Meg Turney's PAX Panel

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Disclaimer: I do not know and have never met Meg Turney, Barbara Dunkelman, or Ashley Jenkins. This story is fiction and non-profit. I do not own any rights to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) or RoosterTeeth, nor am I affiliated with them.

It was the event that everyone had been waiting for. The list of panels at PAX 2016 was filled with some of the biggest names in entertainment and gaming. Excitement mounted for game reveals, podcasts, and celebrity appearences, but there was one panel that sold out the moment that it was announced; Meg Turney's Panel. A cosplay legend, Internet personality, PlayBoy model, and all-around sex symbol, Meg decided that there was no better way to enjoy her fame than to host a panel and meet the throngs of her adoring fans in person. The news of her panel spread like wildfire, and all 2000 available tickets were bought in a heartbeat.

Every attendee was overflowing with excitement when they found their seat in the panel audience. They were all eager for a chance to meet the illustrious E-celeb and finally come face-to-face with her devilish beauty. Unsurprisingly, the entirety of the audience was male, with the exception of two extra reserved seats that Meg had specially requested for two of her girlfriends from RoosterTeeth. The audience talked among itself in wait for the panel to start, many discussing their exploits at the convention up to then, and some unsubtly talking about their "interest" in Meg. 
Before long, the moment of truth had come, and with a sensual strut in her step, a familiar, curvacious redhead walked onto the stage. Her dress was casual, yet remarkably sexy, a tight fitting blue t-shirt with a faded Captain America symbol and slim denim jeans that hugged her famous hips perfectly. Her long, red hair had a perfect wave in it and her eyes were hidden behind her iconic somewhat-nerdy glasses. All the chatter in the audience was immeidately replaced by an uproar of applause and cheering, giving Meg a warm, adoring welcome just like she'd expected. She went through all the usual greetings, waving to the audience as they cheered, blowing kisses and smiling her glistening smile. A minute or so of her applause continued before she grabbed a microphone and addressed the audience.

"Hellooo, PAX! How are y'all doing?"

Another roar of excitement from the crowd.

"I can't believe it, this audience is completely full! Like, you guys sold this place out! Thank you so much, you're all so awesome!" she announced as she put her hands together to give the audience her own applause. The crowd soon followed suit.

Once the third round of applause had quieted down, Meg returned to the microphone to begin her panel speech.

"So, I'm sure a lot of you were thinking this was just going to be some Q&A panel, right? Since, like, it's just me up here, I'd just be talking to you guys and stuff?"

The audience shook their heads and agreed. Meg looked out into the crowd and saw the hundreds of lustful gazes coming from every man in the room, their eyes inspecting every inch of her curves from head to toe. Smiling sweetly out to the crowd, she put her microphone on a nearby stand and reached underneath the panel table, grabbing two tall, white, 5-gallon buckets and setting them in the view of the crowd.

"Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I didn't have a boring old Q&A panel planned today," she revealed, sarcastically. "What I actually planned for was a fan-appreciation panel! I can see we have a lot of guys in the audience today, right fellas?"

The crowd roared with applause and more chanting, this time more distinctly masculine, responding to Meg's call-out for their manly presence. Most of the men in the audience were a bit confused as to what she had planned, and some had already let their imaginations run free and pinched themselves to see if they were dreaming. Luckily for them, Meg, and the internet, they weren't.

"I knew it! I just thought I'd show some of my fans how much you all mean to me, because you guys have done so much for me. Like, you guys got me in PlayBoy! That was SO much fun. And you thought it was pretty hot, right?" Meg asked with a playful giggle. A loud "YES!" rang out from the crowd.

