Tourtchered love

BY : Apsagura
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Disclaimer: I do not know any of the dir en grey band members. This story is complete fiction. I dont profit from any of this story.

It was late at night. She was wandering around in the rain. She really wasn't going anywhere specific. She was just lost in her thoughts. She just got into a fight with her now ex boyfriend. She has come home from work and found him cheating on her."Sayuri, It's not what you think." The man said. "It"s not what I think? I come home after working a double shift seeing you in bed with another female and you have the balls to tell me it's not what i think!"she yelled. "Get out of my house! Now!" She demanded in anger and hurt all in one. Without saying a word he grabbed his stuff and left with the other female, never to return. Sayuri couldn't believe this. So she grabbed her iPod and went for a walk.
All of a sudden she was brought out of her thoughts by a loud noise. So loud it was overheard over her music even though it wasn't that loud to begin with. When she looked up , she saw bright headlights heading towards her. Sayuri wanted to run, but her legs wouldn't move. Her life started flashing before her eyes. Next thing she knew she was on the ground with a heavy pressure feeling ontop of her. 
"Are you stupid or something?" Exclaimed a male voice. She didn't know what to say. She was still trying to figure out what happened."I'm sorry" she said in a low voice. "Do you remember your name?" The voice asked. "Sayuri" she responded letting the voice know she was still here. All of a sudden her view became clear as to what the pressure was she felt. She was in shock once again. It was none other than Kyo from Dir En Grey. "You're lucky i was hungry or you'd be a pancake right now" he said roughly. She started crying again and kyo felt bad. He wasn't trying to make her cry. Hes not very good with crying girls. Kyo got up and extended his arm to help her up aswell. She grabbed his Soft hand and sat up. "Ow my head" she whined. Taking her arm and touching it. "You know you are bleeding, right?" Kyo asked. Sayuri looked over noticed the blood on her arm and without thinking she started licking it off. 
Kyo just watched her with wide eyes. Some of the blood remained on her lips and started slowly falling towards her chin and just fell down onto her left breast. Kyo had this strange sensation engulf his body. 'I thought i was the only one who did that.' He said in thought. As she finished licking the remaining blood off her arm she could feel his eyes on her. "Sorry, its a habit." She said. "I've always loved the taste". She was a bit scared of what he was thinking or going to say. Usually she wouldn't care, but this was Kyo! Her idol. She loved this guy since she first time she heard his music years ago. "I thought i was the only one who actually did that" Kyo stated this time. "Yes, I've noticed. I have had two theories about them but never could tell if they were right." She said
"One, it was just for show. Two, your using it as an outlet to express your feelings without actually showing them" Sayuri told him. " Actually they are both right." He said with a small smile on his face. Kyo has met alot of girls since that horrid day of catching his fiance cheating on him, but not one girl ever got him. Kyo looked up at her and noticed the blood still on her lips. Without thinking Kyo leaned towards her, stuck out his tongue and licked it off her lips. That sent chills down her spine. When the blood was gone Kyo took the opportunity to kiss her. Sayuri didn't think twice before kissing him back. She always dreamed of what it would be like to be with him. 'her lips are so soft.' He thought. Her mouth tastes sweet and with the blood accenting it just heightened the taste making him want more of her.
Kyo stopped and to look at her and said " why don't we go to my place" Sayuri just nodded in agreement. They both got up and started walking towards his place. After a few moments of walking they came up to a white house. He put the key into the locked and turned it to the right unlocking it. He gestured her to go in first. She walked inside the dark house waiting for him. He walked in and closed the door behind him and turn on the lights to brighten up the place. When the lights came on Sayuri couldn't believe her eyes. She always pictured him living in a mansion, but this was just a simple little house with posters of him  and the band. there was a small picture on a desk by the door of his parents. Even though the house wasn't  a mansion she was actually relieved to see someone famous just wanting to live a simple life.
Sayuri was brought out of her thoughts again when she felt hands grabbing her from behind and around her waist. Kyo started kissing her neck and then bit down hard enough to draw blood. He could feel it seeping into his mouth. Sayuri just moaned in pain and pleasure. "Blood really turns you on doesn't it?" she questioned, fully knowing the answer. "Mhm" he said in his throat. With that throaty answer from him she found some strength and grabbed his shoulders and put him where she just was. Sayuri reached into her pocket and grabbed a little retractable knife. Kyo just looked at her wondering what she was going to do. With one swipe she ripped open and off his shirt. She then proceed to to take the knife and trace it along the skin on his chest. The feeling sent shivers down his back. He wasn't scared of what she might do. He wanted it. 
Sayuri pressed the blade hard enough against his skin to cut and bring forth the blood. She stared for a moment and then brought her hand to where the blood was and smeared it along his chest and face. Seeing Kyo covered in his own blood turned her on even more. She then moved her face towards him and kissed him. As she kissed him she took the blade and cut her arm so she was once again bleeding. Kyo felt her move and broke away from the kiss and noticed what happened. He saw the blood gush from her veins. He put his hand on the blood and smeared it on her just as she did with him.
Both were now covered in blood and kissing each other. Sayuri took this opportunity to move her hands down to his wait to his belt and unbuckle them. Next she undid the button on his pants and unzipped his Zipper. Sayuri broke their kiss and started trailing kissing from his neck down to his waist. As soon as she got to his waist line she pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles and his penis stood at attention. He was really big. She grabbed his hard cock with one hand, slowing moving it as she continued to kiss his skin. when she got closer to his balls she decided to stick her tongue out and give them a lick. Kyo couldn't help but let out a moan. Sayuri dragged her tongue upward to his shaft and didn't stop till she was at the heads tip. She did circles with her tongue . 
After a few moments she took his entire cock into mouth to where she was deep throating him. Kyo threw his head back in pleasure. He moved his right hand and ran his fingers through her long brown hair while the left hand held him against the wall. Her mouth was so hot; felt so good he wanted more. He couldn't help himself. He started moving his hips back and fourth. Sayuri scraped her teeth against his skin causing him to moan loud. She could feel his dick stiffen up from the pleasure and knew he was about to cum. With one last thrust Kyo came in her mouth. "Oh fuck Sayuri!" Kyo yelled! When he finished he looked down at her. He could see a little cum on her lips, but not for long cause she licked it off with her tongue and swallowed all of it.

