Felicity's Fate

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Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. I do not know, nor have I ever met Felicity Jones or Gal Gadot, and I make no money from the distribution of these stories.


The following is a work of fiction. It is not, in any way, intended to reflect reality. It is purely a fantasy originating in the deepest recesses of my mind. While real people do appear in this work, I, the writer of this work, in no way wish to see these individuals actually put in any situation contained therein. Furthermore, I do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone rape, kidnapping, violence, or any of the other questionable acts that appear herein. This work is not intended to endorse or condone anyone who would perform such vile acts. Anyone who would do any such a thing to a real-life person deserves punishments reserved only for those in the deepest circle of hell. In addition, I do not know, nor have I ever met Felicity Jones or Gal Gadot. The versions of them that appear in this story are fictional and purely based on their celebrity persona. I apologize if that offends you. My intention is only to entertain. Finally, I make no money from the distribution of this work.

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Felicity Jones never believed in fate, until the day she met Gal Gadot that is. They were sat next to each other at a comic con panel discussing the portrayal of strong female characters in science fiction, fantasy and comic book movies. There were a lot of other big names there that day. But, after that moment, Felicity could honestly say there wasn’t anything else she could think of, or even remember from the rest of the panel that day. It was an instant, a moment, and it was gone just like that. But it was a moment that would forever change her life.

Felicity had just finished answering a question about the development of female characters over the past few years compared to the previous twenty, when she reached out to grab her bottle of water. At that same instant, Gal also reached out for her bottle of water. Neither woman was paying too much attention, and both thought the bottle sitting between them was theirs. That was the moment. Felicity’s hand briefly, gently brushed against Gal’s, as both lady’s hands touched the bottle at the same time. As their hands met, Felicity felt a spark shoot up her arm. It was shocking, pleasurable, life altering all at the same time. It was like the moment of an epiphany, or when a bat first connects with a fast ball. It traveled up her arm, and she turned to look at Gal, who in turn glanced at her. Their eyes met.

Gal offered her a brilliant smile, presumably for trying to take Felicity’s bottle of water. But all Felicity saw was her gorgeous dark brown eyes, her full perfect lips in that broad girlish grin. She felt her heart leap in her chest, and butterflies flutter in her stomach. It was a sensation like she had never experienced. Felicity smiled back, but she felt goofy and awkward, like what she was feeling could be plainly seen all over her face. That caused her to panic, and she hurriedly looked away, eyes darting to her lap. What was going on with her today?

If Gal noticed, she didn’t say anything, she just retreated her hand to her own lap, turned back to the crowd and her mic, and continued participating in the discussion at hand like nothing was amiss. Felicity however was frozen. Her mind was racing, asking a hundred questions a second. Did she imagine that sensation? Was Gal’s smile apologetic or knowing? Did anyone else notice her reaction? Did Gal? Was Gal feeling the same thing only hiding it better? But, perhaps most importantly, what should she do about this clear, unmistakable feeling of attraction toward the tall former Israeli soldier/supermodel?

An hour or so later, the panel had ended, and Felicity was pacing around back stage trying to decide what to do about all the crazy feelings she was having, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped in surprise, and a cute, little startled yelp escaped her lips as she turned to see Gal Gadot standing there. Felicity turned a dark shade of red, clasping her hands to her face to hide her embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Gal said, pulling her hand apologetically from Felicity’s shoulder.

“Oh, no, you’re fine—I don’t mean you’re fine, well, you are fine, I—I just mean, its ok, that’s all. My mind was just somewhere else; you know?” If it was even possible, Felicity’s face turned an even darker shade of crimson, and she turned to flee before further humiliating herself. She darted off down the hallway, casting a glance behind her to see a dumbfounded Gal Gadot staring after her, about twenty paces back.

Felicity turned back, just in time to see a four-hundred-pound man naked from the waist up, barefooted, wearing ripped jeans and covered head to toe in green paint. She collided head-long into his blubbery back and bounced off of him like he was the real Hulk, and she merely some mortal’s tiny fist. The next thing she knew, she was flying backwards through the air, a tiny grunt of surprise escaping her lips as her head cracked against the floor. The last thing she saw as the blackness closed in around her was the fattest Hulk ever, a 4’3 Goku, and the most beautiful and surprised looking Wonder Woman all leaning over her with concern.

Felicity Jones woke a few minutes later. She was lying down on a leather couch in what appeared to be someone’s trashy dressing room. She groaned audibly, touching the back of her head as she looked around. Sitting there on a wooden chair was Gal Gadot who was watching her with concern.

