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It was one year since Paula Patton had divorced her fiance, Robin Thicke. In that one year, Paula had decided to stay off men, tired of unfaithful men who only lusted after her. However, she was a woman, and like any other woman, and had the needs of a woman. She began to crave the double digit orgasms that her fiance brought her to, as well as the feeling of a thick, warm cock in her warm cunt and she also missed having a nice thick dick up her ass. But most of all, she missed the feeling of having a man's penis thrusting between her large, supple, slightly saggy 34C tits.

Of course, Paula had her choice of men. Even at 40, Paula could easily be considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She had a more than ample bust, with an eye-catching ass and just the right balance of fat and muscle on her to make her go far beyond sexy.

And so, after one year of sexual inactivity, she needed to find the one man whom she would allow to enjoy her delicious body, returned to almost virginal perfection by her inactivity but with the experience of a mature woman. 

On the 29th of October,  Paula had her chance. She had been invited by one of her friends, Katrina Law, who owned a bar, Verdant, and promised her a night of free drinks and a bunch of young, virile man with a huge sexual appetite.

Paula decided to take her chance, and carefully prepared herself to make sure she would be at her best to snare the best, sexiest man at the bar. After all, she didn't want any man to fuck her. She wanted only the very best. 

To prepare, she took a long, hot bath, washing her hair with the most expensive shampoo she had, lathering her body with the most expensive body soap she had.

As she was washing herself she had the urge to play with herself, to masturbate and release the overwhelming sexual tension that had built up in preparation of her night. As she rubbed her hands over her large boobs and slowly fingered her clit, she had to fight off the overpowering urge to just climax right then and there. "No...." She moaned "I have to wait. To have the best night of my life". She pinched her nipples and fingered her backdoor for awhile before finally stopping and stepping out of the shower.

She picked up her shaver and slowly ran it down her leg, removing any leg hair before turning her attention to the bush of pubic hair around her clit. She briefly considered shaving it, before deciding that she didn't want to fuck a man who made her shave off her bush. She hadn't originally kept one, but she had grown to enjoy the freedom of not having to shave her pubic hair off.

She then walked to her bed, where she had laid out a selection of dresses. "Hmmm.... Which of these creates the perfect balance between slutty and classy...?" She ran her hands over all 3 dresses laid out before settling on a black, tight-fitting, strapless dress that ended at her mid thigh and left her arms uncovered. 

As Paula walked out into her living room, she aw her son playing toy soldiers with his baby sitter, Gavin. She was glad she had managed to find Gavin to babysit Julian. She loved Julian dearly but he could sometimes be such a pain to take care of. She called for the babysitter "Gavin!"

He raised his head and saw Paula in all her sexiness and stood up immediately "Yes Ms Patton?". She took a moment to look at him. He wasn't tall for an 18 year old, at only 160cm. But she could see some impressive definition under his shirt. He had the upper body of a trained soldier, defined pecs and arms without being huge and out of proportion.

As she looked down, she saw what could only have been his rock hard cock making a large tent in his sports shorts. She saw from the way it jutted out that he was happy to see her. She estimated that it was easily 6 inches, impressive for a man of short stature. She realised he was waiting for her to speak and was getting embarrassed by the silence and the obvious tent in pants.

She said "I'm going to be out of the house until maybe early morning. I don't feel comfortable leaving Julian alone. Would it be alright for you to stay with him until i come back? I'll pay, of course." Gavin hesitated, before saying "Of course Ms Patton. I'll stay here until you come back." Although Paula hadn't known Gavin for long, she felt she could trust him. And so, with Julian taken care off, she prepared to leave. 

 She walked out of her house at 8pm sharp, eagerly anticipating her first time fucking a man since her divorce. And she wasn't looking to cuddle. No, she was only looking for someone to fuck her brains out and give her one years worth of climaxes. As she drove to Verdant, she couldn't help the wet spot that was forming in black lace thong panties she was wearing. Finally, she thought. I'm going to enjoy having all my holes filled....

