Incest Pregnancy: Hilary Duff

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The school year had just ended in mid-May. After packing all your stuff in your dorm, you head home. You get home, you unpack all your stuff in your room, and then you take a nap. An hour later, you wake up to the sound of the front door unlocking and opening, keys jingling, and heels clopping on the floor. You make your body get up despite being tired from end-of-school-year stuff, you walk out your room and find your big sister, former teen Disney star and “Lizzie McGuirre” titular actress, Hilary Duff. She is sitting on the living room chair wearing a lacey white dress of thigh length and gold tan 3-inch heel shoes.

HD: Hey there, little brother.

You: Hey Hilary.

HD: Welcome back from university.

You: Thanks.

You're talking in a low tone drony voice.

HD: Are you okay?

You: Yeah, I was just taking a nap.

HD: Oh, sorry.

You: That's okay. I'm just very glad to see you again.

HD: And I'm glad to see you back from school.

You take a glance at your sister, you could see her black bra inside her white dress. A thought comes across your mind, but you shake your head at it.

HD: What's up?

You: Oh, nothing. How was your event today?

HD: Oh, the same thing as most events; seeing people, meeting fans, being philanthropist I am and doing charity.

You: That's nice.

HD: Yeah, it was very busy out there. So many people around, it was getting hot there.

You: I can only imagine.

HD: Well, I'm gonna go shower, and we'll talk more.

You: Okay, see ya.

You hear Hilary's footsteps go to her room, then into the bathroom, and you hear the water run. You walk back to your room and lay on your bed. As you listen, you can't help but feel sleepy from the comforting sound. You fall a sleep and begin napping again. After what felt like an hour, your body wakes up again, opening your eyes you stretch your body. Your ears notice that the water has stopped running.

HD: Oh little brother.

You: Oh, hey sis.

You turn your head to your door to find Hilary standing there, wearing her white bathrobe. She opens her robe and exposes her naked body, her B cup breasts fully bare, then she starts pulling her laced white panties down and off her hips, showing her bare pussy.

You: Uh, sis, what are you doing?

Hilary looks at you with a seductive stare and walks towards you, dropping her robe and panties.

HD: I missed you all year long.

She sits on your bed, her hands caress your head.

HD: We have all summer, and I want every moment of it to be with you.

She leans her head into your face and her lips meet yours. Her mouth begins to move around, her tongue comes out and meets yours. Your mind becomes overwhelmed with your sister's love, your body feels paralyzed, but soon begins to move on its own. Your hands begin to feel all over your sister's naked body, groping her ass, massaging her boobs. The kiss breaks, you look at each other.

You: Hilary, you really feel this way about me?

HD: Mmm, sometimes I would come into your room and sleep in your bed. I would imagine you here with me, I would start masturbating on your bed, and every time I would cum and I get my lovely pussy juices all over your bed.

You: What?

HD: I would wash your sheets so nobody finds out. But once no one is here, I do it again.

You: But why?

HD: I've taken care of you a lot more than mom and dad have. After I've grown up, I started having these feelings and urges. I couldn't find anyone to satisfy me, and that's when I realized I won't be unless it was you.

She helps you out of your shirt, and then helps you out of your pants. Your erection slips out of your underwear, she reaches and gets a firm grip on your big cock.

HD: Mmm, you've gotten a lot bigger since the last time we took baths together.

She smiled as she looked at your dick in her hands.

You: Oh my god sis, your hands.

HD: You're so hard, I can feel it throbbing.

She begins to move her hand up and down your shaft, she gives it a couple spits and continues to jerk it.

HD: Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, you never thought you'd get so hard for your own big sister?

You: Awww, I've had a few thoughts before, but I never considered it.

She grips your dick harder and moves her hand faster.

HD: So, what do you wanna do now?

You look up at your sister jacking off your cock. You look at her chest and aim at her breasts.

You: I've always wanted to feel your boobs, big sis.

HD: Mmmmm, okay.

She moves herself off your bed and kneels down on the floor. You shift yourself up and sit on the side of your bed and present your cock to her. She moves up, gives your dick another spit, and places it between her breasts.

HD: How does it feel?

You: Oh god, sis, it feels amazing. Your boobs are amazing.

Your sister continues to massage your dick between her breasts. You feel the fleshiness of her breasts as she squeezes them together and rubs them up and down your cock.

HD: You know what I want next?

You: What, big sis?

HD: I wanna taste you.

She gets down and moves her face into your crotch. She gives the tip of your dick a kiss and proceeds to lick it. Soon her lips cover it, then she moves in her mouth over it. You feel her tongue reach further and further along the length of your cock, soon you reach the back of her mouth and feel her whole tongue writhing all around you.

You: Oh god, sis, oh god, oh god.

She looks up and sees you with a naughty face, a lewd expression of lust for your own sister.

You: Aww, that feels so good, Hilary.

She moans with satisfaction as she continues to suck your dick. Her saliva continues to coat your dick with several ounces, your dick feels like it's in a washing machine. She gives your dick one last suck, getting all her saliva off and swallowing it.

HD: Mmmmm, my little brother tastes so delicious.

You: Awww god.

You catch your breath and look at Hilary.

You: Alright, I wanna pick the next thing I want.

HD: Anything for you, little brother.

A few seconds of thinking, you come up with your answer.

You: I wanna fuck your pussy right now.

Hilary gasped lightly.

HD: Oh little brother, I've been waiting for this for a long time.