Taking in a deep breath as she prepared for the true reveal, Meg stepped back up to the microphone. "I thought there would be no better way to show you all my appreciation..." The stunning redhead quickly pulled her shirt up and over her head, tossing it off to the side of the stage, standing in front of the crowd with her perky breasts covered by a striped white-and-blue bikini top. She continued her speech as she unbuttoned her jeans and began forcing them down slowly around her hips. "...with a giant gangbang! This audience is full of 2000 men, and I know exactly why every single one of you came to see me today!" With her beautifully rounded bottom revealed, she stepped out of her jeans and hopped over the table on stage, standing with her matching bikini pieces that did little to cover her bombshell body, much in true Turney fashion.

As Meg stripped out of her casual attire, the crowd began cheering and applauding louder than it had before. Every man was on their feet, encouraging Meg to take off even more for them, each of their dreams about the model coming true before their very eyes. As 2000 insanely horny men stood up from their seats, 2000 eager cocks stood up as well, ready to fulfill Meg's wish. Cameras flashed and many of the men had their phones out recording video of the grand announcement. After a few moments of deafening cheering, Meg held up her hands to silence the throngs of aroused men. "But that's not the only thing!" She reached for the buckets and grabbed them by the handles. "I've got two 5 gallon buckets in my hands, and I've got 2000 hard dicks in the audience. I want you boys to spend the next few hours filling these buckets to the brim with jizz, because I'm real fucking thirsty!" Grabbing the microphone in her hand, she got down on all fours on the stage and placed one bucket in front of her, and the other behind her.

"Come on down, do whatever you need to so you can drop your load for me! I'll suck you, fuck you, jerk you, whatever you want as long as you give me plenty to drink. Get the hell up here boys, show me some love!"

Meg hadn't even finished her instructions before the men in the audience began to rush the stage to take part in her "panel". Within seconds, a few lucky men in the first row managed to get to her first and began to tear her bikini off, revealing her modest breasts and small, puffy pink nipples. One tall, somewhat husky man in his 20s already had his pants off and his cock out when he got to Meg, immediately shoving his 7 inches into her mouth, which she accepted gladly by running her tongue all along the thick, pulsating shaft, even trying to lick at his balls while he took her throat. Behind her, two other attendees had ripped off the bottom half of her bikini, exposing her famously shaped ass, as well as her tight asshole and pussy, which was already drooling with arousal.

Before long, Meg was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of bottomless men, each watching on and jerking themselves watching the first round of her gangbang. As the first man to the stage continued forcing his shaft in and out of Meg's hot, wet mouth, the two behind her had gotten in position to get themselves into her welcoming holes. Meg was so busy sucking on the hard, throbbing cock that she was a bit surprised when she first felt her ass and pussy get filled with the rods of her fans. After the initial shock, she gladly started to back up on them and allow them to ram her with a steady rhythm, as more men approached to leave their "gift" in one of Meg's buckets. Two other men had already come up next to her front, and Meg gladly reached out to jerk the both of them off, gripping their members with her soft hands, rubbing every stiff inch they provided her. Even if all of her holes were filled, she still wanted to make sure everyone got what they wanted.

Finally, Meg's first load arrived. The fan who was sunk deep in her pussy pulled out suddenly and aimed himself over the bucket, shooting his wad into the bottom to start getting one of her drinks ready. Meg felt a little sad when she felt the cock pull out of her, but the sadness passed when she thought of the other few thousand cocks she'd be receiving soon enough. She pulled her head off the first man's cock and turned around to the fan who had just cum. "We've got our first load, everybody! That's one delicious load I get to drink up later! Cum again soon, I need all the seed you boys can fit in these buckets!"
It wasn't soon after the inaugural cumshot that the second came, this time from one of the fans she was stroking. Since she was busy addressing the crowd when he reached the edge, the fan pushed her hand away reluctantly and aimed himself into the bucket, his uncut cock spurting long, thick strands into Meg's cup. After shaking off a few drops that had merely dribbled out, he pulled up his phone and quickly snapped a picture of his load in the bucket underneath Meg's face. When she realized she had gotten a second load, she turned to the fan and smiled, noticing he'd taken a picture. "Thanks for cumming! Definitely tweet that picture to me, okay? And feel free to come back if you're ready to shoot another load!" The young man nodded and thanked her as he walked off to let another fan take his place.