She reached Verdant at 8:30pm, eager to begin hunting for the perfect young man to fuck. She was a cougar on the prowl, looking for delicious prey prey to satisfy her hunger. She sat at the bar and asked for a glass of champagne, looking around her for any potential targets. She made eye-contact with a man, tall, dark and handsome. Perfect, she thought, as she felt the moist patch expanding.

The man walked over to her, exuding confidence. He ordered scotch neat, and Paula thought to herself "there's a refined man...." Then he turned to her and said "Hey, you're Paula Patton right? The actress?" She laughed and said "Yea that's me. You seem to be at an advantage since you know my name but i don't know yours."

He smiled "The name's John. Now, I don't mean to be rude, but you clearly didn't come here just to drink, Ms Patton." She smirked "Well John, if I didn't come to drink, then what did i come here to do?" John looked her in the eye and said "You came here to find someone to fuck. But this isn't the right place. Most of the guys here? They're into the rough stuff. If they get they're hands on you, they wont take no for an answer. They're gonna piss on you, hit you, hurt you just cause they can. I'm guessing that Katrina invited you. Well, she knows about what the guys do. My guess is she wanted you to become their new fuck toy. You may want to just fuck, but you're never gonna be the same again after they're done."

Paula saw how serious he was and was shaken by it. She didn't doubt a single word he said. But she had one question for him. "If things are that bad, then why are you still here?"

John replied "I'm one of them. Now you have about 5minutes to get out before they lock the doors and you turn into fuck-meat. I don't want to end up in jail for this, since you're so high profile. I'm giving you a chance to get out."

Visibly shaken, Paula paid her tab, got out and walked out just in time. Right when she was about to get into her car, she saw the bouncers lock the doors.

Soon after, she began to hear the sound of girls screaming. She shuddered but she was extremely frustrated. She had barely escaped being gang-raped, but she still needed to get off and she didn't want to attract attention going into any normal bar and leaving with a man.

She needed anonymity, which Katrina had promised. With a sigh, Paula got in her car and drove back home. She resigned herself to a night spent with a vibrator and dildo. "One more night without sex" she sighed, as her nipples hardened and her cunt moistened sexual frustration. 

She reached home at around 10, after driving slowly to prevent her horniness from causing an accident. When she reached home, she found the front door unlocked and walked in to a darkened house. She closed the front door, locking it and walked into Julian's room to check if he was asleep. He was, sleeping like a log.

Then she walked to her room and stripped off her dress, throwing it into the corner before tearing off her lace bra and soaked thong and throwing them on top of her dress. She was angry. She had expected a night of release, only to have it denied. She walked down to the kitchen, fully nude to get a drink before getting the cold release of sex toys.

She entered the kitchen and turned the lights on, turning her back to the doorway to pour herself a glass of wine. As she was pouring the wine, she heard someone say "Ms Patton...?" In shock, she turned around and saw Gavin staring at her. FUCK she thought, as she stood there, fully nude, in front of an 18 year old. As she stared in shock, he too stared  at her goddess-like light brown breasts with dark brown areola the size of a nickle  and her wild, untamed black bush. Without his control, his teenaged dick rose up and again made a tent, as it had earlier in the day. 

Now, like all teenaged boys, Gavin was incredibly horny with raging hormones rushing through his system. His sight of the naked goddess Paula Patton caused his 6 inch dick to stand at attention. He looked at her and noticed the wetness spreading down her thighs. He took that to be a sign that she had gone out looking for a fuck buddy but had come back empty. Why else would she be back so early?

He, like any hot-blooded teenager, had fantasised over fucking Paula Patton, of plugging every one of her holes and cumming all over her and in her. He realised that this was going to be his best chance of that. He slowly walked towards her and said "Ms Patton,  is something wrong?"

Paula finally recovered and said "Ye-Yes. Im not dressed. You shouldn't see like this."

Gavin smiled gently and said "I don't see anything wrong with this...." He was standing right in front of her. Granted, he was shorter than her, but his confidence seemed to add height to him. He looked at her and said "In fact, I might just join you..." With that, he took his white t-shirt off and tossed it carelessly away from him.

