In Love With A Joker

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Disclaimer: I do not know any of the Impractical Jokers. This story is complete fiction, ideas that come to my mind at random times. There is no profit made by this story.

"Alright everyone, before we get ready for today I have to tell you all something," Joe told the guys as they gathered to get ready for the day. "Remember how we said we could use another assistant to help us, especially when we're out here doing the challenges?"

"Yes, but I thought we all agreed we would find someone we all wanted as an assistant," Murr added in.

"Trust me guys, you won't be upset with the person I got. Actually, she's a friend of mine, you may have seen her around. She comes to babysit for us sometimes and she was looking to make her extra money so I offered her the job and she was more than happy to take it. She'll be coming today to meet you guys."

"Are you telling me that you got us a girl assistant?" Murr instantly warmed up to the news. "I don't know about you guys," he turned to Sal and Q, "But I do think this is a great idea."

"Hold on a second, I will not have you going on and hitting on her. I would like for her to remain a friend of mine and my wife's. And'll just scare her off," Joe laughed.

"Is she single?" Murr asked.

"Well yeah, but that shouldn't mean anything to you. She's coming to work for us and that's all."

"I'm just saying, she's single and not a member of your family. She's only a friend right? Well then that means any one of us could have a chance with her. Am I right?"

Joe shrugged. "Don't know what I'm worried about, she's too smart to go after one of you guys anyways," he laughed. He looked across the park and saw Chris headed in her direction. "Here she comes now."

"Hi Joe!" Chris said hugging him. "Sorry I'm late. Got caught with delays on the train. I can't thank you enough for getting me this job."

"It's no problem, I was just telling the guys about you. I'm sure you know them by now," Joe laughed. "This is Murr, Q, and Sal."

"It's nice to meet you all" Chris said shaking their hands. She met Sal and their eyes locked for a few seconds. Chris shook her head, getting her thoughts together. "I'm so excited to be working with you guys. I'm such a huge fan," she said finally walking away from Sal.

Chris had to walk away from the guys as they discussed what they would be doing today. They were still waiting for the camera crew to come in and she went off to get herself some coffee. There was something when she shook Sal's hand and then he looked into her eyes. She'd watch the show many times and deep down, while she loved all four of them, she had an attraction to Sal. She knew it was going to be hard for her seeing him when she took on this job, but she wasn't going to interfere with it either. Then again, she didn't think he would even notice her other than just someone working behind the scenes.

"Hey! There you are!" A voice called from behind as she walked from the cafe. Turning around she saw Sal. "Oh hey..." she took a deep breath. He was just on her mind a few minutes ago and now here he was. "Hey Sal. Am I needed back at the park?"

"Actually were getting lunch before we start filming. Would you like to come join me?"

Chris was silent, she couldn't believe this was happening. "Uhhh...yeah sure. Where are the others?"

Sal shrugged, "They went somewhere else. I just was hoping to catch you and see if you wanted to come along with me."

This can't be happening, Chris thought. Why would Sal want to go alone with her for lunch? Closing her eyes, she was afraid to open them, thinking this was all a dream and that if she opened her eyes, Sal would be gone. But nope, she opened her eyes and he was there waiting for an answer. "I could use a bite to eat."

"Great, let's go."

Chris followed Sal as he took her to a cute diner near the park. "So Joe said you're a friend of the family. How long have you known him?" Sal asked after the two put in their order.

"A couple of years actually. I met him and his wife in our neighborhood when they were looking for a babysitter. I'll be honest, I never watched an episode of the show until I became friends with them," Chris turned red. "But I'm glad I did cause you guys are too funny."

"I have to say, I'm glad to have someone like you as an assistant."

"Really? Why?" Chris said not looking up into his eyes knowing what happened before would happen again if she did.

"Because it means I'll get to see you everyday that we're filming." When Sal said that, Chris couldn't help but to look at him.

"I'm sorry, what was that you said?" She choked on her water. There was no way she could be hearing him right.

"I hope I'm not being too forward over here, but it's just that I felt something when our eyes locked before and I was hoping you felt it too. If not, that is fine. I'll leave you alone then and it will only be a professional relationship then."

"Oh boy," Chris looked away. "I didn't expect for this to happen."

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to turn you off like this. I never should've said anything," Sal panicked.

"No. I mean I wasn't expecting you to feel the same way I did when we met," Chris said. She didn't know why she felt she needed to tell him the truth, she just did. "That's why I took off so quickly."

"And I thought it was cause I scared you off," Sal laughed. "But seriously, you felt the same way? You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?"

"I really mean it," Chris smiled. "Ever since I started watching the show, you've been my favorite." Chris's phone rang and it was a text that filming was going to begin. "Looks like we better get to the park."

"I hate that we have to cut this short," Sal said. "Maybe in between the challenges we could talk some more."

Chris smiled, "I would really like that." The two walked back to the park, neither saying a word, but inside Chris was screaming. When she was beginning her new job today, she had no idea this would happen.


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