Incest Pregnancy: Miranda Cosgrove

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You're sitting in your chair in your bedroom, on your TV you are watching an episode of Nickelodeon's “iCarly,” where your daughter, Miranda Cosgrove, is starring in the show. There is a soft knock on the door.

You: Come in.

The door opens, and in walks Miranda. She is wearing a red sleeveless tank top shirt and jeans.

MC: Hey daddy. How's it going?

You: Oh, hey honey. I'm doing fine.

MC: What are you doing here all by yourself?

You: Oh, just watching your show.

MC: Oh, that's nice.

You: I'm so proud of you, baby.

MC: Aw, thanks, it means so much to me.

Miranda moves in front of the TV, blocking your view from the show.

You: Um, do you need something? If not, I can't see the TV, honey.

Your daughter just looks at you with a sweet smile on her face. You turn off the TV with the remote.

You: Alright, baby. What is it?

MC: Daddy, I need to tell you something.

You: What is it?

She leans forward.

MC: I've been dreaming about you.

You: About me? About what?

MC: Well, I don't know how to say it, but these dreams feel so real with you. I don't think I can take it anymore.

You: They feel real? What do you mean?

She walks closer to you.

MC: There's something I have to show you, that I wanna do.

Her hands approach your pants, her fingers begin to move around your belt and your zipper.

You: Wait, Miranda, what you doing?

You try to move her hands away, but her persistence gets the better of you and she makes you let go of her.

MC: Don't be shy, daddy.

Her fingers finally unbuckle your belt and pull down your zipper. She then feels your dick through your underwear. You feel your heart beating as her fingers caress your crotch. Soon a warm feeling begins to swell in your penis.

MC: You know exactly what I want, don't you, daddy?

You: Baby, we can't do this. I don't think we should be doing this.

MC: I'm not a baby girl anymore, daddy. I'm nineteen.

Her hand grips around your cock, squeezing and massaging it, you feel your dick begin to get bigger.

MC: I can always hear your conversations with mommy, that your work has made you too busy and tired to spend time with her. I know it's been a long time since you two had sex.

You: Honey, why are you doing this?

MC: I couldn't have a boyfriend because of my acting, and you didn't want me dating anyone because it would affect my career. I started having these dreams, well because I wanna have my first sex, right now.

You: Miranda, I'm your father, and this can't be happening right now.

MC: Oh daddy, there's nothing wrong with keeping it in the family, right?

She leans her head in, she moves her lips up to your face, her mouth meets yours and her tongue begins to coat your lips. You feel paralyzed at the moment your own daughter has just given you a kiss. You feel your body losing strength, Miranda's hands pull down your underwear, bringing out your half-hard dick. She leans her head down on your lap and overtakes your dick with her mouth. As her tongue slides and massages your manhood, it throbs as it gets longer and thicker.

MC: Mmmm, I love how you just grow in my mouth.

Your breaths now feel heavy as your daughter's mouth continues to pull on your dick. It finally reaches its peak as she pulls her mouth away, showing your dick standing stiff without support.

MC: Oooh, it's so good, daddy.

She continues to suck on your shaft, her hand at the base of your dick with her finger and thumb squeezing it. She pulls up and catches her breath, she looks at you with the saliva dripping from her lips.

MC: You like it?

You: God, Miranda, this is wrong. But you suck my dick so fucking good.

MC: God, I love your cock, daddy. I love it so much.

She leans in one more time, keeping her head down and her mouth over your dick, her tongue and cheeks slaving over it like a melting Popsicle. She gives it one more tug and pulls her mouth off your dick. She takes your hands and helps you up and off the chair.

MC: Mmm, come over to the bed with me, daddy.

You follow her a few steps to your bed. She gets on the bed and on her hands and knees, bending over and showing her ass in her tight jeans.

You: Oh my Miranda, you've grown up to become a very fine woman.

MC: Ooooh, the nasty things I wanna do to you, daddy, come here.

She pulls you onto the bed and you lay on top of her. Her hands pull your head into hers and you kiss. Both you and your daughter's lips begin to court each other in a mixing of tongues and saliva. Her legs swing around and caress your lower back, one of your hands feels her thigh while the other on her breast.

MC: I've been waiting for so long, you have no idea how long I've been wanting to do this.

You: I've never thought that the best moment of my life would come from doing something forbidden with my own daughter.

The hand on her breast begins to move down to her jeans, underneath you feel her bare crotch and your finger reaches the lips of her teenage pussy.

You: Oh, baby, you're not-?

She smiles at you, her hands move to unbutton her jeans and pull them down her thighs, revealing her smooth and bare pussy.