She couldn't help staring at his rock-hard, washboard abs and the beautiful pecs he had chiseled out. She subconsciously licked her lips and her cunt began to moisten again, even more than it had when she saw John. He leaned in to her and whispered "I have another package in my pants... Would you like to see it? But oh... You're pussy is soaking wet. Did I do that? Well if you want more, you'll have to unwrap it yourself."

Paula saw the size of the bulge in his pants and the lust in her took over. She knelt down in front of him and quickly pulled his shorts and underwear down. The speed at which she stripped him caused his rock hard manhood to snap out of his underwear, hitting her in the forehead. She quickly grabbed on to it, marvelling at the length, 6 inches, and its sheer girth. It had to be at least  5.5 inches in circumference, shocking her and making her salivate. She was going to enjoy this penis. Maybe the night wasn't a total bust after all. 

As she slowly stroked his penis, Gavin stood there, savouring the moment. The busty, beautiful MILF Paula Patton was on her knees, stroking his dick. He reached over to his phone which he has left on the dining table next to him and begin taking a video of it. She was so engrossed in admiring his dick that she didn't even notice.

As she was stroking him, he thought of how we wanted this to play out. He could, of course, extract maximum pleasure from her by taking her how he WANTED to take her and fuck her maybe only once, or he could take her again and again by focusing on Paula first. He decided to go for the long-term victory and fuck her how she wanted to be fucked.

He gripped her by her armpits and pulled her up roughly to kiss her. He forced his tongue into her mouth, french-kissing her. Paula was caught of guard by the sudden kiss but found herself sinking into it. After all, she was horny, wet and easy. Gavin brought his right hand hands up to her left breast massaging brushing his finger nails across her nipple, stiffened by the arousal that his cock had brought up in her.

As he slowly squeezed her breast and passionately french kissed her, the fingers of his left hand slowly slid along her muscular ass cheeks to begin toying with her anus. His fingers pushed and prodded at her anus, causing her to jump from the 3-pronged sexual assault he was bringing on her. He smirked into the kiss when she jumped.

He briefly broke the kiss to say "I know you're enjoying yourself, but I'm just getting started." With that, he moved his left hand up her back, brushing against her spine and around to her right breast while his right hand slid down her flat stomach and over her left ass cheek to reach her anus. He whispered into her ear "I can't leave either of your beauties to sulk, can I?"

Paula was helpless in the wake of receiving the first pleasure from a man she had in a year. All she could do was groan and moan in pleasure "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaa....". Gavin smirked and brought his head down to her left breast as he brought his dick to her pussy lips. As she felt his head at her lips, she moaned in anticipation " Put in in!! I'm ready!"

He smiled and said "Not yet.. I read what Robin Thicke said about how he kept you, and im planning to do the same. Im going to make you cum twice before you feel my dick in you." She bit her lip in frustration as she was forced to wait before his hard dick was inside her.

Instead of  penetrating her, Gavin took his hand off her anus long enough to adjust his dick so that when he thrusted next, his length would rub against her slit and slide between her thighs. He then took his hand and put two fingers at Paula's lips. "Suck" he ordered. She opened her mouth and took his index and middle finger into her mouth, sucking them like she would a hard cock. While she was sucking, he began thrusting in between her legs causing her to stop sucking and open her mouth to moan due to the sheer pleasure of having a warm cock rubbing against her pussy lips.

When her mouth opened, he brought his fingers back down to her anus, pushing them in. Finally, Paula couldn't stand the triple assault on her breasts, pussy and ass bringing her so much pleasure. She came. She screamed out "OH YES OH FUCK YES!"  As the 18 year old brought her to her first climax in a year. As she came, her pussy squirted all over his cock, dirtying his legs and hers. 

As her orgasm subsided and her pussy stopped squirting, she collapsed on to Gavin, forcing the boy to bear all her weight. Fortunately, he worked out hard and was more than up to the task. In fact, he continued to lick and massage and squeeze her boobs as she leaned against him, even beginning to push both fingers into her tight ass.

