The Lewd Tales of Suzy Berhow

BY : wrecked24
Category: Celebrities - Misc > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not know Suzy Berhow. These stories and the pictures they are based on are fictitious and non-profit. I have no affiliation with the persons or groups mentioned in these stories.

Suzy's fingers gripped onto the loose shag carpeting of the office floor, bracing herself. It wasn't long after that the tall, nude man behind her grabbed a handful of her soft, plump little ass and guided the head of his cock towards her begging slit. This was a position that she found herself in often, yet she seemed to enjoy it more and more every time. Before she knew it, the man slid the thick, twitching head of his cock between her pussy lips and sank his rock hard erection deep into Suzy's warmth.

The pale internet star pulled at the carpet and let out a sharp moan of pleasure as the long rod pushed into her, juices coating every inch of the man's cock. Unable to control himself, the man let loose and behan pounding away at Suzy's tight, hot hole. Every time his crotch slapped up against Suzy's perfectly rounded butt, it jiggled harshly and she let out a yelp; partially from the strain of having such a large cock in her, but mostly from the arousing sensation it sent through her body. Hardly two minutes of being intensely rammed had passed before Suzy closed her eyes and came, pussy juices gushing all around the man's length as he relentlessly plowed her dripping wetness.

With the combination of Suzy's incredible tightness, slippery warmth, and the sight of her incredibly booty bouncing in rhythm with the fucking she was receiving, the man couldn't hold back his orgasm anymore. Not bothering to pull his cock out, he tightly gripped Suzy's waist and thrust his hips forward one last time as he began to groan and grunt. Deep inside her pussy, a large, sticky burst of jizz spurted out from the man's cockhead, filling her with his creamy seed. Once his load had been emptied into Suzy's hole, he finally pulled out, his rod covered in her love juices and some of his own cum. Breathing heavily, he patted her deliciously thick rump and chuckled. Suzy responded by looking back at him with a smile, semen dripping out of her slowly.

"So... do we have a deal?" she asked, exhausted from the pounding she'd just received.

"I think our deal is settled, Miss Berhow. Polaris will help you produce another five episodes of Table Flip," the man said, standing up and wiping the sweat from his brow.

Suzy turned over onto her back, gently fingering herself to scoop out the remaining cum. "Can't you make it seven? Just for little 'ol me?" she said, batting her eyelashes and smiling cutely.

Rolling his eyes, the man bent down and picked up Suzy's discarded pair of panties, reaching over his desk and putting them safely in his drawer. "I can't say no to that smile! But I'm keeping these as our 'contract'."

Straightening out her black-and-gold hair, Suzy stood up and piled her high-fashion clothes together. "Great! I'm sure it'll be a great time for everyone. Now, I've got to get going. I have a meeting with a team from CrunchyRoll to 'discuss' some sponsorships."

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