MC: Look daddy, I'm not wearing any panties.

You: Oh, you naughty girl.

You pull her jeans down the remainder of her legs and off her feet, you look at your now half-naked daughter. She spreads her thighs open and you move your head into her crotch. Your mouth meeting her pussy's, your lips massaging her's, your tongue begins to slither in and out of her vagina, Miranda moaned and gasped as her father eats her.

MC: Ooooooh, daddyyyyyy.

You give her pussy more kissing, more massaging, more licking, more sucking, you feel her becoming warmer and wetter. The smell of her sweat begins to overcome your nose. You then move your mouth off her pussy and start kissing all along her body, up her waist, up her belly, then up to her lips again. You both roll over and now you lay on your back with Miranda on top.

MC: I know what you wanna see, daddy.

She pulls her red tank top up, over and off her 32B breasts, off her shoulders, and she throws it off the bed. Her hands cup her breasts and give them a little bounce, naturally.

MC: You always stare at my tits, daddy. I bet you want them all over your cock, don't you?

You: Yeah, baby, I would love that.

She scoots down and looks at your cock. It is still at its peak, hard, stiff, throbbing. She lines it up between her breasts and begins to massage them, rubbing you between them, then moving her chest up and down along your big cock.

MC: Mmm, I love how you're still so hard for me, so sexy.

You: Well, if your mother loved it so much, I'm glad you do too, honey.

She giggled and smiled as she continues her tittyfuck. You roll your head and your eyes back as your daughter's breasts continue to grind on your cock. She stops, and then you feel her shift her body back on top of you.

MC: Oh, I can't take it anymore. I have to have you. I have to have you, right now, daddy.

You: Me neither, I don't think I can hold this urge back any longer.

MC: Let me scoot down here.

She rolls onto her side while you position yourself over her. She moves her legs onto one side and you get your dick in position. The tip of your big hard dick meets the entrance of your daughter's pussy.

MC: Oh it's so hard, daddy.

You begin to push in, her lips engulf the mushroom head of your dick.

MC: Oh my god.

Soon more than half of your dick makes its way in, and you go further, further. Then as you slowly pull out, you push in more, and with each back and forth motion, you move faster, soon you begin to be fucking your own daughter.

MC: Oh my god, daddy, we're fucking.

You: Oh, I know, this is unbelievable.

Your mind feels fuzzy at the thought of a father and his own daughter are now having forbidden incestuous sex in their own home. Your heart beats faster as you're leaning closer, fucking Miranda harder and deeper in her pussy.

MC: Oh, so good. Oh, I love your cock, daddy.

You: My god, baby, you are so fucking tight.

MC: Yes. Oh my god Yeah, yes yes yes.

After a few more thrusts, you shift your body to lay behind her. She lifts one of her legs up to open her pussy more, you support her butt and resume thrusting in and out of her.

MC: Oh, grab my boobs, daddy, grab my titties.

Your hands reach around her front, your palms meet the fleshy mounds, your fingers grip tightly as you grope and massage her breasts. She turns her head, her hand pulling your head in and you kiss again, the both of you moan in this ecstatic knot of multiple fleshly contact. After a moment, you pause your thrusting to allow your baby girl to catch her breath having been fucked by her father for a while.

You: Oh baby, this is absolutely amazing.

MC: Oh, I wanna grind on it, daddy. I wanna get on you right now.

You lay on your back as she moves herself on top of your dick with her back facing you. She lifts her waist and lines her vaginal entrance to the spearhead of your cock. Slowly, she squats her legs and lowers herself down. As easily as before, your dick slides past her pussy lips and penetrates deep inside her. She moans as she tucks her legs in and begins to bouncer herself on top of you.

You: Oh, you like it, baby? You like riding daddy's big cock?

MC: Oh, daddy, oooooh daddyyyyy.

Your hands move to her waist to support her and keep her straight as she continues to ride you. Her back arching, she leans and puts her hands on your shoulders, her hair waving back and forth fanning your face. She leans back so much she moves her hands off you and on the bed, the sweaty smell of her back and the sweet aroma of her shampoo mixing over your nose.

MC: Ooooh, I want it stuffed inside my pussy, I wanna keep it in there forever.

You: Hang on, baby, I'm gonna take you on a real ride.

Your left arm goes around to grab both her legs and hold them together, with your right hand you keep her supported as you lean her back even more, lifting her legs in the air. With her pussy up, you begin to thrust again, forcing your dick up and into her pussy. Her moans grow louder as her father's dick rockets up and in, down and out of her tight teenage pussy.

MC: You like that, daddy? You like that?

You: Oh yeah, it feels soooo good.