He paused his thrusting, not wanting to cum before he penetrated her. As he felt her begin to stand on her own, he lifted her up using a solid grip on her lovely ass cheeks. He then pushed both his hands towards her inner thighs so that his fingers could continue to pleasure Paula's cunt.

He carried to her bedroom, where he would be able to fully pleasure her. As he carried the 57kg woman, he felt next to no strain as the sheer thrill of the situation gave him the strength to do superhuman things. When he reached her room, he lay her down on the bed and took two of her bras from their drawer, tying her hands to the wooden struts in the bed's headboard after turning her over so her ass was facing upwards.

She was still stuck in the post orgasm bliss that accompanied the huge orgasm she just had and was unaware of what was going on. When she regained consciousness, she realised she was tied up and Gavin was thrusting into her cunt with 3 fingers as he licked her ass and his free hand squeezed, stroked and lightly slapped her ass cheeks.

As she was tied up, she had no choice but to lie there and accept the foreplay even though she was cock starved to the point that she was about to explode. In spite of her craving for cock and her desire to skip foreplay, she was still incredibly horny and Gavin's assault on her nether regions was bringing her to orgasm.

Gavin was enjoying the taste of Paula's ass, sweet but slightly bitter, and he didn't really mind Paula's wild bush. He found that it only excited him, turning him on even more. Her cunt was incredibly tight, making his cock stiffen even further at the thought of fucking her.

Eventually, he brought her to her second squirting orgasm as her vaginal walls contracted to almost crush his fingers. She squirted all over his hand and screamed out "OH GOD YES MAKE ME CUM FUCK! I NEED IT!!!' Gavin just smiled quietly to himself and said "I plan to make you cum 10 times. 2 down, 8 to go."

He stopped his foreplay and untied Paula, deciding to finally get on to the main event. He thought to himself "Am I sure i can stay hard long enough to fuck her to climax 8 times?" As he looked at her sexy ass and gushing pussy, he realised that the only answer was definitely yes.

He untied her arms and slid his hands under her stomach, lifting her ass up. He waited for her to stop leaking before finally lining up his cockhead with her pussy lips and thrusted straight in. He gritted his teeth, as every millimetre was a struggle. She was wet, yes, but so incredibly tight.

Eventually, he forced himself in to about 1/4 of the way before pulling out and thrusting back in, holding on to her waist for a good grip. "Uhhh Paula Patton, for a mum your cunt is fucking tight!" As Paula felt the cock in her, she could only moan out in pleasure. It was the first dick in one year that had been in her pussy. Just having it in her almost brought her to climax. Every time he thrusted in, he gained about half an inch more of depth. It wasn't long before he was finally hilt deep in her.

Gavin bent over at the waist to grip and squeeze her right breast as he slid his left arm along her sweat-slicked abdomen. He brought his head to her ear and whispered "Let the games begin" as he pulled out until only his head was left in and thrust brutally back inside.

That one thrust somehow went deeper than before, touching her cervix for a brief moment, bringing her to her 3rd climax of the night. Her walls squeezed tightly on his manhood, trying to milk his treasure trove of cum. He resisted and continued thrusting through her orgasm, prolonging it and causing her juices to squirt all over his legs and lower abdomen.

After what felt like an age to Paula, her 3rd orgasm ended and Gavin pulled out of her, causing to groan in frustration at the loss of his thick boner from her depths. What she didnt know was that he planned to enter her again, but in a different hole.

Gavin lined up his still hard cock with her anus. His cock was well coated with the best lube possible: Paula Patton's copious cum. It was so thick that Gavin predicted no trouble.

He slowly pushed his dick into her ass, taking note of how tight it was. The moment Paula felt the pressure on her anus, she knew what was going to happen. She brought both her hands to her thick ass cheeks to pull them apart and give him a much easier entry. Gavin knocked her hands away and said "I'm gonna make you cum just by entering you. If you pull your anus wide open, i can't do that." Paula stopped what she was doing and resigned herself to being pleasured by him with no input whatsoever from her. It seemed all he needed her to do was whimper, moan, groan and obey.