Meg figured that the other fan she was giving a handjob to was wanting something more. Since she already had an empty mouth, she looked up at the fan she was blowing a moment ago. "I'm gonna switch to my hand, okay? I think this one's getting a little lonely!" Gripping his drool-coated shaft with her left hand, she moved her mouth over to a new cock, sucking it just as deep and intensely as she had the other, while still feeling another fan thrusting away at her ass. After bobbing on the fresh meat for a while, she looked up and picked out two other fans to come up. All were welcome, but the two she chose were standing right next to each other, and she could see they were incredibly hung as well. One of them was dressed in a blue jumpsuit with yellow trimmings, part of his Fallout cosplay, while the other simply wore a shirt with the game's logo. Meg's mouth was preoccupied, so she had to use her free hand to point them out. Just as she did, she felt the cock in her ass leave, and heard the grunting of the fan as he spurted into the bucket. Since both her holes were empty, she added another instruction to the fans, which was to take their place behind her. The two of them turned to each other and exchanged disbelief before hurrying over. Meg had underestimated just how hung the two were, and got a pleasant surprised when her pleasure holes were each filled with 10 rock hard inches that began pounding in and out of her. The cosplayer beneath her felt hot gushes of pussy grool dripping down his shaft, as Meg picked him partially to satisfy one of her own private cosplay fantasies. As the two friends began their fucking, the two in front that she was busy blowing finally shot their cum into the bucket as well, allowing the whole audience to hear Meg scream out in pleasure from the thick cocks ravaging her from behind.

Meg's panel was the last of the day, so no one was suspicious when the audience hall it was happening in was completely closed off for 7 and a half hours straight. Every waking moment for Meg was a mixture of her hung fans fulfilling all of their dreams on every one of her holes. She slobbered on dick after dick, she bounced her ass on hordes of fans, and she came many, many, many times from all her studly fans taking a crack at her pussy, which was still virgin tight despite being fucked to completion a few thousand times. Near the end of the night, after the buckets were nearly pouring over with the seed of her fans, the audience began to slow down, worked to the brink time and time again by Meg's tight holes, warm mouth, soft hands, and a few even receiving a very special footjob from her.

With the buckets nearly full, a group of three men in light blue t-shirts bearing a big white "COPP" who were ready to top off the drink came up to her with cameras, two of them snapping pictures of her messy face and reddenned ass, while the other took a small interview video as she milked his cock with her mouth.

"Fuck... so here we have the incredibly sexy Meg Turney... cosplayer, internet slut... after a 7 hour gangbang, she's almost finished..." He pointed the camera down at the bucket in front of her, and then raised it up

to catch a glimpse of the other one behind her, both of them filled to the brim with sticky, white cum, nearly spilling out of the top. "That's 10 gallons of semen from 2000 guys, right there. Goddamn, she's fucking good at that. Did the gangbang turn out as well as you'd hoped, Meg?"

A loud pop rang out as she took the interviewer's cock out of her mouth, idly stroking it to keep him happy. Her face was flushed and sweaty, but she sounded just as energetic and cheerful as she always did.

"Abso-fucking-lutely! I didn't expect a turnout like this! A full sold-out audience and 10 gallons of cum, this is far more than I ever wanted!" She returned the man's cock into her mouth, deepthroating it easily while she waited for the next question, or load, whichever came first.

"It's hard not to resist a fine woman like the marvellous Meg Turney, right guys?" he shouted, turning the camera to the crowds of men, who cheered in agreement. After that shot finished, he turned the camera back to Meg, who had taken to sucking at his balls while stroking his shaft with both her hands. "Anything you'd like to say to the fans who couldn't make it to your panel this year?"