Gal knelt next to Felicity as she started to come around. “Try not to move around too much, you’ve had a good blow to the head. Fat Hulk and Tiny Goku went to find a paramedic. Apparently, they didn’t have room for a cell phone in their costumes, and I forgot mine at the hotel this morning.”

“Where am I” she asked, forgetting her embarrassment for the moment in the daze of her return to consciousness.

“It is” Gal said over-dramatically, “William Shatner’s Dressing Room.”

Felicity gave Gal a curious glance, and for a moment the two just stared at each other. Gal cracked a small grin, and suddenly both girls burst out laughing. Their little giggle lasted several seconds until Felicity remembered what a fool she’d made of herself in the moments leading up to this, and suddenly became very quiet.

“What is it,” Gal asked with concern in her voice. “Are you ok?”

Felicity touched her head again. “My head, I think is fine. Its—its more my pride that’s been damaged.”

Gal turned her gaze to the floor. “I was going to ask you about…you know why you took off running. You seemed embarrassed about something. Did I—”

“No. It wasn’t you. It was me.”

“What do you mean?” Gal asked, returning her gaze to meet Felicity’s.

“I, well. You remember the panel earlier today?”

Gal nodded in confusion. “Yeah, it was just—”

At that moment, Fat Hulk burst into the room. He was hunched over and breathing heavily. “Paramedic” he said panting, “on—his—way.”

Fat Hulk, Tiny Goku and Wonder Woman stayed with Felicity while the paramedic checked her over. Twenty minutes later the two celebs were signing autographs for everyone, and were then left alone, Felicity with a clean bill of health and a mild headache.

“Anyway, I—”

Gal leaned over Felicity before she could finish speaking, “just one sec, this has been bothering me for a while now.” She gently touched Felicity’s face, brushing her fingers against the other woman’s cheek. The two women locked gazes while Gal stroked her face. Both of them feeling something more than the touch of the other, but neither knowing quite what. Gal held up her fingers after a second with a grin, “green paint.”

They both had another long laugh, which ended abruptly with the two of them staring awkwardly into the eyes of the other. A moment passed. Then Gal whispered, “I felt it too.” Felicity bit her lip and swallowed nervously against the lump rising in her throat. Gal smiled warmly down on her. “Don’t be nervous,” she whispered, stroking her face again, but this time it was the warm touch of a loving hand. Felicity smiled back. Gal leaned in, and their lips met in a warm gentle kiss.

Their kiss was cut short, when the door to the dressing room opened, and the over-dramatic voice of William Shatner asked, “Just what is—going on—in here?”

Felicity and Gal burst out laughing, and ran from the room hand in hand, much to the bewilderment of the former Enterprise captain. Felicity calling back over her shoulder “permission to leave the bridge captain?” They giggled and raced down the back hallway till they reached the doors which led out to the main convention floor, where they stopped for a moment to catch their breath.

As they stood there, breathing, it slowly dawned on Gal that if they had gone out those doors behaving as they had just been, there would have been a world-wide scandal today. Gal could see that realization in Felicity’s eyes as well. “Perhaps,” she began slowly. “We could walk around some? Check out some of the cool displays, maybe sign some autographs.”

Felicity nodded in response. “We should probably be careful, take things slow.”

Gal agreed. “Yeah, you know, walk around do some talking, getting to know one another. We don’t need to let the world know here, today that—

“We just kissed?” Felicity said, looking down at the floor as if embarrassed.

Gal stepped up to her and took her hands. “I felt something back there, and I know you did too. But, that doesn’t mean we need to advertise it today does it?”

Felicity shook her head, “I suppose not.”

Gal kissed Felicity’s hand softly. “Let’s give it some time. If we still feel this way in a week, or a month, or however long it takes the press to figure it out. Then we can tell them, or not… But if we go out there now and advertise it, and this doesn’t last. Well, then we might have done irreversible damage to our careers.”

Felicity smiled with a nod, and Gal let go her hands. They went out then to the floor at comic con as friends. They walked around talking, seeing all the cool stuff, all the amazing costumes, and signed more than a few autographs. Once the day’s events came to an end, the two agreed to go back to Gal’s hotel to pick up her cell phone and have dinner together.  