Gavin continued to force his dick inch by inch into her tight asshole. As he did so, Paula felt the dick pressing onto her cunt through the thin membrane separating the two.

The slow torturous way he was penetrating her managed to do the trick and just before he bottomed out in her lovely ass, she came again. Her ass was infinitely tighter than her cunt and when her anal sphincter  contracted around the base of his dick, it tool every ounce of his willpower to resist the urge to come. This time, she didn't squirt, much to Gavin's surprise, but she let out an ear-piercing scream "OH FUCK YES THATS WHAT I NEED OH FUCK FUCK KEEP FUCKING ME"

Gavin continued to fuck her ass for awhile bringing her to the edge of an orgasm as she kept moaning. But soon he realised that he wanted his first load to be deposited in her lovely, warm and wet womb. He pulled out of her ass and thrust into her cunt to begin a lightning fast fuck on pussy.

Given that he had already loosened up her pussy earlier, Gavin was able to thrust into her with ease. His thrusts were hard, fast, and deep. They hit every spot of her pussy bringing both him and her endless amounts of pleasure.

She moaned into the bed as she clawed at the bed sheets and pillows  "fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes" Gavin, for his part decided to slack off for a bit and lie flat on her back to lick and kiss at her neck and enjoy the salty-sweet taste of her sweat. He turned her head around to her slight discomfort to kiss her lips. He left bite marks on her neck and shoulders and back as he continued to pound into her cunt. The sound of her meaty ass and his pelvis smacking together on every impact filled the room.

As expected, the sex-deprived Paula climaxed once again. This time, Gavin allowed his iron will to slacken and he let the increased tightness caused by her climax make him cum. He filled her pussy with cum. He pumped out 1, 2, 3, 4 jets of sperm into her, coating her walls with it and filling her up.

His continued thrusting caused some to leak out and mix with her juices that had squirted out when she came. By this time, Paula was nearly exhausted. Her first time having sex in a year and her stud of choice gave her an amazing 5 orgasms in a row. Of course, he wasn't done yet.

For his next trick, Gavin decided to flood her asshole with his cum once she came again. First, he needed to get hard again but it wasn't hard to do. Not with a goddess-like figure lying in front of him.

He felt that he had soaked up enough of the view of her lovely ass for now. He wanted to admire her gorgeous boobs again. He turned her around and saw that her face was coated in her own saliva, courtesy of the countless orgasms that caused her to lose control of her body. As she groaned and moaned and salivated, she wasn't able to swallow it back and it all spilt out of her mouth and she then rubbed her face in it as she was fucked from above.

He looked at her for awhile and longed to take a photo to immortalise the moment. As he looked at her, he realised that she was in no condition to move or resist so he felt that he had the time to go back to the kitchen to grab his phone. He went down to get his phone and came back up.

First he took a photo of all of her, capturing her wet face with her mouth open, her chest heaving, lower abdomen covered in her cum, the bed and her thighs covered in a mixture of his and her cum, her wild bush, the fluids leaking out of her cunt and the slight sheen of her sweaty body. He then began zooming in and focusing on specific parts, her hairy cunt, her slightly red ass cheeks, her still gaping asshole, the dazed expression on her face.

After he had his fill of taking photos of her thoroughly fucked body, he then began the second last part of the night: bringing her to orgasms 6,7 and 8. As she began to regain some of her energy, Paula looked at Gavin and asked with a devillish grin "Are you all tapped out? Or is there more to cum?"

Gavin nodded and lifted her legs up to his shoulders and bent her at the waist, almost in half. He cock then began to push, once again, into her ass. He said "For you, there's always more."

She gritted her teeth and groaned. Although she had been stretched out earlier, Gavin's dick was still  bigger than average. That's not to say she didn't feel pleasure. She felt heaps of it, because as he was pushing into her ass, his fingers were playing with her nipples and clit. This brought the horny but tired out woman slowly closer and closer to her 6th climax.