Emptying her mouth once more, Meg smiled up at the camera. "Of course! The audience here was amazing... like, SO amazing, but I'm sad I couldn't meet all the boys out in the audience at home. Those of you watching at your computers, or on your phones, I wouldn't mind if you left a load for me in spirit!" She paused for a moment to give a few intense sucks to the head of the interviewer's cock. "Oh, and any Aussies out there, I'll be having a panel at PAX Australia later this year too, if you can make it then! I'd love to meet more fans to go down on while down under!" Meg chuckled at her lame little joke, and a few men nearby did as well, including the interviewer. Her laughter was interrupted when he forced his dick back into her throat. "Hah. Good one, but less joking, more sucking." Meg happily obliged and continued her work.

Another half hour or so passed until the buckets could hold no more and the audience was all tuckered out. Once the gangbang had officially finished, the new Meg Turney stood up, shaky and sweaty, barely able to stand. A few men helped her regain her balance after the onslaught of sex she'd received. With some help from the audience, she was able to get both of the buckets of cum onto the stage, 10 full gallons, the product of an 8-hour fuckfest. Laying on the floor, too tired to stand, Meg took the microphone once more and called everyone's attention.

"I'm very, very, VERY pleased to announce that this was one hell of a successful gangbang. Really, like, you guys fucked the shit out of me! Give yourselves a round of applause!" Meg used some of her reserve strength to start another round of applause, this one more tired on everyone's part. "Now, this is the part that I've been eager about since I planned this panel..." Slowly, she pulled the buckets towards herself, taking care not to spill their contents.


With renewed vigor, Meg's fans cheered her on, starting a classic "Chug!" chant to encourage her. Most girls had trouble swallowing one load, but Meg was determined to fill herself with a few thousand.

"A hard day's work, finished off with a nice, refreshing drink..." she thought to herself as she inched her face near the top of the first bucket. Meg closed her eyes and opened her mouth, placing herself right on the surface of the jizz-filled bucket. She began with a single lick, taking a small taste of her fans' collective load, the taste so satisfying after having been deprived for the entire gangbang. Shortly after she swallowed the first lick, she pushed her face in further and began drinking from the bucket.

Meg's drinking speed was incredible. She sucked down the collection of sperm like she were drinking the waters of life from a desert oasis. Pint after pint, cup after cup, quart after quart, she ingested more and more of the reward she'd worked so hard for. Every gooey, slimy, warm ounce of cum that slid down her throat filled her with an amazing happiness. Meg could truly feel the love from all of her fans in every drop of their seed that she drank. That, and she loved the taste as well. She drank for about a minute and a half at a time before taking her head out to breathe. One of the fans stood by the stage and kept his timer open on his phone, and in about 7 minutes and some seconds, the stunning model had nearly finished the cum in the bucket, picking it up and scooping the residual seed on the inside into her mouth, and licked her hands after she was done. She held the bucket upside down to signify that she'd finished her first drink.

"Done!" she called through the microphone.

The audience roared with amazement and arousal. Most of the men there had never been with a woman who swallowed, let alone 5 gallons worth of cum.
After her refreshing drink, Meg had renewed some energy that she lost in the gangbang. She crawled over to the second bucket and wiped off her face, licking off the last of the cum that stuck to her after her first drink. Her stomach had become a bit plumper from ingesting 5 gallons of semen, but it looked more like an early pregnancy than actual weight gain. After looking down at herself, she giggled at the irony.

"That was a tasty one, boys! I can't really help myself..." She looked down at the second bucket, licking her lips hungrily. "...I'm in the mood for seconds!"

Once more, Meg dived into the cumbucket, drinking far more than her fill of sperm from her fans. As she drank the first few pints, she began to notice that this bucket tasted a bit sweeter than the other. A couple quarts in, she realized that this was the bucket underneath her pussy, which meant she probably got some of her juices mixed in. During one of her few breaths, she thought to herself that it was simply a bonus flavor. As her belly grew steadily, she finished the second bucket even faster than the first, the same fan counting a mere 4 minutes and 17 seconds to devour it. Just like the first, she scooped the remaining seed off the sides of the bucket and the rest off her face, swallowing it and patting her stomach, satisfied at her day's work.