They ate dinner in a fancy restaurant. They talked about movies, those they were in, and those they admired. Felicity asked Gal about her time in the Israeli military, and Gal asked her about attending Oxford. They talked, and under the long table cloth, Gal gently touched her leg to Felicity’s. The conversation flowed naturally, and their legs gently rubbed against the other’s. It had been a magical day. After dinner, Gal dropped Felicity off at her hotel, and asked her if she wanted to hang out again tomorrow. Felicity said, “sure. Unless…you wanted to grab a quick drink at the bar?”

They walked through the lobby of the hotel, their hands mere inches apart. Felicity wanted nothing more than to take the other woman’s hand. Hell she wanted to kiss her right then and there. She could feel the sexual energy flowing off of her. They didn’t bother with the bar. From the lobby they went straight to the elevators.

The doors closed. They were all alone. Felicity pressed the button for her floor, turning as she did to ask Gal if she thought they were taking things too fast. Gal was right there, pressing her against the wall of the elevator, wrapping her arms around Felicity’s waist and pulling her close. Felicity was about to object, to tell her that these elevators had cameras, but when she opened her mouth, Gal’s lips were there, and suddenly it was all she could do to keep up with the other woman’s fervent kissing.  She wrapped her arms around Gal’s neck and slid her leg up the other woman’s hip as Gal’s tongue pressed into her mouth.

Felicity sucked on Gal’s tongue, moaning softly into her mouth as she did. Gal held Felicity in a tight, warm embrace, running her hands down her back until they were resting on her ass. Felicity caressed Gal’s neck and ears, as Gal squeezed Felicity’s butt playfully. The two women pulled back slightly, smiling back at the other and sharing a brief, but meaningful glance. Gal’s gaze asked “are you ready for this?” Felicity gently stroked her new friend’s cheek, and with the faintest nod of her head, a coy biting of her lip, and a new found glimmer in her eyes, answered.

The passionate gaze the two women had shared was replaced with one of tenderness, they gazed into each other’s eyes, and both again felt the sensation which brought them here in the first place. It was shocking and life altering, the moment of knowing perfectly that this sensation was right, and all they ever wanted. Felicity tilted her head almost imperceptibly, Gal’s lips parted ever so slightly, as the two leaned in, and their lips met again. This was not a kiss of raw passion as before, but one of new found love. Felicity’s mouth opened, and Gal’s tongue gently probed inside. Held in her new lover’s arms, Felicity moaned softly.

The elevator came to a sudden stop. Two elderly women stepped on, dressed in floral printed cotton dresses. Felicity and Gal untangled themselves embarrassedly, Felicity, burying her face in her hands, and Gal looking down, smoothing out an invisible wrinkle in her dress. “Lovely evening isn’t it?” said the one on the right to the flustered celebrities.

Felicity was beat red, she coughed nervously as Gal stammered out “uh—yes, I suppose it is” though she too was too embarrassed to look up from the floor. The elevator resumed its rise, now though in an awkward silence. The two older women shared an amused glance which went unnoticed. Felicity broke for the door when the elevator finally came to a stop on her floor, and Gal hurried out behind her. But before the door could close, the older lady on the left took the hand of the one on the right, bringing it to her lips and kissing it tenderly. “Go get it girls!” They called after the fleeing pair, who had just enough time to turn and see the amused look on the elderly couple’s face before the door closed on them.

“Oh my god” Felicity exclaimed, wrapping an arm around Gal’s waist and touching her forehead to her shoulder.

Gal kissed the top of her head. “Well?” she said, grinning down at the Brit.

“Well what?” Felicity asked.

“Shouldn’t we…you know…go get it!” responded Gal jovially looking into Felicity’s breathtaking green eyes.

Felicity took Gal’s hand and the pair raced toward her room, both giggling like school girls. They burst through the door, and were in each other’s arms again. Gal pulled Felicity close, pressing her to the wall just inside the entry way. Felicity pushed the door closed with her foot, before wrapping her leg around the other’s waist. They shared a euphoric laugh, before meeting in middle, kissing with tenderness and passion. Their tongues probed back and forth for several long moments, as they unzipped, unstrapped, slid and pulled their way into their undergarments.

Felicity wore a sheer black bra; her puffy pink nipples were just barely visible though the fabric. Her panties were likewise black, bikini style with a thin see through lace waist band. Gal was wearing a cream colored thong, which matched the color of her dress, and no bra, unless you counted the tape which kept her from spilling out of the deep cut v-neck. The two women shared a tender laugh as Felicity reached up and peeled the tape away, revealing Gal’s full breasts and dark pink nipples.