Just like in her pussy,  once he bottomed out in her ass, he began thrusting hard and fast. His thrusts were coupled with firm spanks to her ass cheeks. He stopped playing with her sensitive nubs and began to bring her to climax through the pain of spanking. Thrust, one spank on the right cheek, thrust, one spank on the left cheek.

As he kept thrusting he realised that he would never get tired of fucking Paula Patton. Yes she was as old as his mum, but she was hot and had a sexual appetite that rivalled his own and far exceeded that of any girl his age. He was hooked on fucking Paula Patton. Paula, on the other hand, wasn't hooked on fucking Gavin. She was just hooked on sex and didn't care who gave it to her. She just needed to be fucked.

And she was enjoying the heavy ass-fucking that Gavin was giving her, and she was especially enjoying the spanking. She liked it rough and was more than willing to be spanked. Her moans and groans were coupled with heavy pants and soon she reached her 6th orgasm of the night.

This, once again triggered Gavin's climax and he reached his secondary aim of cumming in her ass. As he climaxed, he forced himself to keep his eyes open and take in Paula's face as she went through an orgasm. He took in the contour of her face, the tight clenching of her jaw and the frown of pleasure on her face coupled with her eyes that were tightly squeezed shut.

As Gavin went on to deliver orgasms 7,8 and 9 through a mix of fingering, penetration, licking and sucking all over her whole body at every single erogenous zone he could find, Paula lay there and let Gavin work his magic. She enjoyed letting him do work, and he enjoyed doing it so why not just continue with what worked?

Of course, Gavin's stamina wasn't unlimited and he had been pleasuring her for almost an hour. But he was determined to live through to his promise of bringing her 10 climaxes.

This time he wanted to bring her to her final climax of the night through stimulation of her breasts only. He sat over abdomen and placed his once again hard dick in between the valley formed by her brown, huge boobs. He squeezed her breasts together as he gripped them from the side and began thrusting. He felt the pillowy softness of her breasts coupled with a firmness that just couldn't be matched.

As he thrust in between them, he made sure to use his fingers to pinch her nipples and twist them. He would even take some time off thrusting to spank her breasts over her nipples. Paula opened her mouth to take in someone of Gavin's cock. She made sure to lick his cock's pisshole, bringing additional pleasure to him. He tried hard to fight off his orgasm but found that no matter how hard he tried, Paula Patton's tongue was just too good at bringing a man to climax.

He changed his tactics and pushed her nipples together to create a new gap to push his manhood through: one that ran his dick along her nipples. This brought additional pleasure to Paula, causing them to both gain pleasure at an equal rate. As he fucked her tits and she licked his cock and sucked it, he realised how slutty and sexy she looked.

And so he said "Hold your tits together like i did." Paula followed his order without question and became engrossed in the salty, slightly bitter taste of his cock. Gavin took his phone and took a few more photos and a video. All the while, he was thanking God for Paula's ability to get so deeply involved in sex that she didn't notice anything else.

Finally, he was unable to distract himself from his climax anymore and he gripped her boobs, shifting his cock back down to where it was initially. He thrust hard and fast, his grip on her tits hard, bruising her tit flesh. Paula didn't care about the pain, in fact she enjoyed it.

She got caught up in her own pleasure from the tit fuck as she was reaching her own climax. Finally she had one last orgasm and she squirted into the open, moaning in pleasure.

Gavin, on the other hand, gritted his teeth and shouted out "I'M CUMMING!" before he thrusted one last time into her boobs and came, releasing 4 jets of sperm on to her face, plastering both her eyes shut, landing in her hair and entering her mouth. 

In their post-orgasmic bliss, they lay in bed together, him on top of her, his chest pressing into her soft boobs, his semi-stiff dick rubbing against her slit, his face in her right armpit, licking it gently, enjoying the salty taste and the unique smell of Paula Patton. He whispered in her ear "Anytime you want me, you know where to reach me." But Paula was already asleep. 

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