Incest Pregnancy: Katy Perry

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It is the afternoon on February 14th, it is Valentine's Day. You're excited because you have plans to go out with your girlfriend on your first Valentine's Date. You're at home having just got back from work. You drop things off in your room when your phone starts to vibrate. You check it, the person who is calling is your older sister, pop song star Katy Perry.

You: Hey, Katy.

KP: Hey little bro.

You: What's up?

KP: You know how we said that this Valentine's Day since both of us have boyfriend-girlfriend relationships we would try going out on a double date with each other, right?

You: Yeah?

KP: Well, my boyfriend just called and told me that he's too busy at work to go out with me again.

You: What? Again?

KP: We've been together for many years and every Valentine's Day he's always busy. I thought he'd be back for Valentine's Day and he again he said that he would be out of town. How convenient, right?

You: The fuck? So he's not coming with us today.

KP: No. I mean, I'm sure he's just gonna send me flowers and chocolates and stuff, I don't know. But, I think he's just become and asshole like you said he would be.

You: Frickin' A, all three of us even went to the same school, he seemed like a cool guy the way he treats and respects me and all, but around girls he's like a total douche. The only reason why he picked you out of all the girls at school is because you were the hottest looking girl on campus. It's stupid.

KP: I know, he likes to show off and stuff, getting all the other guys jealous. I feel like I just wanna find the next person and just fuck them. I mean, I don't know, I'm so sick of it.

You: You know what, if he's gonna be like that, forget about him, dump him, you deserve better.

KP: What kind of a boyfriend doesn't spend Valentine's Day with his girl? I mean, really, it's gotten ridiculous.

You: Someone who doesn't completely appreciate you, apparently.

KP: I mean, you get to do that with your girl, why can't my boyfriend do the same?

You: That means he doesn't really love you. Tell you what, come home right now, we'll get ready, and you, me, and my girlfriend will go out, and we can talk all the trash we want about him. I'm sure that will make you feel better.

KP: Hmm, you know what, that sounds good.

You: Great. I'll see you when you get home.

KP: See you later, little bro.

In the next hour, you start to put your work stuff away and get ready to go out, cleaning yourself, showering, dressing up. You were just about to put on your best shirt when you hear the front door open. You go down to meet your sister.

You: Hey, Katy.

KP: Hey little bro.

She is wearing a black ruffled thigh-length tight-fit dress, her black wavy hair falls from her head to just above her chest, her face exotically decorated with her Cover Girl brand makeup, full black eyebrows, black eye shadow, light rose cheeks, and mahogany lipstick.

You give each other a quick hug.

You: Wow, you look nice already.

KP: Thank you. I sort of changed before I headed out.

You: Well, I'm almost done getting ready, it'll be just a few minutes.

KP: Well, I have some things I need to get ready too, I might take a little longer than you.

You: Okay, that's fine.

You feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, you pick it up and find your girlfriend calling.

You: Okay, well, start getting ready, I'll be ready soon, I just gotta get this first.

KP: Okay, I'll be in my room.

You touch your phone's screen and answer.

You: Hey babe.

In the call, your girlfriend tells you that her work had suddenly given her more tasks to do and that she won't make it on time. A little talk between you and her tries to figure something out, but her work was urgent. She assures you that she'll make it up to you since this is only the first Valentine's Date you might have to miss. With some “sorry's” and “love you's,” the call ends. You walk up to Katy's room and talk through the door.

You: Hey Katy.

KP: Yeah?

You: Um, this might come as a bad thing, but my girlfriend just called, she just got piled with some extra work that was very urgent, unavoidable.

KP: What?

You: She won't be able to come with us either.

KP: Well that is such a bummer, we were all gonna have a good time.

You: She told me she'll make it up to me someday.

KP: Hey, you know what? Just so we don't waste those reservations, let's just the two of us go.

You: You still wanna go? Even though we're brother and sister?

KP: Sure, why not? We both work a lot, and it's not often we see each other every once in a while.

You: Oh, okay, then.

You look at your phone's clock.

You: Well, we still got time. I'm almost ready.

KP: Okay, well, I'll be done in about fifteen minutes.

You: Okay, no problem. I'll just wait in my room.

