Incest Pregnancy: Carrie Fisher

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It was a cold winter's night when you are hanging around at home, the front door opens and in comes your mother, “Star Wars'” Princess Leia actress, Carrie Fisher.

CF: Son, I'm home.

You: Hey mom, welcome back.

You look at her, she is wearing a blue metallic colored dress and a coat over it. But as she walks in, she is a little bit sluggish.

You: Hey mom, how was the party?

CF: Oh you know, the usual, people crowding me, praising me for being Princess Leia, even the women at the party were thanking me for making such a great female character who doesn't always need another person saving her.

You notice her speech was a little slow.

You: Right. And how much did you drink?

CF: Mmm, maybe one or two more than I thought

You: Let me help you, mom.

You lead her to the living room and let her rest on the sofa.

CF: Thanks, son.

She lays on the couch rather slouchy.
You: Mom, I gotta say.

CF: What, son?

You: I'm rather a bit jealous of the fame you've had, for as long as I can remember, for decades everyone knows you and praises you for doing only those few movies.

CF: Well when a franchise can kick off like it did, it goes a looooong way.

You: More like for a loooooog time ago in a galaxy far far away.

CF: Exactly, hehehe.

She rests her head on your shoulder, she looks at you and your eyes meet their gaze with each other.

CF: Oh son, thank you for taking care of me.

You: No problem, mom. You raised me all your life, it's the best I can do in return.

CF: I lived in a divorced family, with my mother, she was off doing her thing, and I hardly saw my siblings. It's nice to have someone of my own family to look out for me.

You: Well, I kinda know how it feels, since I'm the son of the famous Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia. Everyone at school are always talking about you whenever they see me. It's hard, but I got used to it.

CF: Hmmm. Wouldn't it be nice to have just a little bit of time on our own, just you and me, no one else around to bother us, and we can live a normal life for once?

You: Yeah, that would be nice.

She moves her arms around you and gives you a hug, you hug her back.

You: You know what would also make that better?

CF: What?

You: If I also had a sister.

CF: Aw, sweetie.

You pause, gave it a thought, and respond again.

You: Not just any sister, a twin sister.

CF: Oh, honey, you wanna be just like Luke Skywalker, huh?

You: Well, having a twin sister now would be impossible, but I guess having any sister would be fine by me.

CF: Hmmm, well you know, I think I can make it work for you.

You: How, mom?

CF: Well, do you wanna role play and pretend for a moment?

You: Pretend?

CF: You pretend to be Luke, and I'll be Leia.

You: You wanna do that?

CF: Why not?

You: Oh, well okay, I guess we can give that a try just for tonight.

CF: But just one thing, son.

You: What?

CF: I want it to be as before Luke and Leia find out they're brother and sister.

You: Mom, you really wanna do this?

CF: Yes, son. Sometimes I imagine what would've been like had they still not found out and gone all the way.

You: Oh mom.

Your mind sees several visions of the scenario, your heart begins to beat faster, your body is getting warmer.

You: Actually, that would be so hot.

CF: Then son, or, Luke, my brother, imagine yourself back in Episode V when you're laying in the medical room.

She lays you back on the sofa, leans over you, her hands hold your face, and your mom moves in and kisses you on the lips. Then her lips stay in your mouth and she begins to move her tongue inside you. She breaks the kiss, then looks beside her imagining Han Solo standing there.

CF: Leave us alone for a few moments, will you? Alright, Han is gone. So, Luke, anything else you would like me to do for you?

You: Oh Princess Leia, you are so beautiful.

CF: Aw, thank you.

You: Leia, I sense something in the Force. It's telling me something.

CF: What is it?

You: It's telling me, to embrace it.

CF: To embrace what, Luke?

You: You.

You lean in and kiss her back, the kiss again becomes a festival of tongues and saliva slipping around each other. Your hands begin to grope at her breasts, while hers reach down to your crotch, feeling your dick begin to erect itself through your pants.

CF: Mmmm, I think I'm feeling something too. I feel the Force is getting strong with you, Luke.

You: Well then, why don't you show me everything you have, and I will pull out my lightsaber for you.

Your mother stands up from the couch,she takes off her coat and unzips her dress from her back. It falls to the floor, revealing her half-naked body wearing only a small pair of blue lingerie panties. She caresses and massages her B cup breasts, seductively moving her waist in a round motion. You feel your dick getting harder in your pants, it pains as it presses forward from the inside. You pull your pants down and release your hard shaft in front of your mother's presence. Carrie then plays with the side of her panties a little bit before pulling them down, showing her bare mature pussy, your dick gets harder just from you looking at your naked mother.

CF: Oh Luke.

She gives her pussy a little fingering foreplay, then spreads its lips open.

CF: I have a weakness in my body, my exhaust port is open and you need to launch proton torpedoes inside it.

She coos in a seductive voice.

You: Alright, Leia, let's begin our attack run, together.

Your mother walk towards you sitting down on the couch. She lifts her legs over your lap and lines up her mature pussy with your young cock.

CF: Oh Luke, use the Force, Luke.

She lowers herself down, pushing your dick into her pussy's entrance. You feel her insides molding around your shaft and lubricating it as it goes in inch by inch. Deeper it goes, and your mother moans with ecstasy. She sits all the way down, your entire cock is now inside your mother.

