratory. At the bottom of the stairs is a security door, with a button, a speaker, and a sign that says “DR. GLAU – AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED – USE INTERCOM TO CONTACT.” Above the door is a sensor that detects your body's presence and a keyboard slots from the middle of the door. The sign blinks in a flash of light into a monitor, “[PASS CODE: ------------].” You type in the 10-character long pass code, the keyboard retreats, and a slot above the keyboard opens. You put your right hand palm up and a red light scans your hand. “[SCAN COMPLETE – MATCH – DR. GLAU, ENTRY AUTHORIZED].” The door opens inward into a small hallway. At the end is an elevator, which you board and go down 30 feet. When you come out the elevator, there is another security door at the end of another small hallway. “DR. GLAU – AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED.” The door senses you and the monitor again says, “[PASS CODE: ---------------].” This time you type in a 15-character long pass code on the keyboard. “[RETINAL SCAN]” a pair of vizors appear below the screen, which you move your head in and line your eyes into the red light. “[SCAN COMPLETE – MATCH – DR. GLAU, ENTRY AUTHORIZED].” The door opens inward, a light turns on above the inside of the entrance, and now you enter your laboratory. When the door closes, the other lights turn on to illuminate your laboratory, its space is as wide as the square footage of the house above. Everywhere there are desks, drawers, shelves, computers, and other machinery. In the middle of it all is a large table, laying on it is a body, it has no face, hair, fingers or toenails, but the basic shape is of a female. You walk to the computer next to the table, turn it on, open a few files, open an application, and begin recording.

You: This is Dr. Glau, this is Project: Cameron. The date is July 24th, 2008, journal entry #715. As you know, for the past two years, I've been working on a cybernetic organic endoskeleton capable of artificial intelligence, natural human behavior, and biological development. I am here today with an update of the progress of the project.

You pick up your goggles next to the keyboard, another window opens in the computer monitor and turns on a camera, which has the perspective from the camera built inside the goggles, giving the viewer a first-person perspective. As you put on the earpiece from the goggles into your left ear and adjust a tiny microphone next to your cheek, you look at the faceless body.

You: The human tissue sheathing covering the entirety of the coltan hyperalloy endoskeleton has completely formed after its development for 6 months. This skin is capable of sweat, blood, bad breath, and aging, a cybernetic nervous system has been built into the skin to allow “Cameron” to be programmed with the sense of touch and tolerances to heat and cold. Currently there is no face, hair, finger or toenails, but the shape of the skin on this endoskeleton, on a personal note: for sentimental reasons, is in the shape of a human female. “Cameron” has programmed features aside from artificial intelligence capable of matching human intelligence. With its social behavior programming it will be capable of mimicking human emotion, allowing it to blend in with its human environment. “Cameron” will be able to eat human food through its consumption program, although how the food is treated after ingestion is still to be determined. Her hands have been built with biomarker scans which will be able to detect and measure vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, stress levels, and medical conditions simply by touching. I have also acquired and purchased a donated uterus and a pair of ovaries which I have placed inside “Cameron's” pelvic cavity, in hopes that one day she will be capable of pregnancy and childbirth. The template for its missing human features is yet to be determined, although a possible subject has been found. Blood and hair samples are required in order for the stem cells of the tissue sheath to replicate into the exact shape of the donor.

At that moment, you hear the intercom buzz.

You: This entry has been recorded and saved on four 10 terabyte hard drives. This is Dr. Glau, Project: Cameron, signing off.

You clack on the keyboards and stop the recording. You put your finger on the earpiece.

You: Summer?

SG: Yes. I'm done showering.

You: Alright, I'll be up in a couple minutes.

You put down your goggles and open a couple drawers to collect two vials, a syringe, and a pair of tweezers. With your items in hand, you leave the laboratory and return up to the house, you walk up the stairs and knock on your sister's door.

You: Summer?

SG: Come on in.

You open the door and enter Summer's bedroom. She is sitting on her bed wearing a white tank top and a pair of gray sweat pants.