KP: Okay.

You walk away from her bedroom door and go back to your own room. You finish getting ready after putting on your best shirt. You check a few things on social media, then just sit quietly on your bed, maybe playing some games on your phone. A few minutes later, you hear your door open and Katy walking in.

You: Okay, great. Well, you're ready to go now? Our reservation is almost up.

KP: Actually, I don't wanna meet our reservation.

You feel a finger caressing your shoulder, you look up and find your big sister standing in front of you wearing nothing but a Victoria's Secret set of black lingerie, her DD cup bra dangling from her finger, and her laced panties around her hips. You are shocked to see your sister half naked.

You: Wha-?! What the-?! Wh-What are you doing?

KP: I already told you about my boyfriend not being here for Valentine's Day, and I think maybe you could be here and keep me company.

Her hand continues to touch your shoulder, gently running her finger along your socket bone through your skin. You can't help but stare at her full natural 32E sized breasts perking her nipples at your face. Feeling embarrassed, and clearly blushing, you turn your head with your eyes shut.

You: Um...uh...Look, this is, umm...this is completely...uh...

KP: Come on, stay with me.

You: Oh, jesus christ.

KP: No, come on.

You: No, look, I...uh...

She reaches for your phone, you pull your hand back, she giggles.

KP: Let go of your phone, little bro.

You: No, wait, wai-

KP: It'll be fine, stop.

She takes your phone and puts it on the table across your bed. She moves closer to you, moving her leg between your knees.

You: No, it's not fine.

KP: It is fine. Stop.

She moves up more, she lowers you on your back on your bed, she moves up and sits her hips on your lap.

KP: Just relax. Relax.

You: Uh, I'm, I'm relaxed. Okay, I'm relax. Just-

She moves forward, holding you down with her hands on your shoulders, her big boobs lowering and almost touching your chest.

KP: See? Isn't this nice? Just like how Valentine's Day should be for everyone, right?

She fiddles her fingers on your abs.

You: I, uh... Katy, please, I'm, I'm your brother.

KP: Come on, you look so tense. Didn't you say you wanted to be with your 30-year-old big sister?

You: Um...uh...

KP: It'll be fun.

You: Umm, but aren't we gonna get in trouble?

KP: Oh, but trouble is good.

You: But, my girlfriend-

KP: Oh I'm sure it'll be okay. It's Valentine's Day. Come on.

She reaches her hands onto yours and brings them around her.

KP: Touch me.

She places your hands onto her ass, your hands automatically begin to massage and grope her firm butt cheeks.

KP: How do you feel about that?

You: It's, uh, good.

You feel your heart begin to beat faster and harder, you feel your body getting warmer as you continue to involuntarily gaze at your beautiful big sister, Katy's pretty face with her signature Cover Girl makeup, her all natural boobs perfectly round, her body's weight holding you down on your bed.

KP: So, you think this is all worth it?

Your mind is now enslaved by the trance of your sister's seductive body. Your hands move from her ass and up to her big breasts. Her hands accompany yours as she makes your hands massage her big boobs. You finally sit up and begin to suck on her nipples.

KP: Mmmm, it feels so good.

As you continue to suck on her huge titties, she pulls your head into her chest and gives you kiss on your head.

KP: Aw, there, that's my little brother.

You: Oh, screw it.

You suck on her nipples harder, she gasps as she feels your lips and tongue massage her tits. You then pull your head up and into Katy's face, you give her a kiss in her mouth, you feel her tongue caressing yours, mixing your saliva together. You remove your shirt and help your sister lay on her back. You pull off her black lace panties and she opens her legs, presenting her beautiful smooth pussy in front of you. You dig your face into her pussy and begin to lick and suck. Katy gasps, moans, and giggles, feeling a flow of ecstasy throughout her body as her pussy continues to be eaten by her little brother. You pause and take a quick breather.

KP: Mmmm, keep going baby.

She pulls your head back down and into her pussy again. You resume sucking and licking, pleasuring your big sister.

KP: Oh, so good, oooh, right there.

You lick and suck her for another few minutes.

KP: Mmmmm, I wanna see your thing right now, baby brother. Give me that jaw dropping, eye popping, head turning, body shocking, that heart throbbing, ground shaking, show stopping, amazing, come on, show me.