A few minutes pass and she leans forward and off of you. She turns around and gives you another father-daughter kiss. She then moves forward into the cowgirl position, guiding your dick back into her pussy, she begins bouncing again. Your hands grip her ass tightly, you thrust upwardly and your dick begins to hit the sweet spot inside her pussy, Miranda lets out a loud moan.

MC: Oh yes, right there, right there.

You: Is that it, baby? You feel that?

MC: Oh yes, so deep, right there, that's my spot, right there, daddy.

She rests her arms on your shoulders, you lean your head into her chest and kiss her breasts. You continue thrusting and she continues bouncing, the both of you kiss again, moaning with deep father-daughter passion and love for each other. Then she leans backwards, looking at her pussy getting probed by her father's cock. You slow the pace a little bit, she moves her foot towards your face, you kiss her toes and she lets out soft gasping breaths.

MC: Oooooh yeeeah, keep fucking me daaaaddyyyy.

You both begin to sway your hips in a rhythm, rocking your pelvises together as your dick continues sliding in and out of her pussy. You soon begin to feel pulsing sensation in your testicles, at the same time her pussy walls begin to grip tighter and feel wetter.

MC: Oh my god, I'm so close. I'm so close daddy.

You: Oh, me too, honey. I'm gonna pop soon.

MC: Let me move this way.

She moves off your dick and lays on her elbows. Lifting her leg up a little bit, she presents her daughter pussy to you one last time, you present your father dick to her open snatch, you lean in and push yourself back inside her. This time, your dick reaches deep enough to penetrate her cervix, so deep it could reach the back of her womb.

MC: Mmmmm, your cock is mine. It's all mine, daddy.

You resume thrusting, hitting her pussy hard and deep. As both of your breaths begin to echo in the bedroom, you feel her pussy gripping tighter around your cock.

MC: Oh I'm so close, I'm so close daddy. Ooooh I'm gonna cum all of your cock, daddy.

You: Aw, hang in there, baby, I'm getting close too.

Your balls begin to swell, and you feel a sensation running around your crotch and reaching the base of your dick. Miranda moves her legs around your back, locking around your waist, her arms holding your shoulders tightly.

MC: Daddy, I want you to cum with me.

You: Oh, I will honey, awwww, I wiiilll.

Both of your bodies can feel each other about to reach the climax, the centers of your bodies tighten, muscles gripping hard, your dick and her pussy getting hotter and hotter.

MC: Cum inside me, daddy, cum inside me.

You: Yes, you will have it baby, I will give it aaalllll.

Your dick begins to throb hard, pulsing harder than your heart as a fluid feeling begins to run through it. Miranda's body tightens, gripping your body very hard.

MC: I'm cumming daddy, I'm cumming daddyyyyy!!!

You: Oh god, I can't hold it any longer, baby, here I- aaaaaAAARRGGGHHH!!!!!

MC: Ooooooooh, gaaaawwwwd, DAAAAAADDYYYYY!!!!!

And with one last hard thrust into her body, the tip of your dick explodes with fatherly cum and ecstasy, flowing deep inside your daughter's womb, coating every bit of the deep end of it. More and more of your potent seed continues to pump inside her and you feel it filling her up to the brink of expanding her uterus. Both of your bodies are feeling so tight and tense, your muscles still gripping while her arms and legs are still locked around you. You both finally take a deep breath and begin to relax, your body weighing heavy on top of hers, her limbs beginning to lose their grip on you. You gather your strength back and being to push yourself off of your daughter, your dick still rock solid gets pulled out, and as it slides out you feel it pump a few more extra bits of cum inside her. You finally pull it all the way out and your dick shoots one last string of cum onto your daughter's body. She lifts her head up and smiles as she looks down at her teenage pussy, now overflowing with her father's spunk.



You are laying on your bed when your phone rings. You answer it, it is your wife.

You: H-Hey honey. J-Just checking in? Yea-yeah, she's doing fine, we've been having a great time together, just us two. Mmm-hm. She's not gonna be able to come back for another few months, her a-acting has just been swamping her so much. Ye-yess, I got everything. Don't w-worry, we'll come back soon, after her current acting is done and we take care of a few other things. Yes, I will. O-Okay. Good. Alright. Talk to you a-again soon. Okay. Bye.

You hang up the phone, you look up at your daughter, Miranda Cosgrove, naked with a big pregnant belly, her back facing you, riding your big dick. Your hands go around her and caress her baby bump.

MC: Hm-hm-hm, was that mommy?

You: Yes, dear.

MC: Mmm-hm-hm, I wonder how many more lies can you make up to keep her from knowing what we're doing?

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