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BY : HaroProLover
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Disclaimer: I do not know Hello! Project members. Since this is fiction, there is no money/profit made by this.

A cute and very clingy teenager, Sato Masaki, who went from backdancer to one of the main voices of Morning Musume, has a secret. She is secretly having a crush with Kudo Haruka, the ikemen member of the group. Kudo was always flirting with every member you could think of, except with her. Moreso, she felt heartbroken when Kudo invited everyone, but her, to watch her swimming competition.

Brokenhearted, Masaki went home and immediately ran to her room, where she reflected and tried to analyze the reason why the other girl seems not seeing her unique. She realized that it could be her looks that Kudo does not like. She had a bath to relax herself and think of a way to make her like her. From there she decided to change her appearance. She braided her hair, and curled its lower ends, just like how she thinks Kudo likes her girls.

She biked her way back to the school and went to the dressing rooms of the contestants, wanting to show her new self to Kudo. While waiting in the dressing room, she found a swimsuit in there that fitted her, and decided to wear them. She undressed and put on the swimsuit. While looking at herself in the mirror, Kudo enters and gasped, blushing, as she saw Masaki in the swimsuit. Masaki quickly walked over to Kudo and twirled around "How do i look?" She asked her crush. "Y-you look beautiful and cute at the same time, Masaki-chan". Kudo said to her, with almost a nosebleed. Masaki wrapped her arms around Kudo and moved her face close to hers. "I have loved you for quite some time. Please accept me and my body". When hearing this, Kudo's face turned as red as a tomato, unable to speak another word. She got out of Masaki's grip, and just walked to the swimming pool to join in the competition, leaving a sad Masaki behind.

I'm sorry for the people who misunderstood me. I did not try to demand reviews, I just would like your opinions on how I am doing so far. I'm a new writer, so I would be happy to hear your opinion on my writing skills. I will be continuing the story this week. I hope for a lot of love for my story. Thanks ^^

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