You get on the bed and lay on your back. You remove your pants as she positions herself on top of your, facing your crotch. She pulls off your underwear and is amazed by what she sees.

KP: Oooh, you have a such a big, beautiful... “peacock.”

She begins to put her lips around your shaft.

You: Oooh, Katy, jerk it off for me please.

She wraps her hand around the base of your dick and begins to stroke it.

KP: Mmm, you like that?

You: Yeah, just like that, yeah.

KP: How do you like that?

You: It's so good.

As your sister continues to suck your dick, she moans and giggles, she is enjoying sucking off her little brother's big “peacock.”

You: Oooh, yes, keep jerking it, big sis.

KP: Mmmm, you like it when I'm sucking your dick?

You: Mmm, yes, keep sucking baby. Yes, oooh, fuck.

You feel her hand massaging your entire shaft as her lips continue to pull on the head of your cock. She gives it one last long big suck before she breaks her lips away from your cock.

KP: Wanna feel my titties, baby?

You sit up and open your legs, your dick still hard. She gets down on her knees and positions herself in front of you. She holds her big boobs and wraps your big dick between them, she starts tittyfucking you.

KP: Mmm, my boobs feel good, baby brother?

You: Oh my god, they feel amazing.

You feel her massive flesh mounds massaging your dick on all sides.

You: How did they even get so big?

KP: Mm-hm-hm, well I just kept praying to God to give me big boobs.

You: I love our God, this is such a blessing.

KP: Mm-hm-hm-hm, I'm glad you like it.

You: Oh, you look so beautiful big sis.

She humps her lady lumps around your dick for a few more minutes.

KP: Wanna get inside me now?

You: Ooooh, yes.

She gets back on the bed and gets on her fours, showing her firm ass in front of you. You position yourself behind her and your dick at her pussy. You being to push into her, you feel her pussy lips gripping very hard on your dick as you go deeper.

You: Oh big sis, you're very tight.

KP: Come on, baby, give it to me.

Your dick goes halfway, you pull a little bit and push back in, going deeper. Soon your sister's pussy is wrapped all around your cock.

KP: Oooh, little brother, your dick is so big. So much bigger than my boyfriend.

You begin to thrust back and forth, you are now fucking your big sister.

KP: Oooh, yes, give it to me, harder, harder.

You push your dick faster, with each thrust you feel Katy's pussy becoming more loose, opening up more and more and letting your dick in deeper inside her. She gasps and moans as she continues to be fucked by her little brother's big dick.

KP: Oooh yeah, just like that. Oh, such a big dick, little brother.

As you feel your dick going deeper, you can feel your tip passing her cervix.

You: Oh god, sis, your pussy feels so good.

KP: Mmmm, yes, keep going baby, keep going.

You give you a big push into her pussy, you lean forward and embrace her from behind, groping her boobs and kissing her face.

You: Oooh you feel so good, big sis. I love you so much.

KP: Mmmm, I love you too little brother. I wanna ride you now.

You both move into position, you lay on your back on the bed while she sits on top of you. You keep her steady, she lines her pussy with your dick, slowly lowering down on it, going so deep. Your hands hold her hips, you begin to thrust your dick upward and into your sister's pussy again.

KP: Oh yeah, harder, harder, ooooh yeah.

You make your thrusts go faster, your dick goes deeper, passing her cervix every time. She moans as her little brother's dick massages her g spot.

KP: Yeah, give it to me, come on baby.

Your hands move from her hips to her ass. You grip her butt cheeks hard, massaging them, you continue to fuck Katy up her pussy.

KP: Oh yes, there we go, yes.

Her hands wrap around your head, turning your face into hers. You both lean your foreheads with each other. You feel a nerving sensation circling through each others bodies, from both your crotches, running through your spines, into your heads.

You: It feels good, honey?

KP: Yeah, it feels so good, baby. Ooooh yeah. Come on, big boy.

You give your big sister a few more hard thrusts. She then pauses you and turns her body around. Her back facing you, she sits herself back down on your dick.

You: Put your hands on my shoulders.

She leans back on her arms on your shoulders.

KP: Like that?

You: Yeah, there you go.