CF: Oooooh, the Force is strong with you, Luke.

She moves herself up and then back down, up again and down again, she begins to ride her own son, you begin to thrust your hips up and your dick upward into her pussy. You both begin to have sex as mother and son, but furthermore, role playing having sex as brother and sister, unknowingly.

You: Oh, Leia, this feels so good.

CF: Mmm, I've always wanted to ride you Luke, like riding a Tauntaun.

You: Ooooh, it's cold here, I bet you've always wanted to keep warm this way too.

Pulling your chin on top of her breasts, she moves her head down and kisses you again, both your lips massaging each other, and your tongues contacting, like the blades of two lightsabers in combat. After the kiss, Carrie lifts her body up and her pussy off your cock. Her vagina now molded open by the thickness of your dick, and your shaft still rock hard from fucking your mother. She then turns her back, presenting her ass in front of her son.

CF: Hey Luke, this is no moon.

She caresses her ass.

CF: This is a space station. Now, why don't we make your ship come into the docking bay?

She then lowers her ass, and her pussy once again engulfs your cock. She then lean back and puts her hands on your chest. You hold her hips to keep her straight as she begins to bounce on your cock again.

You: Awww, yes, that feels good, Leia.

CF: Ooooh, yes it does.

You: You feel anything else, Leia?

CF: Ooooh, I think I feel something in my mind. Something that is making me feel your mind.

You: Mmmm, it's the Force, Leia. We are connecting with the Force.

CF: Mmm-hm-hm-hmmmm. I thought only Jedi can use the Force.

You: Uuugggh, well anyone can feel the Force, and somehow you can.

CF: Aaaaah, whatever, let's keep going.

After a few more minutes of riding you, your mother gets off you and gets on her fours on the couch. You stand behind her and line your cock with her pussy, you insert your cock back into her pussy and resume fucking her.

You: Oh Leia, I never thought Alderran pussy would feel so good, especially the Princess.

CF: Mmmm, make me satisfied, then I might consider making you my Prince, my dear Jedi.

With your left hand, you hold her pelvis steady as you continue to pound your birth canal, and with your right hand you grope her right breast and massage it hard. Both you and your mother's gasps and moans begin to grow louder as you continue to role play out of this mother and son incestuous experience. Later, you pull out and help your mother turn and lay on her back. She opens her legs and with her hands pulls your waist in, pulling your cock back into her pussy, then she closes her legs around your back and you lean in to her. Resuming your thrusting and fucking her, you give her another kiss, she pulls your shoulders in and the kiss goes deep into her mouth, both of you moaning so loud it almost echoes throughout the house.

CF: Oh Luke, I want to make a youngling for you, help you make more Jedi so we can restore the Jedi order and beat the Empire.

You: Oh Leia, that would be the best thing you can do for me and for the Rebellion.

With that said, you start to thrust faster and harder, fucking your mother harder as the forbidden love reaches its peak. You feel your dick throbbing and your balls beginning to pulse.

You: Are you ready, Leia?

CF: Oh Luke, I'm almost there too.

You: Join me with the Force, Leia, let us become one with the Force.

CF: Oh Luke, yes, yes!

You: Huungh, aaaah, AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!


You feel a great force running through your balls and through your cock as midichlorian seed begin to pour out from your dick and into your mother's womb. Her pussy tightens and draws out as much of your cum as it can, sucking it deep into her uterus. As you shudder from the ecstasy running through your body at the thought of having just inseminated your own mother, you begin to pull out your still hard cock out of her. Carrie then holds your cock with her hand and being to massage it. Your dick being still very sensitive pumps a few extra times, shooting some more cum, which lands on her face, her breasts, and her belly. She smiles as she sees your cum all over her body, and feeling most of it warm inside of her, knowing that she will soon become pregnant with her own son's baby. You feel your body begin to tire, so you lay onto your mother, resting your head on her breasts. She caresses your hair and gives you a kiss on your forehead.

CF: Mmmmmm, my son, the Force is strong in our family.

You feel your eyelids begin to become heavy, and with a few more breaths you fall asleep on top of your mother.



You wake up on a queen sized bed, turning to one side you see some of the covers flipped over. You get up, use the bathroom, and head to the kitchen. Your nose feels the pleasant aroma of fried eggs and bacon, and the sweet wave of waffles in the air. In the kitchen, you find your mother, Carrie Fisher, in a white dress-like gown and robe, cooking the breakfast.

You: Morning, mom.

CF: Hi, son. Did you sleep well?

You: Yeah, like a baby.

CF: Mmmm, I'm glad to hear that.

She turns slightly to the side, you see her belly now grown big and round, having become pregnant with your incestuous baby. She smiles, and you smile at her back. You walk up to her and you give her a hug around her chest and a kiss. She kisses back, and giggles as she feels your hands caressing her baby belly.

CF: Mmm-hm-hm. And speaking of baby, have you thought of what name you want for our new son?

You: I was thinking Ben, since Luke grew up knowing about Old Ben Kenobi.

CF: Mmmm, I was thinking that too, since that's what George said Leia's first son had that name.

You place your hand firmly on her belly, and through the flesh, you feel movement from inside.

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