"And that's two! 10 whole gallons of hot, creamy goodness... this has been perfect, you guys!" The shaken Meg Turney stood up and bowed to her audience, blowing kisses to all the men who she shared her pleasure with. "Thank you all so much for coming! And for showing up to the panel, too! Hah." Laughter joined the applause. "I couldn't ask for better fans, I love you all!"

As she waved her goodbyes to the audience, a shocking voice came from backstage, through a megaphone.


Meg didn't plan for anything else. She and the audience turned to find the voice, surprised. Suddenly, out from backstage, two women walked in procession, holding another bucket between the two of them. Meg smiled in excitement when she recognized the girls. They were none other than Barbara Dunkelman and Ashley Jenkins, her best girlfriends from over at RoosterTeeth. Barbara was bottomless, but wore a somewhat torn, unbuttoned flannel shirt, which exposed her perky chest to the audience. Ashley had on nothing on but a pink thong that barely did anything to cover her crotch. The two walked up to Meg and set the bucket down gently, greeting her with a hug and kiss each. They couldn't help but get a little hungry at the strong scent of cum on Meg's breath.

"We're sorry we missed the main event, but we thought we'd bring you a little gift from the ladies of RoosterTeeth." Barbara said through the megaphone she held. "Ashley and I got the girls together and had a little 'party' of our own, and since we heard you were thirsty, we thought we'd give you some dessert to top off your feast."

Meg looked down into the bucket. It wasn't as big as her own, only about 3 gallons, but it was filled with a thick, sweet-smelling substance that made her hungry yet again. Immediately, she realized that all of her RT girlfriends had gotten together a bucket of pussy juices for her to polish off her meal. The audience clued into this and cheered again.

Picking up the microphone, Meg leaned over the bucket, closer to it, taking in all the scents she could. For a moment, she could recognize Ashley's fragrance near the top. She knew for a fact she was a squirter.

"Oh, you girls are too nice! I s'pose some sweets couldn't hurt..."

For the third time, she lowered her head into the bucket and took a long sip of the succulent juices. Her guess was correct, and she recognized Ashley's taste as well, followed by Barbara's, then a few others she was unfamiliar with. Despite how full she was, she drank from the bucket like she'd never drank in her life. Meg had limited experience with women, but Barb and Ashley's gift was giving her more reason to experiment more. Finishing even faster than the second bucket, Meg scooped the last of the cum out and finished her meal for good. As more applause filled the halls, she began to feel exhausted all of a sudden. She spent 8 hours fucking giant crowds of her fans, and was now filled with 13 gallons of cum. With the last little bit of her strength, she picked up the microphone. "Thank you so much, everybody... I guessss that's the end... good night!"

The mic slipped out of her hand and onto the table, and she leaned up against Barbara for support. Ashley quickly helped keep her up and the two began to lead her off-stage and back to a hotel. From the audience, the video interviewer from the end of the gangbang saw that the two were struggling, and rushed over to help, if only for the chance of touching Meg more and maybe getting in with the other two.

The three spent about 15 minutes dragging Meg's limp, tired self down a backstage hallway to a dressing room. Away from the prying eyes and commotion of the audience, they laid Meg down on a couch and rested for a while. After making sure that she hadn't gone into a cum-induced coma, the three took a rest for a moment, as the interviewer recounted the panel and showed them some footage he took. Once that was finished, he turned on his camera once more, taking footage of Meg after her "finale".

"The panel's over, the gangbang is finished, and Turney here guzzled down all 10 gallons of cum like it was nothing! It was fucking ridiculous, for real, 10 gallons of anything in under 15 minutes is insane!" He turned the camera to Barbara and Ashley. "Seriously, she's like some kinda fucking goddess or some shit."

Ashley laughed. "She's one hell of a screw, I can tell you that much. She's worked me into the ground a few times."