Kyo picked her up bridal style and took her over to his bed and laid her down. He got up and opened her legs and positioned himself at her covered entrance; he wanted her to feel him some more. He motioned his hips forward pressing himself against her. Sayuri moaned. She needed more. She wanted him to be in her. He wanted the same.  He brought his head up to her face and started kissing her. As he kissed her he couldn't help thinking. He has only felt this kind if passion once before. Kyo was brought out of his thoughts when he felt something sharp penetrate his skin. Sayuri  had bitten his lip and drew a little blood. They still kissed passionately , their tongues fighting for control.
Kyo took one arm and let it slide down her body to the button on her pants. He unbuttoned them and took them off of her revealing her lacy green panties. He moved his hand and started rubbing her noticing she was very wet. after a few minutes he grabbed the lacy under ware and pulled off. He stuck a finger inside of her. In and out his finger went. He added a second one for more pleasure. "Oh Kyo!" She moaned. He may have been the one playing with her, but she was so hot and wet that it was driving him wild. 
He felt her walls clamping down on his fingers and within a mere second she came with his finger still inside. Kyo removed his fingers from her warm place and brought them to his mouth. ' Mmm, so delicious ' he thought licking them clean. He put his dick on her opening and slid the head in. Both moaned at the pleasure they received.  Kyo shoved the rest of his cock inside of her, "oh shit!, he said. He wanted to go slow and tease her, but she was so hot, so tight, he couldn't help himself but to go fast. Sayuri  was engulfed in pleasure. All she could do was moan. Kyo didn't want to stop , but he could feel himself getting close. He picked her up and wrapped her legs around him for deeper access. He slowed himself down to enjoy her a bit longer. Before he knew it he felt her walls clamping down on him. With a few deep thrusts they came , screaming each others name while Sayuri scratched his back. 
Both breathing heavily, Kyo fell backwards and took her with him. They adjusted themselves so they were laying on their sides but he was still inside her. They slowed their breathing down, thinking the other was sleeping. What they both didn't know was they were both thinking. 'I still can't believe this happened. I don't want it to end.' Sayuri  thought. ' i have never met someone like her. I don't want her to go. Shes just like me. I must find out more about her. I haven't felt this way about anyone in a while' Kyo thought as he finally fell asleep holding her.
Sayuri was thinking the same thing. She didn't want this to end. She had waited years to meet him and if it wasn't for her cheating ex she probably never would have. She knew he was hurt in the past. She wanted to make show him she was different. It would be a tough task cause he probably had trust issues, but she was wanted to be his and he hers! 

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