SG: Hey big brother.

You: Hey sis.

SG: Can we talk before we do this?

You: What's on your mind?

SG: You can't find anyone else to do this?

You: Summer, you know me, I have very few friends, and none of them are around right now. They've all moved on to live their own lives. But you, I see you everyday.

SG: (sigh) I guess I was just nervous, it's just weird that you need my blood and hair for this project of yours.

You: You'll understand someday. What I am working on will change the human way of life like you can't imagine.

SG: Okay, I'm ready.

You: Alright, let's do it.

You sit on her chair by her desk next to her bed. You lay down your little pack of medical tools and open it to show your two vials, syringe, tweezers, a rubbing alcohol brush, a rubber string, and a couple pieces of surgical gauze. Summer extends her arm and you tie the rubber string on her forearm. Next you brush the alcohol on the fold of her arm, you then take the syringe and attach one of the vials to it. Carefully you insert the needle and draw out the small amount of her blood. Once enough was collected, you remove the needle out and put the piece of gauze at the insertion point and tape a band-aid on it.

You: Not so bad, wasn't it?

SG: I've donated before, it wasn't that painful.

You: Well, this part might. Tilt your head to me please.

Summer tilts her head sideways, your tweezers at hand, you look at the back corner of her scalp, brushing some hair outward and pull a few hairs, all which pull the hair follicles. You bottle the hair into the other vial and start putting everything away.

You: Thanks for being a good sister for me.

SG: Big brother, I hope whatever you're making will really help the world.

You stand up, collect your things, and walk out of her bedroom and head back down to your lab. Once inside, you take the samples in the vials and insert them into the human tissue sheath, the blood through the syringe into the middle of the collar bone, and the hair attached on the top of the scalp. The computer begins to charge and the monitor lights up. “[BLOOD AND HAIR SAMPLE DETECTED – SCANNING D.N.A.– SUBJECT: SUMMER GLAU – REPLICATION INITIATED – ESTIMATED TIME OF COMPLETION: 3 DAYS].


Three Days Later.


Down in the lab, you are monitoring the progress of the replication process. By this point, the body looks a lot like your sister, Summer Glau, a slender figure, brown hair, eyes, lips, everything looks exactly like her. She is dressed with a leopard spot top, a levi skirt, fishnet panythose, and ankle length leather boots. On the screen, a beep sounds. [REPLICATION COMPLETE – RUNNING DIAGNOSTICS – SCANNING – NO FAULTS DETECTED – INITIATING PROJECT: CAMERON – ACTIVATING CAMERON]. You look down at the body and see her face. Her eyes open, she lifts her body and sits up. Her head turns, scanning the room. She sees you and looks at you, she speaks in a human-like voice sounding exactly like Summer.

C: Hello. I am Cameron.

You gaze at her face in amazement.

You: It works. She works. She works!!!

You examine her flesh, you feel her forearm, her skin feels like real human flesh.

You: Amazing. I did it.

She gives a quick look down and back up. She places a hand on your shoulder. You see her eyes briefly glisten.

C: I sense your neutral-transmitting levels are elevated, you are feeling happy.

You: Ah-ha, haha, yes, yes I am. I am happy that I have successfully created you.

C: I was created, designed, and built by you, Dr. Glau. I am a cyber organic endoskeleton capable of artificial intelligence, human natural behavior, and biological development.

You: Yes. Yes.

C: Earlier you have witnessed my biomarker scanning program which I have measured your happiness of my successful creation. I can eat human food through my consumption program. My social behavior program allows me to mimic human emotions in order to blend in with human environments.

You: Can you simulate any emotions right now?

C: I have samples of human emotions.

She smiles and looks at you, putting her hand on your shoulder.

C: Such as happiness.

Her smile then turns down, her head lowers, she moves her hands down onto her lap.

C: Sadness.

She then looks back at you, she gets off the table and stands in front of you. She moves close to you, putting her hands around your neck and leaning her face towards yours.

C: And lust.