The cameraman chuckled. "By the way, Meg got ANOTHER surprise from RoosterTeeth, brought by the lovely Ashley Jenkins and Barbara Dunkelman."

The girls waved to the camera. Barbara gave a quick "Howdy!" as per usual before he turned the camera back to Meg.

"They brought... another bucket for her to drink, but this one was filled with pussy juice, like, FILLED with it. It wasn't as big as the others, but she chugged it too!" He got a closer up view of her stomach, filled with cum from strangers and friends alike. "As you can see, Turney's got quite a bump from drinking so much."

Suddenly, Meg stirred a bit, opening her eyes and staring up at the cameraman. "Onf... and it doesn't hurt a bit. It feels, like, like kinda soothing, y'know? It's real warm."

Backing off, the cameraman decided to pan his camera up to her face. "Look who's awake! That was a hell of a panel, I must say. If you don't mind, could I get an aftermath interview?"

Meg stuck her foot out and pinched the man's pants between her toes, trying to tug them down, but failing. "If you fuck me and cum inside me, I'd be glad to. I spent 8 hours having guys pull out of me, I feel like getting one inside me just to change it up a little."

Not wasting a minute, the cameraman pulled down his pants and walked up to her, his cock stood upright and ready to meet the cum-filled starlet once more. He gently rubbed the head against her pussy lips, feeling her juices drip over him again before sliding in. "No problem, I could go one more. It's not everyday you get to fuck a celebrity!"

Without the frenzy of the audience distracting her, Meg found that she could focus more on the one man inside her, and couldn't help but let out moans and cute little sounds here and there while he plowed her.

"Ooh... oh, fuck... so, what do you... unf... want to know?"

"For starters, how do you feel? 8 straight hours of sex has to take a toll on your body, and..." He paused for a moment to push his cock all the way into Meg's remarkably tight pussy, groaning softly before continuing. "Ah... and we dragged you back here all limp, so... you must be tired."

Energetic as ever, Meg began toying around with her clit while the cameraman fucked her, catching both Barbara and Ashley quietly masturbating on the other side of the room during her interview. "Well, I mean, like... ooh, yes... My ass is numb, my legs are shaky, my hair is dirty, I'm dripping sweat, everything looks like one giant fucking blur, my throat is raw and all I can taste and smell is cum... oh, fuck yes... I'd say it was a pretty damn good panel! Oonf, right there..."

Another few minutes of casual fucking and interviewing continue. Barbara and Ashley have taken their eyes away from Meg and returned to their own shenanigans, clutching each other close as they continue eating each other out. Before long, the cameraman reaches his limit again, slamming his cock balls deep into Meg and letting out another load. More of Meg's warm juices squirt out onto him as they cum in unison. He slowly pulls out, zooming the camera in on Meg's freshly creampied pussy as his load starts to slowly drip out of her.

"Whew... so, as a final question, what do you think your boyfriend's gonna think about your panel?"

Meg rubs her eyes, though it does nothing to help her hazy vision. "My who?"

Laughing, the man reaches for his pants and underwear. "No one. Anyway, I can't thank you enough for letting me get this exclusive interview."

Fumbling her hand around on a nearby table, Meg manages to find her glasses and put them on, which also doesn't do much for her vision. "And thank YOU for coming to my panel! Like I said, I'll be having another at PAX Australia in a few months... I think I'll be recovered from this by then, don't you think?"

"I'm sure you will, you're some kinda sex machine. This has been the marvellous Meg Turney, what an amazing panel. It's been an absolute pleasure!"

Giggling, Meg blows a kiss to the camera and waves. "It definitely has!"

Turning off the camera, the man does his pants back up and wipes the sweat from his brow. "I'll definitely tweet you once the interview's up. People are going to LOVE this!"
Meg turns herself on the couch and lays down, stretching out her stiff, sore joints. "Great! I can't wait to see what the rest of the audience thinks about this panel. Maybe PlayBoy will call me up again for another shoot..."

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