Gal took Felicity’s hand and led her toward the bed in the other room. Felicity stopped, her hand slipping free of the other’s at the doorway to the bedroom. Gal looked up from a step away. “What’s wrong?” She asked, returning to Felicity’s side, and taking her hand.

Looking up, Felicity met the other’s dark brown eyes. “It’s, just…” Nervousness and trepidation played across her face. “It’s just, I’ve never, you know…with a woman.”

“Me either” Gal said, gently kissing the back of Felicity’s hand. “But I know one thing,” she said cupping Felicity’s chin and gazing into her eyes. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I know we just met, and this…this is crazy. I’m married for fuck sake… Right now though, I only care about this moment. You and me here.”

Felicity smiled up at Gal, and they kissed again gently, before Gal continued leading her new friend to the bed. “We might have to Google how to do this” Felicity said as Gal laid her down on her back and climbed on top of her.

Gal shook her head no, kissing Felicity tenderly “No, I intend to figure it out, if it takes us all night.” With that, she lifted Felicity by the waist, pushing her back further onto the bed, and resuming her deep probing kiss. She slipped her hand behind Felicity’s back, and with a deft flick, unhooked her bra strap, sliding it off, and tossing it casually to the floor.

Felicity’s worries quickly faded as they kissed. She held Gal close, wrapping her legs around her, and tenderly stroking her neck and ears while she alternated between sucking on the other’s tongue and probing gently with her own. Gal cupped one of her breasts, and began to softly squeeze and play with her nipple, causing it to harden.

Gal smiled up at Felicity as she lowered herself down and began to suck upon her neck. She descended slowly, kissing her way down to Felicity’s puffy pink nipples, one already firm from her earlier play. She sucked the other one into her mouth, flicking it lightly with her tongue, and gazing up into Felicity’s gorgeous green eyes.

She appeared to be in ecstasy, her hands gripped the bed spread, her breathing increased, and her head rolled back as a soft moan escaped her lips. Gal slid a hand down between Felicity’s legs, and gently began to rub her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. She worked Felicity’s nipples for several minutes, alternating back and forth till both were hard and firm, and her pussy was dripping wet.

Felicity breathed heavily, “forget Google, you’re a natural at this.” Gal grinned, sitting up and sliding her panties off her legs. She leaned back down, kissing Felicity again as she returned her hand to her pussy. Felicity moaned deeply as Gal slid two fingers into her hot, wet, sex. They kissed, tongues playing back and forth, as Gal ran her fingers back and forth. Felicity’s breath became more heated as Gal pressed her thumb against Felicity’s clit, gently rolling it, even as her fingers continued to work.

Felicity was so hot, more aroused than she had ever been. She found herself pressing her pelvis against Gal’s hand as she was working her pussy. It wasn’t long before she felt the orgasm build deep inside her. “Cum for me, baby” Gal whispered as the orgasm’s momentum was on the verge of crashing over her. As she spoke, Gal slipped her ring finger inside, adding a third digit to the equation. Felicity gripped the bed hard, her head rolling back as the orgasm exploded through her. Gal continued pumping her hand back and forth, keeping her thumb pressed to the other woman’s clit as the orgasm rolled through her lover. Felicity moaned and shuttered almost uncontrollably as one pleasure wave after another rocked their way through her body till she was nothing but a quivering mass.

Felicity was shaking and sweating by the time it was over. Gal had rolled over, pulling her on top of her, holding her gently to her breast as she recovered from the most incredible orgasm she had ever experienced. Once Felicity had the strength, she lifted her head, gazing into the deep dark brown eyes of her new lover, she couldn’t help but smile warmly at her. Gal returned the smile, stroking a lock of Felicity’s dark brown hair away from her eyes. “That was incredible,” she whispered.

Gal never imagined anything like this would ever happen to her. Before this day had begun, she was happily married, now she couldn’t imagine being with anyone but Felicity. The feeling sent a shudder through her body, and she felt her eyes tearing up. She wiped the tears away, but not before Felicity took notice.

“What’s wrong?” Felicity asked, concerned that she had done something wrong.

“Nothing” Gal said, running her finger tips along Felicity’s spine. “I just can’t believe everything that happened today. It’s been the best day of my life.” She softly touched Felicity’s cheek, the tears of joy again springing up in her eyes.