You feel her breath on your eyes, which smells exactly like Summer's. You clear your throat and soft hold her back.

You: Okay. Good.

You look at Cameron again, looking up and down her body, she looks exactly like your sister, outfit and everything.

You: Now, Cameron.

C: Yes.

You: Confirm your obedience program is active and stable.

C: My primary programming is obedience to your every command.

You: Very good. Now, what are the details of your biological development program?

C: I have a vagina with a fully functioning uterus and pair of ovaries inside my pelvic cavity. I am fully capable of human sex, pregnancy, and childbirth.

You: What is your D.N.A. Template?

C: The D.N.A. replicated for my human tissue sheath belongs to Summer Glau, your sister. From the hard drive inside my cranial housing I can access some of her memories, my social and natural human behavior programming can also allow me to mimic her almost exactly.

You: So, if I was to command you to become like my sister, how much will you be like her?

C: 99%. I still still retain my knowledge of my existence as a cyber organic endoskeleton with human and biological programmings. I will be what you may describe me as, “a robot version of your sister.”

You: Okay. Now, Cameron, I would like you to be like my sister please.

She closes her eyes, and after a few seconds, she opens her eyes, she looks around the room with a curious look.

SG: Where am I?

You: Summer.

SG: Big brother?

You: Summer, is it really you?

SG: Yes.

You approach her, you move your arms around her and hug her, she hugs back.

You: Welcome to my lab.

She moves back from the hug.

SG: This is your lab? It looks awesome.

You: Summer. Do you know who you are?

She looks at you, she briefly gives you a gaze.

SG: I am your robot, Cameron, endoskeleton, programming, and everything. Because of the higher programming, I am aware that I am Cameron, but right now, I am your sister, Summer.

You: What is your favorite things to do.

SG: Dance ballet.

She moves around and dances a few steps, proving that she is capable of being your sister and your robot at the same time.

You: That is amazing.

She looks at you again, this time with a serene face, She approaches you.

SG: I have a confession.

You: What is it?

SG: Deep in the recesses of my memory, I've had feelings for you.

You feel a small paralyzing sensation from hearing this.

You: You had feelings for me?

SG: Yes.

She starts to look a little bit flushed, a deep red glow covers her face as she puts her hands together in front of her.

SG: You are my big brother who has always taken care of my ever since our parents had gone. Sometimes I had dreams, and after waking up and realizing those dreams, I started having urges for you.

You: Summer.

SG: I can feel my core, my heart, it's beating hard and fast. Big brother, I think I'm in love with you.

You feel your own heart begin to beat faster and harder upon hearing this. You approach her and put your hands on her shoulders, caressing her forearms. You can hear her breathing sound like a loud whisper, you look into each others eyes.

You: I also have to confess, my feelings for you were the reason why I needed your hair and blood. I made Cameron to look like you.

SG: You did?

You: Yes. And now that you're here, I feel I don't need to hold back anymore.

SG: I can't hold back either, big brother.

You: Summer, I love you.

Summer” gasped, her hands move up and around your neck.

SG: Oh big brother, I love you.

You both pull each other in and kiss. You feel her fleshy lips moving with yours, you hear her moaning in her breathing as your tongues meet. She the pulls away from the kiss.

SG: Does your lab have a bed?

You: As a matter of fact, it does, little sis.

SG: Take me.

You hold one arm around her shoulders and the other beneath her legs, you lift her off the floor and into your arms. She feels very light despite being made of a metal endoskeleton. You take her to the corner of your lab where there is a queen sized bed.

You: Sometimes when I have to continually work down here I sleep here. And I sometimes have dreams about you.

SG: Sometimes I dream that I was dancing ballet, and that you were dancing with me.

You set her down on the bed and sit behind her. You start to unzip her top from her back, she tenses as the zipper moves down. You caress her shoulders as you slip the straps off and remove her top, exposing her 32A cup breasts, which you grope as you kiss her neck. She gasps as the sensual feelings surround her upper body.

SG: Can you get my skirt?

