Incest Pregnancy: Kirsten Dunst

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You wake up from your good night's sleep, you're on your back in your bed. You stretch out your arms, groaning in tiredness having just woke up. As your senses come to, you feel your dick has gotten hard in your sleep, but what surprises you is there is a gripping feeling surrounding your dick. You look to your left, and on your bed laying next to you is your older sister, Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst, looking at you while she's naked in your bed.

You: What the fuck? Kirsten?! What are you doing here? Why are you naked? And are you grabbing my dick right now?

The Mary Jane Watson actress grins and giggles at you.

KD: Mm-hm-hm-hm-hm, oh my baby brother, this kitten is hungry, and wants some milk.

You: Big sis, Kirsten, come on. Can't we do this later?

KD: I miss you so much, little bro. I get so horny in my bed whenever you're not next to me.

You brush her hand away from your dick.

You: Look, sis, I love you, and I know that things have been hard for you since your break up, but can't we just pace this out? I mean, I'm okay with fucking you and all, but we both have lives to live here.

KD: Come on, little bro, I've never had “breakfast in bed” before. You know that you wanted this, sooner or later.

You: (sigh) I guess you're right. Come here.

You give her a hug and she hugs back, her B cup breasts pressing against your chest makes your dick harder.

KD: So, how many times have we fucked, baby brother?

You: So far, I think it's been four times since your douche boyfriend dumped you?

KD: And all this time we've never gone all the way before.

You: No, you've usually had me cumming on your tits.

KD: I feel bad that you don't get to enjoy going all the way.

You: What are you thinking about doing?

KD: Mmm, I'm getting so horny thinking about this: I want you to cum inside me this time, that way when I go out, you are all I'm going to think about today.

She leans down onto your crotch, looking at your dick. She takes her breasts and starts pressing your dick in between them.

KD: Hmmm, you would like that very much, wouldn't you?

You: Oh Kirsten, you're so hot.

Your older sister continues to grope her tits, rubbing your cock in between them.

KD: Your big sister's titties feel good, baby brother?

You: Ooooh god, they feel the best.

You feel your morning wood getting harder as she continues to rub her boobs.

You: Big sis, I have to go to work soon. Let's make this quick, okay?

KD: Mm-hm-hm, as long as I get to be fucked everywhere.

You pull off the bed covers and help your sister onto her hands and knees. With your hard dick, you quickly slide and enter inside her pussy and start to fuck her.

KD: Oh yes, oh yes baby brother. Ooooh, this is my first time fucking in the morning, and I love it.

You: God, Kirsten, you're so hot no matter what time of day it is.

You fuck her for a good ten minutes before you lay her onto her side. You lay behind her on your side and stick your cock back inside her.

KD: Oh yes, that feels so good, little bro. Keep going.

You: Big sis, you wanted to go all the way, so I ain't stopping.

You fuck your sister in that position for another ten minutes, before you help her up and have her sit on your dick. Her back facing you, you take the chance to grope her boobs as she begins to ride you.

KD: Oh yes, oh yes, I feel it so deep. Your cock feels so good baby.

You: I've been working out, and I knew a few things to help work out my dick too.

KD: Oooooh, gooood, iiiit feeeeeels, sooooo gooooood.

You: Now turn around and let me look at you.

You hold her by her waist as she turns her body around, your dick still inside her twisting inside her pussy as she shifts around. She starts bouncing her ass up and down, rolling her pussy and shafting your dick.

KD: Oooh, you're the best brother I could ever have.

You: Mmm, and you're the best sister ever.

She continues to ride you, every bounce makes your dick go deeper inside her.

KD: Alright little brother, now get on top of me.

She holds you by your shoulders and rolls on her back, you roll along on top of her. She takes your hands and make you feel her belly.

KD: You feel that baby brother?

You: Yeah?

KD: I want you to make my belly grow.

You: You want a baby?

KD: If I can't have anyone else, then I want it to be you.

You: Oh Kirsten, that would be so hot. Watching your pregnant belly grow bigger with my child in it.

KD: I'm gonna get super horny knowing that it is my little bro's baby inside me.

You: You really want it?

KD: Yes.

You: Then here I go.

You resume moving your hips back and forth, pushing your dick deeper into her pussy, and fucking your big sister. You gaze at her as you watch her titties rocking back and forth with each thrust, her legs begin to close around your waist.

KD: Are you getting close, baby?

You: Aww, I think I'm gonna pop soon.

KD: Yes, do it.

You feel your dick tensing, your balls beginning to grip. Then you feel a pumping sensation coming from the base of your dick.

You: Oh big sis, are you ready?

KD: I want that bun for breakfast, now put it in my oven, baby.

You: Oh god, sis, here I cum, GAAAARRRGGHHH!!!

KD: Fill me up, brother, fiiiilll, meeeeee, uuuuuUUUUUUUP!!!

A few more thrusts, and you feel your dick exploding, wave upon wave of a tingling sensation making your dick shoot a large load deep inside your big sister's pussy. Both of you feel your bodies start to relax. You look at your clock, and realize it's already past 10.

You: Oh god, I'm already late for my thing. Man, I guess I won't be going out today.

KD: Oh, then do you want to do for the rest of today then?

She looks at you with a seductive gaze, you feel your dick getting hard inside her pussy again.



You walk to your kitchen to get ready for breakfast. You find your big sister, Kirsten Dunst, leaning on the fridge, wearing a black maternal dress with white flower patterns, gazing at her big baby belly.

You: Did you want to go see the doctor to find out what it is?

KD: No, I think I'll wait until it comes out to give it a name.

You: Have you thought of any names then?

KD: Well, if it's a girl, I want Gwen.

You: Beautiful. I would like Peter if it's a boy.

KD: That's so sweet.

You turn to her and move towards her. You lean in and give her a kiss and rub her belly.

KD: How has work been?

You: Well, I've finally saved enough of my pay checks and went to the jewelry store yesterday.

KD: The jewelry store? What for?

You take out a small box from your pocket, you get down on one knee and present the box to her, she gasps.

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