KP: Okay, keep going.

You resume to thrust up into her pussy and continue fucking her.

KP: There we go.

You continue to thrust your hips up, going faster and harder, making her big breasts bounce up and down with each hit. Your hands go around her and grope her boobs.

KP: Oooh yes, you like being inside your big sister?

You: Oh god, yes, you feel so good.

KP: Mmmm, I love my little brother's big dick inside me. Oooooh.

As you continue fucking, you can feel her ass bouncing on your pelvis, the sound of her flesh hitting yours resonates around the bedroom.

You: Oh god, I think I'm almost there, big sis.

KP: Me too. I wanna look at you when I cum.

She gets off you and lies on her back. You position in front of her and line your dick in her pussy again. She lifts her right leg and sets it over your left shoulder. Looking at each other, you push in and give her pussy one last entrance. You hold her head and you gaze into each other's eyes, you resume fucking her, going deeper than ever before. Your foreheads touch again, you feel each other's breath going in and out of your noses and mouths. As you thrust, her big boobs rock back and forth, you give them a groping massage. You feel your dick about to pop, her pussy walls begin to grip tighter.

KP: Cum in my pussy, baby, come on, cum in my pussy.

You: Yeah?

KP: Yes, come on.

You thrust the fastest you can go, going deeper inside her pussy, you could feel your tip hitting the back of her womb a few times.

You: Yeah? You want it?

KP: I do.

You: Oh my god.

You move her leg off your shoulder and open her legs wider. Her hands spread her pussy more open, you lean in and push your dick as deep as you can.

You feel your dick throbbing and your balls gripping.

You: Oh, I'm gonna cum in your pussy, baby.

KP: Come on little bro, come on.

You: Oh, I'm gonna cum in your pussy, oooh, oooooh.

KP: Give it to me, giiive iiiiit tooooo meeeeeee!!!

You: Oh, I'm cumming, aaaahhh, aaaAAAGGGHHH!!!

KP: Come on baby, come oooooaaaAAAAHHHH!!!

A few more fast and hard thrusts, and you feel your dick finally spilling your spunk into Katy's big sister pussy. Her pussy walls gripping tight and massaging the whole of your dick, ensuring every last drop goes inside her. You feel your dick pulsing three, four, five times. Your body spasms a little bit, thrusting your dick inside her pussy a couple more times, you shudder as your dick's sensitivity runs through all your nerves through your body. Your heart is beating so fast you feel the pulse running through your dick inside her pussy. You finally gain the strength to pull out, your dick still very hard. Once the last inch comes out, you see a trail of cum flowing out of your naked sister's pussy. You sit up and lean your head back, your body starts to tire out. Katy looks down at her pussy, now dripping with her little brother's cum. She smiles and giggles, you look at her and she looks back at you.

KP: Mm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm, Happy Valentine's Day, baby brother.



It is now the middle of November. You are at home cleaning the house. You sweat as you push and pull the vacuum cleaner back and forth on the carpet of the living room. After that, you go around every piece of furniture with a duster, wiping off whatever little specs of dust you can find. While you're cleaning, your big sister, pop star Katy Perry, walks in.

KP: There's my ever helpful baby brother.

You turn around and look at Katy.

You: Hey big sis.

She is walking in wearing a gray shirt torn just below her breast line, and a pair of pink panties. Wearing nothing else, she shows off her big pregnant belly. You can't help but smile as you gaze at her plump motherly figure.

You: You are looking very sexy today, Katy.

KP: Thank you.

You walk up to her and caress her big belly. You lean into her face and give her a kiss, she kisses back.

You: I'm just about done cleaning up, then we'll head to the hospital for our maternity leave.

KP: Okay.

You: I'm also very glad we'll be able to return by Thanksgiving.

KP; Mmm, me too, I would love to celebrate that for the first time as a real family.

She presses her belly next to yours, her hands join yours and you both continue to caress her baby belly.

KP: And you know what else?

You: What?

She leans her face towards yours.

KP: Come December, I have a Christmas present I think you and I will enjoy very much like last time.

Under her pregnant belly, you feel her hand reaching your pants and gripping your dick, your heart starts to beat faster and your dick begins to get hard.

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