You help her up to her knees, reach your arms in front of her abs and work on her skirt. As you pull her skirt down, you also pull down her panties and fishnet pantyhose down to her knees.

You: Lay down, sis, so I can get the rest off.

Summer lays flat on the bed and you pull the rest of her clothes off. Then you remove her boots. She is now completely naked. You remove your clothes, then you help her up to her knees and on all fours. She turns to look at you.

SG: Big brother, I want you right now. I'm all yours, do as you wish.

You: Oh Summer, you are so beautiful.

You get your dick hard in order to prepare to fuck your own sister. Once it reached its hardest, you keep it steady and line it up with Summer's pussy. As it touches her entrance, she lets out a quiet gasp, you push it further in and enter her, she lets out a moan.

You: God sis, your pussy is amazing. Is it really yours?

SG: Ahh, yes it is. When I was being replicated, my pussy was also being converted on a cellular level.

You: So right now, it's like I'm actually fucking my own sister.

SG: Yes, and now, I want my big brother to fuck me.

You: Okay, here we go sis.

You begin to motion your pelvis in a back and forth motion, moving your dick in and out of her pussy, you begin to fuck her. Summer leans her body down as she feels her brother's cock sliding in and out of her.

SG: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes.

You: Oh god, Summer, this is so amazing.

SG: I've always wanted to have sex with you, I've only wanted to be fucked by my big brother.

You hold her lower back and continue to fuck her for a few more minutes. You help her up and straighten her while you lay on your back. Holding hands to support each other, she sits on top of you on her knees with her pussy still engulfing your cock. She begins to move herself up and down with her knees and ride you. She continues to moan as her pussy keeps straddling your dick.

SG: Oooh, ooooh, yeees, yeeees, oh does that feel good baby?

You: Oh god, keep going baby, you feel so good.

As she continues to ride you, you feel your dick tensing, it stays completely straight as she continues to slide herself up and down on you. She lets out a loud moan as your dick goes an inch deeper into her.

You: Oh Summer, let me look at you while you ride me.

SG: Oh brother, me too.

She carefully turns her body around, lining her legs around your waist and sitting her firm ass on your lap. She brushes her hair behind her shoulders, puts her hands on your knees, and she begins to thrust her hips up and down. She gasps as she continues to ride you, you put your hands on her breasts and grope them. She then rocks her hips back and forth and sways in a circular motion, her pussy walls stimulating your dick in a horizontal motion.

You: Aw yeah, that's good baby, keep going.

SG: You like it when I do that big brother?

You: Oh little sis, you feel so amazing.

Her continuing variations of riding your dick make you tense up as a gripping feeling begins to take hold on your scrotum. You feel your dick getting a bit longer and harder. You take your sister by the hips and begin to thrust upward into her.

SG: Oh god, big brother, right there, right there, that feels good baby.

You feel the sensation in your balls reach the halfway point, at the same time her pussy walls begin to grip tighter around your cock.

You: Oh sis, do you feel half way there baby?

SG: Oh big brother, I'm gonna cum soon. How about you?

You: Me too. I wanna be on top of you now.

SG: Oh big brother.

You take her into your arms and hold her, you get up and flip on your side and over, laying Summer on her back and you position yourself on top of her. Your dick still inside her, you push deeper into her and get ready to fuck her again. You gaze into each other for a moment.

You: Oh Summer, you're the best sister ever.

SG: And you're the best big brother in the world.

You resume your thrusting. She puts her hands on your shoulders and moans as you pound her. A few minutes later, you feel the gripping sensation again, this time you feel something reach the base of your cock.

You: Oh sis, I'm about to cum.

You feel her legs wrap around your waist and lock on your back.

SG: Please big brother, cum inside me.

You: Oh Summer, I will give you everything to make you happy.

SG: I am happiest when I'm with you big brother, that's good enough for me.

You: Oh sis, I love you.

SG: I love you too.

You begin to thrust harder and faster into your sister's pussy, she lets out louder moaning as her pussy tightens around your cock. As your dick reaches into the deepest part of her pussy, you feel the sensation flow halfway through it.