She moves her head up and gives you a kiss, then gets up on your bed and lies on her back. You move yourself on top of her, you move your head down and give her another kiss. She lays her arms behind her and opens her legs, she smiles as you position your dick in front of her pussy.

You: Ready?

HD: Yeah.

You move your dick in and the tip touches her entrance. You push in and soon your tip enters her. You push more and your dick starts entering her pussy. You keep going and soon your whole dick is inside her.

HD: Ooooooohh, mmm-hmmmm.

You slowly begin your pace, each push making her pussy loose enough to make you go faster.

You: My god, Hilary, your pussy feel so goddamn good.

HD: Yes, little brother, fuck me, fuck your big sister.

You start picking up the pace and fuck her faster. The bed begins to shake a little, her boobs begin to shake a lot.

HD: Oh yes, oh yes, yes yes yes yes, ooooooh yeeeeeesssss.

You hold her hips and thrust harder. She lets out a loud moan, and continues to moan as you keep fucking her.

You: I wanna see your ass next.

HD: Aaaah, okay, let me get up.

You pull out and she flips herself onto her knees, she lifts up her ass and lines herself with your dick. You push back in and resume fucking her pussy in the doggy position.

HD: Aaaawww, yeeess. How does it feel, brother?

You: God you have an amazing ass.

Your hands grip her butt cheeks and squeeze, you thrust hard into her and she lets out more moans.

HD: Oh yeah, that's it, thaaaat's iiiit.

You lean forward onto her back, your hands reach around and meet her breasts. You grip and massage them while your hips keep moving back and forth.

You: Aw Hilary, I never thought I'd actually fuck you, my big sister.

HD: Ooooh, isn't it wonderful?

You: It feels so heavenly.

HD: I could say the same thing.

You thrust faster and harder for a few more seconds. After that, you pull out again and lie on your back. Hilary moves herself and positions her hips on your lap. She lifts up, lines her pussy with your dick, and goes back down, your dick sliding up into her pussy again. She begins to ride you up and down, your hands come around her and grips her ass.

HD: Awwww yeeeaaah, sex with my little brother is the best thing ever.

You: You're just so amazing, I only want to have sex with you for the rest of my life.

Her hips continue to bounce on your cock. You can feel your dick getting harder and bigger, you feel yourself tensing up as your dick reaches the entrance of her cervix. Her pussy walls begin to grip harder around your dick as well.

HD: Oooh, little brother, are you about to cum too?

You: I am. I want you to turn around.

She gets off for a moment, turns her back towards you, and lowers herself down on your cock again. She holds herself up with her arms on your shoulders. You resume fucking her, thrusting your dick up into her pussy.

HD: Oooooh, shiiiit, hoooolyyy fuuuuck.

With each thrust, you feel your dick penetrating her cervix deeper and deeper into her womb. You feel your dick tensing up and your body even more. Your arms then grab her legs and lift them up, she leans back sitting on your abs, you thrust harder than ever before.

HD: Oh god, aaaaahhhh, yeeeeees.

Her pussy tightens even more, your crotch begins to throb.

You: Aww, Hilary, I'm gonna cum.

HD: Me too, cum with me.

You: Oh god, here I go, aaaaaaawww, AAAAAHHH!!!

HD: Yeah, yeeeaaah, yeeeeeeaaaaAAAHHHHH!!!

You keep thrusting your dick up into her pussy, and you finally explode inside her. Your cum shoots out of your dick and into her insides. You thrust a few more times and more cum keeps spilling into her. You feel your sister's pussy massaging your dick, squeezing every last drop. Your body finally stops, your dick all the way inside her. You slowly pull out, shuddering as her pussy sucks ever bit of cum off your dick. Hilary looks down at her pussy, her fingers spread it gently. She smiles as she sees her brother's cum leaking out of her.

HD: Mmmmmm, welcome home, baby brother.

Your body begins to feel weaker, you lay on your bed as your body relaxes, your dick starts to soften, your mind feels like it had melted. Your eyelids start to feel heavy, your vision starts to blacken, your eyelids close, and you fall asleep.



Six months later. You've been back at university taking another semester. You have finished your finals by mid-December, and have started to pack your things in your dorm. Your phone starts vibrating, you pick it up and see your big sister, Hilary Duff, calling you.

You: Hey Hilary.

HD: Hey little brother.

You: So, I just finished finals and I've begun packing some of my things for winter break.

HD: Yay! I can't wait to have you home for Christmas.

You: Yeah, I can't wait to come home and see everyone, especially you.

HD: Oooh yes, I can't wait to see you again too.

You: Well, we'll talk more when I get back. And, um, have my bedsheets been washed?

HD: Baby, I'm ready for you anytime.

You: Mmm, okay, I'll see you later.

HD: I missed you so much, baby.

You: Love you.

HD: Love you too.

You hang up the call and proceed to pack your things. A few seconds later, your phone vibrates, you got a text from Hilary. You open it and find an image with a message on it. Hilary is wearing a Christmas hat, a white shirt covering her breasts like a tank top, and black maternity pants. Her belly is bare, showing her baby bump painted with a present and a “Happy Holidays.”

HD: “Merry Christmas. I can't wait for us to open our present together.”

You: “Mmmm, Merry Christmas you sexy mama.”

HD: “By the way, our sister Haylie is coming home too. She found out what we did. Now she wants you to wrap a present inside her too. ;)”

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