Felicity took Gal’s hand, kissing her fingertips, and gently brushing the tears from her cheeks, suddenly grinning. “What?” Gal asked. “Nothing” Felicity said, continuing to grin, “I just hope you don’t think today is over yet.” With that, she pinned the former Israeli soldier’s arms above her head, and gently, but deeply kissed her. She teased her, kissing her, pulling away, kissing her again, biting her lip, pushing her tongue into Gal’s mouth, sucking on her tongue in return, all while keeping her arms pinned just above her head. It wasn’t long before Gal was writhing beneath her, grinding her hips into Felicity’s thigh, and breathing deeply.

Felicity sat up suddenly with a grin. “Let’s get these off you” she said, pulling the cream colored, soaked through thong from Gal’s waist and tossing it over her head. Gal’s pussy was perfectly trimmed, just a thin strip of dark brown hair, just above the thick fleshy hood guarding her clit. Felicity gently touched her there, pulling the skin back, and tenderly stroking her clit with her middle finger. Gal shifted underneath her, as a soft moan of anticipation followed.

“You fucking tease” Gal whispered.

Felicity only smiled as she continued to tease the dark haired vixen at her fingertips. She didn’t tease Gal for much longer, as she grabbed her legs and flipped her over on to her stomach. “Up on your knees” she said, moving Gal into position.

Gal gripped a pillow beneath her, and knelt in front of Felicity, who gave her ass a soft sexy slap, before moving in face first and pressing her lips to Gal’s. Felicity’s tongue roamed, beginning with Gal’s inner thighs, to lapping gently at the opening of her sex, before settling in on her clit. Which she began to lick and suck with vigor, gripping Gal’s thighs tightly to keep her from squirming away.

Gal began to shudder and moan, pressing her hips firmly against Felicity’s face, and reaching back to grip the hand that was holding her thigh. The two women’s fingers intertwined. Felicity’s other hand moved to Gal’s sex, her thumb pressing firmly into her clit. “What have we here” Felicity whispered enticingly as she rubbed Gal’s clit and eyed her tight puckered asshole.

“Wha—what!” Gal exclaimed in surprise as Felicity took her first experimental lap at Gal’s butthole. Surprise faded quickly, as Felicity began to probe and lick in earnest at Gal’s anus, all while continuing to rub and finger her now dripping wet pussy. Gal was lost to pleasure, it was all she could do not to grab Felicity’s face and press it deep into her ass, not that she could have pushed her much closer than she already was. Before long, Gal was bucking and moaning loudly in orgasm. Felicity kept at it, eating her ass and fingering her deeply until she was shuddering uncontrollably.

Afterwards, Gal turned back over, pulling Felicity close to her, kissing her deeply, and tasting her sex on the other woman’s tongue. The two women cuddled, face to face, sharing exhausted smiles as they recovered from the vigorous orgasms they had each experienced and before long both drifted off into a deep slumber.

They each dreamt sweet dreams of the other, holding each other in a soft embrace. They awoke together, as sunlight from a small gap in the blinds fell upon both their faces. Felicity’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled at the sensation of being held close in Gal’s arms, knowing now, that she never wanted to wake up next to anyone else, and wondering how her husband might complicate that dream.

Gal grinned at the sunlight casting over both their faces, and laughing, shifted them over on the bed, so they could once again see. “Hi” she said in a soft breath, brushing a fallen strand of hair from Felicity’s face and gently holding her hand to her cheek.

Felicity placed her hand over Gal’s gazing back into her depthless brown eyes. “Hi” she whispered back. They said nothing for a long moment, the silence usually an awkward moment, in this case was just a shared moment of mutual love. “I love you” Felicity found herself saying much to her own surprise.

“I know” Gal responded in a breathless sigh.

The moment extended, and suddenly they were both laughing at the Star Wars reference. Then they were kissing again. There was an air of seriousness, as their mouths parted, and Felicity, looking down at her pillow said: “So…what happens now?” Felicity was excited and simultaneously terrified by what Gal might say and unable to raise her gaze to meet hers. Would Gal accept her love, or reject it and return to her husband, leaving Felicity to forever contemplate what she lost.

There was a long pause, at least it seemed long, as Felicity waited for Gal’s response. “What I meant to say,” Gal said after a moment, “was, I love you too.”

Felicity’s eyes rose from the pillow as Gal grinned and kissed her long and deep. They snuggled and kissed long into the morning, eventually calling down for room service. As she sat with Gal at the table eating a breakfast of bagels and bacon, the blind now open, and gazing out on the city, Felicity knew that there was such a thing as fate. It was her fate to be cast in a Star Wars movie. It was her fate to attend a comic con to discuss women’s roles in Sci-fi, and it was her fate to meet her Wonder Woman there, and to fall in love.

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