You: Oh Summer, I'm gonna cum now.

SG: I'm gonna cum too big brother, cum with me!

You: Oh god, Summer, Summer, aaaaaaAAAAGGGHHH!!!

SG: Big brother, cum with me! Oh god, big brother! Cum with meeeee aaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Her body tenses, her arms hug you tight, her legs lock on your body harder. You give a few hard thrusts, your final thrust pushes your dick into the back of her womb, you feel your dick pulsing inside her pussy, shooting your flowing seed into her. You feel both of your bodies tighten for a few minutes and the warmth mixing with each other's sweat. Finally your bodies begin to relax, and your dick starts to soften while still inside her. You look at her, her eyes are closes as she is gasping.

You: Summer.

She looks at you.

SG: Big brother.

You: You are simply amazing.

SG: You too.

You: I would like to do this again some time.

SG: Mmm, me too.

You: Now, I want you to go back to Cameron.

SG: Okay.

You: Take care Summer, love you.

SG: Bye, love you too.

She then closes her eyes and her body completely relaxes. After a couple minutes, her eyes open again, her facial expression is almost apathetic. She lifts her head up and looks at you.

C: Cameron back online. How are you, Dr. Glau?

You: Oh Cameron, you wouldn't believe it.

She sits up and straightens herself.

C: Records show you just had sex with me as your little sister. I find that you enjoyed it very much.

You: I did. How are you feeling, Cameron?

C: I was watching from the recesses of my mind. I found the experience very, ecstatic. I know I was being your sister during the whole thing, but I felt like I myself was somehow enjoying it too. I now have feelings that are hard to explain, these feelings make me feel something different.

You: Can you run a diagnostics?

C: All physical diagnostics are perfectly fine, but my neural network is now filled with a code that is hard to decipher.

You: I see. Cameron, log everything into my data hard drives. Get some rest, we will look into it tomorrow.

C: Confirmed. Beginning data transfer.

You begin to gather your clothes, she gathers hers. You both exit the bedroom. While she goes to lay back down on the table where she came from, you put your clothes back on. You walk to the lab door and open it, you turn and look at her.

You: See you tomorrow, Cameron.

C: Good-bye, Dr. Glau.

You exit your lab and go back up to the house. Cameron lays on her table and continues her data transfer.

C: Foreign semen specimen detected in uterus. Scanning D.N.A. - Match: Dr. Glau. Semen entering fallopian tube. Ovulated egg detected – Scanning D.N.A. - Match: Summer Glau. Sperm has made contact with egg. Zygote fertilized.

She briefly closes her eyes and opens them again, she lets out a gasp and a smile.

SG: Big brother, I'm pregnant.



Down at the lab, you are working on Cameron, your personal cyber organic endoskeleton.

You: What improvements can we make for mass production?

C: After much researching about human anatomy and human long-term peer bonding, I propose to help customers feel a sentimental connection with them human tissue sheathing should be allowed to age, and when the client's life expires, the endoskeleton will be programmed to shut down and terminate with them.

You: That sounds like a good idea, humans and robots can grow old together and live like an elderly couple at the end.

C: Correct.

You: Cameron, will you always be by my side?

C: Dr. Glau, after spending many months with you and learning about the psychological connections between us, I feel I will never leave you for anyone.

You walk up to her and hold her shoulders. You lean in and kiss, she kisses back. After a few seconds the kiss breaks.

You: Thank you Cameron, you will always be the special someone for me.

C: Thank you, Dr. Glau, I really enjoyed that.

You look down at her body, her belly has grown a lot since the day of her creation.

You: How is our baby?

C: The baby is healthy and keeps growing inside me.

You: Do you know its gender yet?

C: At the twelfth week of pregnancy the baby's gender could be determined. However, to be 100% percent sure, I waited a couple months more.

You: What is it?

She briefly closes her eyes and opens them again. She looks at you with a smile and an excited gasp.

SG: I want to name him John.

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